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Bellydance Fitness:Basic Moves

 Unrated   VHS Tape
4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (70 customer reviews)

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"Belly dancing provides us with a way to stay healthy and fit, and a way to stay relaxed and open," say professional belly dancers Veena and Neena Bidasha. They start by teaching the isolations that they'll incorporate into dance movements later: moving the head from side to side on an imaginary line as if separated from the neck, "snake arms" that seem to float in the air, "shoulder punches" (as if your shoulders have fists) that turn into shimmies when speeded up, "rib slides" (using your torso muscles to push your ribs from side to side), and a variety of hip moves. Then you put it all together and voilà--you're belly dancing! After too short a dance, you get down on the floor for stretching.

Of the four tapes in this series, this one will make you feel the most like a belly dancer. It's not really an exercise routine as much as a 30-minute class of basic belly-dancing moves, though your abs and hips will certainly get a workout from all that rib-pushing and hip-rolling action. --Joan Price

From the Back Cover

Welcome to the World of Bellydance Workout!

This ancient form of artistic movement has been practiced for thousands of years and remains exceptionally popular throughout the world. Once performed as entertainment for royalty and common people alike, these beautiful movements evolved with strong links to womanhood, sensuality, and even fertility. But Bellydance is also one of the safest, simplest, and most effective ways to achieve lasting fitness.

Join Veena & Neena Bidasha for a wonderful introduction to the extraordinary benefits of Bellydance. They have practiced Bellydance since childhood and traveled throughout the Middle East and India to perform and develop their techniques. They teach popular classes for a wide variety of folk dances from around the world and have performed in film, television, theater, music videos, and even during the Academy Awards. Their amazing talent and delightful style will keep you captivated and totally motivated.

In this production, you will learn the basic moves needed to use bellydance for fitness. The program is easy to learn, will thoroughly exercise your body--from head to toes, but is low impact, relaxing, sensually stimulating, and fun. You will also find that the Bellydance Basic Moves are a delightful way to express yourself, fully and joyfully. Combined with the Middle Eastern rhythms of the original soundtrack, you will find Bellydance Fitness the most pleasurable workout you have ever experienced.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Powerful... Sept. 15 2009
These women are really good. Just remember that they've done this all their lives. It's a good workout. Some very interesting moves to loosen. It's hard for a beginner to keep up with the intense parts but I guess that's something to work up to.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great workout for the out of shape and rushed! July 15 2004
I love the beginning workout on this CD. It reminds me a lot of Tai Chi--but with music and some prettier moves. I bought this DVD to have a short and easy workout to alternate with an easy Tai Chi workout. I can almost do this workout and will be able to do it soon. It covers all sections of my body, but is not so strenuous that I will damage myself. Veena and Neena are experienced instructors and they make the workout fun, relaxing and thorough. I have not done the fat burning portion yet--I will save it for when I can do the basic moves easily and want to step up the action. It looks like there is a more advanced set of DVDs that is available if I ever get really smooth and want to move it up more.
This is a very professionally done DVD with attention to scene and background selection, good sound, selection of music and costuming as well as sound method.
Many films of this nature often leave a lot to be desired--but this one is professionally laid out and I will enjoy it for years.
I will probably buy the more advanced three set if I put in enough time to get smooth on this beginning tape.:)
I am too old to want to bellydance in a public class, but this is really fun and inspiring to try this in my own home. :)
Mary Z. Cox
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3.0 out of 5 stars half good half bad July 11 2004
By Alex
The twins are very good instructors, the first section Basic Moves is intersting and fun, fine for beginners and for the people who wants to do some workout,but the second section Fat Burning is very very very bored,tedius and you can hurt your knees because always is jump and jump. If you want to learn bellydance you can have The Sensual Art of Bellydance series, they are very nice,sensual, fun and they teach you very good.
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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT WORKOUT June 25 2004
By Brooke
Veena and Neena's Bellydance for beginners is the greatest bellydance workout there is. It is really easy to follow along with and they teach you real bellydancing moves. It is really fun to do and the music they play in the background is great too. The only thing is I wish they would last longer than they do! This is the funnest way to exercise. You'll really enjoy it. But beware! After the first time you do it (both basic moves and fat burning) your WHOLE body may get really sore (especially your hips but that means the exercises really work and that your doing all the moves correctly!) You might need to take 1 or 2 days off before you do it again. Overall I can't wait to buy the rest of the DVDs from their collection!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars My New Favorite Workout! June 14 2004
By B. Kato
I just finished this workout, and I have to say, it is fabulous! Admittedly, my arms were more out of shape than I anticipated, as I found out while doing the various movements on this DVD. The moves may feel a bit odd to those of us without any prior bellydancing experience, but I easily caught on. I didn't realize how much of a workout I was getting until I sat down at the end and began to seriously sweat! It's long enough to get a good workout, but short enough that it doesn't feel dragged out with filler and talk. I can see how over a short period of time, the moves would become more natural. This is a very fun workout that is both aerobically and visually stimulating. It is well worth the money and time invested in it.
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By A Customer
Fat Burning (25 mins) really zaps your calves. There is a lot of hopping, which you can make easier just by stepping through the moves, or by slowing down. It is challenging--even at 25 minutes. My calves ache for 2-3 days after completing it. The time does goes by quickly, and the warmup and cooldown are enjoyable.
The other segment, Basic Moves (30 minutes) would not be a challenging workout for most. The most difficult part that I found was in keeping my arms raised for extended periods. You will get some upper-body toning due to the "shoulder punches," shimmies, and by keeping your arms raised. The moves learned in don't really transfer to the Fat Burning workout, either.
Basic Moves, as many reviewers commented, is a terrific workout for exercise initiates ... but, if that's the case, new exercisers would have no use for the Fat Burning segment, which is quite challenging. This is an interesting video (my first bellydance workout video), but only one routine will actually work you out.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Very fun, difficult if you're heavy May 27 2004
By A Customer
A refreshing change of routine. Not only am I toning muscles but learning to be graceful as well. However the jumping in the Fat Burning section can become difficult if you're carrying extra pounds.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A nice, low-impact exercise program April 9 2004
By pjchik
I recently rented this video because I wasn't sure if I wanted to actually buy it. I have a bad lower back due to a work injury, so I was asking around for something low-impact. Well, this is it! I haven't had to quit because my back was hurting too much to continue. That's great! I've only done the Basic Moves part so far and I've only done it 3 times. I like the way the exercises move down your body, and no part is worked out too much. I also really like the music. The best part is I can already tell that my muscles are toning up. Everyone I know has commented "have you lost weight? Are you working out?"
I'll be the first to admit I usually don't do the whole workout video thing. Mostly because they're boring, not fun, they hurt too much, etc. The production value is not as good as I would have liked. The narration threw me off the first time I did it, but after that I just ignored it. Unfortunately, tuning the narrator out is almost essential.
Other than those two complaints, I'm extremely impressed with this DVD and will be buying it once I have the money.
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