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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on April 29, 2016
I didn't even finish reading 50% the book before I realized I had stopped smoking. What Carr writes in his book make absolute sense. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Carr for writing this book and to my friend who knew my struggles with wanting to quit for years and never being able to. What Carr did was explain why we smoke and his words made complete and logical sense. I have been smoke free for 5 months now and not one craving. Buy the book. FINISH READING THE BOOK before attempting to quit, unless you're like me and stop smoking without realizing I've done so. I know, it's crazy, read a book and stop smoking. It worked for me. I am cigarette free and happy.
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on September 29, 2008
I will be forever greatful to my best friend for recommending this book and to Allen Carr for writing it. Simply put- I read it and I quit. I have tried countless of times to quit smoking. I have been on zyban twice and Champix once. I had just started another round of Zyban when I started reading this book. By the end of the book I quit smoking and quit the Zyban too. The next week I went out drinking with friends and didn't smoke! I even stood outside while they smoked and I didn't smoke. It really is truly amazing. If you smoke and want to quit- READ THIS BOOK. If I can do it, you can do it! Don't be afraid! You must keep smoking through the whole book. You can't quit first and you can't cut down. Just buy it, read it and discover the freedom! Woohoooo!!!!!
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on January 5, 2007
Thanks to Allen's book, I went from two packs a day for the last 22 years to zero. This manual explains why you smoke, as opposed to why you should'nt (smokers already know the risks.) The book eliminates the desire to smoke without scare tactics. No desire = No CRAVINGS. There is nothing to loose by reading this book. You keep smoking as you normally would. Because Allen believes that the mega-profit making tabacco industry and governments are the problem there is no need to fear smoker bashing in this book. Allen is very kind and sympathetic to the smoker who gets caught in the man made "Trap" of nicotine addiction.

I have to date given 20 copies of this book to friends. 17 out of 20 are happy non-smokers! I'm sure the 3 folks still smoking have not read the book. When they really want to quit they will read this book.

Give yourself a special gift and give this book a read.
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on January 11, 2015
7 months clean of smoking cigarettes, I was just thinking back on those days today where I would go to my car and spark one up, wake up spark one up, finish a meal spark one up. Now that I quit it all seems so far away like a different lifetime ago, but really it was only 7 months ago. Anyways I remembered this book help me quit so I wanted to return the favor by writing a nice review (I never write reviews).

This book is like a crutch to support you if you WANT to quit. It is not Jesus in a book though. I bought this book 3 years ago, and I have been trying to quit since than. I read the book halfway through 3 years ago, than I stopped, it's been collecting dust since than. I thought I would read this book with no effort on my part and quit, (it technically is like that if you meditate on what Mr Carr is telling us). But back than, I wasn't ready or I didn't really want to quit yet, so I stopped halfway. Last year I was having the thoughts to quit again, and 8 months ago I fractured my foot. When that happened, I knew that was life saying "okay bud, you had enough fun and slacked around long enough. Time to put work into making yourself better." I rolled up my sleeves I picked up this book, and I made sure I absorbed every word and every page like a sponge. I went slow but I contemplated on every page. This book undid much of the conditioning and brainwashing that had been implanted into me that smoking is one of the hardest things to quit or that I "need" it when I was bored. Quitting smoking is just like quitting anything else. The first week and month is hard, you get cravings and when you see people smoke around you or even smell it, it reminds you of the days you used to smoke. But as long as you remind yourself the the high tides don't last all day when the cravings come you should be good.

If you are ready to quit, but just don't know how. Pick up this book, your children/parents will thank you.
"Suffer now and live as a champion for the rest of your life" Muhammad Ali
Best of luck.
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on December 28, 2004
Thank you Allen Carr for writing this wonderful book. I was given this book last Christmas by my sister, who quit with it (along with her husband and their son) in 2000. Now I feel stupid for having wasted all that time. If I'd known how easy it was going to be I'd have done it a long time ago.
The last year has been the best of my life. I never thought I'd be happy without smokes in my life, but the truth is that that I have never been happier. The day I got butts out of my life was the day I really started living.
If you are a smoker or know a smoker, please get this amazing book.
It is a clear and simple instruction manual. If you want to stop smoking, follow Allen's instructions and you will find it easy and enjoyable.
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on November 15, 2006
Thank you to my sister who referred me to this book. Thank you Allen Carr for I am officially a non-smoker & a happy one at that! No one had ever made it so clear the way Allen has. When I smoked my final cigarette, I didn't realize that I was already a non-smoker. I MADE myself smoke it--I didn't look forward to inhaling the filth deep into my lungs (I actually heaved throughout the process & threw up at the end of it) but I looked forward to never smoking again! If you've tried it all & you have failed, READ THIS BOOK! I have two sisters who I thought would never quit, me being the one who has always wanted to & tried several times to quit. To my surprise, they both quit--and so have I. For the small amount of people that feel this book failed them--they obviously didn't get it & I feel sorry for them.
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on December 19, 2004
If I had known that it was this easy to quit I would have read this book years ago. I really can't believe that I struggled with patches, gum etc for so many years when this simple, effective cure was available the whole time. Health Canada should distribute this title free of charge to every smoker in Canada.
Every smoker I know who has read this book is now a happy non-smoker. It really is that powerful and that easy.
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on May 5, 2016
Just to advise, I never did receive my book purchase & as well, I never did receive a shipment notification as I have in the past when I've placed orders! Please let me know if there could possibly been an error in the shipping address or possibly it never got shipped!
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on October 14, 2010
A Personal Reflection on Carr's Easy Method:

When I first heard about Allan Carr's book, I was skeptical. A few people mentioned it to me and I sloughed it off, but eventually decided to go out and buy it. After having smoked for 20 years, and quitting several times, I can confidently say this is the best book out there on quitting. I've quit for 5 years, and now look at smokers with compassion. I now see smokers as people who are strong willed (though you don't even need willpower to quit!), and holding on to their belief that smoking is enjoyable. The other day, I was driving and a person ahead of me had their arm out the window, holding a lit cigarette. This is very familiar, I did this all the time. I started thinking, "If smoking's so enjoyable, why wouldn't smokers keep the cigarette inside with the windows rolled up tight?" This would be most enjoyable, right?

Allan Carr encourages readers to not quit smoking before finishing the book. He gets at the heart of addiction without scare tactics. As he mentions in the book, everyone knows what smoking does to the body. This isn't the way to quit, through scare tactics. Instead, one can quit through simple self observation.

A year or so after reading Carr's book, I found out the author had passed away from lung cancer. Fortunately, he had quit his 33 year old habit of 100 cigarettes a day (for quite some time), and was able to write this book (as well as others on the subject of addiction), inspiring millions of people to quit for good.

Thank you Allan Carr for giving me this gift, the gift to live a smoke free & breathing easy life.
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on February 8, 2013
I never thought that quitting was entirely about getting into the right mindset. After 10 years of smoking and countless brutal failed attempts at quitting, I just up and stopped after reading this book. Even though the book is repetitive (that's really more about the method than anything) and couldn't be called a classic work of literature, it really put me in the right place mentally. I was done. I knew I was done. It was amazing. I've since bought copies of the book for others. R.I.P. Allen Carr and thank you for this book. I haven't smoked in two years, and I do not miss it. My life is completely "back to normal" and I don't need cigarettes anymore. That freedom is amazing.

EDIT - May 2015 - still not smoking!
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