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  • Bionic Commando - PlayStation 3 Standard Edition
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Bionic Commando - PlayStation 3 Standard Edition

by Capcom
Platform : PlayStation 3
Rated: Mature

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PlayStation 3
  • For the unknown
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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation 3
  • ESRB Rating: Mature Mature
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
  • ASIN: B000ZK7ZOY
  • Product Dimensions: 17.1 x 13.5 x 1.3 cm
  • Release Date: May 19 2009
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #11,507 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes

Product Description

Platform for Display: PlayStation 3

Product Description

Bionic Commando [PlayStation 3] For the unknown


Bionic Commando is back, now on the PS3, 20 years after the NES classic was initially released. And returning with it is the swinging bionic arm game mechanic that made it so popular and critically acclaimed. Bionic Commando makes the move to 3D, and gamers will be able to grapple, swing, and scale a giant environment filled with buildings, canyons, and more.

There are many creative uses for your bionic arm. View larger.

Being able to swing and shoot is an essential skill. View larger.

Freely explore Ascension City and its outskirts. View larger.

Ten players can get it on the action at the same time. View larger.
Nathan Spencer is Back
Bionic Commando takes place 10 years after the 1988 game, with Nathan Spencer again the protagonist. Voiced by Mike Patton, ex-Faith No More singer, Spencer is betrayed by his government, falsely accused of murder and sentenced to execution. Just prior to his execution, however, the city is bombed and Spencer is asked to track down the terrorists in return for his freedom.

Bionic Arm Offers New Control Possibilities
Like in the original game, the bionic arm is what separates Bionic Commando from other games. With it, you can swing between buildings, grapple onto ledges and zip up, walk walls, pull apart the landscape, throw heavy objects, attack enemies, and more.

Giant, Sweeping World to Explore
As you swing around with your bionic arm, you'll be subjected to beautifully detailed scenery that ranges from Ascension City and its bridges and skyscrapers, to outdoor environments like canyons. By mastering different swinging techniques, players will be able to reach different areas and target enemies while mid-swing or even hanging upside down. If you misjudge your swing by even a little bit, you might find yourself plunging to your doom.

Swinging Multiplayer Fun for up to Ten Players
Bionic Commando allows up to 10 players at a time to get in on the swinging fun, finding new ways and techniques with the bionic arm to dispatch your friends and enemies. Maps are designed with the swing and gun game mechanic in mind, rewarding players who are adept at simultaneously swinging and aiming.

Bionic Commando is an updated and beautiful take on the classic, bringing the core elements of the 8-bit original into a beautiful, 3D world. Fans of the classic and newcomers alike will delight at the unique game play options that the bionic arm afford.

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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
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Most helpful customer reviews

By Michael on Feb. 23 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Verified Purchase
When I bought this game I was not expecting much. Even with the very low expectations that I went into it with, I was still very disappointed with this game. Shipping and everything was fine, but the game itself is terrible. The story is non-existent and very very weak. It also has very bad controls. The developer gives you a bionic arm for swinging around on things. One might assume that this would be a useful means of escaping conflict if you are in a bad situation and one would expect it to be very fun to use, but it is not. It uses a lock on system to find things you can attach to which isn't very effective and makes it feel very clunky when trying to do fluid swings. Also the arm will not help you get out of a fight. Because of the lock on system it is very hard when under fire to locate something to grapple to. You are also aloud the use of guns which boils the game down to a third person shooter with some broken physics. This game is terrible. Maybe one day CAPCOM will be able to make this game right by fixing these problems, but for right now I cannot recommend this game to anyone.
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Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
playing this game, I have mixed feelings sometimes i feel like they have destroyed a classic, when i think of bionic commando, I think of a game like "Dues Ex" but then again that name was just released in 2011. and Bionic was what three years ago.

The Game is fun, swinging around in a war zone, my problems come with how fluid the game goes, it is rather difficult to grapple, zip kick a enemie, fly through the air, and do it all over again.

but other than the some minor issues, it is a fun game
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By Jason Ewen on May 14 2013
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Verified Purchase
what a great game. i loved the old school one for NES and thins one is just as much fun. If you like games to give you a challenge like they did back when i was a boy, then this game is for you
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By Pascal Gagne on Nov. 27 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Verified Purchase
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on (beta) 63 reviews
22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
Getting the swing of things. May 25 2009
By Bumble - Published on
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Fun:   
My first day of playing this game yielded anger and frustration. I had a hard time attaching the wire and swinging where it didn't feel like I was just beating around, not to mention the screen gets all red when you start dying which makes it harder to see whats going on. I played the second day and was much better swinging by working the right stick better. Now I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the mechanics and have beaten it through once. All games have problems you will get tired of as does this game, but once you can control him you get a much better experience than initially. It has a learning curve without question, and now I am glad cause I appreciate it much more. Bottom line great game, entertaining, top-notch graphics. I highly recommend this game just don't expect to pick up the controller for the first time and be a pro. Stick with it and you'll get it down cold. Also the arm has plenty of beat down moves, I only use bullets to complete in game challenges so be ready to get your mechanical hand dirty. If you liked any of the BC series this one will definitely blow your hair back. (Don't let the nay sayers who can't adapt discourage you from this game)
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
Cruelly Underappreciated...My Personal Game of the Year Aug. 13 2009
By W. Scott Heitman - Published on
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Fun:   
The critical reception to Bionic Commando was anything but kind. The PS3 version of the game is sitting on GameRankings with an aggregate score of 72%. I've seen games get the short shrift before, but never so much as Bionic Commando. I have a small confession to make; I'm only halfway through the game, but I'm so enamored with it that I couldn't wait to write a review. Here's the breakdown:

Graphics: Stunning throughout. Animations seem realistic (considering the subject matter at least) and environments are breathtaking. Not much to say because there's nothing to complain about.

Story: I've heard that this aspect takes some criticism; apparently the ending is love it or hate it. I'm enjoying the story partly because of the effective voice-acting. Steve Blum always puts on a good performance, and he's effective here as Super-Joe. I'm not familiar with the VA for the main character, but he certainly does a good job of making me believe he's enjoying the swinging as much as I am- which brings us to...

Gameplay: There's nothing else on the market like BC. It's not an FPS or even a standard 3rd person shooter. The main focus is on effective use of the bionic arm. The result has been compared to the Spider-man games, but such a comparison leaves out the nuances that BC brings to the table. First of all, the level design is superb. Whereas the Spider-man levels games are typically limited to swinging around the same old skyscrapers, BC's levels are filled with all kinds of broken buildings, suspended railways, caverns, and more. Even if the mechanics of the swinging were identical, the game would play much differently. But the swinging requires more precision than SM. Some players make the mistake of giving the game five minutes and deciding it sucks. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of using the arm, but once you've got it, you're in for some gameplay gold. The reason the game "works", in my opinion, is that it doesn't focus on split-second reactions and near-impossible jumps. Instead, the emphasis is on tactics. How does one effectively navigate the war-torn landscape and attack ones' foes while evading their gun-fire? Answering this question is the job of the player. Using the arm, for instance, to swing into battle and then swing out to recover is a rewarding experience. The boss battles, in particular, do a fantastic job of highlighting the difference between this game and your vanilla third person game.

Sound: WOW! If you're familiar with the themes from past BC games, you'll recognize some remixed themes. This soundtrack, however, is simply outstanding. From the elegant piano theme in the main menu to the thundering symphonic arrangements during battle, these pieces do much to elevate the gameplay to something truly special. On a related note, I intend to do some serious searching for the sheet music to the menu music; I would love to play that on the piano.

Let's talk downsides for two seconds. I've heard a lot of criticisms, and these are the two that I deem to be accurate:
1) Radioactive out-of-bounds. Linear games have the difficult task of creating some means to provide limits to the environments. The standard but laughable solution of times past has been the familiar "invisible wall". BC tries something new by simply killing the player if they stray out-of-bounds for too long. It is explained that much of the city is irradiated and that our protagonist must avoid this stuff like the plague. Most of the time, this radiation is clear enough to see. But those few times it surprises you can get pretty annoying. This solution to an old problem might even be elegant if well-implemented, but there are some weird choices here. Sometimes, the UPPER HALF of a building will be irradiated. Usually, level limits are lateral in natural, so coming across this can be vexing.
2) Collectables. See, you're gonna die a lot; this isn't an easy game (on Normal, at least). Most games don't make you re-collect collectables if you die before reaching the next checkpoint. Well, BC does. Get used to it.

These cons are really quite minor in comparison to the fantastic gameplay on offer. Every major aspect of BC screams high production values, and the gameplay offers something truly novel and rewarding. The price of BC has plummeted in most places. I found it new for 20 dollars. Don't believe the critics; Bionic Commando is an astonishing accomplishment.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Nice, Better than I expected Jan. 30 2010
By Ronald Romero - Published on
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Verified Purchase Fun:   
First of all, the story.
It's kind of cool. The hero is sent to jail for life, then bad guys attack the city with a lot hell nuclear power, then the hero is released from jail and suddenly he is the only hope, the original, the BIONIC COMMANDO.

Controls are hard at the beginning, mastering the swing is hard but in my case, after I worked it for a while I got it pretty nice.

I find the picture quality very nice at 720P. The concept of a destroyed city, very big place to explore (careful with the radiation and the SNIPERS) is awesome.

The things that you can do with the Bionic Arm are awesome, attack skills that you will get as you progress through the game.I just bought the game and I'm still playing the single player missions and all I can say is that it's fun, I recommend it.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Fun and under-appreciated Oct. 25 2010
By Jason - Published on
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Verified Purchase Fun:   
When Bionic Commando launched it was met with a lot of speculation and didn't receive many favorable reviews. Many criticized the game for being all of the map really and not doing any of those elements right. Having played through the game twice now people judged this game by the cover not by the overall contents, and having been gaming since back in ye olde days of the Atari 2600 this game brought the classic Bionic Commando into 3D without missing a beat.

Gameplay: Not your every day video game I will be honest. Like most games today there is a learning curve but they baby you into the game. Bionic Commando basically doesn't pull its punches. Right after the basic tutorial it is good luck, 'have fun storming the castle' pretty much. Practice a bit with your timing and next thing you know you will be Tarzan with a grenade launcher. Boss fights feel very epic and actually will make you think fast on your feet trying to find out the weakness of the boss. There also is no one way to actually fight enemies. You can do everything from stomping on enemies, swinging and shooting, grabbing and throwing them into the air, throw objects , or simply pull out a gun and pew pew them all. One gripe that anyone will notice is that until you get a hang of the game, your accuracy with firearms is pretty much terrible until you pull off some nice challenge stunts to unlock some bonuses

Sound/Story: The voice acting is actually some of the best I have heard in a long time and pretty much carried the weak storyline of the game. Sound effects were spot on also

Graphics/Presentation: The graphics were actually really good. The game runs at 720p unless you force 1080p. I was surprised at how detailed they went with the background of the game. The overall presentation of the game was smooth. The game itself can be a challenge even on normal, as you might end up doing 10-15mins on stuff only to die and have to redo it. Checkpoints are very fair though, and areas aren't super massive where 20+ mins of work magically vanishes because you missed that one grapple.

Length/Replay: The game could be considered short especially once you get really good at it. Master your swings and next thing you know in an hour you just plowed through 20% of the game. Though it may be short, the game doesn't pull punches and you will enjoy the little twists and turns the game throws at you. Replay factor is also a "plus" because there will be collectibles that just seem to taunt you. They look so easy yet 10 mins later you are still trying to line up that swing or release just right, and then there always is the phantom collectible that taunts you since you never found it but it has to be in the level somewhere! Plus once I got good at the game, it was just to much fun to swing and do a "death from above" onto a MECH since I got my timing down perfect.

Summary of "cons" I have for this game (with positive re-enforcement)
- Early on having to figure out shooting mechanics and grappling while avoiding bullets can be frustrating [But learning and mastering the system turns you into a complete unstoppable 'bionic commando']
- Short game (under 7 hrs) [good replay though with collectibles and voice acting. Plus some maps are just fun to figure out different ways around enemies or just replay it to try and best your challenge count]

Overall Score: 91%
A must have for any action gamer at this point and price ($12 when I bought it).
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Very underrated Aug. 13 2009
By no_moto - Published on
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3 Fun:   
It is a great game. I don't know why it got such reviews. It's difficult? Yeah. You're going to die a lot? Yeah. But the idea is NOT TO GET KILLED. If you fall and die, it was your fault. The controls are responsive, the production values are really high, and probably the biggest concern would the the story. But what would you expect from the concept of a guy who has a bionic arm who is fighting bio-terrorists? There's not much you can dig on that.

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