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Cube [Import]

Nicole de Boer , Maurice Dean Wint , Vincenzo Natali    R (Restricted)   VHS Tape
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If Clive Barker had written an episode of The Twilight Zone, it might have looked something like Cube. A handful of strangers wake up inside a bizarre maze, having been spirited there during the night. They quickly learn that they have to navigate their way through a series of chambers if they have any hope of escape, but the problem is that there are lethal traps awaiting if they choose their route unwisely. Having established some imaginative and grisly punishments in store for the hostages, cowriter and director Vincenzo Natali turns his attention to the characters, for whom being trapped amplifies their best and worst qualities. The film is, in fact, similar to a famous episode of Rod Serling's old television series, though Natali's explanation for why these poor people are being put through hell is a lot closer to the spirit of The X-Files. Cube has some solid moments of suspense and drama, and the sets are appropriately striking: one is tempted to believe at first the characters are lost inside a computer chip. --Tom Keogh

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Cube" Blu-ray Oct. 1 2012
Format:Blu-ray|Verified Purchase
This is a awesome movie. It's worth the Blu-ray upgrade! The picture is perfect. Order this Blu-ray asap you will be happy you did. They don't sell this blu-ray in the usa so i ordered from Amazon Canada!
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4.0 out of 5 stars This is where fear and paranoia live in harmony! Jan. 14 2013
By Robert Badgley TOP 500 REVIEWER
The Cube(released Sept/97)is a wonderful Canadian production,starring Nicole De Boer(Dax in DS9),Maurice Dean Wint as Quentin,Nicky Guadagni as Dr. Helen Holloway,David Hewlett as David Worth,Andrew Miller as Kazan,Wayne Robson as Rennes(One Magic Christmas,as the guy who hijacks the children),and Julian Richings as Alderson.It is a grand study in paranoia,fear of the unknown and human beings reduced to the simplest of equations in so far as their emotional stability goes.It is instinctual and at times raw and unnerving to watch as the group`s numbers dwindle and they spiral ever downwards within themselves.
The film begins as an unknown man is lying on a floor in a square/cubed room.He gets up,takes a few steps then is sliced and diced by a swift moving steel metal sieve.He literally falls to pieces before our eyes.It is certainly a disturbing harbinger of what is to come.The film progresses to introducing us to a group of individuals who eventually all come together,and work on a way of trying to get out of their strange dilemma.They put forth their own personal theories as to the whys of their predicament,ranging from an alien kidnapping to a government run conspiracy.Among the group there is a doctor,an ex con,a cop,a student,an autistic savant and one of the actual creators of part of the structure they now stand in.He apparently worked on the outer shell,and was in communication with others working on the project,but none knew what the ultimate design was nor the others names.
The student utilizes her math skills to get the group going from one safe room to another,as each are numbered and some rooms are booby trapped.Time passes on and the group starts to dwindle and tempers flare and extreme paranoia and fear touches each one in different ways.
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5.0 out of 5 stars unique, to say the least... Feb. 13 2013
By Bryan
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
This is one of those movies that deals more on human psychology and interaction than action, personally i found it was really good, not the best but really fun to watch. The person who directed is the same who directed splice, which wasn't such a horrible movie.
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3.0 out of 5 stars An Old Story With New Charm July 15 2002
...I am surprised not one mentioned the Twilight Zone episode "Five Characters In Search of an Exit". Maybe this is obvious, and maybe some other reviewers mentioned it, but it should be noted that this film is a long version of that episode.
The difference is essentially the object in which they try to escape, a cube that these characters found themselves in. Five characters who dont know each other, dont know why they are there, and have no reasonable exit for the place they find themselves stuck in. Yes, "Cube" is as existential as that. The cube as the metaphor for existence, while the characters ponder in various states of disarray why they were chosen to be there. This would be a highly egocentric point of view to think they were "chosen", would it not? It would appear from their lifes work that they chose, and even designed their lives to be there. Isn't that the metaphor? To be in a cubed room with 6 doors, all of which lead to another room of the same type? When life is running in circles, everything is the same. There are smags and snares that will kill you, but if you know WHAT to be aware of, you can avoid it.
The five characters each have distinct personality traits and skills are utitlized to help them towards an exit. They eventually stumble on math theories based on numbers between doorways. They soon discover that these numbers are equations based on Cartesian geometry that can help one to understatd the design of the entire cube. This eventually only proves to be half right, while the larger scope is to break down a 9 digit number into factorials. If we recall Abbot's "Flatland", we can appreciate this in the sense of perception. That when the world is flat, everything is 2 dimensional. That is what the world of Cartesian geometry implies.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Premise: A+; execution: B+/A- May 28 2004
What a great concept. A handful of people awaken to find themselves trapped inside a bunch of cubical rooms, connected by doors in each of the six faces. They have no idea where they are or how to get out, but since they have no food or water, they need to find out fairly quickly. But some of the rooms contain deadly booby-traps, and nobody knows how to tell which ones they are. Turns out all the rooms form one giant cube; nobody knows exactly why anyone wanted to construct such a complicated, useless, and potentially deadly piece of machinery -- let alone why anybody would deliberately put _people_ in it . . .
This premise would have been at home on the old 'Twilight Zone' series (or even on the original 'Star Trek', with the trapped parties being Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and 'Crewman Green'). And ya don't gotta be Kafka to smell the allegory; at any rate, if _your_ life has never felt like this, you probably won't like the movie.
The execution is very good too. Obviously a film like this requires a small ensemble cast and a script that manages to keep things interesting for an hour and a half even though all the 'action' takes place inside a series of practically identical cubical rooms. It has both. I won't spoil anything here, but there are some genuinely suspenseful moments and there's a lot of excruciating _psychological_ tension. (And not just from claustrophobia.)
I'm knocking off a star just because I just don't think the characters quite gel. They're interesting enough, but they're neither sufficiently complex to keep me fully engaged with them nor sufficiently 'archetypal' to support the allegory. In some respects their characterization occasionally seems inconsistent.
Very cool movie, though, and the slightly weak characterization isn't much of a drawback.
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3.0 out of 5 stars a template for "Saw"?
Cube is an example of minimalist film-making at its best.this movie may
have been the template for "Saw".the plot is very simple. Read more
Published on Sept. 4 2007 by falcon
4.0 out of 5 stars Cubed
"Cube" is a cult hit. That basically means that it's good or innovative, but not many people know about it. Read more
Published on Feb. 23 2007 by E. A Solinas
4.0 out of 5 stars CUBE
This movie was suprisingly really good, but had the worst ending in the planet. Me and my friends joked about the movie ending the way it did because the people couldnt afford a... Read more
Published on Oct. 10 2005 by Miranda
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent character study, but don't expect answers
Much like Vicenzo Natali's later film, "Nothing," "Cube" uses a highly unusual setup and setting to explore the characters who inhabit it. Read more
Published on June 1 2005 by JMG
5.0 out of 5 stars AN AMAZING MOVIE
The first time I saw Cube, it was on cable, and all I saw was 30 minutes. After that, I couldn't stop trying to find it, I wanted to see the end, the beginning. Read more
Published on July 17 2004
1.0 out of 5 stars Love It or Hate It; I Choose the Latter
Like human excrement in an art exhibit, some will say it's cutting edge, others will say it belongs in a toilet. The Cube is a similarly polarizing movie. Read more
Published on July 6 2004
4.0 out of 5 stars Blessed are the meek, cause they shall inherit
The Cube is a movie about a group of people trapped in a cube which has many boobytraps. They all have to work together to get out. Read more
Published on June 21 2004 by M. Buisman
5.0 out of 5 stars cube..a great movie
at first, i was very prone to not watching cube, because i'm not a huge fan of horror movies. well, i really don't think cube is a horror film, it's more of a phycological... Read more
Published on June 11 2004 by Jacob E. Blair
4.0 out of 5 stars Stays in your mind after you see it.
I guess this is either one of those, you love it or hate it movies, and I really liked it. Yes the acting was a little off in the beginning, but it caught up soon, and I was... Read more
Published on May 16 2004 by - Kasia S.
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