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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on March 30, 2016
Big improvement over the previous blu rays. Colours are great, and you can really see the fine details on facial features. There's a fine layer of grain to the picture which I love for that film-like quality. Sound quality sounds flawless to me. Highly Recommend for any Rambo fans!
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on March 12, 2003
The sequel to the critically acclaimed First Blood, Rambo is a film that delivers with intense action from start to finish. You can't be a fan of action movies until you have seen Rambo!
The movie begins with Colonel Troutman (played by the late Richard Crenna) visiting Rambo in hard-labor prison to offer him the chance of a pardon should he return to Vietnam to investigate claims of POWs still held there.
Though asking if "they'll be allowed to win this time," Rambo accepts the mission. Once on the ground, Rambo does find and rescues a POW only to find the political motivations of his mission did not include actually finding anyone. Abandoned by this own men, Rambo must fight out of the jungle with the help of Ko, a pretty young Vietnamese intelligence operative hopeful to leave the war behind against an entire army of Vietnamese soldiers and their Russian allies.
Cold War action at its best, Rambo puts its title character in an impossible situation and lets him shoot, knife, and muscle his way out of it. When he finally returns to base in Thailand and confronts the men who abandoned him in the jungle, he tells Troutman, "I want what they want, what every other guy who came over here and spilled his guts and gave everything he had wants: for our country to love us as much as we love it," the plea of every Vietnam vet who went to a war they didn't want but did the best they could.
Directed by James Cameron before his mania for the Titanic, Rambo is sure to thrill. Great from one end to the other!
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on July 6, 2004
Where "First Blood" was a low-budget sleeper hit about a Vietnam vet still caught up in the nightmare, "Rambo" is a much larger and more elaborate fireworks display of an action film. Stallone's John Rambo is offered a potential pardon if he returns to Vietnam and brings back proof that there are still American soliders being held captive there. While there, he starts a one-man war against the sadistic Vietnamese soldiers and their Russian counterparts (led by everyone's favorite villian Steven Berkoff). "Rambo" is in may ways a marketable action vehicle for Stallone using patriotism as a good excuse to use every weapon imaginable to blow up everyone and everything in sight. While it does try to provide a message about the war and its importance, it is rather difficult to take this loud over-the-top live action toy commercial seriously as a "message movie". As a fun piece of adrenaline-filled action, it does however do its job.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 17, 2008
After the first Rambo film 1982`s "First Blood" which reached a certain success with the audience,Stallone returned as John Rambo in "First Blood Part II" in 1985.This sequel is often remembered more than the original Rambo,who was based on David Morrell`s "First Blood" novel but was entirely rewritten for a movie but still keeping many of the basic elements of the book.Stallone gave us once again a great action movie that he can be proud of and that we can enjoy over and over again.It was filmed entirely in Mexico,not that it really matters,i just tought i`d add that in for extra information.It certainly has it`s own story and doesn`t copy the first at all,add to that it has even more violence than the first film.It seems that with each Rambo movies the more violence they have and that was proven to me with this one,"Rambo III"(1988) and "Rambo"(2008).

In "First Blood Part II" Rambo is currently serving five years in prison for his acts in "First Blood" at the beggening of the movie,until he gets released by Colonel Trautman if he accepts the mission the colonel gives him.As you could or should have guessed he accepted.Rambo must head for the P.O.W camp he escaped from in 1971 in order to find out if there are still some P.O.W.`s held in the camp.If he succeds he will be pardonned from jail and once again be a free man.Rambo does find many american hostages there and you can expect plenty of action from there.He must face many dangers that are very real.He also meets a young vietnamese girl whom he has a good relationship(not sexually)with and they become good friends.There are some flashback scenes from Rambo`s past in which he was tortured by the ennemies and we see how he got that big cut on his chest.I don`t want to give way the movie in every single details but there is plenty of action,killing,guns and other materials that can be 1)cool or 2)offensive depending of you,but be aware that all these aspects are in the film.

The special features.It is known already that the movie itself is incredible as well as a must see classic.The features from previous releases are gone for the most part.The first Rambo had the alternate ending s while this one has pretty much nothing.There are trailers for the movie,retrospectives and that`s about it.There are many possibilities for audio and visual which gives way to many options to set the movie to your liking with the metascopes and other modes that let you watch the film in different ways.I wonder why they cutted the extras,they did the same for the Rocky remasters.My advice : if you have the older versions don't get these you won't get anything new.its not worth it.If you cans score one of these "Special Editions" then you might consider yourself to have gotten a great deal.Those "Ultimate Editions" aren't so ultimate after all.

"First Blood Part II" stands as a classic and a must have.It does not suit everyone be advised so have to know a minimum on the movie before you actually rent and/or buy it.As mentionned above those editions aren't the best and the older editions are much better.Yet this one is easier to find and ainvailable nearly everywhere DVDs are sold which is pretty much the only advantage with these Ultimate editions.You can also save a lot by buying the "Ultimate Edition" boxed set of the first three Rambo.Overral,a solid sequel definatly worth seeing.Not the best Rambo but surely not the worst either and as a matter of fact pretty good!You can't go wrong by picking this up if you are a fan of action movies and/or Sylvester Stalone,I liked both so this definatly worked for me.

NOTE: A few weeks prior to writting this review the fourth Rambo was released,"Rambo",in theatres January 25th 2008(I will get to that in another review).
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on October 20, 2002
When Released in 1985, Stallone was fast becoming an action star, & like Chuck Norris' "Missing in Action", a year earlier, viewers wanted to see Hollywood win in Vietnam, this one begins some time after "First Blood" where Rambo is in prison for his rampage in "First Blood", he is met by Col.Trautman(Richard Crenna) who offers him a mission in Vietnam that involves possible POW's, if successful, he might receive a presidential pardon for his actions in the first movie, he accepts & is soon on his way to complete the mission, the government director of the mission tells him to only photograph prisoners if any, but Rambo is content for rescue instead & in the process is caught only because of government red tape, in which the director orders the rescue helicopter back, leaving Rambo just a few feet behind, Trautman is enraged & realizes that the director is a beaurocrat only interested in pleasing the public's inquiry about POW's not existing, later we meet Russian Col. Pedovsky(Stephen Berkoff of "Beverly Hills Cop") who interrogates Rambo is a torturous way with electricity, demanding answers, of course this was during the cold war, in the Reagan era, & Stallone embodies Rambo as a tortured soul who is scarred by the war, only his contact(Julia Nickson) a vietnamese woman who is his guide & likely a deserter, helps him escape, only after he is made by Pedovsky to contact his government in which he tells the director Murdock, "I am coming to get you", as Rambo makes his escape, he is pursued by the vietnamese & the russians, he becomes a one-man army that systematically wipes out everyone in his path, & even rescues the POW's after acquiring a survellence helicopter, in which he is then pursued by Pedovsky in a more advanced helicopter which results in an arial chase where Rambo's chopper is damaged & lands giving him the oppurtunity to pull the element of suprise, which he does on Pedovsky that involves a rocket launcher, once free of pursuit, he goes to his base, upon arrival he crash lands the chopper & goes after Murdock, who by this point is sweating with nervous antisipation, once confronted by Rambo, he backtracks & tries desperately to convince him he had nothing to do with it,Rambo tells him to not let others die in camps & to find the rest, this was a crowd pleaser in 1985, second only to "Back to the Future" as the year's biggest movie, in which audiences loved because of its underlining political tones about possible POW's & our governments refusal to acknowledge it, Norris' "MIA" played on the same themes, as did Oliver Stone's "Platoon" which showed the horrors of Vietnam, & our ability to not want to accept defeat over there, but do, In 1988, Stallone returned as Rambo in "Rambo III" while not as emotional as this one, it definately played on the political themes of the time, & was less popular, but good nonetheless, but this one was emotional,it was said that Reagan liked this one,the DVD is one of the best transfers I have seen, the picture is clear as clear can be, & has a documentary that showcases the war & what it meant to so many, great DVD, Highly Recommended!
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on September 24, 2002
With this sequel to the excellent first film, America has decided to get rid of its bad conscience. "First Blood" took place in America, dealing with the difficult and disturbing question of reinsertion of Nam veterans in the American society. This question's been erased for this sequel, located in the Viet-nam jungle. The movie has the same basis than the one in "Escape from New York" - a prisoner sent in hell for a rescue mission, with pardon and freedom offered in exchange -; here, the hell is Viet-nam, the police is replaced by the army and the gangs of New York, by bloody Russians and Vietnamese soldiers. James "Titanic" Cameron, who wrote the script with Stallone, started in movie business working on the Carpenter film; he took its basis element and used it for "Rambo 2". In "First Blood", the enemy was American, and Rambo killed only one person, and not on purpose, it was self-defense; in this movie the enemy's Russian and Vietnamese, so Rambo can do everything he wants, and this is the starting for a long and heavy butchery, especially when they kill his girlfriend. But the whole is watchable anyway.
The final message is very beautiful but also utopic. Who cares how brave the G.I. were in Viet-nam, no matter the guts they gave; they lost the war. And America hates losers, everybody knows that.
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on January 27, 2001
As I said in my review of "First Blood", these movies are so much more than machine guns and explosions. There is so much truth portrayed in them about the Vietnam war, what is really was, and it's affect on men like John Rambo. Rambo is not at all a bad person, but rather a kind one who tries to get his life together after the war. Here he is released from workhouse prison by his friend and mentor, Col. Trautman, to rescue POW's in the jungles of 'nam. I won't put any spoilers in my review here, or anybody who hasn't seen this excellent sequel, but I'll use a quote from Trautman to the scumbag Murdock, "You act as if you're dealing with an ordinary man here." George P. Cosmatos's directing is superb, and stays in the middle of the action. The tension and drama isn't silly or bogus; it's superb in my opinion. Cosmatos would later go on to direct the modern-day classic Western, "Tombstone". Buy this movie today. In my opinion, it offers hope and courage that combats the Vietnam fiasco. It's anti-war piece....showing that war really is hell. It also shows there are many true patriots, men like Rambo and Trautman.
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on January 21, 2000
ARTISAN Entertainment's release of RAMBO: First Blood Part II should be the standard by which all DVD's are judged - excellent picture (with the exception of a few minor lines in a couple of scenes), great sound, plus a veritable plethora of special features. For starters, RAMBO comes in a "keep case," not one of those junky "snap cases" you get from Warner Bros. The cover photo is printed right on the disc, a feature Disney is now bragging about as if they invented the idea. The disc itself contains the digitally mastered widescreen version of the film; a very interesting commentary track with director George Cosmatos; vocally enhanced motion menus; theatrical trailer; production notes; cast and crew info; a fun trivia game; and to top it all off, the documentary, "An American Hero's Journey!" What more could you ask for? As any good American knows, RAMBO is the classic sequel to First Blood, and stars Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, Richard Crenna as Colonel Trautman, and Charles Napier as the nefarious CIA Special Operations officer, Murdock. This time, the intrepid "one man army" is sent on a mission to search for POW's in Vietnam. But Murdock orders him not to engage the enemy, just take pictures. Of course, Rambo is not satisfied to stop at photography; he means to bring his fellow soldiers home -- at all costs. Abandoned by Murdock's men, Rambo fights a war with both the Vietcong and the Russians all by himself - and very effectively I might add! The ultimate action thriller, "RAMBO: First Blood Part II" is a film no DVD collection should be without. A+
Note that Rambo: First Blood Part II is rated R for lots of violence, gunplay, and really COOL explosions!
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on March 2, 1999
This is a very good fake action movie forget Commando.I say fake because it is in no sense realistic.Don't watch expecting realism,plot,or acting this is action not a drama.Johnny Rambo if you can recall went to prison at the end of the first one and is offered a chance to see daylight on the condition he lives through this mission.Well Johnny would be an idiot if he said no and the ending credits would roll about 3 minutes into the movie.So obviously John says yeah and off he goes with his implements of destruction into the jungles of Vietnam.Along the way he is partnered with a choppy-english-speaking undercover Intelligence agent who asks Rambo irrelevent things to bring some humanity to prepare for a body count.Well john is uppity about killing people so he doesn't hesitate to kill a few soldiers outside the camp perimeters.He does it with perfection and obviously has good taste.Well as you can imagine he kills a bunch of people,gets captured and electrocuted,narrowly escapes being a shishcabob,and gets his hands on a huey loaded with infinite ammo made especially for Rambo to obliterate the war camp.This scene is rather overdone.But this is a good movie for fans of the genre.
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on June 1, 2000
Personally , I liked this film. The overall picture and the script was a nice follow up to First Blood. Rambo was made to be a "bigger than life" character , so who better than him to send on this mission? Colonel Trautmen (Richard Crenna) visits Rambo in jail and tells him there is a mission. Rambo doesn't hestate to accept. Captain Murdock heads the operation and tells Rambo that he needs to go on a mission back to Vietnam to see if there are any hostages still there , but he only wants him to take pictures , basically leaving him for dead. As the movie goes on Rambo discovers Murdocks' plan and must survive the Vietnam jungles all over again to get revenge on him. This movie is action packed and very stallonish if you like sly , which I'm sure you do. Besides this is old haven't you seen it?
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