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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on December 23, 2001
This is a wonderful feel good book that is definitely a two boxer. That's two boxes of Kleenexes that you'll need to get through this one! The very first story sets the tone for the whole book. This story about a mother and daughter and the love that they shared was the most touching and one of the best stories contained within. As with any anthology, with many authors, the writing style differs throughout and you may find yourself captured by one author and wanting to get rid of the next author all within the same chapter. I like how the editors divided the book into sections about love, attitude and self-esteem, overcoming obstacles, marriage, motherhood, special moments, living your dream, aging, finding a higher wisdom, and truths across generations. This is definitely a book that you want to share with your woman friends and female family members. There are certain stories that should be photocopied and read often, to capture the feelings they evoke. Another especially touching story was written by a nursing home nurse about the love of an elderly couple and their struggle to be together their last remaining days. Two days after the author was located to provide permission to be printed, she died, leaving her loving story to be read by the world. This book brings out many emotions that in the end make you feel glad to be a woman and respect the richness of all your life experiences. It sure has made me feel a little less challenged and lot more honored and rewarded that I share commonalities with all of the women in these wonderful stories.
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on August 29, 1997
This book was given to me as a surprise gift from
a coworker. I began reading it one spring morning
at six a.m. while accompanying my S/O fishing. As
the morning sun shone on me and I sipped at my hot
coffee, I became totally involved in the lives of
the people whose stories enlighten and/or simply
enrich the spirit.

It is a true celebration of many aspects of what being a woman is
about. There are so many sides to us, so much to
learn about ourselves, so much to explore, so much
of life to be absorbed. In our neverending quest
to give and experience the precious things in life,
this book is a wonderful roadmap to help us seek
out that which we have yet to experience and to relive
that which has already brought us joy.

It is about all of what is right with those of us
of the feminine persuasion and celebrates loving,
sharing, giving, nurturing and growing.

If there are any men who are still puzzled by us,
maybe they should read a sampling of topics from this book.
It will give them a greater understanding of some
of what makes us the creatures that we are. And for those
who do understand, it will draw them even closer to us and
enrich their own spirits as well.

I have since also given this book to several friends
as presents, however, I also included a
pocket-size package of tissues....just in case!!!
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on January 3, 1997
I was having a rough couple of weeks,during the Thanksgiving holiday and afterward.Our whole family had come down with the flu,and with two toddlers,it is very consuming to say the least.
My only outlet when I cannot leave my house,is my e-mail list of other stay-at -home moms.It is sometimes the only place we can turn to complain and cry out our daily frustrations.
I guess it was the first time that I had not been myself,and I really didn't care.I was just so tired and miserable.The house was a mess.I was a worse mess.And my husband was about to leave for a week in Japan on business.
Christmas shopping was not what I wanted to do either.December was getting bleaker by the moment.
Then one day a package came in the mail in a brown paper envelope.It was from one of my e-mail moms!She sent a note saying she was concerned about me,and that she hoped this book would help.I was so surprised by this thoughtful gesture,that I immediately sat down at my kitchen table and read the first couple of stories.
For the first time in a long while,I felt the hugs of friends,women I did not know,but shared dreams and passions and just plain living.This was a book for me to get lost in,and to find myself at the same time.
I kept it in my bathroom,and I read at least one story everytime I was in there.Sometimes a mother can only get the chance to read while she is sitting on her ceramic "throne"!

I am so grateful I was given this book of stories.They have gotten me through many a rough day during the month of December.And I feel so much better about myself now,and not nearly so alone.
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on April 6, 2003
There are so many Inspiring and touching tales that fills our hearts with emotion. One wonders 'why' things happen as they shouldn't or 'How' do miracles change the course of our lives. There are moments in everybody's life where at a point you encounter obstacles, where your self esteem gets low, attitude differences opine or whatever be, awe-inspiring stories of this book glues you to stir your heart to be more wiser. It rekindles the spirits undoubtedly when we read the emotional narrations of others and wonder - We too come across lot of experiences in life. Should we not pen it down? Easy it may seem, needs inspirations like these stories to share alike tales. This book sure is a great 'light up spirits' book for woman, self inspirations you can say. Topics on Love, Attitude & self esteem, Special moments, Dreams, Truth & wisdom n more are widely covered which makes it a special read. I cherish this book and read n re-read at times. Good pick
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on July 23, 2009
I was disappointed to see that the seller could not deliver my book, saying that " the mailing shipping services has a problem and will not be able to deliver your order ".
Usually, when an item cannot be delivered I have a warning from amazon right at the time when I place the order.
I didn't get any direct email informing me about the situation and I was still waiting ... and it's only when I looked up my order status several days later that I learned about it.

In the future, I'd like to receive an email notification when a seller cancels an order, to avoid the waiting and missing on other bargains.

At least, the seller apologized and refunded the fees in a timely matter.
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on February 12, 1997
The stories are short but all are wonderful; the book has no beginning, no end. You can open the book to any page and read that story. The stories make you glad, sad, joyful, give you hope, make you laugh, make you mad, make you want to read them all. They uplift you, bring you down to earth, or make you think about yourself and wonder how you would have acted or reacted? What is amazing is that these women are not so different from you or your family or friends after all. We are all important, just like the patches in a patchwork quilt. It takes all kinds to make one beautiful world (quilt, too)
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on June 17, 1997
I received this book as a Christmas present, and although I knew I shouldn't read all of the stories at once, I couldn't resist. All of the Chicken Soup For The Soul books are wonderful, but this one was especially inspirational for women. It made me laugh and cry, and made me feel even more fortunate that I am a woman, capable of motherhood and all the other joys being a female brings. I'd recommend this book for any woman looking for a little comforting and inspiration
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on April 28, 1997
The wonderful stories in this volume were warm and easily read. Heartfelt, tender, thought provoking, an emotionally engrossing look at womanhood from different points in life, from a diverse range of authors. The emotional impact is powerful. I laughed, then cried tears of sadness and joy. This is a wonderful book for sharing with a friend of either sex, a book you will read more than once, savoring the ingredients over and over like a favorite food
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on July 28, 1998
I absolutely loved this book. It brought out the best in me and who I wanted to be. With every story my heart was filled with many emotions and helped me be more sympathetic towards others. After I read the first couple of stories I wanted to buy this book for all my loved ones so they could share in these heart felt stories too. I could barely put it down. You must get this book today!
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on May 19, 1997
This book really has a lot to offer. Having not experienced some of life's givings yet, I myself could not relate to some of the stories specifically, however,I was still moved by many of the stories. Each one has so much to offer. Many help me get through the trying period in my life I am experiencing right now. I can't wait until they come out with the "second helping."
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