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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on August 14, 2003
First, I would like to say that I did not enjoy this movie as much as I had hoped to and was very dissapointed.This movie was done on a very low budget,that is part of the reason why it turned out to be bad.The story was horrible and i did not like it at all.You will find a much much better story in "3 Ninjas Kick Back",which is also a much much better movie.The fighting scenes in this movie were terrible,and very poorly choreographed.When you watch the boys fight the bad guys it looks sooooooo fake because their just standing there and pretending to be hurt and waiting for the kids to attack them.These totally fake fight scenes take out the fun in the movie.
Horrible story and fight scenes terribly done.I think these are two perfect reasons for avoiding this movie.Instead you should buy "3 Ninjas Kick Back" wich is a great movie and was done amazingly.You won't be dissapointed,trust me.I think it is the best one in the series!Second best would be the first one.
You might be wondering why I gave this movie two stars if I did not like so much.Well I am too big of a fan of the series to give it only one star:)
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on July 18, 2003
The original brothers return in this, the third installment in the 3 Ninjas Trilogy. Like a lot of fans of the series, I really enjoyed the first film a lot. It just had the perfect blend of humor, action and drama to make for a great adventure. Michael Treanor as Rocky, Max Elliot Slade as Colt, & Chad Power as Tum Tum really had some great chemistry together. Rocky was more of the sensitive thinker, while Colt was more of the aggressive type. And Tum Tum? Well, he was more a combination of comic relief as well as a way of letting smaller kids feel like they could be a ninja too. But like many fans, I was very disappointed with the 2nd installment, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, because Michael Treanor & Chad Power were replaced by two other actors. This was the biggest mistake in the world and it crippled the franchise as a result. Kids aren't stupid. They will notice when you change actors on them in a movie. Thankfully, Treanor & Power returned for the third installment, 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up.
Directed by Simon S. Sheen, "Knuckle Up" is a story about an indian community being mistreated by a cruel and sadistic landowner (played nicely by Charles Napier) and it's up to the 3 Ninjas to take him down, with the help of a pretty indian girl named Jo (played by Crystle Lightning). The Kevin Costner movie, Dances With Wolves, brought about a huge interest in Indian culture, and "Knuckle Up" is one of the many films about Indians that was made as a result. There is a true mysticism about their ways that the brothers discover and make their own. But then you gotta love the 3 Ninjas Dance!!
This film may not be as clever or humorous as the original, but it still is great fun. Colt fighting a bunch of guys while holding a pizza in one hand is just an example of the cool choreography. And those who scoff at the cuts of Victor Wong (Grandpa) with his stunt double, which were handled more effectively in the first film, should know that this film was made on a very low budget, much lower than the first two films, and they just didn't have the money to make it more realistic. But what's really great about the film is its heart. There's a great moment where Rocky (the thinker) understands the meaning of the flowers and why he and his brothers need to be more like them. Great scene!
The DVD doesn't have much as far as special features. You get both the Widescreen & Full Screen Presentations (I recommend the Widescreen version) as well as some bonus trailers of other films like: Roughnecks, Buddy, Beverly Hills Ninja, The Karate Kid & Jumanji. The front cover of the case is odd because the 3 Ninjas are all dressed up in white karate outfits, which they never wore in the film at all.
This film has a good message and plenty of fun humor, action and heart to entertain just about anyone. I recommend it and the first film highly. It's too bad these guys didn't do the fourth installment (perhaps they were just too old by then?). This would've also made a great TV show for kids too.
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up - Add it to your collection!
"Colt's gonna kiss Jo! Colt's gonna kiss Jo!"
"Come on, Guys! Okay...Maybe I will."
"WHAT??!!" -Michael Treanor, Max Elliot Slade, & Chad Power as Rocky, Colt & Tum Tum - the 3 Ninjas
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on July 9, 2000
How could any movie be this action packed? I couldn't believe how awesome this movie was until I put it in for the third time in a row! Holy poop! This movie is so much fun! remember the part where Colt says, "hi-yaa!" and then the juke box played the song, and then the part where they drive the car through the field, and then Rocky says, "who taught you how to walk?" (that's my favorite line) and then they rescue the Indian dude and the dog chases them into the sewers and they meet Rambo and steal Wonka Bars from the peddler and then they build their own sling shots and the dudes run away from the wooden snake trick digital unicorn? wasn't that part just the best? SAM DOUGLAS STILL RULES! No one messes with Sam Douglas!
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on July 7, 2004
Well this is the 3rd installment on the series and to say it was ok but it was not as good as the other two.The original Rocky and Tum Tum return for there 3rd and last returns as the ninjas.The movie about a man that was dumping a lot of waste in the land where the indian people left and they help a girl that is looking for here father that has a disc that contains the chemicals there dumping in the fields.I really like the movie and there was alot of comedy and action but overal its alright but not as good as the other two.
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on May 13, 1999
The part when the guy sat on the cactus was the funniest. Also the part when Rocky and Tum Tum banged the guy into the music box and it went off. All the guys were jumping around to the music (it was Mexican music). I liked the part when the guy fell in the pig pen. The best is when another guy crashed down the ladder. All I could say is that this movie is simply hilarious! Anyone who likes a good laugh should watch it! I highly recommend it!
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on November 14, 2000
I like anything with fighting in it {especially with ninjas fighting}.I really thought that they did cool stuff and the part where{I think}Rocky drives a car and Tom Tom is praying even though they had stopped.I also liked when they fought all those bikers. It was awesome and if you like anything that has to do with ninjas and fighting you'll love these movies.
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on November 6, 2003
My godson started watching this movie, which we bought when my 14 year old daughter was much younger. He loves this movie and is driving his parents crazy with it, so I have now ordered the other two so there will be a little variety. He is almost 4 and sometimes watches this 4 or 5 times a day (if he can get by with it). A great movie for your children!!
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on August 27, 2003
Its a good movie that kids and adults can enjoy. The movie is about three brothers, ( Samuel aka rocky. Jeffery aka colt and Michael aka tum tum) whose grandfather is teaching them martial arts during the summer when they go to stay with him. durring the summer colt gets into a fight saving a girl who has bigger problems than they ever dreamed of.
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on April 23, 2003
If you loved the first 3 ninjas, this one is just as good. It has all of the oringinal guys. Each of the characters have funny personalites. The thing about this movie is even things that aren't supposed to funny are. For instance the stunt doubles, it is so obvious when the grandpa fights that it is someone else, but i still think it is funny.
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on July 26, 1999
This movie was not as good as the first one but was better than any of the other ones, especially the one made in '98. Michael Treanor and Max Elliott Slade and Chad Power are the best ninjas, especially the first two. (I like Rocky.) The karate stuff that they do is really cool. The dance scene they did was interesting. In a good way.
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