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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on February 23, 2004
He's sweet, sexy, and he likes to sleep in late. You might think he's th eperfect neighboor. But before inviting Jerry in for a nightcap, there's just one thing you should know,. Jerry Prefers his drinks warm, red-abd straigt from the jugular! It's FRIGHT NIGHT, a horrific howl starring Chris Sarandon as the seductive vampire and William Ragsdale as the frantic teenager struggling to keep Jerry's deadly fangs out of his neck. Only 17-year-old Charley Brewster knows Jerry's bloodcurdling secret. When Charley can't get anybody to believe him, he turns to TV horror host Peter Vincent, who used to be the "Great Vampire Killer" of the movies. Can these mortals save Charley and his sweetheart Amy from the wrathful bloodsucker's toothy embrace? If you love being scared, FRIGHT NIGHT will give you the nightmare of your life!
Rated R For language, nudity, and violence.
Special Features Include:
Interactive Menus
Languages: English 2-channel (Dolby Surround), french, portugues
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese, Korean, Thai.
Theatrical Trailer
Scene Selection
Widescreen and Full Screen Formats.
This Movie Rocks! GET IT! Its both scary and cheesy! one of the better 80's horror movies!!!
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on March 18, 2008
as vampire movies go,this one is quite fun and even has
some humor mixed in with everything else.sure,it is a bit hokey by
today's standards,but it's still a very good movie.there are a few
good,and gross transformations and there are some genuinely creepy
moments.Chris Sarandon,who plays Jerry Dandridge(the vampire),William
Ragsdale as Charley the next Door neighbor and Roddy McDowall,as Peter
Vincent,vampire killer and are all really good here.Amanda Bearse,as
Amy,Charlie's girlfriend is also good.but for me,it was Ed,Charlie's
friend,who i thought provided some great laughs,as did Dorothy
Fielding,as Charlie's mother who had a very small part but was
nonetheless funny.i also thought Jonathon Stark was very good,as Jerry
Dandridge's companion/man servant.i also thought the music for this
movie was terrific,adding some style to the proceedings.for me,Fright
Night is a 4/5
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At first glance, Fright Night looks like another cheesy vampire film: a young man figures out that a vampire has moved next door, no one believes him, the vampire comes after him, his only hope is an old horror actor, etc. It's pretty predictable, right down to the whole thing about the boy's girlfriend bearing a striking resemblance to one of the vampire's old flames. So yes, in its own way, Fright Night is cheesy. At the same time, though, it is oh so much more than you would expect - an entertaining, somewhat creepy vampire film that features some great acting and some really impressive special effects. You expect to see really bad, noticeably cheap special effects in a film like this, but Fright Night hits a home run in this department.

William Ragsdale plays Charley Brewster, a typical horror-loving kid who just so happens to find out that his new neighbor is a vampire - naturally, no one believes him, including his friend Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys in a truly annoying performance) and his girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse, who went on to play Marcie on Married With Children). For some reason, Charley decides to be open about his suspicions, thus letting the vampire know that he knows his little secret - not a smart move, as Charley soon learns courtesy of a little visit from the new guy in town. This vampire, I must say, looks nothing like your typical Count Dracula; he actually looks like a reject from Dance Fever, making it a little hard for me to take him seriously (although the threat of "Deney Terrio" busting out some disco moves in the film's one night club scene certainly had me feeling uneasy). In desperation, Charley goes to the only man he thinks can help him - Peter Vincent, Vampire Killer (Roddy McDowall). Vincent killed many a vampire - in the movies - and he is now the local host of Fright Night, a late-night horror show. As you might expect, Vincent doesn't really believe in vampires and, once he sees that Charley is telling him the truth, he isn't too anxious to fight them, either. McDowall is really great in this movie; he is the lynchpin upon which most of the movie's success depends.

I can't say enough about the special effects, especially those in the film's climactic moments. As a horror fan, I really appreciate the filmmakers spending the time and money to give me such an impressive show. The plot features a number of cliches as well as a couple of "oldest tricks in the book," but the inspired performance of Roddy McDowell combined with the fantastic special effects leads me to bump my rating up from four to five stars. This probably won't be the best vampire film you've ever seen, but I am sure that fans of the genre will not fail to get quick a kick out of Fright Night.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 25, 2015
Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) finds out his charming next door neighbor, Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a bloodthirsty vampire who is feasting off the women of his neighborhood. In desperate need of help, he enlists the aids of his nerdy friend, Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys), his whiny girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse) and an out of work actor, Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowell) who plays "The Great Vampire Killer" on Primetime. Charley's problem is that no one believes him and his time is running out since Jerry is looking for his first opportunity to silence the snooping teenager for good.

Directed by Tom Holland, "Fright Night" offers loads of humor, horror and suspense yet many of todays younger audience will probably find this movie dated. After all, it has none of todays technical wizardry that is CGI. It appears every Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Horror film of today is saturated with it. I personally do not mind CGI if it is well done and in a fantasy element but so far, every attempt to create decent fright effects in horror films have failed miserably and I strongly feel that CGI is aiding in the death of the horror genre. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to revisit these films. The special effects are brilliant and there is nothing more effective than seeing 3 dimensional beings in terrific vampire make-up. Apparently Chris Sarandon spent several hours in the make-up chair (gotta love those elongated fingers) and I am sure Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys, the other 2 vampires, did too but the end result was probably worth it as "Fright Night" is one of the most enjoyable vampire films Hollywood has given us in the last few decades. Just like Joe Dante's classic "The Howling" and John Landis' epic "An American Werewolf in London" which still reign supreme as far as werewolf movies are concerned, the same can be said for this gem.

The pacing in this film is virtually flawless as the action, horror and comedy are shifted around from one scene to the other and boredom never sets in. The performances are also worth mentioning because the entire cast delivers in spades. Roddy McDowell, who provides his quirky mannerirms and charm, is his usual brilliant self as the doubtful Vampire Killer. Chris Sarandon is effective and charming as the modern day Dracula. A pre-"Married with Children" Amanda Bearse is also note-worthy. She is pretty enough as Charley's girlfriend possessing all the qualities of the girl next door and all the charateristics of a jealous girlfriend. Once infected however, her metamorphoses is stunning and she is almost unrecognizable as a sultry vamp. That is of course before her final transformation and once the fangs come into play, she resembles a Carly Simon-esque freakshow in need of serious dental work. The young lead, William Ragsdale, also turns in a good performance but his foolish character may have some viewers rooting for Mr Vampire. But where will the horror genre be without these nonsensical teenagers?

Those who never lived the 80's will probably be shocked at the amount of cheesy fashion sense draping our actors. The younger generation must remember this movie was made before their time and should forgive the 80's tackiness. It is unfortunate that many great films were made during this fashion disaster decade and sometimes the actors wardrobes provide unintentional laughs. The film also starts off almost resembling a B grade, low budget horror schlock-fest but thankfully within the first quarter we are reassured of it's high quality.

Those who haven't seen "Fright Night" and are serious horror buffs need to check it out. The cast, direction, special effects and make-up effects are all top notch and this movie was cool way before "Buffy", "Angel", "True Blood" or the "Twilight" saga ever came into the picture.
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on May 29, 2004
Anyone settling in for the night with some snacks and a couple of friends would not fail to enjoy this movie. It is a gruesome, slightly campy horror romp that hardly gets anything wrong. It's a great deal of fun.
Charlie is a normal teen; all he wants out of life is to get some nooky from his girlfriend and maybe pass his trigonometry test, too. But Charlie has a new neighbor who likes to drain the blood out of prostitutes, and he can't just sit by without doing something about it. Yes, he discovers the guy next door is a vampire, and of course no one believes him.
The cast is perfect. The wonderful, underrated Chris Sarandon plays the dapper vampire, whose name (Jerry!) isn't all that scary, but he still manages to serve up plenty of menace. Charlie is capably played by William Ragsdale. Reluctantly assisting Charlie in his crusade are Amanda Bierce ("Married...with Children") as his whiny girlfriend, Stephen Geoffreys as his goofball buddy Ed, and Roddy McDowell as a has-been TV horror flick host who talks the talk but is too cowardly to walk the walk. Geoffreys in particular is priceless. He is easily the most entertaining character in the movie, especially after he encounters Jerry in an alley late one night (in a haunting, surprisingly sympathetic scene). When the "vampire hunters" finally make their stand at Jerry's house, all hell breaks loose.
Gore galore, laughs and scares... All I can say is, have fun!
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on March 19, 2004
This is a great film and wasn't over done. It is one of those teen 80's vampire flicks, and is very enjoyable no matter how old you are. Buy saying no matter how old you are I don't mean let your kids watch it cause it's not for your kids at all. Chris Sarandon (star of Child's PLay) is great as Charlie. He maked the movie very enjoyable. I was a bit younger when I watched this film. I don't mean like 9 or 10 I was about 23 when this came out and now I'm 42. The special affects are great and the camera tricks are dazzling and great. Lot's of nudity in this vampire flick and this one was way better than it's horrible and depressing sequel. So, just take my word for it, don't go near the sequel. Anyway, the acting in this gets a 5/5 and the plot gets a 5/5. Even by looking at the front cover of this movie you can tell that it is a cool and exicting film. This is the best vampire movie I've seen really, and trust me, I've seen a batch of vampire movies. Let's say this film hits number 1 because of these three reasons,
1. There is tons of gore
2. It isn't fake looking like alot of other vampire movies
3. It has a great and interesting plot
What more do you need to know that this movie is great and well worth your money no matter what the price is. SO go ahead and get this movie, take my word for it, you won't regret it. Not at all.
Rated R for graphic violence, nudity, coarse language, and some gore.
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on March 1, 2004
FRIGHT NIGHT (USA 1985): Unable to convince anyone that his new neighbor (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, a desperate teenager (William Ragsdale) summons the help of a reluctant TV 'horror host' (Roddy McDowall) to confront the monsters in their midst...
Produced at a time when the American horror film seemed to have lost its way following the glut of low-budget independent shockers which proliferated in the wake of HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th, Tom Holland's FRIGHT NIGHT attempts to straddle the gap between 'traditional' horror and the effects-driven blockbusters which had begun to dominate genre movies in the early 1980's. The plot is a little thin, and there's a couple of items which date the narrative squarely within its decade (notably the disco sequence, and a cringe-inducing theme song by the 'J. Geils Band' during the closing credits!), but Holland's script reserves its major fireworks for a dramatic second half, in which the forces of Good and Evil make their final stand against one another, resulting in a barrage of monsters and mayhem, courtesy of Richard Edlund's superb visual effects. Ragsdale and love interest Amanda Bearse are saddled with stock juvenile characters, but Sarandon relishes his role as the vampiric predator, toying with Ragsdale as the boy's accusations of supernatural horror are met with incredulity by all around him. However, McDowall steals the movie as a faded horror star whose old-fashioned values have fallen out of favor in an increasingly cynical age, and who finds himself confronted at the end of his career by very real monsters indeed. Though somewhat underwritten, McDowall portrays the man's cowardice, sadness and ultimate redemption with a deftness and clarity that brightens the entire movie. Some observers have discerned a homoerotic subtext in Ragsdale's obsession with his handsome, vampiric neighbor, and also in Sarandon's pursuit of Ragsdale's high school buddy (Stephen Geoffreys, also known as 'Sam Ritter', star of gay adult movies like VIRTUAL STUD and SEX ON THE BEACH), and while there's some merit in this particular reading, it doesn't get in the way of the slam-bang melodramatics. Geoffreys adopts a range of tics and mannerisms which will infuriate some viewers and endear him to others, but his final sequence - one of the best in the entire movie - is charged with genuine emotion (rendered even moreso by McDowall's extraordinary, wordless performance on the sidelines), and the 'death rattle' which accompanies Geoffreys' departure is one of the creepiest sound effects this reviewer has EVER heard!!...
One of the first DVD's on the market, Columbia TriStar's presentation is exceptional in terms of sound and picture quality, though viewers are urged to ignore the pan-scan/fullscreen version included on the disc, which crops away half the picture and throws many shots into disarray. There are no extras, except for a trailer. At the time of writing, the entertaining sequel FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2 (1988) is available on DVD from Artisan in fullscreen only, cutting the scope image down to a shadow of its former glory. Avoid at all costs.
106m 19s
2.39:1 (Panavision) / Anamorphically enhanced
[Fullscreen 1.33:1 version also included]
Dolby Surround 2.0
Dolby Stereo [theatrical]
Optional English subtitles and closed captions
Region 1
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on January 18, 2004
This is an older movie but it still is a very entertaining film. It's campy, for sure, and a bit dated now, but the actors did such a fine job you can totally get drawn into the story- and that is really all that matters.
No one believes Charlie Brewster when he states that the neighbor is a vampire- and believe me, Charlie, the goofy high school student, has tried everything: telling his friends, his mom, and even the police. Unfortunately, Mr. Dandridge, the vampire, is extremely charming and everyone is so taken with him-even poor Charlie's girlfriend- that they think Charlie needs to stop watching horror films and get a life.
When he manages to get the washed up and cowardly horror film actor who hosts his favorite show ("Fright Night"- the snippets shown of the fictional TV show are hilarious) involved things really start cracking...and it's about time, because Dandridge is intent on winning the popularity contest; he tranforms buddy Evil into his minion, and next on the list is girlfriend Amy. It's up to bumbling Charlie and his Hollywood buddy to save the day...and it's no easy task given that no one under Dandridge's spell wants to be saved...
Given how seductive Chris Sarandon was in this, I wouldn't have wanted to be saved either...In Amy's own words: He's really "NEAT!"
For vampy fun with camp and humor, but with some sophisticated effects, this movie is a good watch.
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on April 22, 2003
This movie is a lot of fun. It takes a classic horror theme, vampires, and brings it up to date, atleast when it came out in 1985. The use of special effects is done really well, in that they compliement the story, and not try to cover up the fact that the story is weak and full of holes, like in other movies. This movie is about a guy named Charlie who finds out that a vampire has moved in next door to him, and has started killing people. The more he tries to convince others of this, the crazier he appears to look. He tries to enlist the help of a local TV personality, the character played by Roddy McDowall, who hosts his own creep show called 'Fright Night', with little intial success. Eventually some of the other characters see that Charlie is right, and this leads to the climatic finale. I think Chris Sarandon plays his role as the vampire realy well, not over the top but right on the money. He's charming, seductive, and alluring, with a sinister side that only Charlie can see until the vampire exposes himself for what he is....Roddy Mcdowell is great also, playing his role as Peter Vincent, a sort of washed up character actor trying to squeeze as much as he can out of his past celebrity. A fun movie with a lot of charm and appeal. I am amazed that this movie came out like 18 years ago....seems like only yesterday...where does the time go?
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on April 10, 2003
All-time entertainment thriller. Now a classic. A vampire movie in the comic vein. Wonderfully written story and screenplay. Great cinematography in great detail. A lot of work went into making this film. Perfectly cast. William Ragsdale is perfect in the lead. Amanda Berse plays "Amy" who is also the perfect female lead. As you know Miss Bearse went on to co-star in the Fox tv series "Married With Children". In 1994, she officially came "out".Maybe that has changed. (I would like to see her as a side kick to James Bond. A "Bond Girl" they call it) Stephen Geoffreys adds his own style to this film and plays an important part as well. He plays "Evil". Incidentally, Mr. Geoffreys did another horror film, 976-EVIL (1989) and had the lead role. As much as Stephen Geoffreys would have liked to have done more mainstream motion pictures, he ended up doing more "adult" movies. he recently came "out" in a professional work sense. Chris Sarandon is so evil in this film as "Jerry Dandrige", The Vampire that I could not watch him in another film. I still can't. Good acting. Last but not least is Roddy McDowall, as brilliant an actor as he was, he played "Peter Vincinct", a man who is a tv host for broadcast horror movies and "Charlie" (William Ragsdale) hires him to rid of the vampire living next door to him. I'm glad Roddy McDowall agreed to do this film and the sequel. The late Roddy McDowall was also "out" in the business ( but it was a secret and thanks to his best friend Elizabeth Taylor). This film is made with class, style and great well-made special effects. Great soundtrack too. On the DVD, I am sorry to say there is no audio commentary, no special features or bonuses, no cast reunion. You do get the choice of Widescreen or Full Screen on either side of the disc. I recommend Full-Screen. The beginning of the film will be in Widescreen because of the titles and credits but will become Full-Screen, if you chose the Full-Screen side. I have read somewhere that their were alternative endings of this film. If so, this DVD does not show them here. Followed by Fright Night , Part 2.
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