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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on December 24, 2003
The game is very frustrating. With the default equipment you get tired very quickly with every character. I know they are trying to be realistic but realistically you would need a truck to carry half the basic set of equipment. You get tired just walking up a little hill and you walk extremely slow most of the time. The hunting areas are really small, it is like hunting in somebody's backyard. You can easily trap the animals against the hills and they run in circles until you kill them, which is not much of a challenge. You also have to wait for the game to load all the time. You walk just a few hundred feet and then have to wait for the LOADING..... To further add to the frustration, you frequently slide down the smallest hill and it says you are too injured to go on, and yes, you guessed it, more of that LOADING.... Also, if you walk or slip into the water you can't get out and guess what, yes, you guessed it again, LOADING.... Like if that was not enough, you will get in trouble for shooting near a building. You do it twice and, oh, the suspense is killing you, I know it.... LOADING..... ARRRGAHHH!!!! I could go on, and, well, I think I will. When you use the vehicles they are really hard to drive. Most of the time I get stuck in trees or drive off a cliff or into the water and LOADING.... They should change the name of this game to Cabela's LOADING.... All I wanted to do was some hunting. My final thought is RETURNING.....
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on September 7, 2003
Big Game Hunter for PS2 is very well made, a super-fun hunting game that has three modes: easy, medium, and hard. The "hard" level is pretty close to real hunting. You must be stealthy and patient to succeed on hard mode. Allows you to sight-in and practice with your weapon at a shooting range. Provides a ton of extra equipment you might want, including map, GPS, range finder, binoculars, spotting scope, scents, large decoys, blinds, various calls, food, water, first aid, proper clothing and tents, ATV, pickup, snowmobile. Saves and mounts your best trophies of each animal in your cabin. Teaches you rules of hunting by fining you when shooting too close to inhabited building or shooting animal for which you do not have a tag.
I've found best strategy is to choose a hunter character with the highest accuracy and stealth. These are more helpful than strength, tracking, resilience. So far I've found the .280 to be the most accurate; it's pretty might right on at 80-100 yards, and shooting just a little high up through 150 yards and beyond will still hit the animal. Seems to drop about two feet at 200 yards. Longest shot I've ever hit in the game is about 167 yards.
For real excitement, trying hunting grizzly with the recurve bow (plain-old bow and arrow, not compound) or the .357 Magnum! You have to get very close, like 25-30 yards, and hit him once or twice and then run for your life, because he chases you, then turn and shoot, run for your life some more. Sometimes takes six shots with either of those weapons to bring down a grizz.
Most difficult animal to bag seems to be the coyote, because it's very small, runs fast, and is wary. You have to kill four to beat the game.
There are many animals you can hunt, including grizzly, brown bear, black bear, polar bear, moose, various caribou, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, various deer, javelina, cougar, wolf, coyote, stone sheep, pronghorn antelope, and others.
It gives a choice of mamany weapons, which behave pretty close to reality, including .308, .300, .280, .270, .30-06, 7mm and other rifles, as well as .357, .44, .227, and other handguns, compound bow, recurve bow, crossbow, 12-, 10-gauge shotguns.
Suggested improvements:
Require the shooter to have to lead the animal based on speed of the animal, distance, and velocity of the bullet. Currently the game only requires you to shoot above the animal based on distance, but if you lead it while running, you'll miss -- you have to be "right on," not left or right, or you miss.
Allow the hunter to carry at least two weapons. Currently only one weapon is permitted to be carried.
Fix east-west readings on the compass. The compass is correct with north-south, but it has east-west backwards, and in the game the sun rises in the true west and sets in the true east.
Allow the wind to vary in speed and direction. Currently the wind is always blowing, and it's always a west wind. (I haven't noticed the wind affecting my shots, however. The game says the wind makes a difference.)
If you get close to many of the animals, they may attack you, and if they succeed in touching you during their attack, you are "knocked unconscious" and the warden finds you later and you are forced to exit your hunt. But please stop making coyotes attack! They'd be too small to seriously hurt anyone.
Either require food and water to survive, or don't include it in the game. In the game sleeping in the tent is all that's required to renew strength, so I never take food or water since it's not required.
X-ray mode in scope not useful, as far as I can see; doesn't seem to help anything.
The tracks tend to disappear too fast, in less than a minute "real time"; it would be nice to leave them longer, maybe 2-3 min. before they disappear.
Despite the above drawbacks, it's STILL a great and fun game, and I can't wait for the above improvements to come out in a new version!
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on April 14, 2003
First I want you to know that I rate this game 4.5, but 4.5 rounds to 5 so 5 stars it is. I dont use wow thisn game rocks reviews so I will give you a breifing. This is one of the greatest games i have played. Its graphics are very good and it
is very real with scales like energy and you cant run to far if you have heavy suits on. This is not a game where there is 1 animal and you try to find it and kill it. You start of with for animals in the location. It will indicate there position with a red dot. You must be quiet and stalk them down to kill them and get trophies. When you beat the game they will give you some secret characters. Then you beat it with them. I will give you a scale about my ratings. this will tell you why i gave it 4.5
Graphics:1 star
Creative scales:1 star
Loading time:.5 star
animal behavior:1 star
see your log cabin:1 star
As you can see this game has bad loading times. It might be just me being impateint but... Another thing that parents should know (if your under 13) is the amount of blood. When you shoot an animal it will blood splatter. It is not large but violence and blood made this game T for teen.
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on December 3, 2002
This game is addicting!!! even if you are not a big hunter, it's just a lot of fun shooting the different weapons,there's like ten or eleven models provided,along with other also have eight or so hunting locations to choose,not to mention a variety of hunters and animals so to speak. One really nice advantage is you have access to a truck,an ATV, and a snowmobile to get you from place to place.I admit when you first start playing it's somewhat tricky,but you catch on after a while. I think it's a real challenge for even the most experienced hunters as well. to be perfectly honest if you are thinking about buying this game rent it first,because it might not be for everyone,not saying it's a bad game or anything,but it's better to spend a few bucks and be safe then to waste fourty or fifty bucks!!! anyhow heres my ratings graphics ***** game controls**** variety of weapons***** variety of hunting locations**** variety of animal decoys and lures****variety of animals***** game difficulty **** variety of vehicles**** and last but not least FUN***** I hope that my game description helps, if you like to shoot guns,you'll like this game!!! I think Cabelas did a pretty good job,THANKS CABELAS.
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on November 12, 2003
Do they even have hunting or know anything about it in Romania? They cleary don't know much about it which explains why your run out of breath after five seconds in the game and have to walk painfully slow 90% of the time. Also you can walk around while you shoot which my dad would kick my ass for doing. It turns out Cabela's Big Game Hunter, Cabela's Deer Hunt 2004, and Cabela's Dangerous Hunts for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and PC versions are all made in Romania. No wonder Sunstrom, the originator of the game went out of business here in Indiana. I was so pissed I returned this pile of garbage. Any self respecting American should do the same, or not buy any of these games in the first place. You think they could at least make a hunting game in the states. I'm going to wait for Deer Hunter on the Playstaion 2 which is made in the good ole U.S.A. plus the PC version is way better than Cabela's.
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on March 8, 2003
Big Game Hunter is a great game on the PS2. It's like real hunting with a lot more action. You won't just be sitting in one spot waiting for a animal to cross your path. Once you start your game you will see animals & you have to stalk them down and kill them. You can hunt 24 different animals. There are 2 game modes Career Hunt or Quick Hunt. There are 4 vehicals Truck,Boat,Atv and Snowmobile. You can hunt in Alaska and Texas and many more places. The Graphics are awesome. and You can play in 3rd person or 1st person. There are rifles,pistols,bows,and shotguns. The only problems I have with this game is when you walk it's so loud and there is no way to be quiet & that there is no trophy room for quick hunt just in career mode so you when you shoot a animal it doesn't go in a trophy room. Also there is a bullet cam so when you shoot you travel with the bullet until it hits the destanation.
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on March 13, 2003
This is a great hunting game. I got it for Christmas but am still playing it. There are so many animals to hunt, cougar, wild bore, all kinds of deer, moose, bear, bighorn sheep and a lot more. There are also a whole lot of guns and bows. They have got shotguns, rifles with great scopes, crossbow, bows and pistols. The bullet cam is a great feature. If you don't want it on you can just turn it off. THe same with the red dot that shows you where the animals are. There are all kinds of calls to get that great trophy. This isn't just a videogame cause its so realistic. There are also a lot of hunters to choose from. If you like hunting or even if you don't, I would suggest this game to all.
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on December 16, 2003
thats right folks...anyone sitting here reviewing a GAME for killing deer, need to loosen up, come back to reality, and stop blaming hollywood and games and the like for an increase in violence. Man has been hunting since man has been on this earth. It is a way of life. So some people do it for a hobby or sport, and some of us enjoy playing a game for release. GET A LIFE. ITS ONLY A $%^&ING GAME.
That said, it is quite enjoyable. Honestly playing this as much or more than Castlevania, its not as good mind you but its somewhat addictive, you want to keep going to reach your goals etc. Not ever going to be a game of the year type. but its a guilty pleasure, and at 20 bucks, worth it.
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on December 8, 2003
U cant shoot people and dont review a hunting game if u r against hunting. This game is so awesome there are so many rifles and accessories to choose from, then u can go to the target range and test out ur weapon. Carreer mod is fun because u can pick from lots of ages of chars, each has its strs and weaknesses. I only wish stand hunting was a little easier because the animals never come. I wish that u could be more stealthy. And I wish that u could hunt in more places than just North America. If u like hunting this is an awesome game to rent or buy!
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on November 6, 2003
This is the worst game ever. I think it is mean to even think about KILLING animals. It has the worst grafics. Blood goes every where when you shoot a dog with a rocket launcher. once i shot a man and he blew up in blood and gore. The guns are M-16s, roket launchers, pistols, semi automaic paint ball guns, cross bows and 50 caliber guns. I would never buy this game. The animals are Dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, bears, people, hamsters, birds and snakes. ITS TOO VIOLENT AND BLOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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