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on April 11, 2011
Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore helped change the world, and now he wants to change it again through his highly enjoyable new book. Moore writes convincingly that the environmental movement has lost its way, and he outlines his vision for the way back to sanity.

In an engaging and entertaining style, Moore chronicles the exhilarating early days of Greenpeace, its roots in Vancouver, its improbable victories, its meagre budget, its brushes with disaster on the high seas, the media circus, and its meteoric rise to global celebrity. From stopping nukes to saving whales, the whole story is here.

But the book does not stop with tales of the Greenpeace glory days. Moore wades into the political morass that engulfed them when the organization's growth went wild. We read about how the movement nearly failed, how it emerged in its current form, and the forces that caused Greenpeace to take increasingly extreme positions.

A scientist with a Ph.D. in Ecology, Moore explains passionately his commitment to reason, which put him at odds with an increasingly ideologically driven Greenpeace. They were 'against' many things, but offered few practical solutions to the planet's challenges. Moore illuminates readers on how and why a movement about saving the planet has become, as he writes, "anti-human."

Moore takes on one activist myth after another, debunking spurious claims with facts and arguments, offering readers an education on key topics from forestry to fish farming. For example, there's a brilliant exposé of the trumped up hysteria over the planet's supposedly irreversible march toward mass species extinction, which he shows to be based on statistical wizardry and dubious assumptions.

Hearteningly, Moore advocates a clear path towards a bright and sustainable future, in stark contrast to the apocalyptic rhetoric we are deluged with every day in the media. Sadly, we are seeing a generation raised on the idea that humans have doomed the planet to certain, imminent and catastrophic disaster. Moore's sunnier outlook is welcome relief from the multitude of gloomy forecasts.

Moore has paid a high price for challenging environmental orthodoxy. Greenpeace has revised its history to erase Moore, literally airbrushing him away. "True believers" brand him as an apostate in the movement he helped create. Thankfully, Moore has taken on the challenge of reforming the dogmatic and intolerant institution that 'environmentalism' has become. This book could be the beginning of a new era of sensible environmentalism.

That would be a very good thing.
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on July 5, 2016
Everyone should read this book - it's the most important book on what "green" is all about how we should be moving forward towards a sustainable life style that I have ever seen. Moore is interested in finding solutions, not just challenging the status quo, like many in the green movement. I guarantee you will come out of the experience with a new understanding of what the future should look like for the world and its peoples
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on February 22, 2011
Excellent book, very well written.

Should be compulsory reading for all our politicians, students, NGOs, and all environmental zealots and others, and just about everybody else interested in our future.

Congratulations to Patrick Moore for writing a courageous, intelligent, frank and insightful history and vision of being a 'greenie" and then finding a way of being a "sensible environmentalist". Powerful, as it is from someone who was on "the other side".

Quite brilliant, really.
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on June 13, 2011
Compared to the incessant ad hominem attacks, hyperbole and dubious science put forth by leading environmental organizations Dr. Moore's book, "Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout," is a much appreciated breath of fresh air. Referring to himself as a "sensible environmentalist," Dr. Moore's exposition is calm, pragmatic and, most importantly, based on sound science.

Confessions can be split into two parts of about equal length. The first is primarily an insider's look at the exciting and revolutionary, for the time, birth and growth of Greenpeace, from the initial brave forays to stop surface testing of nuclear weapons to more recent campaigns such as the initiative seeking a global ban on chlorine. Sadly, the account ends with Greenpeace's descent into junk science which the author, a trained scientist, could not bear and lead to his "dropout" from the organization. Happily, Dr. Moore shows little, if any, bitterness or inclination to settle old scores.

The second half of the book is a chapter by chapter examination of environmental issues from salmon farming to genetically engineered crops all presented from a "sensible" perspective which more often than not challenges the dogma of environmental organizations like Greenpeace and The Sierra Club. The chapter on climate change alone is worth the price of admission. If you have been following this issue through mainstream media and accept the oft quoted dictum "the science is settled" be prepared for some revealing surprises. This is not to suggest Dr. Moore is a climate change denier. He is not.

The book is a comfortable read even with the modicum of scientific data and graphs unavoidably included in the second half. It is one-sided to the extent that while confronting extreme positions of environmentalists those of anti-environmentalists, who can be just as extreme and scientifically unfounded, are untouched. Throughout it is clear the state of the environment remains near and dear to Dr. Moore. It is doubtful anyone would agree with everything he has to say in this book but one is left with a sense they could sit down with him around a negotiating table or over a beer, engage in a fair and stimulating dialog and thereby work towards real solutions in a real world. One cannot help but wonder how much farther ahead our environment and the environmental movement would now be had Dr. Moore been able to lead Greenpeace further.
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on May 15, 2011
Finally there is an environmentalist on the side of human kind. We belong here afterall! Almost everything we hear or read these days makes us the scourge of the earth. It is beyond refreshing to read something about the environment that is common sense based; that has real science behind it or in the case of uncertainty just a statement that it is uncertain. The lies perpetrated by the IPCC and briefly exposed in the main stream media are reviewed in this book and should remain in the public mind as a reminder that we need to question everything that we hear. I had heard that there were contrary opinions in the scientific community to the IPCC reports but I had no idea that there were 31,000 scientists stating that there is no conclusive proof of the IPCC findings and that there is no conclusive scientific evidence that we are having an impact on the climate. This is just one of the many issues discussed in the book; in the broadest sense this is a book about sustainable development; something we should all be concerned about.

You need to read this book draw your own conclusions and then share it with your friends.
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on January 5, 2016
I don't remember reading any book that showed more respect for the audience. Dr Moore has that rare convey a complex subject in an understandable manner.His writing style is both clear and concise. And there is a human touch, as the reader can sense the futility he experienced when defending chlorine met Greenpeace leader's impenetrable wall of ignorance. Even after experiencing the mud-bath, being labeled a turn-coat, there’s no sense that he holds a grudge when describing his subsequent dealings with fellow activist Bob Hunter.

The book tells the tale of an individual who is not afraid to admit he's made mistakes in the past, maybe, because he remains an activist though his cause is no longer shared with the organization he help create, Greenpeace. He fully understands that modifying nature is the only means of mankind's survival and well-being, a theme rejected by most who call themselves environmentalists. As a supporter of both nuclear power and genetically modified organisms, he's most definitely 'swimming against the current'.

I still have a couple of disagreements with Mr Moore's position but I now fully understand why describes himself as an environmentalist, a term that I consider poisoned beyond recovery with an anti-human mandate. Mr Moore is a fighter. He won't let a little thing like the whole world disagreeing with him keep him from saying what he believes to be true. So I say, help the the book.
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on November 6, 2014
Interesting history and ideas. Even if you don't agree with everything he addresses it makes you think more critically about many environmental issues. Nice to hear a rational approach to these subjects.
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on August 23, 2012
Patrick Moore should win an environmental prize for his level headed and scientific approach to environmental issues. His fact-based reasoning cuts through the rhetoric of environmental propaganda and clarifies complex issues. His argument, for example, that nuclear energy has the smallest environmental footprint of all our major power-generating technologies, is based on the facts. His pro-forestry views are also based on the science showing a preservation of biodiversity, a renewable resource, and the evidence that forest cover increases rather than decreases in countries with a healthy forest industry. The book is well written, well researched and represents a paradigm shift in how we should be teaching environmentalism at all levels.
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on November 9, 2014
Patrick Moore has a tremendous book here, as one who initially was one of the Greenpeace group who later came to realize that many of the group were merely activists who were going as far as breaking laws. He then dropped out of Greenpeace as while he is concerned about our environment, the Greenpeace movement have just taken it to political and ridiculous positions.
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on August 24, 2012
I always thought I was well-informed on issues and realistic in my dedication to the environment. This book reminded me that there is always more to know and many sides to a story. I am glad that I read it and I will share it with my friends and family.
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