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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on April 21, 2005
This is possibly the only Foghat album I ever liked because this
version of Slow Ride is full length. The reason I got this album
is because this version of Slow Ride was longer and better than
the single version. The single version is good but this version
is way better. You get the feel of "YOU KNOW THE RYTHM IS RIGHT"
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on March 2, 2000
This album is probably their most well-known albums, but probably one of the most commercial too. The tunes are catchy and all, but they seem to lack something that some of their other albums have. I guess the album seems kind of formulaic. The title song "Fool For The City" is pretty good, but the most well-known of any of their songs, "Slow Ride", is a bit much for me. Pretty long and drawn out My favorites on the album are "Terraplane Blues" and "Take It or Leave It". Both these tunes are rather bluesy, and that's what I like in Foghat.
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on July 14, 2004
After listening to this album, I can't believe this band hasn't gotten more publicity. This is a classic! This is a great album to play on cartrips. Crank the volume to 11 and enjoy a slowride with great blues infused hard rock. My only complaint with this album is that the vocals seem a little drowned out. When the lead singer belts out "I'm a fool for the city!!!" or "Slowride....take it eassyyy!" I don't think it was recorded at a high enough volume. Oh well, still a great album.
Fool for the City: The title track, and it rocks. A great chorus and riff. 10/10
My Baby: A pretty good song 9/10
Slowride: A classic. Seems a little drawn out, but not by much. A great ending guitar onslaught. A great chorus too. 10/10
Terraplane Blues: A great Robert Johnson cover. 9/10
Save your Lovin (for me): Another great song 9.5/10
Drive Me Home: Sounds a little like the songs, but not bad 8.5/10
Take it or Leave it: A slower song with mostly keyboards. Not bad at all. 8.5/10
Overall, I rate this album as a 9.2/10 A classic album, and it sure beats the crap out of new rock and rap albums. I guess I'm behind the times, growing up in the 90's, but there's nothing better than 70s hard rock and roll.
Rock on!
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on November 28, 2003
If you want an anitidote for Britney Spears, Matchbox 20, and
the rest of the pablum that passes for popular music these
days, buy this. I'm presuming the person that's reading this
wasn't a teen in the 70's like me. Let me tell you, this
Foghat album was what passed for top 40 music in those days.
Believe it or not, this was the MAINSTREAM stuff-the stuff you
heard out of the car radios in the summer.I can't think of a
better memory than hot summer nights in the 70's with Foghat's
blaring from car radios...ESPECIALLY slow ride.
If you want just a glimmer of how it was to grow up in the 70's,
buy this CD now. And yah, all the top 40 stuff kicked in those
days. Synyrd, Boston, Bad Company, Zep, Floyd, even ALICE
COOPER, all were at our local K-Mart top 40 album bins. They
used to display them next to the # in the top 40 they were,
along with the 45's. The albums were about 5 bucks, and the 45's
were a buck. Funny thing is, I think that worked better than
all the web stuff we have now for some reason. It was simple
but look at the great music that was available! Now we have
high technology with no music to match. Maybe there is a connection there. Think of it. The more technology, the more
it took away from the roots and grittiness of the music.
Maybe if we get rid of the web and go back to records and
k-mart, ROCK as we used to know it may come back again.
Until then, buy this album!
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on July 23, 2003
Foghat is an excellent classic rock band, but sadly, they never achieved any true chart success or popularity. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, they were a British rock band that used a "boogie rock" style. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear these guys were an American southern rock band! (They've even been put on compilations for that genre!) These guys ARE NOT A METAL BAND. They band only had two major hits - Slow Ride, and this album's title track. And another thing - How could you NOT like the cover of the album? Read on to see what this album has to offer.
Fool for the City - This is pure unadulterated classic hard rock excellence. If you only remember Foghat for one song, make damn sure it's this one!
My Babe - This one sounds like a cross between the Dave Clark Five's Catch Us If You Can, and Loggins and Messina's Your Mama Don't Dance. It's another excellent track.
Slow Ride - Foghat's biggest hit. This is rock at its best. And this is the uncut original (the single version/radio edit is just under four minutes, while this version is just over eight minutes!)
Terraplane Blues - As the title implies, this is a bluesy rocker, and another excellent track.
Save Your Loving (For Me) - Another excellent blues-based rocker, this is probably the most American-sounding thing on the album.
Drive Me Home - The usage of pianos makes this an excellent boogie rocker you'd have to be a fool not to love.
Take It or Leave It - This slower rocker is the most mature song on the album, and it's nothing short of excellent.
I'll be honest, the only reason I bought this CD is because I got The Very Best Of Foghat (Rhino) and discovered Fool For The City and Slow Ride were single versions, and I wanted to hear the original LP versions. The truth is that they aren't much different, just a few parts are rearranged and the originals are a bit longer, and have parts not in the edits. Get the previously-mentioned compilation if you're new to the band, and if you like what you hear, give this album a whirl. Be warned - it's a bit tough to find.
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on August 10, 2001
*( And the rest of the tunes aren't bad either ) When I was a teenager , ( oh brother , here we go ! ) yeah , all right it was in the 70's , no music could blow out my bedroom walls like Side 1 of Foghat's " Fool For The City " . All you post vinyl folks in your 20's and teens got to understand that at one time you actually had to get up off your butt halfway during an album , schlep over, and flip the record for Side 2 . Whenever Side 1's ending song Slow Ride would finish and deafening silence was all that remained , I could almost hear the sigh of relief from my parents in the living room . From the title track's opening thump to Slow Ride's final guitar chord it's pure raucous rock . What The Beatles did with violins and horns in A Day In The Life's final bars , Foghat achieves with guitars at the end of Slow Ride , making for a heart pounding orgasmic rush of sound ( quite fitting considering the songs subject matter ). In fact this song would be perfect to have on when you're having a wild *** SORRY - THIS PORTION DELETED BY AMAZON CENSORS *** ( just joking ! ) . If you're going to buy this and only set your volume to a 3 or 4 , you've missed the whole point ... it's a 5 setting minimum , but preferably a 7 or 8 . I don't care what your age is , buy this CD and get rocked !
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on January 6, 1999
Allright, it wasn't the most intelligent rock music, but it is still great to listen to when you're driving in the highway or having a good time with people that also dig 70's long-haired rock'n'roll.
That said, about the songs: "Slow Ride" is the classic (or at least the AM hit), very well produced and the grand finale is pretty much devastating. "Fool for the city" is another strong hard boogie and "Terraplane Blues" the perfect booze-rock. The rest is also gung ho rock'n'roll, with the exception of "Take or live it", a ballad with keyboards and a mood quite different from the no-frills electric attack of the album, but it is still allright.
Even being more commercial than Foghat's previous works, it is arguably their best album. Just let Foghat rock! It is quite possible that one of the boys in "That 70's Show" someday will appear with a T-shirt of the band or that "Slow Ride" will be played in the show. And that would be groovy!
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on January 7, 2004
Like everyone else has said, this is some great 70's rock. I was 19 when this album came out. I bought it on 8 track tape and then on record album. "Fool for the City" really sounds great and they actually played music this good on the radio then. "Slow Ride" (take it easy) is another tune that grabs you and probably got more radio play. But my favorite on this album turned out being "Terraplane Blues". I was bummed that it wasn't on "The Best of Foghat, Vol.2". But Vol. 2 is still worth buying. Even though the studio version of "Fool for the City" is good I think it sounds even better on "Foghat Live". But if you're a 70's rock connoisseur don't pass up buying this CD. And also be sure to get their album from '73 with the rock and the roll.
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on January 22, 2004
British blues and boogie rock-outfil Foghat's 1975 album "Fool For The City" is their most solid original album (the hard-rocking shout-along title track can be found on more than 20 different records).
"Fool" matched Foghat's road-tested abilities as R&B-influenced hard rockers to a consistent set of well-crafted, melodic riff-driven tunes, including the FM radio staple "Slow Radio", a good rendition of Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues", a catchy blues-rock version of Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley's "My Babe", the excellent ballad "Take It Or Leave It", and the delightful rocking R&B of "Drive Me Home".
It's a shame that "Fool For The City" is all but forgotten by today's rock fans. Give it a listen.
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on May 20, 2003
What more can be said about an album that needs no introduction?? Talk about BOOGIE.... These guys just boogied their way into all of our bedrooms in 1975. "Slow Ride" , although being their most "popular" song, was as good an all-out rocker as ANYTHING that came before or since. Talk about a slow-ride to happiness.... I believe the bass player's name was Nick Jameson and he produced this album as well as playing some seriously incredible bass to compliment Lonesome Dave's and Rod's excellent guitar work. Hats off to FOGHAT! If you believe in the spirit of rock and roll, you GOTTA have this.
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