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Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction Expansion Pack

by Blizzard Entertainment
Windows XP, Mac OS X
4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (9 customer reviews)
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Game Information

  • Platform:    Windows XP, Mac OS X
  • ESRB Rating: Mature Mature
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Destruction Awaits...Product Information[Requires Full Version of Diablo II To Play]Expansion to the world's best-selling action RPG!The expansion picks up almost immediately after where Diablo II leftoff and features a fifth and final act in addition to two all-new playablecharacter classes more than ten all-new types of monsters hundreds ofnew items and more.The fifth act takes place around the barbarian town of Harrogath whichis under attack by the forces of hell - or more specifically the forcesof Baal Diablo's brother. Even as you exit the town you'll come underattack from nightmarish siege weapons which look like barbed catapultsthat rain elemental artillery down upon your character. You'll also facedemon imps and demonic minions and their overseers who whip them intoa battle frenzy. You'll battle massive ice creatures called frozen horrorspowerful blood lords and the undead rot walkers who may clamber back totheir feet even after you think you've killed them.The two new character classes the assassin and the druid are bothhybrid fighter-mages that seem to fit very well with the existing fivecharacter classes. The assassin is a female warrior whose skills comprisemartial arts techniques shadow disciplines and trap making. The martialarts techniques make the assassin a powerful melee fighter while her shadowdisciplines give her powerful and versatile magical attacks. Her trapsare also effective as they let the assassin cause widespread damage throughenemy ranks. The Diablo II expansion's lead designer Tyler Thompson describedher as being a more tactical character than the original Diablo II classes- she cannot cause direct melee or magic damage as readily as the barbarianor sorceress but her attacks are ultimately no less powerful. In additionto her martial arts the assassin also specializes in unconventional bladedweapons like claws and katars.The druid is a tall imposing character clad in furs. His skills ares

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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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5.0 out of 5 stars More than meets the eye May 31 2004
It's simply amazing how character development can go in so many directions with this game. Seven character classes are now offered, and focusing on certain options within any of the 3 different "skill trees" of each class can itself forever change the way in which you relate to the game. Characters can become so specialized that names have been attributed to them (lexicons can be found on the Net); for example, if you choose to play a character from the new Druid class, he can be differentiated into a Shifter, Summoner, Elementist, Botanist, Windbreaker, Bowling Druid, etc. [lingo used by D2:LoD addicts, these aren't terms that the game itself uses]. It could be said that choosing from these different paths renews the playability of the game, as you are forced to figure out new strategies to survive, especially in the Nightmare and Hell difficulty settings.
I've been playing this expansion since its release, and can hardly believe how much I yet have to learn. The Druid class is a clever addition to original 5, and quite different from the others; the new Assassin class I cannot in good faith critique, as I have only developed one character from that class. Act 5 has a much different flavor, and disposing of Baal can be a highly frustrating task, if you don't have a plan [Hint: get his back against the wall on the runway, slow him down, and hit him without a pause]. The addition of charms and class-specific items vastly improves your chances for survival, and the new set items are geared towards the more advanced players. However, other improvements put forth in the expansion balance it out in favor of the enemy (e.g., you can no longer dominate simply by having a Level 25 Fire Wall).
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5.0 out of 5 stars A great add-on for a great game Aug. 10 2004
LOD continues the story after you banish Diablo and Mephisto leaving only 1 brother of the 3 Terrors left, Baal. There are way more unique and rare items to pick up with way more space in your stash to accomidate. This is a must get if you've got D2 and be prepared to stay up all night, this 1 is addictive.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Player June 21 2004
I have been playing this game for a very long time and im still finding more and more things to do that i have never done before! If u have never played this game then you need to try it! When u do try Diablo 2 make shure you at least know a little about this game trust me it is awsome! there are thousands of items to use Swords, Sheilds, Armor, boots, belts ect. but dont just belive me try it for urself there are also SETS to collect that make your character look really good and give a serious boost in every ability. there are 8 different characters but you can make many different "specialtys" for your character! like for an assasin you can make pure martial arts assasin, for sorcerer u can make pure fire or ice OR lightning! There are sooo many different ways to go about creating your character but dont choose just one make many characters if you like. you can also play online for no extra charge and have others help you out in your game as u also can help them! you can trade items or gold if youd like many things and friends to find! my account on D2 is listed as my name so contact me if you need some help or just want to know the ropes :)
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The original Diablo opened up a new type of gaming experience for players everywhere. Customizable characters, stats, weapons, and spells made the player feel totally free and in control of the game they were playing. Only drawback was the battles. They were remembered, and there fore no new enemies appeared and therefore quests to do nothing but level up were out of the question.
Diablo II takes the best of the original, beefs it up, and then multiplies its greatness by 100. This game totally kicks the big one. Characters with skill classes, certain abilities that are useful in both single and multiplayer, and not to mention just how great it looks. The game offers so much with TONS of new items, skills and enemies. Not to mention the replay value. The game is so great that even if you lvl a character up to the highest it can go, you can pick another type of character and still want to do it all over again. The expansion brings even more to the game, with new resolution, and two new character classes and even MORE items. Both characters are extremely good and can be put to great uses. If you are for summoning then the durid is your kinda guy, if your for up front attack and enjoy using skills that kick the [pooh] out of anything and everything then the assasin is your cup of tea. Its all up to the player.
The Multiplayer option is the games overall high point I beleive, although it is great to do a one player quest, having others join your party proves beneficial in both experience and items. You also have the ability to duel other players in game as a test of skill.
So overall I believe this game to be the best of its class, and its popularity will never die out. If you get this game and the expansion you will not be disapointed in the slightest.
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This is a truly addictive game, folks. I'm talking heroin for the mind here.
I actually avoided Diablo I altogether and put off playing Diablo II as long as possible. I knew that all my friends and many family members were playing it constantly, but I had better things to do. I have played Role Playing games for decades (in fact, I have one of the original Greyhawk/Blackpool sets somewhere in my attic from my D&D days), so it was not any personal distaste for the genre. I just knew there was some reason I had to avoid it. I played dozens of other Computer RPGs and RTS games in the meantime and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Finally, when the Lord of Destruction Expansion patch came out, I could avoid it no further. All the reviews insisted that it was the most wonderful thing ever, and I decided to give it a shot (literally, as I prefer archer characters that can stand away from the big ugly monsters and not get immediately smashed to the ground). Needless to say, I soon realized why I had been avoiding it. I was completely addicted. So much so, that I am STILL playing it to the exclusion of Elder Scrolls, Neverwinter Nights, Heroes of Might and Magic, Wizardry IX etc. I should note that I actually own and hugely enjoy each of those titles- they just can't compete right now.
It's not that the game itself is all that complicated. It's more the wide variety of ways characters can be developed. The huge assortment of set items, unique weapons and apparel is amazing (and frustratingly difficult to collect). I have a personal goal of collecting every item possible- legitimately, not through some script hack as many other players seem to do- before actually stopping. Now that the latest patch is nearly complete, I now have even more things to collect. Somehow, Blizzard struck a near-perfect balance with a simple game that can be rendered as complex as your personality requires.
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