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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on December 27, 2013
Was pretty much what I was looking for. A beginners guide to Feng Shui. I was desperate to sell my house and so I was willing to resort to Feng Shui. Well it was successful in putting energy into the right centers of the house. And I was able to get to the point rather quickly and effectively to solve the problems. Of course I also did some painting and much de-cluttering. But blessing and proper placement of mirrors, plants and light seemed to make a world of difference. Well worth the price
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on November 25, 2013
Easy to understand this confusing style of decoration. I would recommend it to beginners like myself. I do see that with placement in just the right place does affect one's spirit somewhat. I continue to learn everyday. Hurrah for this book for making it much easier to understand & appreciate decorating & making one comfortable. Thank-you.
MaryAnne in Canada.
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on July 10, 2002
This is an excellent Feng Shui book, particularly for beginners. If you've been browsing the many feng shui books available, you'll quickly notice that there are MANY schools of thought. Some more complicated than others. The beauty of this book is that it combines the schools into a user-friendly guide to Shui your home and surroundings. It does so in a way that is organized, and just "feels right", in other words, it's not taking bits and pieces and throwing it all together to make a book. It's a great start to understanding this ancient art, then you could supplement with other books for more hints, and apply those tips to this "for dummies" way. The best thing is that you won't need a compass or birthdates to shui your home. I found this to be a problem with other books in which people's birthdays are taken into account, I often found my husband's and my own "best directions" (as in the compass school of thought) were conflicting, so it was difficult to put remedies into effect. Throw out that compass and get your hands on this book instead!
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on May 19, 2002
There's an old adage about always being able to spot a 'bachelor' simply by the fact that he comes to work from a different direction every day. Well, my social life not being quite as adventurous as that I find it necessary ( and oddly fulfilling! ) to delve into the world of interior design and basic home management in an effort to put together a home that for me is not just a place to 'hang my hat' but also an enviroment where I can feel comfortable, secure and even, at times, feel strangely proud about the space that I've created. Obviously, by purchasing, and in using some of the theories found herein of " Feng Shui for Dummies " it's helped me tremendously in 'sorting out' my domestic priorities and in creating a home....not just a place where, as comedian George Carlin wittily observed ' we can put all of our stuff!'
Creating a home out of a vast, empty space can be challenging enough but for most single men, who may be considered 'domestically challenged', this is a task of herculean proportions that, sadly, many of us are simply not up to. Decor, lighting, colors ( swatches!? ) and other terms of design are some type of bizarre foreign language that have made more than one good man throw up his hands in exasperation ( and surrender! ) after just one afternoon of shopping for home-goods and the like. I mean, what is a 'valance' and why do I need one? Well, what " Feng Shui for Dummies " has taught this aspiring home owner is a sense of self and how you can use that acute awareness to create surroundings that are unique to you as an individual.... yet also create an enviroment that 'works' in tandem with who you are, to promote self, prosperity and ultimately inner peace. And while I'm aware that some of this sounds slightly 'new age' it does, to some degree, actually work very well. I have been able to redesign every room in my flat to create a place that is fully functional, pleasant to the eye yet also ensure that each individual room works in accordance with the rest of my apartment. Obviously for any of the teaching's presented here they do require a certain degree of honesty and seriousness from the reader and myself being a life-long cynic I had initially questioned whether I could make that 'leap of faith' to give Feng Shui an honest try. But give it a solid chance and see what " Feng Shui for Dummies " can do for you, especially since few of us can actually afford an interior design specialist!
All being said and done, taking a certain amount of pride in your surroundings is simply, for me, one way of creating a sense of inner peace married with an honest feeling of accomplishment. My home makes up a large part of who I am ( and perhaps who I long to be! ) so I take much satisfaction in how it is presented. True that since we, as individuals, are constantly changing, therefore how I live will in some sense always be changing as well, but that's only half of the enjoyment of creating a small, unique place that will always be just that .... " MY HOME. " Thanks and good luck in creating your own small space in this world.
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on June 27, 2003
The author goes on and on without getting to the point for 90% of this book. What I like about most Dummies books is they are entertaining enough to keep you reading. This one is an exception, it just never winds up or gets going. The author could have written this book in 20 pages easy. He repeats the same stuff over and over again yet many times never explains his point. This book seems more like an avertisement for the authors "consulting" services than an information source. This is the only book in 10 years that I've taken back for a refund. The information the author does present is just silly. Even the die-hard Feng Shui people in this forum cant seem to like this book. I'd say concentrate on your cleanliness and diet if you want to enhance your life. Then, sure go ahead and read about Feng Shui for interest sake but forget this title. Theres nothing in it. I'll give it 2 stars for the picture of the author and his "master". They both made me laugh at least.
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on March 29, 2004
If only I'd purchased this book sooner. Believe me, there is more clear and practical information in this book then in the many workshops I've attended, costing me hundreds of dollars.
In trying to learn feng shui, I have been frustrated by the lack of clarity surrounding this subject. Other books I own, review a lot of history and theory, but lack when it comes down to implementation or assume that you know more about the subject then is actually written in the book. Not this book.
Feng Shui for Dummies is well written, has humor and leads you step-by-step in each situation, just what a do-it-yourself book is intended to do.
This book does what it is suppose to do, teaches the novice how to implement basic feng shui one step at a time. HOORAH!
If your the kind of person that purchases a do-it-yourself book to get things done, not to be bogged down with theory then this is the book for you.
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on July 28, 2001
I am a little mixed about the book. One on hand it is excellent for giving down-to-earth, easy to understand Feng Shui principles. On the other hand, it fails to mention many important aspects about Feng Shui itself, such as the Elements. The book talks about what to do when the energy for a certain room is negative because of certain placements like the kitchen or the bathroom. But it fails to talk about the elements of each room and how to balance them. In fact the book recommends bamboo for nearly every "treatment", but that is really impractical because it doesn't even explain the elements. The elements of water is briefly discusses, but the others: fire, air, metal, and wood arent even mentioned. I was very discouraged when I read the book and found this out. Please if you are looking for a book on Feng Shui, find another one.
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on February 6, 2003
No loupan, no feng shui. As simple as that can be, feng shui is about physics, intuition and scientific data that corroborates the effects of the application. Coordinanting the right angles to create a contrast with the energy we give and receive. In this book the author does not corroborate any of his data, and assumes that feng shui is the same for everyone, dividing areas of the home in different areas of prosperity. I have certaintly learn to be more carefull of what a buy, and understand the unreliable information in the market about feng shui. Feng shui does work when a scientific approach is attained to fulfull harmony for the environment and myself, but this book is far from been scientific or systematic in any way.
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on February 10, 2002
David Kennedy has written an exceptional book on Feng Shui and it is a must read for anyone interested in improving their life. It is clear and easy to understand and full of incredable and helpful information on transforming your life through this ancient art of Feng Shui.
I have performed many of the cures recommended in this book and my life has changed dramatically. My relationship with my husband is more loving than it has been in years. My husband's career is taking off as a result of cures done in his office and I feel much more in control of my life. All this has happened in a short period of time.
I recommend this book to anyone seriously looking for positive changes in their life.
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on November 13, 2013
I love all '' dummies '' books ! They are packed with info.! This book uses the Black Sect type of determining your 8 directions in your room. I personally use the compass way of reading the cardinal directions for feng shui!
It may have a little too much focus on mantras and other 'spiritual ' like intentions that may not suit too many !
Still love the book !
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