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Studio: Uni Dist Corp (music) Release Date: 10/25/2011 Run time: 82 minutes

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Creepy and disturbing, even for a die-hard "seen it all" horror fan Feb. 24 2013
By TashaNT - Published on
First of all, I want to ask everyone who writes a review for anything to be honest. I'm sick of renting stuff that has super high user reviews and turns out to be crap. Don't waste my $ & time so your friend gets exposure and dough. And yes, I'm keeping in mind that everyone's opinion is subjective, however, there have been too many situations where I, with an open mind, still had no idea how all ten reviews were 5 star, gushing praise, and the work was a trite piece of been there, done that.

Anyway, I watch a lot of horror films & have done so for some time. I can safely say I've seen a bit to a bunch of everything horror. So in rating this film with four stars, you gotta know that's me giving it a pseudo-educated, high acclaim. Don't let the found footage thing scare you off. Yep, it's been done over and over, but I've come to the conclusion that it's not a trend, just on the verge of becoming passé, but rather a new and permanent addition to the stock pantry of the many elements that can be used in filmmaking. It is appreciated when done well, and seems plagiarized when it's not. 

Besides the found footage thing, I think the other creepy elements include the fact that it's not in my native tongue (I'm a true believer that foreign horror is the best horror...I think the foreign nature alone - the way it separates itself by being the "other" through both the unfamiliar language and also the unique cultural establishments - make these types of films very outside of what is normal to me, and thus exciting fear...isn't fear housed in the unknown?) and because it's in black and white (also another flavor of the unknown...the restriction of color can separate us more, giving the film something else that makes it not as translatable).

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this one has just the right ingredients to make it a successfully scary recipe. Highly recommended as something to watch as you work out. Cardio+adrenaline-raising distraction = crazy calorie burn! :)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Probably not what you are hoping for... Nov. 25 2011
By Dr. Tom's Reviews - Published on
Verified Purchase
I'll make this short - I rented this because I love "found footage" horror movies. This one operates on that premise, and the trailer looked pretty good. The first half of the movie delivers a promising setup - the last half is a complete and utter disappointment. By the end, I guarantee you'll be asking yourself, "is that all there is?!?" It's like the filmmaking team simply quit at the halfway point and just figured they could throw in any predictable, boring ending. And that's what they did. I suggest to my friends that they not waste their money on this film, despite the packaging and the trailer.

SPOILER ALERT: Al least half the movie is spent wandering aimlessly and (with one very, very brief exception) through a disused outdoor plant "labyrinth" utterly without any kind of surprise or "horror" or, really, anything interesting. You WILL fastforward several times during these tedious scenes.
3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Underrated June 18 2012
By Jeremy Storly - Published on
To start with, the first half of this film is very slow. You will wonder what is happening, and what is the point of all of this. In fact, it is truly like watching someone's home videos from 1995 -- very amateur, very boring.

Yet, this is what makes this film succeed in the end. These are truly human characters without any of the Hollywood tricks. They are real; either you sympathize with them, or you don't. End of story. If you don't, you give this movie a one-star review and go on about your business. But if you do, the suspense will grow on you gradually, creep up on you from behind, until you find yourself checking the windows and doors to make sure they are locked.

When it comes to this kind of movie, I am no easy customer. Only Carpenter's _Halloween_ and Kubrick's _The_Shining_ have affected me. _The_Blair_Witch_Project_ (the iconic found-footage film) scared me the first time, but by the second viewing, I was hoping for the annoyingly contrived characters to be killed. Even after several viewings, _Atrocious_ has retained its intended effect. It is a well-crafted thriller that may seem tame by today's standards, but which creates an authentic atmosphere of horror and suspense unparalleled by few movies released in the past few years.

Is it perfect? No. Even though it achieves its intended effect, it really needs something to draw the attention of its audience much earlier in the film. I suspect most negative reviews are written by reviewers who only saw the first half. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire film, then let's hear what you think. You just might be pleasantly (unpleasantly?) surprised!
10 of 15 people found the following review helpful
lives up to its name- painful to sit through Jan. 6 2012
By Utterly Undead Reads (and sometimes more) - Published on
Format: DVD
Shot in a 'Blair Witch' way, this movie was one of the worst I've seen in a while. Not because of how it was shot, but due to the content.....2/3 of this movie felt like I was watching someone's boring home videos. A lot of it was just obvious filler....minute after minute of absolutley unnecessary nothing that simply killed time and didn't move the story along or was drawn out too long. There's literally 10 minutes straight of just someone running around in the dark, all you see is the camera's view with the light hitting the trees randomly and you hear someone panting. It's a looong stretch of film that's just this and this alone. This movie has a cool twist at the end, but not cool enough to make it worth the watch. This is one of those movies you start watching, realize it's boring, hang in there hoping it gets better, but it doesn't, and you struggle with yourself. Should I see it through or turn it off? Don't even bother wasting your time to get to that point! I want my 1.25 hours back! Not scary, boring, full of useless stuff to kill time to turn this into a 'movie'. SKIP IT.
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Not Enough Substance to Stand as a Feature Film Sept. 6 2012
By Tsuyoshi - Published on
Format: DVD
Shot in the "The Blair Witch Project"-like first-person POV style, "Atrocious" centers on the Quintanilla family of five, whose horrifying experiences at their summer house in Sitges are recorded in handheld video cameras. There is one good idea in "Atrocious," but it is not enough to save this Spanish low-budget film from being another forgettable entry in the overcrowded horror subgenre of found-footage thriller.

Christian and July, a brother and sister making a web show about urban legends, investigate a local legend of a ghost girl named Melinda, while staying at the family's country house. What follows is a series of familiar horror devices including a barking dog and a disused well, except the final fifteen minutes.

The 75-minute film has several creepy moments, to be sure, but they are few and far between. Writer and director Fernando Barreda Luna knows how to enhance suspense, but achieved only limited success, as the film spends too much time trying to set up the atmosphere. The film's first half includes scenes of the protagonist wandering in the deserted hedge labyrinth and woods, which are disorienting at first, but then gets boring.

Filmmakers of "Atrocious" seem to rely too much on the idea I mentioned above, a genre-bending attempt that might have worked as a short film. I will not disclose what it is here. I only add that being stretched beyond its limit, this idea does not have enough substance to stand as a feature film, which "Atrocious" strives to be.

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