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on January 10, 2004
In 1964 Russell Hoban wrote, and his wife Lillian illustrated, a charming little book entitled "Bread and Jam For Frances". Already an established character in such books as "Bedtime For Frances" and "A Baby Sister For Frances", this next story observes Frances as she stubbornly believes that she would like to eat only bread and jam, rather than any other food. Her parents oblige her willingly, and Frances comes to learn that a person should expand their tastes once in a while. The book is charming and dated only in the slightest of ways. Yes, Frances only wears skirts and dresses. Yes, Mother is the only one making the meals. But this is such a light happy little tale that these flaws are easily overcome. Lillian Hoban's illustrations are as cute as can be. The story itself is amusing (Frances often singing little songs to the food she dislikes out of earshot of her parents). Sometimes you just want to read your kids something that doesn't involve huge battles, gross out jokes, or didactic morals. If that's you, then allow me to introduce the perfect solution.... a little number I like to call "Bread and Jam For Frances".
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on July 17, 2002
This is a cute and captivating tale of Frances, the picky eater who only wants to eat bread and jam. Her parents handle her food refusal by indulging her with bread and jam at every meal and snack. She soon tires of it and wants to eat what everyone else is eating: a well-rounded meal.
This is a cute tale with little rhymes that Frances sings to herself with her food musings. The illustrations are adorable, they are not a visual assault as some other children's books have. This book was first published in the 1960s and as with other picture books of that time, has nice long prose, a good length of a story.
Both parents and children who deal with fussy eaters will appreciate this funny tale. It is a classic that is sure to be a favorite!
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on June 29, 2001
I remember falling in love with "Bread and Jam for Frances" when I was a child and I was eager to see if my 3 year-old daughter would be equally fond of it. It's one of her favorites. We've read this book before bedtime almost every night for the past month.
When fussy eater Frances refuses to try anything new to eat, her mom and dad teach her a loving lesson in how you can have too much of a good thing. My daughter likes pointing out all the different food that's represented in Lillian Hoban's wonderful illustration and she's memorized all of Frances's charming little songs about jam and food. The love, humor and gentle nature of this book make it a good one to pass down from generation to generation.
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on May 25, 2003
The Frances books are great. Children and adults can share books for once and both enjoy them. Bread and Jam for Frances is about when Frances has become a very picky eater and only likes to eat bread and jam! A great tale for picky eaters.
The illustrations are very nice and colorful, and you have to love the how all the characters are badgers in the book.
If you enjoy this book, try out the other books in the Frances series. ...
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on February 23, 2001
Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban, with illustrations done by Lillian Hoban is one of my favorite books. This book teaches a very important lesson to any child who has a favorite food. In the story Frances eats only bread and jam, even though her mother prepares other foods for her. Eventually, Frances' mom stops preparing other foods for Frances and gives her only bread and jam, just as she likes. Frances is happy with this at first, but then grows sick of eating the same food for every meal while her friends and family are able to eat other foods. In the end Frances' mother gives her different foods for her lunch at school and Frances is happy again. I believe this story to be one that any elementary school aged child could relate to. The story tells children of the importance and enjoyment of eating a variety of foods. The pictures and text directly complement each other. The text is needed to tell the complete story, but the pictures enhance the story. Bread and Jam for Frances is a simple story that is easily followed by children. Children can read this story and relate to the realistic situation. This book captures the child's attention and finishes the story within the short attention span of a child. The illustrations of this book contributed to my choosing it as a favorite. Frances' facial expressions in the illustrations help children easily identify her feelings throughout the story. In the beginning Frances is very happy, but as she gets tired of eating bread and jam a frown appears on her face. When Frances becomes very upset that she can only eat bread and jam, she cries. At the end when Frances' mother offers Frances other foods Frances is very happy again. The pictures are very soft and friendly. The colors are engaging and follow the story directly. The style of the illustrator follows the style of the author. Neither the text or the pictures overpower the other; there is a complementary style between the two. I believe this book to be very appealing and appropriate for an elementary age child.
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on February 7, 2000
An excellent children's book with a realistically handled lesson. I grew up on this book and others focused on Frances the badger. This one is my favorite. I miss the charm of the two tone pink and green illustrations, but the story is still as timeless as ever. I will read this book to my children someday.
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on May 2, 2000
Fussy eater Frances only wants to eat bread and jam (whichactually sounds pretty good right now) - but she's confused when herparents actually give in to her wishes and allow her to eat as shepleases.
These are wonderful books, the lessons are taught kindly and gently, and the illustrations are delightful.
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on November 26, 1999
I remember reading this book as a child with my mom. She would read a page then I would read a page. I'm glad it's still around, so I can share it with my family since my copy isn't in the best shape. It is a great story. It has easy read print and the words are great for those learning to read.
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on June 23, 1998
I remember reading this book to my daughter. It was always one of her favorites. I'm so pleased to see that now I have a granddaughter ready for early reading that the book is still in print.
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on October 5, 1999
Frances is such a wonderful true to life character that we can all identify with. I am a teacher of second grade and I read this every year to my class. I love her little songs she sings.
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