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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 25, 2004
The GRE folks now provide practice computer GRE tests for free via their website - [...] com. As such, don't purchase this book if you only want the computer tests.
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on August 13, 2003
This book included several practice tests, which are actual tests that were given years ago. The only problem, is that most of the information, and some of the practice tests are exactly the same as what I had already read or done for free online at the GRE website. There is only one practice test that provides explanations with the answers, but this test is also available online for free. Overall, I would not have bought this book had I known that most of the material was exactly what I had already seen, for free.
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on July 13, 2011
I planned to take the GRE in June so I bought this book and studied for a week beforehand. I got way below what I was aiming for. This book inflates your confidence and you will be shocked come GRE time because the CAT system makes the test much harder than portrayed in the book. Questions are ridiculously easy and you will NOT be prepared when you have to write the real GRE.

So I paid another $200 to retake it so I could redeem myself. I bought the Kaplan Advanced Math GRE book and my friend gave me a list of Kaplan/Barron's most common GRE words. I went through the whole Advanced Math book (it actually has many mistakes, watch out...), memorized ~300 words in the 5 days before my second attempt, did a practice test off the POWERPREP software, and scored 800Q 630V (this is pretty good, in the 94th and 90th percentile respectively).

Moral of the story: This book will fail you. Don't buy it. Better to use the POWERPREP software that they offer instead (won't work on Windows 7) because it's actually CAT, that test emulates the test situation perfectly. Also, get another book to go through problems. Kaplan's Advanced Math book works well, though you have to be able to notice mistakes to use it effectively.
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on September 6, 2003
In my opinion, the title is a misnomer and the book is a lemon, a disappointment and a surprisingly ugly experience.

At first, I expected good quality from this 10th edition book which is published by ETS, a relatively well known organization for testing services and products. I thought that this book would be genuine and able to provide real help to potential examinee. The tidy covering and the unqualified claim "We prepare the Tests - Let us Help Prepare You!" is straight forward and I ordered the book without much hesitation.
When I got this book and looked into it, it was a surprising and disgruntled drama ready to be unfolded. The practice exams are way back in late 80¡¦s and very early 90¡¦s and it seems like there has been significant changes since the old days. Full explanation is only provided for one out of a total of seven practice tests. The quality of some questions is really below average and numerous answers are questionable. The analytical section only provides brief commentary for the issue and argument essays and the additional material given almost at the end of the book is incomplete. I felt that this book does undermine the impression on the actual test significantly and should be brought back to ETS for an extensive overhaul. It is obvious that the whole book was casually pieced together in a big rush to get a quick reap out of the market. The Powerprep software downloadable from ETS website does a better job to give potential examinee a holistic view of the exam and the practice questions are quite useful.

Overall, looking back and it was one disappointing experience after another. It is definitely not worth the price and there is much better material in the market.
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on March 19, 2003
This book is written by ETS which provide the GRE test service. The merit of this book is these: first, this book offers the official guidelines of the test. And that line is informative and helpful to test-takers. For example, you can figure out what scope the math section would deal with. And that this book not only show you the scope of section, but explains how to solve the questions in succinct way. Second, as the title says, this book has 8 real tests ETS made. Though ETS offers PowerPrep software for free to practice and get familiar to the test, current 3.0 version has not much tests. With this book, you could get more material to practice. And better, they explain why the question should have this kind of answers in detail. With that explanation, you could catch the knack how to approach the questions.
But this book has the weaknesses like these: first, those real test this book offers are outdated. They provides tests held in the late 80s and the early 90s. But current CBT test are somewhat different from those tests. Current tests are much easier. Second, there is no guide to what kind of words is tested in the exam at all. Guidelines are no more than official on that matter. And those guidelines could be downloaded from ETS site for free. Then the only point to buy this book is the 8 real tests. It¡¯s up to you whether to buy this book. But in my opinion, if you take the test score seriously, you¡¯d better practice those real tests.
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on February 26, 2003
I was extremely disappointed with this book. It claims that it will prepare you well for the actual GRE, but in reality, it just wastes valuable time that you could have spent with another study guide.
In general, the book does not offer helpful hints on how to actually write the different sections. Instead, it just provides answers, and (for only one sample test in each section) explanations for each. The quantitative section was extremely easy compared to the one I saw on the CBT, and there was no instruction regarding the verbal and analytical sections. To be fair, though, the quantitative section did include a general math overview, which was somewhat (but not very) helpful.
Overall, this book was mainly a collection of practice tests (some from the late 80s?!?!)... If this is what you're looking for, great! BUT, I would recommend that GRE test takers spend time with a more well-rounded book (there are many out there), and DEFINITELY work through the POWERPREP program. Good Luck!
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on December 12, 2002
I'm a GRE and GMAT math prep tutor, and I've gotten 800 on the GRE math section. This book is out of date and misrepresents the GRE entirely. The questions are based on tests of ten years ago, when the test was considerably easier. Today, on computer, the test uses questions of considerable difficulty to weed out students, and this book does nothing to prepare people for that reality. I expect people who study solely from this book to be completely surprised by the difficulty of the test.
If you're looking for a good way to study math on the GRE, I recommend studying the questions from the GMAT book published by ETS - the Official Guide 10th Edition. The questions in there are much more realistic and still legitimately written by the test-writers...
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on December 16, 2002
I've rated this book at three stars not due to the quality of its content, but for its actual benefit per cost.
If you are planning on going through actual paper-based tests to drill and familiarize yourself with the types of questions on the GRE, and don't have any other sources of paper-based tests, this book may be helpful.
As for the other sections, which contain sample questions with explanations, a math review, and information and samples of the new analytical writing section, all of these are also available for free on ETS' website in PDF or html format.
So, realize in purchasing this book you are paying for seven paper-based practice tests.
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on January 6, 2011
This book provides some good practice tests and sample questions, but not much more than that. There are no detailed explanations of the answers, except for the first practice set, which isn't much. Also, I thought it was quite disappointing that the format of the questions and the verbal section were not the same as the current (2010) GRE, even though the book is the latest version available, and so practicing on it can be quite misleading since the format of the verbal section and the allotted time are different from what they are right now.
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on August 13, 2003
The book is okay for last minute revision prior to taking the real exam. However,the tests are quite out of date and there is only one test with full explanation out a total of eight tests.
It can be difficulty to see the reasoning behind some of the answers without detail explanation and it does hinder the exam preparation. As an exam preparation book, it is incomplete and disappointing.
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