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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on May 16, 2011
The playbook is really a solid tablet, something will give you the whole internet not bits and pieces, I am an iPhone owner I know what it means to see half of the website, The Playbook is fun to use to wake it up you swipe from edge to edge , and you swipe from down bezel up to switch between application, real multitasking you can download a movie and watch it while you are chatting with your friends on Facebook using the "presentation mode - you connect the HDMI cable to the TV", it also has a very good camera, apps and games very addicting even they are not that much, but it seems the playbook market catching up very fast, updates and new stuff come every two weeks, it is a great tablet , I bought one for myself and after I try it I bought one for my wife.
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on September 23, 2011
I'm an educator at a post-secondary institution. Since I am involved in distance education, I need a highly portable device which I can use to communicate with students and colleagues at all hours of the day. I also need a device that plays flash videos and that allows me to connect with the learning management system at my university. The Playbook has satisifed all of my requirements. It is very easy to use and the customer support is extraordinary. The big knocks against the Playbook are the lack of apps (relative to the IPad) and email feature -- however, how many apps do people actually use? -- it's also quite easy to connect to existing email accounts. The Playbook is the best piece of technology I have ever purchased. I absolutely love it.
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on May 14, 2011
The PlayBook is the best tablet out there by far. After hearing reviews in the media, I thought I was going to be disappointed. But the multitasking, gestures, power and stability of the BlackBerry makes this the most modern OS out there. The hardware is also unmatched. Some people think that the iPad is worth more because it is larger, but it is actually cheaper to produce a larger tablet than a smaller one as the components inside need to be made much smaller. This adds to the cost, which is why 13.6" Apple notebooks are much more than the same 15.6^ models. The 7" screen works really well and I was surprised by how easily one could zoom in and move the screen around if necessary. The tablet works phenomenally for movies and for games. Even its spreadsheet and documents programs are well built, and you can actually use the spreadsheet by easily zooming in and around the sheet. This device also hooks up to HDMI, so you can play movies or power point presentations straight to a television or projector. The form factor is nearly have the size of the iPad, and this really makes it a more mobile device. Sure iPAD can be brought with you to occassions, but I can't really imagine it be nearly as portable as the PlayBook. Furthermore, the iPAD is slippery and incredibly difficult to carry in one hand and almost requires your lap for support. This device on the other hand was made for one hand, so you can read, surf the internet, or watch you tube videos from the car, park or bed.
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on August 17, 2011
I love the playbook! I must admit, that I'm not much of an app user, however, I love using this to surf the web and play online video from all my favorite sites. WIFI is superfast, tethering speed depends on where I am and I suspect it may be related to my Torch or my wireless provider and not the tethering itself, because it seems similar to tethering with my laptop.

I like the fact that I can see all my blackberry emails securely as well, no logging onto VPN which is really slow.

I haven't come across a site that I can't see and navigate through as well which is a plus. Although I'm not a huge fan of flash, fact is, there are so many sites which are built with flash so web surfing on a non flash supporting device is simply not for me.

Sleek design and small footprint, I carry in my purse and it fits comfortably. Just ordered my case from Amazon and will carry this everywhere with me from now on.
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on May 27, 2011
I just purchased my Blackberry Playbook..and I am very impressed by what I am able to do with it so far...I am very much into media (music, movies, videos)..and this satisfies my standards in every way possible...I actually went on a "course" offered by Telus, that assisted me in "bridging" my Torch to my Playbook, and showed me some amazing tips and tricks that are very handy...

One thing to mention...many people are doing "comparison" reviews with the Playbook and the's an unfair comparison..the Ipad is all about leisure, games, apps, some media, and very casual business...Blackberry Playbook is a business tablet first! was made for business' and corporate/government...then commercial use secondly...however...there will be some amazing updates that will further along the Playbook's success in the very near future!...
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on December 26, 2011
Immediately upon receiving the Playbook, I went looking to see what apps I could add to it. I was very pleased to discover that it was already set-up with Word, Excel and other crucial programs. Unfortunately, it pales in comparison to Adroid systems and the rest of its competition when it comes to games, free apps, etc.
However, I don't want to focus on the negatives. I do believe Blackberry will improve the gripes I do have.
Let's talk about the positives. The size of the playbook is ideal. I prefer it over the iPad and the other devices, having tried out most of them. I have no problem working and relaxing with this device. It's compact enough and just feels right in my hands. What can I say?
The keyboard is very easy to use and very responsive. It has a learning curve, but it's a short one.

I got mine when it was on sale and I haven't looked back. It was a great purchase and even my 2 year old daughter loves playing with it. I'm not sure why the sales aren't better, but for what it's worth, I highly recommend the Playbook.

One more thing. All of my friends and co-workers have been impressed with it once they tried it out. It's a very impressive tablet.
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on June 20, 2013
I bought the PlayBook full price, while I was listening to how bad this tablet was by people doing podcasts, I kept on using this tablet to do everything a computer could do, reading my emails, looking at cute videos on YouTube or storing my entire library of music, photos and books, or spending hours surfing the Web, and even being able to listen to these podcasts all from my PlayBook. I kept thinking, are they paid by the rival companies who feel threatened by this product, because I never had any problems using this tablet, and I am not a technical person, I usually crash my computer once or twice a year, but I have had the PlayBook for almost 2 years, and I never had to reboot or cuss at it for being slow like I do usually when searching the Web on my portable PC.

So why did this tablet get such a bad rap, and why did RIM (now legally called BlackBerry) not defend it's product?

The only thing I am not happy is that I paid $699 for my tablet and just a few weeks later it went down to $499 and it's now $299. However even with this, I still say it's the greatest tablet for people like me who want the wifi for the web, listen to music or videos, buy a good book or look at your photo album, or play the thousands of games available and with a lot of these Apps free. Or do your own movie as the camera while not at today's standards is better than a point and shoot when you have 64G of memory to store things into it.

My sister in law would not buy the PlayBook as she was afraid as it's no longer sold everywhere that it would be totally discontinued and if it broke she would have no replacement while it was on guaranty, she regrets it as her tablet is awkward to use, me I just give it a swipe and the screen changes so rapidly there is no lag, unlike hers where the apps stay open but she can't find them to close them...;-)

So would I recommend this tablet, in a heartbeat as it is really fantastic.

Note to BlackBerry: Stand behind this tablet not with shame, but with pride, as it does what you said it would do, and does it great.
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on October 26, 2013
The first playbook I ordered arrived as promised, but the unit was defective. I contacted Amazon, and they sent me an electronic return label. I returned the unit and was credited without delay. I ordered a new playbook, and it also arrived as promised. This one was perfect. The Amazon rep was courteous, knowledgeable and professional, and I am very satisfied with the whole experience.
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on March 5, 2012
Just got a Playbook, and am enjoying it. I think an issue with the raging tablet debates you read on every website is that different people have different uses for tablets. Some want something that will basically replace a laptop, some want an entertainment device, some want something for basic tasks. As far as tablets go, I fall into the last category and my review is based on that. I have been a user of Apple products for 15 years for work and personal use. I just plain like the design and the OS on the Playbook though. It's great for web browsing and the basics, and it's a great value for the price. Plus, my my personal uses I am a big fan of the 7" tablet and find it more practical.

I'd be lying if I said I don't hold out hopes that more apps with become available so I can do even more with the Playbook. For what I paid, I think I got my moneys worth. But, the fact is tablets and apps do go hand in hand for the majority of people. I'd ideally like to give it a 3.5 star review taking that into account, but 3 is the only option (4 is too high I think). I just don't think a device like this can warrant a 5 star review when it literally has a fraction of the apps available on every other platform at this time.
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on November 22, 2012
This is a really great tablet, ever since I made my purchase back in March from Esource Parts, I honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase. I can't seem to put it down, the browser is lighting fast; actually twice as fast as my son's ipad 2. It is also half the price of an ipad and other tablets. The email and calendar functions are fantastic I can amalgamate all of my email accounts into the calendar and sync everything together in one location. The camera quality is amazing, I can record family events in HD and it takes great quality pictures. I love putting movies on the PlayBook for the kids to watch when we're driving to the cottage and the games are great for the kids. Typing emails on the PlayBook is also very easy, the functions and features make it very easy for very typing out long emails. All and all the price is very right and it makes a great gift for first time tablet users, my nephew really liked the 16 GB PlayBook we got him for his birthday. I honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase and I recommend this tablet to anyone who asks me about tablets or my PlayBook. It is very small, very light and is very portable. I love this little computer I would recommend that you read other reviews before you make your purchase and I hoped this helped, always do a little homework before you make you purchase but I love it and am super happy with it and it's performance. Thank you BlackBerry :)
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