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Fat Burning: Big Ball Workout

 Unrated   VHS Tape
2.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (9 customer reviews)

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4.0 out of 5 stars I'm back for more.... Dec 27 2003
By A Customer
I've been working out with a trainer for about 6 weeks, and wanted to have a workout at home for use over the holidays, and to start working out on my own. This is the first workout video of any kind I've ever used, and here I am looking for more tapes because I felt I did get a benefit out of this one.
I had to stop and put more air in my ball, too, though - but I see that Liz Gillies has another video: "Stability Ball Workout for Dummies" that evidently explains how to choose the right size ball. I thought the ball I had was the right size for my height - but hers still did look larger....
Since I'd gotten familiar with using the ball with the trainer, I didn't have problems with following her instructions. This was just right for my level. I guess it was a little short - because I found myself thinking "more!". So, now I'm looking for more tapes!
Different people will get different benefits because of their individual fitness levels. I'm in fairly good shape, but need cardio and toning. I did about 20 minutes on a stair stepper before I started this tape. So, along with this tape, I got a good workout. I can see where as I outgrow this workout, I can find ways to make it more challenging.
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Liz Gillies is a knowledgeable, cheery instructor. You will get a good workout if you follow her instructions. She tells you how to keep your heart rate elevated--even while lying on your back--so it is a fat burning workout. If this helps, I'm 42 years old and in pretty good shape, but I'm not (remotely) Karen Voight or Kathy Smith or Denise Austin...
The workout starts with brief instructions about the ball and a short warm-up. It continues with a cardio section that consists of a lot of bouncing on the ball and lifting your arms which is fun, but also works your legs (if you use them instead of just bouncing). Then it has two segments that keep your heartrate up: a standing leg work section--mostly lunge-type exercises--followed by a good arms workout--standing up and lifting the ball. Maybe I'm a weakling, but it puts my arms to work! The last part is a challenging (for me) workout for legs and abs lying on the floor with legs on the ball--it also challenges your balance. This is followed by a cool-down. The workout is sprinkled with Liz's words of encouragment and instruction.
I think it's a good workout though a little short, about 30 min. The DVD version is a better value than the tape because you get three workouts :)
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1.0 out of 5 stars This Tape Was Useless For Me July 16 2002
By Alicia
This video was useless!! The problem I had with it was that her ball was much bigger than mine. I have a Bally's Total Fitness Ball which is 22". Her ball was at least 10" larger. For this reason, I could not do any of the exercises she was doing. While she sat on her ball, her behind was much higher than her knees allowing her to do all kinds of different leg movements. When I sat on my ball, my behind was about an equal distance to the floor from my knees. This made it impossible to do even 2 minutes of the tape. I kept taking my ball and blowing it up with air thinking I had the same size as her, but I didn't. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the quality of the exercise as everyone else has because I couldn't get that far. The beach background and instructor seemed pleasant, though. I just wish the box had said you need about a 30" ball to do the exercises. It was kind of like buying a workout tape where you need 10 lb barbells (not 3 lb dumb bells) and it doesn't tell you.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Not a fat burning video but OK toning video. June 11 2002
As the other reviewer's stated this is not really a cardio workout and therefore can not be a fat burning big ball workout. It does however do an adequate job of working out your legs and arms. Your abdomenals get a good workout not only from the floor exercises at the end but because to stabilize yourself on the ball you have to have good core strength. The instructor seems pleasant enough but overall this video doesn't live up to it's claim and I wear a heart rate monitor so I know. Also it's really easy to cheat on the leg movements and that will also affect your heart rate. Beware that the exercises are not as easy to do as they first appear. I was not in my target heart rate zone for fat burning for more than 10 minutes in the entire video and added another low impact tape to my routine in order to make sure I got my 30 minutes of cardio in. I do think the leg exercises, if done properly, are quite challenging. There is a move where she has you twist your knee in the opposite direction and I would exercise caution if you are working on carpet. You can seriously injure yourself with this move so use a little discretion with any moves where you twist your leg. I have to also admit that I found her abdomenal workout routine a little annoying because you need exact leg positioning and there is no way to look at the video and do the exercises properly as you need to be looking straight ahead.
I like ball exercises because they teach balance, strengthen your core (abdomenal region) and are good for overall toning so I will do this tape about once a month. Just don't look for any sort of cardio benefits because it's not there.
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