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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on April 9, 2004
According to this book, Seduction, like war, is an art that requires reflection, preparation, planning, stealth, patience, and yes: emotional detachment. This is not your regular self-help book that gives tips, advice and tactics about seduction; this is a book that helps you develop well thought strategies for seducing people, which starts with a thorough observation of your target.. depending on your "victim", the strategy's execution can take up to years... The work is not for the faint hearted, for it will take a lot off the spontaneity and charm which a lot of people associate with courting, and can lead to a lot of adversity (for both the seducer and the victim) when things go awry... but it is surely a good resource for people who keep on asking themselves: what went wrong, why didn't things work out with us... Although this sort of seduction is not my style, the book is quite well researched, and the best available about the subject
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on June 10, 2016
Love it!
Psychological analysis of how we as humans fall into different seductive strategies. Applicable to work and relationships.
Some people criticize but we have evolved to respond to certain emotional stimuli than others - help to know them.
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on May 18, 2004
Upon sitting down with this book originally, I discovered that it is not a book lightly browsed. Although it is brutally harsh in it's approach to the human way of thinking and living, only with this type of unbaised approach can we truly discover the truth of human nature and use it for our own means.
I found it in the business section of my local bookstore, where it's name seemed distinctly out of place with the books surounding it. As another reviewer commented, though, it applies to so much more than wanting a sexual relationship with someone - it can be used on your boss, on co-workers, on anyone who could prove to be holding you back from whatever it is that you want.
I bought it because I've realized that I am an incredibly naive person, and I work in the incredibly harsh world of high end sales. This book has taught me how to look at the people around me in a new way, to always be the favorite, able to take what I want, where before, I was always the one out of place.
Although we are no longer literally in the days of 'eat or be eaten,' this book teaches us the new survival tactics that will push us ahead in an everyday world of power = survival. It covers all bases, as well as fleshing out any questions you might have with imagination stirring stories, and writings in the margins. I highly reccommend this book to anyone who is serious about getting ahead, and realizes that it won't happen by being 'nice.'
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on February 1, 2011
First off, what I liked about this book. It appears very thorough, contains what seems like deep analysis and - the best part - absolutely fascinating hystoric references and case studies, which in and by themselves can serve like minibooks full of love-and-passion stories that feature the likes of Cleopatra, Napoleon, Nietzshe, Marylin Monroe, JFK and many others. That alone makes the book worth reading if not owning.

But... I stopped reading as soon as I got into the second part of the book - on actual techniques and categories of "victims" (victims and targets are the author's terms to refer to people you intend on seducing). I understand that treating your human counterparts as "targets" may well be part of the game of seduction but I find something very unsettling about the idea of manipulating other human beings through trickery, mind games and exploitation of their insecurities to get what you want. I had hoped that the book would be more focused on developing a mindset and discovering your own charisma that allows you to become a natural "magnet" (like many of those historical figures were) so people feel naturally attracted to you but - unfortunately - it's not... Having said that, there are still some tips that can be considered helpful to an inquiring mind...
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on November 26, 2002
Seduction is an art, a beautiful art: exhilarating, enrapturing, addictive. For the uninitiated, beware, stepping through the door of seduction is ensnaring. Enter and there will be no return.
The Art of Seduction is a masterful study of this art, and a work of art itself. It is a collection of stories and an academic survey of the history, psychology and technique of seduction: not just seduction of the opposite sex, but the seduction of people, the seduction of the masses.
Note, however, that the inexperienced will get little understanding of the art just by reading this book. Seduction is a skill, a skill to learn, to hone, and to grow with. The art of seduction is about developing yourself as a person, and equipping yourself with the ability to charm, to attract, to confuse, to deceive, to please, to pleasure, to indulge, to love.
In your journey as a seducer, supplement this book with others. The Art of Seduction is full of insightful theory and abstraction, and will help the more experienced see the bigger picture, fit apparently disparate parts together, and develop as a holistic seducer. For slightly more specific (and simple) techniques of seduction, first try other books like "Make Women Want You" and "How to Win Friends and Influence People". A continuous interplay in the study of the abstract and the specific will help you see both the birds eye view and understand the subtle nuances at the same time - both crucial to your success as a seducer.
Also, do not forget practice. Practice is as crucial as study. Without one, the other is useless. Just like the chicken and the egg, neither can exist without the other. Expect to try, succeed and fail, and yet with each failure to grow.
A stern warning to all: the ability to seduce is seductive in itself. Do not begin at all if you are not serious about it, for there are no bounds to the Art of Seduction.
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on September 14, 2002
This is overall a good book, but I take off two stars from the score because I disagree with some of the author's premises.
First, I'm always a little suspicious whenever an author dictates some numerical tally of attributes to accomplish an object. In this book, it's 10 types of seducers, and 24 steps in the seduction process. Well, for instance, how does the author know that there's really 10 types of seducers instead of, say, 12? What was his methodology for this determination? Did he do an exhaustive research of all types and found these 10 types as the predominate types, or did the author just invent 10 types and then created antidotal evidence to back up his classifications? More likely, I bet the later.
Second, the author uses prominent historical examples, which is both interesting and annoying. The mini-lessons in history are nice and a good read. However, by using such examples, he misses two points. First, applying the information to our daily life in this time can be a question mark at times. Second, the famous people portrayed would have an easier time as seducers because they all had something going for them that others wanted. For instance, Andy Warhol had his own type of seduction technique, but he also had the advantage of being a famous artist. The Duke of some country back in the 1640's may have been a real lady's man, but he also had royalty going for him. For the middle-class Joe who lives an ordinary life and has nothing really interesting going on, he's going to have greater seduction challenges that aren't addressed in this book.
Third, I don't agree with all of his methodology. For instance, the author advocates starting off as friends and migrating to lovers. However, at times, the friendship route is weak, and it can be hard to break out of the friend mold once already set into that cast. At times, it's better to make your romantic intentions clearly known at the beginning. For instance, I can think of several people who have stories of being friends with someone who would like to be more than friends. However, the target's life is already full of boyfriends/girlfriends, because these people make their intentions clear at the beginning to the target.
So, overall, this is a good book. There is good information, and I think most readers will pick up several new insights. However, I wouldn't replace your own intuition, or common sense, with the information in this book.
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on September 17, 2003
This unusual text can be viewed from many points of view. On one level, the author's intentions are at best quite disturbing, because the texts theme has definite anti-social undertones. Deception, manipulation, exploitation of peoples weaknesses to achieve selfish ends has no moralistic value whatsoever; in fact the whole idea of preying on a 'victims' weaknesses in order to position them within your power, to then sexually dominate and influence them to your wiles and wishes, is a deplorable concept anyway you view it. Then again, from another perspective, the numerous techniques of seduction that Green instructs the reader on, supplying a plethora of examples from history and Western and Eastern literature, can teach us to be wary, or at least aware of certain individuals unscrupulous methods to attain what they desire. As the old saying goes, "Better the devil you know, than the one you don't."
The lessons on seduction, at bottom, can really only work if one's targeted victim has some weakness or vulnerability of character. (Green warns to stay away from confident, grounded individuals) Through subtly stalking your intended victim, listening to their every word, stroking their ego, thus discovering their weakness, you can then supply the necessary requirement, whether it be excitement, adventure, danger, loving parenting, add a little time and patience, your victim will eventually fall under your spell. This particular strategy of discovering weakness, focusing on needs, and appealing to an individual's ego, is as old as the pyramids themselves. What's interesting, however, is that this strategy works and continues to be used by individuals and organizations everywhere - but we continue to fall for the scam. And do not be fooled by Green's language and impressive erudite examples from the great works of literature - a scam is a scam no matter how you communicate it.
The text itself is a play on seduction. Green uses the two most seductive and sought after aspects of our existence to reel us into his tutorial: sex and power. None of us want to be victims, in fact we all want to dominate, be the winners, gratify our base and exalted desires. Do you want to unknowingly be seduced or be the seducer? The answer, of course, is evident. Green knows this and uses this strategy by proposing that he can give us an edge, supplying the means to attain our every desire.
In the end, after reading this text from cover to cover, I asked myself the question, what did I learn? What I learned is that certain individuals and organizations will go to any lengths, ethically or otherwise, to dominate others and get what they want. All things considered, it is better to know than to not know, no matter how unsavoury the subject matter.
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on April 27, 2014
This is a great book! Apply it to any situation in life. Not only for men wanting to seduce women. Apply it to sales, seducing your customer into buying. Apply it to negotiations, pretty much anything.
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on April 6, 2004
The book lacks of motives for this sick, ruthless, unethical game of destroying another person!
Unfortunately I belong to the category of "prey" and "victims". My weakness was that such sick thinking was beyond my comprehension and any ethical values I know.
The book gives the creeps. I guess you can call that a quality, but a book also needs to be evaluated when it is transferred to real life, what it does to people and what type of people it attracts: vicious, evil, devious, sadistic and cruel.
A book that shows the strategy of how to conquer, control, devaste and destroy another human being just for your own satisfaction!!
.... and then?
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on November 7, 2013
A very entertaining read -- highly applicable to today's lifestyle and easily adaptable to today's markets. Easy language, clear concepts, enjoyed it immensely.
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