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Cherry Bomb (2011) [Blu-Ray]

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In homage to the action films of the early 1980s, the beautiful Cherry is an exotic dancer who is raped and attacked by a group of sleazy men in the club where she works. The men escape justice and she vows revenge and kills them off one by one. Things start to spiral out of control when a mysterious hit man named Bull is hired to put an end to Cherry's bloody tirade. She soon realizes that there is more at stake than she ever imagined.

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This Cherry has some strings attached Aug. 22 2012
By The Straw Man - Published on
Format: DVD
So when I stumbled across this movie I felt a strong urge to see it. Mainly because it was promoted as a 80s motif revenge flick....well in this case a "rape and revenge" flick. Under the assumption one doesn't know what a "rape and revenge" flick just see "I Spit on Your Grave". "Cherry Bomb" is a modern movie made to appear that it was made in the 80s. I have to say the film makers did a good job on the authenticity of capturing the 1980s. The fashion, hair styles and atmosphere were pretty much on point.

The major problem I have with this movie is it is about a stripper who gets attacked, rape and seeks revenge. The only thing you the viewer see is the revenge. Allow me to explain, Cherry (the title character of this film) is a stripper and you never see her nude. In addition, the attack in question is never really shown. Now I don't want to sound like a sick pervert or a misogynist, but if you are going to have a movie about a stripper there should be some level of nudity. Besides what sleazy 80s movie didn't have nudity? It is like making a movie about boxing without ever showing a fight. Boy those "Rocky" movies would have been different. And in order for the revenge to have some merit, some of the attack needs to be displayed. The following formula is what made "I Spit on Your Grave" so amazing. I found the attack in ISOYG so unsettling that when the revenge came it brought some merit and credibility. Not for nothing, but this same equation worked for how many "Death Wish" films?

As for the acting, well it really isn't that great. In contrast, I didn't go into this movie looking for award winning acting. Yet the actress who played Cherry did have a likeable quality. As for the campy value, it is pretty high. See my previous comment about the acting. Also look for the hit man named Bull who looks like a cross between The Hulk and Jules from "Pulp Fiction". As for character development, there is none. The movie has several loop holes; the estranged relationship with Cherry and her brother and where did a stripper learn to become Rambo? In defense some 80s movies that "Cherry Bomb" mimics were guilty of this too, so I can let it slide.

At the end of the day a movie is about entertainment and I would be lying if I didn't say I found entertainment in this film. The action was pretty good and the revenge in question was alright. I really should only give this film three stars but I did find some charm to it. Yet a word of advice to the film makers, next time you make a movie about a certain character like a "stripper", nudity is required. In addition, if you are going to focus a movie around a certain situation, like an attack, showing this situation is required. That is what your "target" audience is going to want.
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Bombs Away! July 17 2012
By B. Wasden - Published on
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Cherry Bomb is an indie action film that is good, but not great. It has enough action and a fast pace, but not enough nudity for a movie with a stripper as the lead character. Adult film star Nick Manning is perhaps the best thing about the movie, delivering a campy performance as the stripper's boss. Also the movie is quite violent. Recommended.
5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
CHERRY BOMB Aug. 13 2012
By soulblower - Published on
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
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Damn! Julin has major acting chops!! Aug. 20 2014
By Binky Chottorrhœhia - Published on
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Something nobody has ever said but that somebody should (and I'm just about to) is "never follow a scream queen into a horror movie." Just like you don't choose your college because it's the one your significant other is going to, or you don't want to date anyone from work. You should never blindly choose a horror movie because a pretty actress is in it. Perfect example: Angela Bettis. Amazing talent, goddess of the horror industry...but if you follow her without looking you wind up in a pile of crap like Bless the Child.
But I'll tell you, I have it bad for Julin (aka Julin Jean). I loved her in Sweatshop & The Final, even though she only had bit parts. And yes, her side career as a lingerie model does provide lots of intriguing imagery. So I knew that I was sort of "letting the little head do the thinking" when I decided to buy the movie Cherry Bomb.
Really all I knew about the movie was that Julin was in it. There was a cute girl in red underwear on the thumbnail, but I couldn't tell if it was my lovely J-girl or not.
But it was. Julin is in center stage in this one. As a stripper who gets gang raped and then goes on a brutal revenge spree, discovering that she has a special genius for retribution.
And you know what? Julin was awesome! She has the chops. Not just the chops for the by-the-books cheesy stripper revenge Grindhouse exploitation flick that this film looks like at the outset, but the chops for the really strong, gritty dramatic moments that are artfully woven in.
Among other things this is the best stripper movie I've ever seen--not saying much because there aren't many (horror movies tend to be extreme, and if you're just looking for an easy victim why not write in a prostitute rather than a stripper? It's a more extreme choice...) and the ones there are tend to be way too goofy (eg., Strippers vs Zombies. Ugh). Most poignantly, you get a sense of the general scorn toward strippers that really exists out there...I think there are a lot of people out there who do believe that No Means No is a rule that stops when it comes to any sort of sex industry. If you're doing that sort of sub-legal, taboo job, you really are "asking for it."
When in truth my experience is that strippers are no more messed up than any of the rest of us, and tend to possess keys to happiness in life that few others do...and that's my RfEAL LIFE OPINION.
9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
This CHERRY BOMB Is A Dud Aug. 8 2012
By Edward L Zimmerman - Published on
Format: Blu-ray
Now, before you go harping on me, let me be perfectly clear on this one point: I have no problem with revenge films. In fact, I probably appreciate them more than the average non-professional movie reviewer. There's a vicarious thrill in experiencing revenge through the eyes, ears, and actions of a central player, be it DEATH WISH or the especially interesting FEMALE PRISONER #701: SCORPION and even the ANGEL series of films. Even a small handful of the girls-in-chains flicks can offer some modest thrills. The original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (I haven't seen the remake) will never win any Academy Awards, but it might give a cult audience something to cheer about.

However, CHERRY BOMB is a fruity mess.

Cherry (played by Julin) is a stripper without a heart of gold. She spends her nights shaking her skin at the local Porky Hut (HINT: it isn't "Porky" but a much more precocious word you can figure out on your own, but kids don't ask your mom). One night, a group of five guys pay door guard to vamoose, and they go more than just a little too far with Cherry ... and voila! Vengeance is all that's on the menu, and Cherry's looking to dish up five bloody plates!

Now, we're never shown what happens to Cherry, and therein lies the biggest creative misstep. I'm not advocating that her physical abuse, assault, and torture needed to be photographed for the audience, but, once we find her in the hospital bed, she honestly never looked all that banged up. No respiration. No massive bandages or a body cast. No beeping machines. We see some blood, tears, and bruises, and that's the most of it. In flashbacks, we see one man give an angry slap; we see her tossed about a bit; we see somebody saying to hold her down; we're given some modest PG-13 indications of sexual assault; but our hero's trussing-up remains curiously absent.

Isn't that the heart of a good vengeance film? Aren't we supposed to see the lead reduced to a shred of her or his former self? Isn't that the single event that sets all of this in motion? Doesn't that need to be put up there - in all of its shameful, inglorious display - in order for the police refusal to seek out and deliver justice to be the true catalyst for the mission of revenge? Of course, I'm not advocating showing it ... but, without it or a clear description or full accounting of it, we're left with taking our less-than-noble hero at her word, and Cherry's not much of a talker.

Out of nowhere, her estranged brother shows up (why were they estranged? What made him show up? Who called him?), and, together, this brother-sister tag team man-up with the intention of putting the local scum six feet under. It's all predictable (but not so much laughably predictable, which would've been an asset). A local gun-runner is only too happy to provide the Cherry Bros. with a stockpile of weapons and ammo, and, without so much as a single gun class, brother and sister tote iron and spew lead. There's an even funnier bit with some big city hitman (his name is "Bull," folks, and he looks like Lenny Kravitz on steroids after a very late, very restless Saturday night) showing up with a contract to take Cherry out, but the man has to be the least convincing assassin committed to film. (To be fair, he gets a nice entrance scene, but it all goes downhill from there. Very fast.) There is a twist at the end that maybe - maybe - you didn't see coming, but only if you were watching another movie could, would, or should you miss it. Lastly, all of it is so amateurishly performed by the Texas Community Theatre League (or some other such group) that it lacks credibility, it stinks of incompetence throughout, and it's undoubtedly harder to swallow than anything Cherry's ever traded services for.

So far as this humble viewer is concerned, CHERRY BOMB is the kind of film you that should come with a written apology.

CHERRY BOMB was produced by Strike Anywhere Productions. DVD distribution is being handled through Well Go USA. Meh. The disc looks as fine as it needs, and, for that matter, it sounds about as well as it possibly could. What genuinely stinks here is the idea, the story, and the laughably inept acting.

NOT REALLY RECOMMENDED. Who knows what can happen with the passage of time? There's always a chance for a poorly made flick to become a cult classic, but, in all honesty, I can't see that happening to CHERRY BOMB. It isn't that it's poorly made because it isn't. It isn't because it's poorly executed because it isn't. Mostly, it's the fact that it's poorly conceived - a low-budget, illogical knock-off of 80's sleaze films that were never really intended to produce low-budget, illogical knock-offs. Had someone actually put some time, effort, and money into it, this CHERRY BOMB could've at least blown off a few laughs; as it stands, it's more of a ticking time-bomb than anything else. I can appreciate revenge as much as the next guy, but this is only bad filmmaking at its laziest.

In the interests of fairness, I'm pleased to disclose that the fine folks at WELL GO USA provided me with a DVD screener of CHERRY BOMB by request for the expressed purposes of completing this review.

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