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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on May 26, 2014
I looked far and wide for a washer that would suit my needs and this little fella won. Don't be fooled by it's size. It may be small but it works hard and well.

When it arrived , I set it up and ran it ... there was a leak. I was disappointed and angry. But when I turned it upside down I could easily see the problem (a loose clamp - must have moved during shipping). Once that clamp was tightened (no tools required), the washer worked beautifully and has ever since. I bought it around Christmas time and it is now Memorial Day.

Low noise levels even when spinning. Casters make it easy to move. Steel drum is beautiful touch. Ideal for single person, or mother and child. Compact and modern. The ideal washer for city dwellers. Other companies offer more expensive machines but this one was perfect for me. Happy I choose Haier!
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on March 18, 2014
A little power washer. I live in an apartment building and just had a baby, I didn't want to wash my baby's clothes in the buildings washer (Lord No Way!!!). Compact and easy to assemble. I got it for the size because of my cramped living space. I installed it in my kitchen. Very easy to move back and forth. It did it's job. I even started washing my clothes in it
You have to be careful to wash in small piles. With trial and error, you'll know how much to wash at a time. The drum would spin in an abnormal way with weird sounds. I was lazy one day and put in a bit too much and left the apartment briefly. It damaged the drum. I called customer service (in the USA, I live in Canada). They set me up with a service tech and within less than 1week my little washer was fixed perfect. Talk about A+ customer service and repair. I never had any issues with it. I would really recommend this.
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on July 17, 2012
We live in an apartment where the washing machines usually do not operate at all, and if they do clothes are not cleaned or rinsed properly. We also have a 3 month old baby girl and a dog so there is a lot of laundry to be done.

We tried to do laundry by hand but that system did not work. Clothes were clean but it took too much time and work. After much thought and budgeting we found out about this washing machine. We read lots and lots and LOTS of reviews.

If you want more reviews to read the site sells the same product and has much more feedback than on

So to cut to the chase - here's the info you really want.

-- It arrived quickly and in perfect condition.
-- It was put together with no problems and was spinning our first load within 30 mins of arriving at our door.
-- We have used all the settings - all functioning normally.
-- Examples of loads -- 15 adult T shirts -- 4 queen sized bedsheets -- 2 big house coats/dressing gowns -- 2 big towels+a bunch of little towels/dish cloths. I am working my way to doing big blankets - which I will do one at a time.
-- As others have commented there is a bit of lint sometimes but I just have to shake the clothes to get it off - not a problem.

Here's some advice about doing the laundry in this machine and drying:

-- Start with really small loads and then work your way up.
-- Don't run the machine and then go out - in the unlikely event something bad happens you don't wanna be out when it does
-- Buy a drying rack!
-- Put everything on a hanger to dry that you can, it makes putting away the dry laundry SO easy! Especially great for shirts. My husband works out a lot so there are many shirts and shorts to wash.
-- Don't save up all your laundry to do in one big lump, do it every day or two to keep a mountain from forming.
-- You can dry big bed sheets in the bathroom easily using coat hangers than have clips on them (like the ones that come with pants in the store) I use 2-4 of the clippy coat hangers per big sheet and then hang them off the shower curtain rail.

One final note: We have only had the washing machine for a couple of weeks. If any problems develop I will come back and update this review. I was grateful for the detailed comments and reviews that I read before purchasing so will try to do the same.

Thanks for reading and Happy Laundry Day!!
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on January 11, 2013
Ordered this item from on a Thursday evening, shipped on a Friday and walked to my apartment door on the Tuesday. Within minutes I had a load of laundry on.

Super efficient washer in terms of space, power usage rating and time. Three wash settings, and an excellent spin cycle make this the perfect washer for an apartment. I dry all my clothes (even heavy towels) on a drying rack, as the spin cycle does such a great job.

Worried about drum size? 1 cubic foot does two bath towels, or 10-15 t-shirts, or a pair of jeans and 4-6 t-shirts, etc. A tiny shot of detergent does the trick. The cycle takes maybe 20 minutes.

I also put a strainer in my sink to see what is being sent down my standard kitchen sink drain, and the lint is minimal. I have had no issues with lint on the clothes after a wash.

Another efficiency with this product is the noise is very quiet. I can watch TV or stand over this machine while on the phone, without issue. The spin cycle is the loudest of course, but the machine does not shake on the floor, and the cycle lasts seconds. Should you be in an apartment above someone else, this unit should go unnoticed by your southern neighbours.

Overall, absolutely 5 star rating. I have washed blankets, towels, shirts, socks, jeans, dress pants and shirts and I have had no issue. And of course the water temperature is set manually by you with your taps - and that adds even more potential to the machine. I usually only use cold water, but it's great to know the option is there.

If you're living alone, or maybe with one other person, this unit will serve you yourself a drying rack at a department store and you're set (Or I suppose you could look at the portable dryers but I did not go that route and I'm happy with that decision). STOP THROWING MONEY INTO LAUNDRY need your quarters for parking and Mike and Ike's.
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on August 5, 2012
I have had this HLP21N washer for less than a week and abosolutley love it. My only dislike so far is that the spin cycle can be incrediably loud. So much so, that sometimes I have to turn it off before the spin cycle is complete. I've done my best to make sure the machine and loads are balanced and try not to overload it and sometimes that helps a little but not always. This is the reason I only gave it 4 stars.

My mom tried the machine out before I got it brought to me here and she said it wasn't that loud when she tried it. The only difference between it being used at my parents and here is that I have the castors on it and they had just the feet. Now that I have a spot to put the washer and will not need to move it to connect it to the sink I am going to take the castors off and put the regular feet back on and will see if that makes a difference.

I may update with a video of it being loud later. If anyone else has any experience with this or troubleshooting for masking or decreasing added noise please let me know.

Other then that this is a great little machine so far and I am thrilled I don't have to trek to the closest laudromat 20 mins away only to get there and there be no machines available. Saves me time and $ and if I get the noise thing under control I can do laundry any time I want.
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on July 1, 2014
I have had this washer for four months now and it is perfect for my needs. It is small, convenient, quiet and does a great job cleaning. I recommend it for anyone in a small apartment without in-suite laundry. Here are few tips:
- It only requires about a quarter of the detergent that you'd normally use in a regular washer. (I use about 1.5 teaspoons of Sal Suds All Purpose Cleanser Liquid-16 oz Brand: Dr. Bronners Magic Soap and some baking soda for whites, about 1/6-1/4 cup for a full load.) I also usually add about a quarter cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle, in order to dissolve any remaining soap and/or baking soda.
- The mechanism of this laundry machine causes laundry to get twisted and tangled, especially items with straps or strings. I use mesh laundry bags to solve this problem and to provide a gentler wash for my clothes.
- As others have said, if the load is too large and/or if the load is imbalanced, the machine will wobble during the spin cycle. However, it does have a safety in place that should cause it to stop in this case, to prevent damage to the machine.
- It seems that the spin cycle is faster than most conventional washing machines. After about an hour or two in the sunshine, my clothes are fully dry.
- If you see any leakage on either end of the water input hose, just tighten the plastic nuts.
- Leave the lid fully open when storing the washer to prevent mold. In particular, if you leave the two hoses inside of the drum as I do, don't partially close the lid over top of them, because this can cause some warping in the lid, which may render it unable to close properly during washing and trip the lid sensor in the middle of the cycle.
- Although my experience with this machine has been great, I don't trust it enough to leave the machine running unattended. I'm not willing to risk water damage to my apartment in the case of malfunction.
- For renters, you might want to check your renter's agreement to ensure that portable washing machines are allowed in your building.

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on September 28, 2012
This washer does its work but I wouldn't say as good as I hoped in the beginning. It never works with 3kg load and even with 2 kg it shakes terribly.

It broke after 3 months of work. Currently waiting for Haier to repair/replace it. I guess you can use it as not many alternatives. But not a Bosch quality of course.


Changed from 3 to 1 star. Specialist who came to repair it said he doesn't know how to disassemble the washer, although I told Haier the exact model of it. He said that some internal hinges broke but he can't replace them. Then he spend some 30 minutes talking via phone to some "experts" and glued hinges somehow.

Now the washer works worse and has water leak. Haier refunds only half of the washer's price even if it is defective - that what the repair guy told me. I am frustrated as you can imagine.
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on May 2, 2016
What an innovation! This wonderful item has great features. Aside from the savings that you will get by using it, it can also help the environment. It's very eco friendly. Washing clothes has never been this easy. I can even wash my clothes after bath. Very useful indeed!
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on May 13, 2013
Great for one person in an apartment - no issues - the only advice I would give is: watch your load sizes, the larger the load the noiser the spin. I love the fact that it's so flexible in cycle choices and water levels - for a little machine it sure works hard.

Love it!
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on September 5, 2012
I bought this machine from a local supplier. I was able to find it cheaper in Toronto (Pacific Mall) then then to buy on amazon after tax and shipping was added in.

I absolutely love this machine. After moving from a one bedroom with an in-suite washer and dryer system, to a two bedroom with a public coin operated laundry room I began searching for an alternative. Coin laundry is expensive! And with a new baby on the way, that we plan to cloth diaper I really wanted an alternative. After using the machine consistently for about a month I can say that it was a very smart buy.

* Very easy to hook up and unhook (we use ours with the bathroom sink and drain it into the tub)
* Cleans clothes really well
* Fits easily into the closet when not in use
* Has rolling castors so it's easy to move around
* Lots of different wash cycles and water levels
* Able to select just the rinse or spin cycle
* Long hoses and power cord
* Easy to "assemble"
* The quick sink adaptor is awesome
* No plumbing knowledge necessary, at all
* Powerful spin cycle that gets out lots of water
* Uses VERY LITTLE laundry detergent
* Energy efficient and conservative with water use
* Good sized wash tub, I can wash a good amount of clothes at once
* Easy to operate (I can even get my husband to use it!)
* Beeps when there is an error in the cycle or when the machine is done
* Turns itself off when done so power is not wasted

* Heavy, you'll need two people to unpack this thing but once it's on wheels it's a cinch to move around
* Instructions / "Assembly" directions are somewhat vague in areas (for instance, in my instructions is said nothing about the quick sink adaptor having a part that stays attached to your sink, so that you can just clip on and clip of the hose. For the first week we were screwing on and off the entire thing with a wrench, although that only took a minute, the way it is supposed to be used is so much better.)
* The floor plate (the only assembly you really need to do) does not line up well with the screw holes. This was a big pain in the butt and we were only able to get 80% of the screws in, in the end
* Spin cycle easily gets off balance. This means the machine will eventually "time out" because it cannot complete the spins. To combat this loads of clothes with similar weight is recommended (i.e.- heavies like towels), and you may still need to redistribute the weight of the items in the barrel from time to time.
* Loud spin cycle. This does not bother me but it certainly is not "quiet" as advertised. It's not deafening; I liken it to the loudness of a full-sized washer.

Over-all this is a convenient, money saving machine. We worked out that not paying for the coin-operated wash, and factoring in hydro that the portable washer would pay for itself in about 6 months. It will be even faster when the baby is born and we are washing a load of diapers every day. I'm very happy with the product and recommend it to anyone looking for a portable washer.
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