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on September 13, 2003
This is by far the best Palm Excel / Word viewer I have ever used! I consider myself to be an intermediate/advanced PC user maintaining over 35 PCs... Take it from a stressed out Facility Manager, I do not have time or spare stress to mess around with junk software. A reviewer noted a problem with DTG not uploading data to his PC. Please note I only need this program as a viewer, and I do not make any changes to the file on the Palm. This potential problem aside, once I installed the program, and loaded my 15 sheet Excel program, I had navigation and all functions I needed mastered in two minutes WITHOUT THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL! >>TinySheet for Excel, which is a different program, bashing begins here>>. I have SUFFERED for more that a year with TinySheet. The Sync never worked correctly. I had to manually add the Excel document to the upload manager which crashed the computer after sync, reboot the PC, and it may work. To update the file I had to delete the file from upload manager, sync without it, and manually add it back in the upload manager to FORCE it to upload. TinySheet bad Documents to Go 5 Good! >>Mobile DB for Excel Bashing Begins Here>>. Since my job is about to double, I WAS (before discovering DTG) looking for something more reliable and less frustrating. I installed Mobile DB for Excel. It seemed to work, but it ONLY supports ONE sheet within Excel (I use 15 sheets), AND each file has to be manually saved as a CSV (comma separated) file which made this program a failure for my needs. I wasted $30.00 on that one... Mobile DB for Excel bad Documents to Go 5 Good! -Psalm 64, God Bless Our Troops!
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on April 25, 2003
I use Docs To Go strictly for word processing, and version 5.0 is definitely an improvement. Typefaces can now be chosen on the PDA; and text is shown in the typeface selected -- which definitely goes a long way towards improving readability. There are also more formatting options (such as bullet points and paragraph indenting). Color is also available either in type or as a background. The net effect is to make document creation (rather than just document modification) a real Palm capability.
The new software works great in both my Palm m515 and Sony Clie. And on the Clie, with its higher resolution color screen, documents look even better.
The only negative I have is that the "go to start (or end) of the document" command has been deleted to make room for the formatting options. I don't miss it as much, however, on my Clie which has a scroll wheel for moving quickly up or down the page.
As an add-on, I also like to print from my Palm using BtPrint (available at, which will output from Docs To Go 5.0, as well as from my Palm's calendar, address book, memo and to do list. BtPrint will transmit via either Bluetooth or infrared (IR) from my Palm, and in IR from my Clie. I dispatch wirelessly to any one of the Bluetooth or infrared printers I have in my home or office, (using HP's excellent and reliable 990, 995, 1315 and 450 models, to be precise).
As a watch-out, BtPrint will not work with the Palm 5.0 operating system, so printing from either the Tungsten T or Sony's newest units is not yet an option.
I am, overall, quite happy. I can now create presentation quality documents on my Palm when I'm at home or while traveling - without having to take my bulky laptop computer with me. And when I use the new Palm ultra-slim keyboard, with its sleek, high-tech styling -- I'm the envy of all that I survey.
I also recently discovered that Avery (labels) has made a Palm PDA label printing software available as a free download (at - which, like BtPrint, will output via Bluetooth or IR to the above same printers. I've used it - and it works great!
In conclusion, why use a laptop to create a document - when using a Palm PDA is so much more convenient? Docs To Go 5.0 is definitely the way to go!
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on January 28, 2003
Antes de conocer este producto mi deseo era comprar una Computadora Portatil, el unico incoveniente era el precio y tamaño, ya que la necesitaba para llevar algunos apuntes importantes de la clase y para tener los e-mails, ademas de una agenda y directorio telefonico. Lo unico que necesitaba utilizar era un procesador de texto y algun programa que soportara mi imagenes (power point), baje la version demo del internet y es lo mejor que podido hacer para tener todos mi apuntes en orden, al mismo tiempo que puedo crear mis presentaciones estando en universidad y revisar mi correo electronico, al mismo tiempo que modificar cualquier documento y trabajarlos simultaneamente en la computadora y en la Palm, a diferencia de la competencia Pocket, todo lo que uno edita en la Palm, se edita en la computadora y visceversa... Pienso que es uno de los mejores software que han podido inventar si lo unico que uno quiere es un procesador de palabras y tener sus presentaciones con uno, sin mencionar los otros programas para ver las fotos de la familia y el excel...
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on January 31, 2003
I started using Docs To Go at version 3 years ago on a IIIxe and I am now up to version 5 running on a Clie SJ-20. I'm a university professor and carry my Clie with me everywhere. With Docs To Go I can carry with me all the information about my courses and research. Most of the time I need it with me to keep it available in case I need to check something, but it also happens every day that I enter information on the Clie to especially Word and Excel files. I also love the feature of taking with me Powerpoint and PDF files. I tried QuickOffice but for me and my use Docs To Go wins on K.O.
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on December 4, 2002
I had another program for my MS office files but after the formatting got blown away a few times I bought Documents To Go. I've never been let down by this product, it just works. When I bought my Tungsten I bought version 5.0 Premium because of the rebate and it's better than ever. They did a nice job with the word processor and added some other good (less used) features. I use this everyday and would be lost without it, I highly
recommended it. It's a little pricey but the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.
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on December 3, 2002
Handles just about most of the common MS office products plus other like images and pdf. Plus you are able to see your email attachments directly in your main and able to drill down on them to open them up.
Some drawbacks are:
If the PDF has images, you will not be able to see them within the document.
If you have a memory expansion card, you can not automatically have it set to sync to the memory card. It always goes to the main memory and you have to manually change them to be stored on your memory card.
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on October 16, 2002
This software is included with many Sony and Palm devices (check your CD) but it is not best in class for the following reasons:
- spreadsheet calculations are painfully slow.
- wordprocessing capabilities are scant compared to other products like Wordsmith and QuickWord
- Powerpoint solution scrambles the text so you can't tell how the info is really aligned on the slides
- the Slideshow to Go doesn't let you present with the MARGI or iGo Pitch
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on September 17, 2002
Being an Investment Professional, the Microsoft applications are a must. I am able to use this software to keep track of my clients on a real time basis. This software allows me to plan and edit my next moves for my clients as well as have detailed and professional presentations ready when I meet my Clients. Travel time is no longer a wasted time and I don't have to bring the notebook either. Excellent product.
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