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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on March 20, 2016
Having good experience with Breville products in Australia, I decided to take the plunge on this toaster oven and hope it was worth the money. It's been the best toaster oven I've ever owned, perfect toast and bagels every time. We don't even own a toaster now that we have this oven. My wife uses it all the time for making meals and baking and we very seldom use our large oven anymore. My parents also decided to get one as well and they love it too. Great quality, perfect size, well made and so far has lasted with our more than average amount of use.

Update 03-20-2016:
This item is still going strong with no issues over all this time. We use it almost daily so it's been working hard for us. My parents are also using theirs more than their full size oven now and it's lasted just the same as ours. Best toaster oven ever.
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on March 25, 2016
We've had this for quite some time, probably several years now. It's still going strong. The only minor complaint is the knob for selecting the mode of use is kind of jumpy. We use this all the time and rarely use our oven any more. Also, if the weather is crummy, rather than BBQ we use the toaster oven. Like all of the larger "toaster ovens' we've had, they are crummy toasters; if your main need is to toast bread, then get a proper toaster. But if you want something to grill meat, cook frozen pizza, warm things or keep them warm, then this is an excellent albeit a bit pricy choice.
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on October 30, 2015
We have had this for over a year now and it is great. It is big enough to bake a regular sized frozen pizza . The heating is consistent and I have been able to successfully roast potatoes, bake small pieces of fish /chicken and a small cake. The dials make it easy to set the temperature, time and type of product (toast, bagel, pizza, roast, bake, etc.). Toast takes longer than in a stand-alone toaster but this is a good, versatile oven to have in your kitchen. It looks pretty nifty too! I line the bottom tray with tinfoil to contain any crumbs/spills - makes for easy cleanup.

The only negative, I would say, is that it can look intimidating to first time users / visitors.
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on March 24, 2015
We like the units (we bought two!). Within one month, one of the accessories broke (the oven tray warped instantly and became unusable). So we tried to reach Breville customer service from number given in the instruction book: the phone number given is NOT IN SERVICE! We plan to return both units to if Breville does not reply to the email address given. Very surprizing from this Canadian company.
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on October 30, 2013
Received the product a few weeks ago. Shipping was fast and started to use the oven right away. Upon reading reviews on the net, several customer were unhappy about the overall BUILT quality (i.e. broke down after one year, low quality buttons, etc.). I have to admit that the buttons could be of better quality because they get used a LOT, and as far as overall quality goes, it does its job (cooking, heating, etc.) very well, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that it will last longer than one year!
I have a few other Breville products, some are good while some indeed did not last long... and based on my previous experience, I can testify that Breville customer service is far from being up to world-class excellence (it sucks). I had to fix my other Breville product myself. Again, just hope this one will last so I can stay away from bad customer service.

READ MY UPDATE BEFORE YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT - ONE YEAR LATER - I had initially given 5 stars.....
Hello again. Just want to share my experience with this Breville toaster oven, one year later. I was initially skeptic when I bought this product, and with reason. Exactly 13.5 months later, the convection fan is close to dying. It now makes more noise than a hair blower which is extremely annoying. The question now is "How long will it last, and only time will tell". But it doesn't sound like it will last much longer. At the risk of getting frustrated I probably won't be calling Breville service, since now that they got my money, they'll certainly won't care - based on past experience and other customer reviews.
Bottom line, I'll wait till it dies and buy another product if I cannot fix myself. In my opinion, if you want to be disappointed, not from poor performance but from cheap internal parts, go ahead and buy this product, otherwise, I suggest you buy a cheaper brand (which can be just a good) and keep your hard earned money.
Good luck!
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on July 5, 2015
Best part is it fits under the cabinetry in our century home, which can be hard to accommodate. We later got the cutting board to sit on the top to avoid burning ourselves, and that fits too with 1/2" to spare. The board gets hot when we use it for an hour but not hot enough to be concerned about. I have made meat loaf, rhubarb crumble, roasted chicken parts, roasted broccoli and squash, reheated pasta dishes, toasted bread and bagels, cooked frozen foods, all with excellent results.
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on October 29, 2011
After using this oven on a regular basis for thirteen months two of the top three elements stopped working. The oven has been treated with care and cleaned on a regular basis. The warranty ran out one month before and this defect is not covered. I will not consider buying a Breville product in the future.
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on October 14, 2015
I've now had this oven for about 18 months and I think my teenagers would be lost without this toaster oven, my son in particular would be. It's perfect for baking / roasting / broiling smaller quantities and saves you putting on your big oven and it heats up very quickly.

We use it in some form on most days, from cooking pizza (which apparently it does really well), to cookies, bread, even roasting a chicken. I also purchased the chopping board and glad that I did as the top of the oven gets very hot, this helps protect my cupboard and deflects the heat away.

An additional small thing that I love is that it has the ability to switch from Fahrenheit to Centigrade, as we have moved from the UK to Canada most of my cook books are in C, so with the touch of a button I can get the correct Canadian temp.
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on April 3, 2011
I purchased the Smart Oven after watching the review on Cook's Illustrated. They
mentioned all of the positive features plus the price of the unit so I was not shocked when I went looking for the best price.

There are some excellent reviews here so I will touch on a few things that I have noticed over the short time I have had the unit.

I would suggest you purchase the cutting board and if you like to bake bread and make pizzas then the pizza stone is a well worth addition.

We have used the oven for baking artisan breads, pizzas, broiling open faced sandwiches, and of course toast. All with outstanding results.

Some features to note:

1. When opening the door when you have it in the middle rack, do it slowly, otherwise you could wind up with whatever you are making slide out. I did this with the pizza the first time, thinking it would simply stay put but it slid out too quickly. They tell you to open the door slowly in the directions!

2. The oven does get hot when in use, but it is mostly on the top. This is great for heating plates or leaving your cutting board on top to prevent you from touching the top. There is very little heat around the sides, front, or back to cause any concern. We have a few plastic cutting boards standing against the wall near the oven, 5 inches away and it is not a concern.

3. The pizza stone heats up very quickly, they mention 15 minutes which is very fast compared to the Emile Henry Pizza Stone that we use in the main oven. It requires 45 minutes of pre heating. Hint to the Emile Henry company, please make a 13" stone with the special glazing for the Breville Oven.

4. When making bread or pizza using the stone we found it much simpler to use parchment paper than corn meal. Placing a loaf of artisan bread (we have tried three of the recipes in the Healthy Bread in 5 minutes a Day) on top of the pizza stone is not a problem, however pizza can be a different matter. We solved this problem by purchasing a 10 inch round cake lifter. Place the parchment paper on the metal lifter, built your pizza, then slide it onto the preheated stone. Nothing falls away and it can be done quickly and no mess.

5. When your pizza or bread is 3/4 finished, open the oven and remove the parchment paper, this way you get the nice brown crisp finish on your pizza or bread.

6. When making open faced sandwiches I would suggest setting the broil setting to 400 degree's instead of 500. The first time I broiled brochetta with salsa and cheese on top of the bread, it made a mess on the broiler plate. After than I used parchment paper at the 500 degree setting and the paper went very brown. Sandwich was great but I was concerned, after than, 400 degree setting. It takes slightly longer but parchment paper does not brown.

7. There is a large crumb tray that opens up at the bottom. I find this an excellent design. You can simply remove it, and clean it up after each time you use your oven. Makes it easy to keep your oven spotless.

8. When baking bread I find the oven heats up quicker, and since it is a smaller unit bakes the bread slightly quicker than a regular oven. It is very easy to test doneness by inserting a thermapen in the bottom of the bread (artisan) and see if your temperature is between 205 - 210.

9. The controls to set the oven are very easy and they go over each one very well in the manual. I would have liked to see the broil setting adjust in 50 degree amounts instead of the 100 (wanted to broil at 450) but that is a small feature I would have liked to see.

10. As mentioned by many reviewers, toasting is outstanding whether you have one slice or 6, but it does take longer than you might except.

11. You can place a full size bread pan in the oven as well as change the position of the rack if you want to place the pizza under the broiler for a short time. Breville designed the oven so you can place the 13 inch plate or pizza stone in all three slots.

I purchased our unit at Amazon for $249. with free shipping and a week later it was on sale for $199.95 at our local Home Outfitters!

Accessories to purchase should you wish:

Parchment paper: You can also get quarter sheets as well.

Bread, Cake, and Pizza lifter:

I have not purchased the perforated 13 inch pizza sheet, so if anyone has any input on this I would appreciate any feedback.

I know this review is a bit long, but I wanted to touch on a few of the features that I thought about to supplement all the excellent reviews on this product.
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on June 16, 2015
I sat on the fence for months deciding whether or not to purchase this oven and I finally decided to pull the trigger. I really didn't want to spend this much money on something I really wasn't sure I needed, but I have tried cheaper toaster ovens in the past and was never satisfied with the performance and quality, you do get what you pay for! I am happy to report that this toaster over has exceeded my expectations, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I've owned it for about two months and we use it more than I thought we would. My 8 year old is really weird and loves to make cheese sandwiches in it and even he can figure out the functions and tweak the settings to his liking. I love that we have an extra "oven" to make side dishes when the regular oven is in use. It's great for reheating leftovers instead of doing it in the microwave - sure it will take a bit longer but the results are far superior. Toast and bagels are always 100% perfect. It's just so handy to have this little unit to bake, roast and broil stuff without having to fire up the big oven and heat up the kitchen, especially in the warmer months. So far, I can say that I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone.
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