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by EA
Platform : Xbox One
Rated: Mature

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  • Platform: Xbox One
  • ESRB Rating: Mature Mature
  • Media: Video Game
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710 of 908 people found the following review helpful
Very good game, but not enough March 11 2014
By 007 - Published on
Verified Purchase
I'm going to take a little different approach on this review. I see a lot of reviews getting slammed because they were expecting a single-player or cooperative campaign, and didn't read the fine print. I, on the other hand, knew that going in and I'm saying that what they released isn't nearly enough to warrant a five star review.

The game is fantastic, don't get me wrong. Resolution and graphics are solid, gameplay is smooth, frantic and fast paced. In short, it is a wonderful multiplayer experience--but so are plenty of other games. There is a lot you'll be familiar with here if you are a fan of multiplayer games. You have a character--you play and get kills--you get to level up and thus, get new stuff. Nothing new there. Now in this case, you have your mech, and depending on how you use him, he is either a vehicle (If you are inside) or an AI controlled squaddie (If he's following you around.) Is that new? Maybe, I mean who doesn't like having a 20 foot tall mech at his back. But revolutionary, absolutely not. There were articles out there saying this was the "first true next gen title." I don't see it. It's good. It's solid, and it's a great multiplayer experience, but the lack of a cooperative or single player experience makes me feel like they released half a game. It would certainly be worth $40, but $60 is a little steep.

They tried to weave a story into the multiplayer experience, but there's nothing there that is going to leave you feeling overly satisfied, or at least it hasn't with me.

This is a great multiplayer game. But a great multiplayer game, by itself, is not worth $60. I knew that going in and I bought it anyway. I make a good living and don't care about spending an extra $60 to play with my friends, but a lot of people don't have that luxury. And if you're like me, you expect more out of "Next Gen" games--not less. And this game just shows the disappointing trend of continuing to cater to the multiplayer crowd and neglect everyone else. Sad, but true.

EDIT*** I'm surprised at how few people are willing to throw their money into a game that is so lacking. I wanted to add a little to my review to give it more context. Titanfall is a shooter. Here is how you build a five star shooter, folks. I'll use one of my favorites as an example. Gears of War 3. A fantastic campaign, competitive multiplayer with far more options than Titanfall offers. Still not enough? No problem, then you can play cooperative multiplayer with your friends against bots, for those times when you aren't in the mood for playing with a bunch of bratty twelve year olds. Still not enough? No problem! Hop over and play the fantastic Horde Mode for even more fun. THAT is a fully fledged shooter worth $60. In fact, after having the discussions, I think I will probably end up knocking Titanfall down to two stars. When you have a company try to sell a game like this for the same price as a shooter that offers much, much more, Titanfall really shows its lack of polish. As a gamer and consumer, it should be insulting. As consumers we vote with our dollars. And every copy of this game that sells is a vote that says--We as consumers accept games that lack features. I say think hard before you do that.
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Titanfall: Worthless Without Gold Subscription Dec 5 2014
By UmassThrower - Published on
Verified Purchase
Just another multiplayer-only complaint, don't bother reading on if you don't want to hear it.

No game should be completely unplayable without purchasing a subscription unless the game is entitled "Titanfall: worthless without Gold subscription" or the subscription price is noted in the price of the product.

Think about that for a second. You see the game, you look at the price, and you say "yes, I'm willing to pay $X for this". Then you get it, open the box, admire the cover art, slide it in, install it, boot it up, and are presented with "Go Gold to play Titanfall". Really? You advertised a price, I paid that price, I get the game, and now I can't play it? This deserves a class action lawsuit.

BTW, thanks a lot for the 2 day gold subscription. That was nice of you. What a joke.
8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
Strikes a balance with being simple, yet requiring skillful movement and shooting. Oct. 28 2014
By Danny Gerger - Published on
Verified Purchase
Titanfall is a game that means a lot to me. It was the first game I bought for the Xbox One that I played to death. It was the first game I had, in recent memory, maxed out in rank (I became a generation 10, level 50 a couple months ago). This was before the Rank Chip was introduced in the latest update, as I'm still working to reach Tier 5 Diamond (I am a completionist, after all). It was the first game I could call Xbox One's first killer app that also happened to be a new IP.

I've played this game since the day it came out, so I've seen every update and enhancement from day one to the present. From the over powered satchel charges (they were like mini nukes) to the Titan Punch's ability to send opposing titans flying twice as far backwards, to Nuclear Ejection explosions being twice as big to becoming somewhat more balanced, this game has mostly changed for the better. Titanfall requires you to be adept not just with shooting the standard weapons, but with movement, positioning, and Titan combat. Being able to outmaneuver your opponent as a pilot or Titan is just as important as being accurate with your shots. You also have to consider when to use Burn Cards, cards that grant the user temporary abilities, like being able to see every threat on the battlefield through Map Hack, being able to call in a Reserve titan at the beginning of the match, and having a high damage version of the standard carbine or Archer homing missile launcher. Just one of these cards can level the playing field, or turn the tide entirely.

Then, there are pilot and titan abilities. I personally lean towards quick reload and warpfall transmitter as a pilot, as it saves time for increasing your rate of fire for weapons, and for the latter, gets your titan into battle quicker, as well as gives you a better chance to crush an opponent by dropping your titan on them (you even get a satisfying *squish* when you make contact with a poor little pilot). The weapons themselves may be standard fare, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, but there's enough variety in them to make them fun to use. Like using the Plasma Railgun to pop pilots into bloody chunk balloons.

An impressive feature of this game on paper is using Microsoft's cloud servers to render AI in matches. In practice, however, these guys, from the grunts, to specters, and enemy titans, are merely cannon fodder used to fund attrition points and decrease the clock for your next titan drop. However, it makes you wonder how future games will utilize this feature. At the moment, the player count for the game's population is pitiful, as most online console gamers are preoccupied with Destiny and past Call of Duty games, but there are enough people currently playing in order to get you into a match relatively quickly. Just be sure to select your correct zone at the start of the screen by pressing X and selecting the zone with the lowest ping. I look forward to what Respawn will do in the inevitable sequel, and hope players keep this game alive in the meantime.
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It's fun while it last, which isn't very long March 19 2014
By Djaru - Published on
Every minute I spent playing Titanfall, even when I was enjoying it, all that kept running through my mind is what a missed opportunity it was. The gameplay is fun, there's no denying it. It's fast, addictive does feel fresh enough to make it stand out even though it does veer very close to Call of Duty at times. Yet, the universal complaint and it is totally justified is that there's no way in hell this game should've been $60. For how much hype and money was spent on this game, the fact that there's no true campaign, no co-op and extremely barebones multiplayer features makes justifying a $60 price tag unacceptable.

I do think if Respawn would have gone all out, given this game a full fledge campaign, maybe even had it support co-op play, and beefed up the online it could have been an absolute killer game. But nope, all you get is multiplayer, don't be fooled by the so called "campaign" mode, it's nothing but multiplayer matches with pathetic little dialogue scenes before each match. As if that's not bad enough, the offerings are as slim as can be. There's hardly any weapons, attachments and zero customization options for your weapons such as paint jobs and alike. There's only several game modes, all of which are your completely standard modes, nothing unique or different and that's it, that's your game. That's not to mention the horrible lag I had in over half of my games (and no it's not my connection because all my other online games run with no problem), and the teams are never randomized so every match just turns into one team dominating the other again and again and again.

So what about the Titan? Well in a nutshell, they're okay. The first few times you get one it's really exciting and it's nice that everyone gets one regardless of whether or not they score any kills. Yet after an hour of playing I got bored of using the Titans and they eventually just feel dull and I often wouldn't even notice I had one ready to call in because the grunt fighting was more exciting. You also aren't able to personalize your Titan in anyway such as with paint or decals which is just bogus since I thought the Titan's are the star of the game, so why not feel more attached to your Titan than just some stock machine dropping in every minute.

Titanfall will make a great pick-up at $30 when it drops in price. I'm sure it will develop its loyal following that will stick with it but most people will probably be like me and enjoy it for a month or so before returning to whatever their multiplayer game of choice was prior to Titanfall. It's a great rental but charging $60 for such a small amount of content? No thanks.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Multiplayer so good, make you wanna slap your Titan! Nov. 17 2014
By Teflon Don - Published on
TitanFall has come under a lot of fire, the developer Respawn saw it coming for sure, and knew it was in for a world of hurt unless they came out with multiplayer gameplay that could overshadow all the shortcomings of TitanFall... and it has.

Upfront, there is no single player, there is no campaign, no plot or story line to really even look at. What you get is multiplayer, a damn good multiplayer experience at that. I purchased this game at the staggeringly low price of $25, a steal for a game packed with this much fun. And since I came into the game so late, there have been a ton of updates on both game types and map packs that all go together to produce an incredible deal on a great Xbox One release title.

By now you realize this is a FPS with a mech, called a Titan, thrown in the mix. What you don't realize is how much diversity in play style that means for you. As a soldier you have a jet pack with Jackie Chan like climbing abilities; able to scale any building and run across walls, or hang from them perched above an enemy.

Inside of the Titan you are a monster, blasting away grunts and pilots alike, while duking it out with other Titans. You are not wholly indestructible or invulnerable, which adds a deep layer of tactics. While pilots might be easy for a Titan to shoot out, a pilot can pelt the goliath just as David did, eventually able to bring down even the largest and most protected of Titans.

The balance of the gameplay is what is so beautifully done, there is no single weapon that dominates, no one perk that overshadows the rest, no Titan chasis better than most, the balance makes anything you pick up, even from level 1 feel just as good, just as powerful as anyone else playing. I love games that offer that balance so that players get to focus on their own skill instead of getting that one gun that will open up the whole game for them.

As a result of the balance, customization is not too important, thankfully so because it is not very deep. You get the very generic set of weapons you'd expect. Everything from assault rifle, to shotgun, to sniper rifle, and a few more... and THAT'S IT! No variations or different models, just one gun for each category and you're all set. That theme follows for almost every facet of character customization. The Titans have 3 different models, that's it, you can't customize the look of your character or the Titan, you only get a select few perks, all of which can be unlocked by level 50, which is a total of around 20 hours of gameplay, if that. So replayability drops off very quickly for most gamers, and hardcore gamers like myself barely see it for a month. If Respawn wanted to attract a larger and longer lasting gamer base, they should have made the customization matter, should have made it much more in-depth and added a deeper layer of tactics to the perks. Which they did attempt to add with the addition of Burn Cards, one-time use perks. But once you hit level 50, you're simply playing for the hell of it and you like the gameplay, nothing more.

Maps and Match Modes:
The maps are small, they are designed for the 6v6 lobby. But packed tightly into these small maps is a ton of detail, lots of areas designed specifically for each facet of the game. The Titans do battle in one area, while Pilots generally migrate to another to shoot it out. No better example of this concept is explained than in Hard Point, TitanFall's Domination game mode equivalent, where the objective is to take and hold 3 different points. 2 points are always only accessible by Pilots, while 1 point is open to a Titan to capture. You're often caught inside of a Titan at one of the points you can't capture while inside of it, and it's your choice whether to leave your Titan and attempt to capture the point on foot, or defend it until others come to capture it. These choices are happening at break-neck speeds, because the fury of gameplay is so intense you're often left with mere seconds to choose before an enemy is coming to confront you.

The match modes are varied, but typical for the most part. You have the usual team deathmatch, "Attrition", 3 point domination, "Hard Point", "CTF", head hunter, "Marked Pilot", but the most interesting has to be the Co-Op. 4 players are charged to defend a large tower known as a Harvester from invading groups of enemies. Grunts during any other game mode are nothing more than bullet catchers, all of a sudden in this game mode they become an army of killers. It's a great way to get a few friends together for an intense Co-Op experience.


As I explained eariler, there is none. You can't play this game by yourself, which is in one sense disappointing because I would have definitely been interested in seeing some of the lore and backstory of the game developed to a point that is at least understandable. All I know is that there are two forces fighting each other for no reason other than they are super angry with each other. And in another point I don't care much if there is no single player, or even a Co-Op campaign at the price point of $25. Sure at $60 I would be livid, but hey, that's one of the perks of getting into a game late!

This is the section I take off 1 star for, without a story line I feel like I'm aimlessly fighting. If they simply filled out the story with more purpose and back story, while allowing the multiplayer aspect come into it, I don't think anyone would have been upset.

Graphics, Sound Effects, Music:
For Xbox One, the graphics of this game are above average. Nothing to write home about, but definitely noticeably above any 360 game. The most impressive graphical aspect of this game is the framerate, which is outstanding. There is no clipping, no glitching, no real lag, the game is just smooth. That's impressive especially when you have 12 players all shooting with dozens of bots running around the map. In today's gaming world, it's sad that I'm impressed that a game runs the way it's supposed to.

The sound effects are OUTSTANDING, probably the highest point of the entire experience. Shooting enemies across the map creates an audible and satisfying noise that is hard to describe. And the sounds of the weapons and jet pack and movements all feel very good.

The music is also on par, and while it does get repetitive, it always feels at place within the game's world.

Bottom Line:
Buy this steal of a game! Forget the fact there is no single player or a campaign to speak of, the multiplayer is so good you won't even miss it.

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