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Giallo (Bilingual)

Adrien Brody , Emmanuelle Seigner    DVD

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Product Description

In Italy, an American woman fears her sister may have been kidnapped. Inspector Enzo Avolfi fears it’s worse. They team up to rescue her from a sadistic killer known only as Yellow.

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Amazon.com: 3.1 out of 5 stars  26 reviews
15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Not terrible, just not very good Sept. 20 2010
By Trevor Willsmer - Published on Amazon.com
Even the worst Dario Argento films have managed to at least get DVD releases in the past decade or so, so the fact that Giallo was filmed two years ago and is still unreleased in most of the world aside from a handful of badly received festival screenings where it was laughed off the screen doesn't exactly fill you with confidence. It may not be the director's favorite film by a long shot - despite the misleading 'written and directed by' credit, he was simply a director for hire with the script written by the separately credited Jim Agnew and Sean Keller with the producers apparently no longer returning his phone calls - but it's fair to say that it's a long way from being his worst, thankfully never descending to the depths of Phantom of the Opera or the lacklustre The Card Player. Unfortunately it's also not especially good.

The story is serviceable enough, with model Elsa Pataky abducted by a deformed serial killer who likes to take his time destroying beautiful things and her frantic sister (a haggard Emmanuelle Seigner) teaming up with Adrian Brody's broody Italian-American cop to find her while there's still enough of her to find. Despite the set-up, it avoids going the Eli Roth torture porn route, but there are few of Argento's signature flourishes. Not only are the gloves literally off but the film's one 'big' death scene is nothing to write home about: just a simple fall from a tall building. Worse, a couple of minor twists aside, the plot just plods along with not much happening until the last half hour before a last scene that feels like it was tacked on not so much to give the film a happy ending but because what you suspect was the original ending didn't pack enough of a punch.

While it's generally better executed, there are fewer ideas to play with than his less than impressive Mother of Tears, and what there are are fairly familiar cop movie clichés. True, Adrien Brody's lone cop does have a rather neat backstory explaining why he has a talent for tracking down predatory killers, but the early hints of having a damaging Will Graham-like empathy with his killer come to nothing despite Brody playing both hunters because they're such wildly different performances linked only by silly voices (a grizzled Jack Nicholson-Mickey Rourke hybrid for the cop and an Italian Quasimodo for the killer). It's probably the killer's voice that provided the lion's share of the laughs to those derisive festival audiences, but Brody Methodically overdoes the tortured doleful looks as the cop, at times looking like the Eighth Dwarf, Goatee, after Snow White bit the apple.

On the plus side, thanks to Frederic Fasano's cinematography it's the best-looking Argento film in years. It's not a return to the extreme and vivid colors of the Suspiria years but it's a welcome move away from the pallid and lifeless look of many of his latter movies to something with a bit more warmth to its color scheme and a good eye for the Turin locations. But overall, despite all the Argento touchstones the writers incorporated in the screenplay, it's a rather soft by-the-numbers effort that could have been made by almost any capable director whose heart wasn't quite in it but still tried to make the best of what he had to work with. You won't have trouble making it through to the end, but you won't have trouble sleeping after seeing it either.
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Argento Did the Impossible - A Perfectly Updated 70's Giallo for the 2010's Nov. 24 2012
By Nick Tropiano - Published on Amazon.com
I put off watching this film because of the bad reviews. If you're a 70's Italian giallo film fan, don't put off watching it. No, my friend, revel in it. My take on the film is that this is a nearly perfectly updated 70's giallo in the true sense of the the sub-genre term. It's new giallo old-stock and a must see for fans of directors like Argento, Lenzi, Martino, Fulchi, and Bava and the cinematic giallo art of the 60's and 70's. Beautiful camera set-ups, violent death scenes, excellent Italian scenery, great music (but not as good as the Italian classics of old), beautiful women, and Brody is perfectly cast as the brooding detective. It's violent bold chance-taking artsy schlock - just like the giallos of the 60's and 70's. The totally wacked villian is more something out of a Fulchi film, I thought, and adds that dollup of nuttiness required for the genre. Of course, don't expect idiot film critics (who are really frustrated literary critics) who don't understand cinema - and who prefer pretentious film snob bores to artsy-exploitaion, to give it its due - or fans who have never seen a true giallo. All the elements that make a giallo a giallo are there, including the /required/ dose of nuttiness - as is Argento's trademark style. He pulled it off. Bravo! The only thing missing was a bottle of JB scotch, though I might have missed it. I'll need to keep an eye out for it when I watch it again.
11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars don't listen to the haters, it's worth your time! Oct. 23 2010
By ubermensch10000 - Published on Amazon.com
you can't always listen to the haters.

going in to this movie, i wasn't expecting very much. at best, i figured the title of the film was a cheap cash-in on the director's legendary output. something to get "nerds" like myself to pony up the funds to watch some new argento. i hadn't really dug anything recent from argento, and it certainly seemed like the glory days were long gone.

maybe going in with little expectation helped, but this film is a huge improvement over the weak tv-movie vibe of "mother of tears" and certainly a major improvement in the acting department. having adrian brody on board absolutely bumped this film up 10x. granted, he doesn't have TONS of stuff to do in the film, and he plays it straight as the detective with a troubled past who has his "own methods" for catching the psycho killer. typically his character would've been staffed by a no-name or has-been actor who really phones it in. having someone of his caliber on board makes his character stick out, and this film infinitely more watchable. argento keeps brody in the spotlight damn near the entire film, and i daresay his character is more important in the end than the actual killer is.

the cinematography alone is a thousand times better than the bland, ho-hum look of latter day argento output. this has warmth and class when zooming around the city and a suitably dank look in the killer's "dungeon" attention to detail in these areas makes a difference. you've also got a more fleshed out story that makes more sense. everyone who follows argento knows it's usually been style over substance. his dream-like images and narratives being the important than the acting and the logic of the story. in my opinion, this film turns that around. we've got a simple story that makes sense with actors who act believably! (as opposed to mother of tears...yikes!)

i think alot of argento "fanboys" have a hard time criticizing because love of his earlier films carries them through some not-so-great current work. choking down some banal by-the-numbers thriller just because the director USED to make amazing movies is not something i'm interested in. dario can't make 1001 movies that look and act just like the films his legion of "nerd-fans" (myself included) love. he needs to make movies that regular folk would want to go see. i think this is one of the first films that would work for a wider audience beyond the film student, gore-fan, or argento completist.

admittedly, i'm a huge argento fan, and i was going to see this no matter what. there's little sense in denying the maestro's work really has suffered over the last few films. giallo is a MUCH better film than people are giving it credit for online and in reviews. it's NOT suspiria, it's not deep red or cat o nine tails....(it's also NOT the 1970's either) those films had their time and their place. in order to stay relevant, more modern approaches are needed. you can't expect to see a bunch of crazy lighting and wacky camera angles like it's 1970.

granted, it's not all roses here. the character of "linda" played by emmanuelle seigner isn't always believable, and the fact that for most of the movie she's tramping around with "inspector enzo" and viewing police scenes and documents like she's his partner is a little far-fetched. a few times she was asked to leave, or stepped out...but she basically just latches onto inspector enzo and just stays there. i know she was supposed to be grief-stricken and desperate to find her sister, but cmon.

i also had a little trouble with "giallo" himself. he speaks english with a broken italian accent but the voice is a little humorous the first time you hear it. you DONT want people to chuckle when they hear the killer for the first time! it reminded me of fulci's new york ripper where the killer quacks like a duck. later on though, you get used to it and the broken english "caveman" lines he throws out kinda worked! "i die...she die" anyhow, a little more creepiness in his voice or even effects to make it deeper or more disturbing would've helped there.

the classic argento gore was in place for this film....a hammer smashing to the face is shown, for example....but there were cutaways from the violence occasionally when i would've like to see a grittier show-it-all vibe. although that movie sucked, mother of tears went pretty crazy with the gore. argento had some trend-setting violence is his early films, so it's not like he's a stranger to it, and restraint in the gore keeps it classier, as we don't need argento to hop aboard the annoying "hostel, saw..blahblahblah trend" but they cutaway from a lip being cut with a scissors, and show a face pummelling with a hammer?!?!

all said, this is a current, well-shot thriller...and there's nothing wrong with that!

-eric fredrich
"argento nerd"
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Argento Back To Basics Sept. 14 2012
By William Amazzini - Published on Amazon.com
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
I put off seeing this film because of all the negativity involving the critics and also actor Adrian Brody in the controversy of money for services rendered. I'm glad I finally got to see it and yes, it's no 'SUSPIRIA'-1977 but then again, we are not in the seventies anymore either. At that time, there were no reality TV shows showing actual autopsies or histories of serial killers or Showtime's 'DEXTER' to measure up against. Since Director Dario Argento never started out as a Horror Director per se, its fitting that he went back to his roots and you can look at the title 'GIALLO' as the name of the killer in the film or as the genre that Argento basically made famous with 'THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE'-1969 aka 'L'UCCELLO DALLE PIUME DI CRISTALLO'. All the critics seem to be looking at is a career slump but isn't it fitting that after Director Alfred Hitchcock made many masterpieces back to back that his career did the same thing? You cannot say that 'TORN CURTAIN'-1966 and 'TOPAZ'-1969 are up to par with his best. Yes, Argento did the MASTERS OF HORROR series which had his best work in years ('JENNIFER" still haunts me to this day) and then unleashed 'MOTHER OF TEARS'-2007, a flawed but still outrageous piece of filmmaking. 'GIALLO' is his best thriller since 'SLEEPLESS'- aka 'NON HO SONNO'- 2001 and has all the Argento qualities we know and love: beautifully edited and photographed sequences, strong women figures and jolting surprises. Brody is joined by Emmanuelle Seigner ( Mrs. Roman Polanski) and Elsa Pataky giving our killer a run for his money. You'll also see the credit of Roy Bava as a technician on the film joining other family members such as Lamberto and the master Mario Bava to remind us of the golden age of Italian Horrors. It also harkens back to his days without rock musicians doing the soundtracks, here the score by Marco Werba is a nicely orchestrated work and reminds us of his soundtracks with Ennio Morricone. Unfortunately, Argento went back to the Horror genre with his new 3D version of the DRACULA legend and the critics do not seem to be kind to it either. I recommend this film to lovers of Argento's work and also to thriller fans. Having met Mr. Argento and his woman of that time ,Daria Nicolodi, at the premier screening of 'SUSPIRIA' in New York all those years ago and seeing his energy and love for film, its great to see he is still creating excellent work, something that is lacking in the Horror hacks that are bombarding us with inferior product these days.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Solid Late Argento Oct. 11 2012
By J. McHenry - Published on Amazon.com
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
I don't know why this film has such a terrible rep, it is actually the best thing Argento has done in ages. Other films like The Card Player and Do You Like Hitchcock are quite wobbly, whereas here the script and direction are well in hand. My main gripe would be that at times the pacing and actions of characters seem to be a little off, but nothing as bad as in 'Hitchcock'. And once again he manages to find the best looking women - the lady playing Brody's mother is ridiculous. This is easily worth a watch, but more as a conventional cop movie with the occasional over the top bit of gore.

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