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Battle Royale [Blu-ray] [Import]

Tatsuya Fujiwara , Takeshi Kitano , Kinji Fukasaku    Blu-ray
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If you love The Hunger Games, BATTLE ROYALE sets the stage. One of the best - and most violent - genre films ever made. It's also a hell of a lot of fun. -- Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

My Favorite Movie of the last 20 years...I wish I had made this movie. -- Quentin Tarantino

Without BATTLE ROYALE, there would be no THE HUNGER GAMES. This is the film that started it all. -- Ain't It Cool News

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5.0 out of 5 stars HOLY *&^%! another japanese classic. Jan. 7 2004
Previously to viewing a copy of BR, I read the raving reviews from the other amazon customers..and you know what? I strongly agree with their 5 star ratings.
this movie doesn't pull any punches when it comes to violence, but at the same time it's also a social commentary regarding violence within today's high schools, (especially in america)and the bad bridge between the generation gap.
beat takashi (brother) does a great portrayal as the sadistic teacher/controller KITARO. BR has influences from previous american flicks like the running man, lord of the flies,escape from new york and fortress (the necklace bomb "wedlock")
what's disturbing is watching those cute japanese kids get slaughtered in so many ways(shootings,hackings,slashings,poison etc.) that it almost resembles a virtual videogame.
the ending i felt was anti climatic, but the flashback sequences adds much depth to the characters. too bad most americans will NEVER get to see this DVD Gem because of the contriversial content, but if ever there was a us adaptation like THE RING, director paul verhooven(robocop,starship troopers) would be my first choice and/or maybe quinten tarantino just as long as he doesn't make a cameo appearance like he did in his previous movies.
BATTLE ROYAL; one of the best movies "made in japan".
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5.0 out of 5 stars No mercy Feb. 20 2012
Imagine this: a country is run by a totalitarian government, which occasionally selects groups of teenagers to methodically kill each other. On TV. Until only one remains.

"The Hunger Games"? No, actually it's "Battle Royale," a bloody and harrowing movie that came out several years earlier, depicting an alternate Japan where the youth are forced to kill each other. It's one of those movies that is strangely fascinating and filled with social commentary, with brilliant performances from pretty much everyone concerned.

A class of high-schoolers are being transported on a bus, when they are gassed to unconsciousness. When they awake, they have electronic collars around their necks. A former teacher named Kitano explains that they have been chosen for the B.R. ("Battle Royale") Act, wherein teenagers are forced to fight each other to the death until only one is left standing.

If you don't play, try to escape, refuse to kill or stray into a "death zone," the collars explode. Each teenager is given food, water and a random item, and are set loose on a remote island.

It doesn't take long for them to fall prey to suicide, paranoia, bombs and one student's brilliant efforts to hack the system. As the teens slowly weed each other out, Shuya Nanahara and his girlfriend Noriko try to find a way out that doesn't involve death. But if they refuse to kill, then they must escape the fascist nightmare... which no one has done before.

"Battle Royale" (both the novel and the movie) was condemned in Japan for being so violent, and having a bunch of normal high schoolers killing each other off.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A true foreign film classic! June 24 2004
This movie is truly awesome. It works on every level from social commentary/satire, horror, action, drama, romance, and just pure fun. This is what people who dismiss subtitled films are really missing out on. Now that I'm done gushing, I'll give you the review. The film involves a group of around 40 students in a classroom that has been randomly chosen for the government's BR (Battle Royale....duh!) program. The children are gassed and placed on a secluded island where they are shown a hilariously satirical (and extremely upbeat) instructional video instructing them that they are to kill each other and the last boy or girl standing gets to go home. Each student receives a package containing water, map, compass, etc. and a weapon, some useless like a soup pot lid and some lethal, such as a sickle or even a machine gun. Any resistance explodes a steel collar that has been placed around each student's neck. Let the carnage begin! Kill Bill fans will recognize one familiar face in the brilliantly psychotic Chiaki Kuriyama (minus her ball-and-chain). As the killfest commences, different strategies emerge. Some students seek and destroy their former comrades while others band together and hide out and some simply do themselves in rather than participate in the blood bath. Some even hatch a plot to hack into the BR computer system and bring the battle to a halt. Then there's that mysterious "exchange student" who showed up in class for the first time on the day of the Battle Royale and seems just a little too thrilled with it all as he mows down everyone he comes across without a word. So much fun! You see each and every death and the movie counts down the students as they die until it's all over. The battles are very gritty and real; sorry, no kung fu or anime-style sword battles. Read more ›
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4.0 out of 5 stars blood ties June 15 2004
Before actually watching this film I was expecting a pure bloodbath because I heard that this film was banned from being released in America. I was curiou because I thought that it was funny that a film would not be released in America because of i being violent. America being the home of the violent movie. After seeing the film I think that I know why the film was banned: the violence students show to each other and their teachers and the violence the teacher show towards their students.
However, I should note that the violence is quite cartoony, and the outlandishness of it can be quite humerous. Think of Kill Bill.
The story itself is quite simple: Japan's over a decade long recession has reached its apex, and something like 15% of the population is unemployed. Theft and violent crimes are on the rise, especially among school kids. To help clean up society the government has instituted the Battle Royale Bill which is used to select certain problem classes and have the students fight to the death. And my how do they fight.
Battle Royale is a fascinating film with great acting by Kitano Takeshi. The acting of the younger actors and actresses vary in skill level, but they still do a good job: especially Masanobu Ando and Chiaki Kuriyama.
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Most recent customer reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome movie
I love this movie. It is one of the best movies that have come out of Japan. If you like the hunger games this movie is way way better.
Published 3 months ago by Juggalo Dave
3.0 out of 5 stars What "Hunger Games" was clearly based on minus the Hollywood budget.
It's highly improbable that Suzanne Collins wrote her books without plagiarizing Koushun Takami's "Battle Royale", but while one can debate which ultimately tells the story... Read more
Published 4 months ago by KADC
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best
This is what started it all. Without Battle Royal, Freerunner and The Hunger Games wouldn't exist. Everyone raves about The Hunger Games. Read more
Published 6 months ago by Wayne Good
5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling!
If you liked Hunger Games, this book is more... raw! Battle Royale is a story about teenagers caught in a situation where school friends have to kill each other to survive untill... Read more
Published 12 months ago by Danielle Lacombe
5.0 out of 5 stars Met Expectations!
Daughter loves Japanese films. She was so excited to receive this as a gift and has watched it several times!!
Published 14 months ago by Missmac
4.0 out of 5 stars Version française de ce film culte japonais
Finalement disponible, la version française (audio et sous-titres, avec aussi l'audio original japonais) de ce film culte. Read more
Published 15 months ago by Sébastien
4.0 out of 5 stars Japanese action thriller film
Battle Royale is a 2000 Japanese action thriller film adapted from the 1999 novel of the same name by Koushun Takami.
Published 16 months ago by T
4.0 out of 5 stars kids forced to kill each other...
its a pretty hard concept to get over. A class of grade 9 students, whats that? 15 years old are all forced to fight to the death. Read more
Published 18 months ago by Sorpse
5.0 out of 5 stars This is a great flick!
James Gunn, director of Slither, lists this as one of his favourite movies. I can see why. It's amazing. Read more
Published on Nov. 28 2009 by Kurt M. Fischer
4.0 out of 5 stars 42 Students, Three Days, One Survivor, Barely Any Rules
"Battle Royale" become a cult favorite in many corners of the world. Fukasaku wanted this movie to be viewed by all ages, but putting its gory depictions of death and blood into... Read more
Published on June 24 2007 by Jenny J.J.I.
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