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Bride of Chucky

Jennifer Tilly , Brad Dourif , Ronny Yu    R (Restricted)   VHS Tape
4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (121 customer reviews)

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Brace yourself: this is a clever, consistently entertaining, and even inspired continuation of the mean-spirited slasher series. For those not in the know, Chucky is a mop-top kid's doll come to life with the soul of a serial killer and the voice of Brad Dourif (doing his best Jack Nicholson). Revived by his former paramour Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly, looking every inch a life-size Barbie in stiletto heels and skintight black leather), Chucky proceeds to turn his human sweetie into a pint-sized Talking Tina doll with attitude, and together they hit the road for a magic amulet and young new bodies to inhabit. They hitch a ride with sweet young runaways Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile and leave a trail of corpses bloodied, burned, and cut to ribbons. The kids are cute, but the real heat is generated by the latex lovers who use murder as foreplay and consummate their renewed romance in a night of passionate sex ("Shouldn't you wear a rubber?" "I'm all rubber!"). Hong Kong director Ronny Yu (The Bride with White Hair) directs with a light touch and against all odds transforms walking dolls Chucky and Tiffany into funny, energetic, full-blooded characters: l'amour fou has never been more crazy. John Ritter costars as Heigl's overprotective uncle (another obstacle on the road to dolly freedom) and Alexis Arquette is hilarious as a lanky goth nerd. The wild conclusion leaves room for another high-concept sequel. The DVD features two commentary tracks, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and "Jennifer Tilly's Diary." --Sean Axmaker

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4.0 out of 5 stars went the comedy route Dec 16 2013
By Corpse
I liked in the first 2 movies how chucky was actually scary. He was scary first and then would shout out some ridiculous one-liner. Now in the 4th Chucky movie they have removed anything scary from the movie and gone completely dark comedy. Fortunatly for the Chucky legacy this isn't exactly a bad thing. It's still fun to watch chucky go around murdering people even when the horror is removed. He's that great of a character. Now in Bride of Chucky we meet Tiffany who is played by Jennifer Tilly acting hotter than she actually is by showing as much cleavage as possible. She becomes the bride and they go on a killing spree together. Genius idea giving the fans the ridiculousness they crave. Even though bride of chucky feels like a parody of the originals it is still a fun time and ends with a great send up to another sequel!
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5.0 out of 5 stars no horror but still funny Oct. 16 2012
ok I love the first two childs plays childs play 3 sucked but this rocked. Theres no horrror but its just funny yay ITS SO FUNNY!!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best of the "Chucky movies" Oct. 21 2001
By Kristy
"Bride of Chucky" is in my opinion, the best of all the Chucky movies. Although it is not pure horror and suspense, Bride of Chucky still beats out the previous 3 Child's Play movies. The atmosphere is creepy and gothic, and there are a couple of gory death scenes. But the main appeal of this movie is its humor. I loved how Chucky and Tiffany played off each other.
I also thought that the music was perfect for this movie. Instead of using a creepy musical score, they used songs from Rob Zombie and other metal groups.
The features on the dvd were very good. The audio commentary with Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany), Brad Dourif (Chucky), and Don Mancini (the movie's writer) were both informative and funny.
I won't give the ending away, but let's just say that it was unexpected. It was gross and sick...but it was also a perfect ending that will lead to the next Chucky movie.
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3.0 out of 5 stars where did the horror go? Dec 31 2005
By A Customer
Format:VHS Tape
the producers of this series took the horror and put in humour-------Which i hate.pretty funny though
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1.0 out of 5 stars Stunningly BAD July 14 2004
By A Customer
Format:VHS Tape
This movie absolutely puts the rest of the CP series to absolute shame. It's just a slapstick movie with forced laughs and dry humor, and almost no horror. Gone is organization -- they threw in a plot involving an amulent, and Andy could be in hell for all we know. This movie really drops the CP series' quality and honestly, may be the worst movie I've ever seen. The plot is weak. The only plus is good acting, at least by Jesse (Stable) and Jade (Heigl). The movie isn't worth a buy; barely worth a rental.
I do give it credit for not having as many "bloopers" as the first three - editing's been done to the max. But there are a few that I won't mention. Still, the first three had plot holes. This movie technically, unforutnately, has no hole in the plot. It just introduces a new element, which is weak. I think they either could have left the CP then-trilogy alone, or just made something better. But I could see the CP idea getting lame anyway.
Leave it alone...
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5.0 out of 5 stars More funny July 14 2004
By Laura
I like the Child's Play series and though I personally think the first one is the best, this one is good in its own way. Bride of Chucky has much more humour, a lot killings in more unique ways and an extra doll. If you like the Child's Play series, you will definitely enjoy this one but if you never liked the series, I doubt you will find anything enjoyable about this one.
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By A Customer
Before Chucky turned killer doll, he had a girlfriend named Tiffany. In this movie Tiffany recovers the body of Chucky from a polive evidence locker. Chucky was pretty much torn to pieces in 3 so she sews him back together and uses the vodoo chant to bring his spirit back to the body. He returns just as evil as ever and horror/comedy takes up the rest of the movie.
This is not a good film. It is a horror movie that is so over the top on ridiculousness that it borders on comedy. I never thought I would see Chucky the killer doll, who I feared so much as a child, in a love scene. Seeing Tiffany the killer doll making cookies for Chucky while they're holding a couple hostage is quite amusing. The domestic dispute that develops between the dolls shortly after this is just hilarious.
This movie isn't for everyone. You'll enjoy this if you were a fan of Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason or the Evil Dead movies. If you have a dark sense of humor you'll probably love this movie.
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3.0 out of 5 stars i could watch new chucky movies forever July 8 2004
By abe
Format:VHS Tape
chucky is ressurected by a voodoo [prostitute].she gets turned into a doll too.so now theres 2 killer dolls.the voodoo [prostitute] was a [prostitute] in let it ride and liar liar also.kids wont gain anything positive by viewing this one.they spent more money on this one than before so its easier to sit through.it is easily the best chucky movie.there is two ok chick s .who does NOT strut her stuff .there are a few irritating characters.a control freak cop and his lackey and a whole smorgasboard of spasmadic-drama queens wrapped up in a mans body.i just dont see why movie audiences feel it necessary to throw a jerry springer style gay man into every movie.so what?youre gay.get over it.the real deal is this is the most violent and also the funniest teen horror film in a long long time.
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