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Blue Submarine No. 6 Special Edition

 Unrated   DVD
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Although billed as "The Movie," this edition consists of the four episodes of the computer-animated OAV (original animation video) cut together and edited for airing on the Cartoon Network. Most of Earth's population drowned when the mad genius Zorndyke began meddling with the planet's polar alignment. The survivors cower in half-drowned cities and undersea bases, battling Zorndyke's robots and hideous mutants; Kino, a dedicated young pilot, draws Hiyami, an alienated ex-submariner, back into the war. Based on a manga by Satoru Ozawa, Blue Submarine offers lots of computer-generated effects, but little in the way of coherent plot and character development. Hayami's conversion from hard-bitten veteran to peace advocate seems improbable, as does the prospect of seeking peace with a villain responsible for 10 billion deaths. Blue Submarine will appeal primarily to hard-core computer animation fans and devotees of Water World. The Cartoon Network policy of not showing what it construes as violence further weakens the story. Hayami doesn't see his old friend Katsuma writhing in agony from Zorndyke's "beast mutation," removing much of his motivation to rejoin the submarine forces. The gigantic Musuca no longer dies in a sea stained by its own blood, eliminating the series' one genuinely poignant moment. Eliminating tobacco use produces some unintentionally comic moments: Hayami flicks his lighter and touches the flame to nothing. The four OAVs are available separately in their uncut format. Rated 13 and up: robot versus robot violence and grotesque imagery. --Charles Solomon

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent series May 31 2006
The story is classical, man vs. environment and the promise of future doom, but the concept work is incredibly original. Giant mutated whales serving as submersible carriers for hordes of crab-drones piloted by fish-women seems so unreal yet scarily plausible; the advantages of having such long term strike capability is awesome.

The animation is excellent, the CG blends flawlessly with the anime. It's even on par with animation done recently. The fluid motion is extraordinary. Today's CG still possesses a degree of clumsiness and hurriedness that is present in BS6.

The music is very catchy, it enchances the futuristic quality of the series with a modern jazz jam, very stylish.

Also, it should be noted that TrezKu13's review/criticism is not valid on grounds of totaly stupidity and lack of explanation (too much opinion, no substance).

Firstly, radar doesn't work underwater. They use SONAR. And if you bothered to pay attention, they can't find the whales very easily because their biomotor signatures are hard to detect; they run silent, especially in their coccoons. And satellites can't pierce the water's depths, even if their control stations, mostly located on LAND, which there is not alot of anymore, remained intact.

The pilot is the viewpoint of the story. The flashbacks help us understand the pilot through his past. He didn't "blab his life story" to the fish-girl BECAUSE THE FISH-GIRL DOESN'T TALK. He just sequenced flashbacks because when you're trapped on a chunk of metal in the South China Sea, you'd like to look back on your life before you die a horribly slow death.

A pod of whales don't die. Only one does. The rest of the whales die in combat and they inflict as many losses as they recieved.
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5.0 out of 5 stars editing on this movie June 24 2004
By A Customer
this film was first shown in the uk on the cartoon network channle about 4 years ago i was 11 i loved it my mum loved it and she dont even like anime. well around sumer of 2002 toonami stoped showing on cartoon network beacause turner bought out a new channle cnx all the anime was shown on their in cluding adultswim it wasnt called that it was just cnx well after outlaw star and cowboy be-bop and spawn they hade a movie at 10pm with those martshall arts horror film but in their time they did show blue sub 6 and gundamwing endless walts. but just
beacaused they couldent be arsed to get the uncut version they shew it edited.well about a year after the channle closed down du to poor raitings and chained to the toonami tv channle and blue sub no 6 is still reapeted the edited version every half term along side these crappy hero films. soon im ordering it uncut somtime this week and i will ejoy it the way it was soposed to be shown.
ps i still thought the edited version was okay in story line and the film in jenral. and the editing was okay until the end part when you know who dies but i would like to actually se it instead of assume it happend.
i just thought that being on at 10pm could of got them to show it uncut for once.
thanks for reading i hope i didnt bore you.
daniel the anime master!!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Rating for Edited Toonami Edition June 23 2004
By A Customer
Let me start by saying that this is an excellent film. That said, even its editted form is not suitable for children. I have found the rating system for Japanese animation to be very inconsistent with 13+ rated films that are okay for any age and 7+ rated films, like this one, only suited to teens and adults. Another problem is censorship. Censors are not artists and often hack out very important scenes that mar the film. Usually this means cutting out scenes of bloodshed and death while leaving the actual battle scenes intact. The result is pointless violence. Blue Submarine 6 Toonami Edition is one of these films, although the hack job is less severe than some other films I have seen, like Cardcaptors for example.
Back to the film itself: The first episode is very confusing. It is like picking up a novel in the middle and trying to understand what is going on. If you can get past the first half hour however, the story gradually falls into place and the film improves by leaps and bounds. By the end, you will probably be glad you stuck it out.
The only reason I purchased the Toonami version was that it was much less expensive than the unedited version. However, I always recommend getting the original if possible, and Blue Sub 6 is no exception.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Good animation, and that's it Nov. 13 2003
The main hype of "Blue Submarine No. 6", as far as I can tell, is the animation is glorious. Good animation, people say, and ground breaking at the time.
Well when I saw it all I could see was good animation. But good animation can't carry a series, that's why you have anime fanboys that run around saying indiscriminantly, "Well animation was good but storyline sucked." I'm not a fanboy, but seriously...the animation was good, and the storyline stunk.
We open with the world at a higher level because a mad scientist destroyed the ice caps and raised a navy of mutant fish-people. Sure, why not? The humans plan to launch an attack on their arctic base, but the fish navy catches them completely by surprise and attacks them a la Pearl Harbor. Huh? Wait a minute...don't they still have RADAR in the future? In fact, since its the future, wouldn't they have BETTER radar than we do now? Did the ocean's level drown out satellites too? Any way, our main hero - the cliche, unwilling type - gets seperated and hangs around with a fishgirl atop a whale as he blabs his life history. Five minutes later we're watching a pack of whales get killed like we're not supposed to care.
The finale of this series' problems comes when we watch the sharkman villain get struck by two tomahawk missiles...then comes back as if that was nothing. I was half expecting him to say in a British accent, "I got better!"
The series suffers from some other troubles. There's the classic anime cliche of introducing a character and then killing them off five minutes later, or worse yet cutting to a dramatic death scene of a character we've never seen before. In fact, so many of these characters are just archetypes or undeveloped that I really didn't care who wins or loses.
Overall, a big disappointment.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Anime with a different flavor
Fans of anime in general will definitely dig Satoru Ozawa's 4-part, 'Blue Submarine No. 6,' series. For starters, being that the story is centered around futuristic submarines and... Read more
Published on June 4 2004 by Sibelius
5.0 out of 5 stars Blue Submarine 6 - Special Edition
Wow! What stunning animation, the fluid motion scenes are just the best (even by today's standards). Read more
Published on May 27 2004 by L. A. Jacques
4.0 out of 5 stars Decent Sci-Fi Anime...
As mentioned in the title above this is one of the better Sci-fi anime's. This was shown on Cartoon Network's Toonami, but was editied for viloance and some toplessness... Read more
Published on Nov. 4 2003 by D. D'Agati
4.0 out of 5 stars Great, but...
Well, I can agree with what all of the other people say-good series, some wierd parts. But, above it says the DVD's contain the edited version. They DON'T!!! Read more
Published on Aug. 20 2003
4.0 out of 5 stars For the last time! it's an OVA not a miniseries!
i have, for too long heard anime fanatics say it is a miniseries because of it's four day run on toonami, which was ridiculously censored. Read more
Published on June 14 2003 by Maxx
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth your money and time
This series is pretty good. Again, it's one of those you'll have to watch a few times to really appreciate. Read more
Published on June 13 2003 by J. Kelm
5.0 out of 5 stars Oh yeah baby
Alright i havnen't gotten this DVD yet since it comes out two days from now, but my order is already in. I actually saw this when it was on TOONAMI(In Flight Movie). Read more
Published on June 2 2003 by Snow Flow
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Blend of CG, Anime, and Jazzy Sounds
The story of Blue Submarine #6 (Ao no Rokugo) comes to a conclusion in this extended length episode. Read more
Published on March 12 2003 by John Nolley II
1.0 out of 5 stars Looks Aren't Everything
...P>The story behind "Blue 6" is simple, but made meaninglessly complex. Apparantly the script writers decided that instead of coming up with their own ideas, it would be much... Read more
Published on Aug. 13 2002 by Omar Khan
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