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Flexibility & Tone - Yoga Zone

VHS Tape
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Alan Finger gently guides you through 60 minutes of basic yoga postures with beginner and advanced modifications (two instructors skillfully demonstrate both levels). You'll need a mat, one or two towels, and strap or belt to assist in certain poses. The best part of this video is Finger's specific and explicit instruction on breathing techniques to build energy and heat in the body's system. He cues each breath, and you can watch the instructor's rib cage expand and rise on the inhale, release and lower on the exhale. With breathing as a focus, a dozen yoga postures are introduced and practiced, including potted-palm series, cat, down dog, mountain, sunburst and worship, proud warrior, scale, and cow's head. Many of these poses are also practiced in Finger's Introduction to Yoga video, although Yoga Zone: Flexibility and Tone offers more advanced variations and poses. If you are interested in the mental and physical benefits of yoga--increased flexibility, conditioning and toning of muscles, stress reduction, and relaxation of the mind--this video is a keeper. --Christine Aiken

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I'd been doing yoga for a year and a half when I decided to switch to Pilates. Previously I did a steady routine using the Yoga Zone home videos in combination with a local weekly yoga class and, though I saw results (legs were stronger, I was much more flexible and my arms looked great), I was impatient and wanted those long, lean muscles NOW. So, for two months I put away my yoga tapes and worked on those muscles and soon realized exactly what yoga had done for my emotional well-being. Without yoga I became irritable, headachy and slightly overwhelmed by my busy life. So, last week out came my trusty old friend "Yoga Zone: Flexibility & Tone". This review is a love letter to my all-time favorite yoga tape (and I've tried quite a few).
Everything about the video, the spartan studio, the low-key music, the slightly pudgy, sweet faced, pleasant voiced instructor Alan Finger, his two beautiful silent assistants, is soothing to me. Not to imply that this tape is a snooze-fest! In fact, it's quite strenuous as my aching muscles can attest after returning to this tape after my two month hiatus. When I finish this routine my mind and body feel refreshed and de-stressed and I always feel like I've done something incredibly good for myself.
The instructor and his assistants lead you through a (roughly) 50 minute routine that stretches and strengthens nearly every muscle in your body using seated stretches, downward dog, cat pose, sun salutations, proud warrior and many other challenging (but not overly difficult) poses. The tape ends with "corpse pose", where I must admit, I usually fall asleep because I'm so relaxed at that point. However, I don't think beginners should start out with this tape without first trying one of the Yoga Zone videos made specifically for the beginner.
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By unicorn
I just love this tape! I don't have the luxury of being able to take a yoga class and this tape really helps me with my practice. I own a lot of yoga tapes and this is is one of my favorites. Alan Finger is a great instructor. He is very detailed with the postures and reminds you throughout the practice to breathe correctly. It covers the fundamental yoga poses and breathing techniques. I have noticed increased flexibility esp. in my hips and back since starting this tape. Some may complain it's a little slow once you've done it a few times but I find it a great reference tape and am never bored with it. It's a great supplement to Power Yoga. I'm very pleased with all the Yoga Zone tapes.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not as good as other YZ sessions Jan. 8 2002
Could be my preferences, but this isn't the best of the YZ tapes I own. It seems to flow less well, the poses aren't held long enough, and though the instruction from Alan Finger is great (as always), I just always feel like I want more after doing it. I want to do sun salutations more than twice, for instance. For strength, the Power Yoga for Strength and Endurance is much better. For relaxation, Conditioning and Stress Release leaves this one in the dust. I'm a high-level beginner in yoga, and I only do this one occasionally, and only for the poses that aren't included in my more-favored tapes (cow's head, seated spinal twist).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great workout! July 30 2000
By A Customer
I own all of the Yoga Zone series videos, and this is one of my favorites. Alan Finger is a WONDERFUL instructor; his voice is very soothing, and he's not intimidating in the slightest. He is not overly buffed; he's just your run of the mill pudgy 50 year old, but if you watch the clips at the end, you'll see that he has amazing strength and can contort himself into some very twisted poses. If you're new to Yoga, I'd suggest working with the Introduction to Yoga video in this series. I used that tape 3-4 times a week for about 2 months before I advanced to this one, and by the time I finally did, I found that I was very ready. The Introduction to Yoga teaches you most of the basic postures, and this video expands on them, but it's also a lot tougher. Having done the ItoY video though, I could progress through most of the poses easily and fluidly. And yes- you WILL feel the stretch in your muscles. Alan also guides you through a great breathing introduction in the beginning and a relaxation at the end.
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this is ok if you don't have much time and can't make it to group practise in a real yoga studio. the good thing is that they go through a very thorough set of postures and alan finger does an excellent job of communicating how the proper expression of that posture should feel, even though he's not there to critique you. the bad thing is that they only do each posture once so you don't get a real good stretch or strengthening in any one position or muscle group. the girls demonstrating seem a little uncomfortable and camera shy at times but finger remains calm, cool and relaxed and in complete command of the subject. will help if you use a real yoga mat. i tried with a traditional exercise mat and slid around a few times reducing the effectiveness of the posture.
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1.0 out of 5 stars not a fan of this yoga video Dec 23 2001
This yoga was very boring to do. I returned the vedio because the instructions are slow and boring. The instructor's voice was irratating and his's instructions not clear. I kept the Flexibility tape that the "Yoga Zone" has because it is an ok stretching tape, although I have a better one, but for a change of pace it's ok. I would not recommend buying it though. A much better and uplifting and fun yoga tape I brought is called "Fat Burning Yoga Crunch workout". Now the instructress, Sara Ivanhoe, a certified yoga instructor is great. Very pleasant and clear on her instructions and she does it with you. It is a great yoga tape for beginners and intermediate students. Try it.
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