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on May 8, 2002
This guide to the TV series "Angel" is a british book by british author Keith Topping(who also did one for Buffy too called "Slayer"), and it's a good, well put together book. You will definitley have a great time with it. It is kinda funny to read it because it's british, but that's what also makes it really interesting. A british perspective on things. The book has descriptions of all the episodes for the show's first two seasons. Along with each episode, comes a number of categories with it.... which has some of the best of the nasty dialogue. It has critiques and notes from critics including the author. It also features "L.A. Speak", featuring slang used in the series. "Logic, Let Me Throw You Out This Window" is about all of the mistakes and goof ups in the show. There is even a section dealing with fashion and describes what characters were wearing and if they were good or not. Plus, there is just some dialogue. Topping really outdoes himself getting into the specifics of the mistakes, or just little details in the background or in the forefront. This guy really has a keen eye!. What would've made this book better was if there were some pictures. Nope. Not here. That is the only drawback to this exceptional book. Topping is a fan. He writes as a fan. He can be overy critical for some episodes, but isn't that a way die hard fans should be?. A great, fun read with really cool tidbits. Fans should really enjoy this!.
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on January 29, 2003
Unlike other episode guides, this book doesn't give the useless details showwing every action a character makes. For a Buffy and Angel fan such as me you probably seen every episode and season so you know what's going to happen. This book however does give you unique headings such as Logic Let Me Introduce You To This Window which features all the plot flaws, goofs and stunt double that look nothing like the actor. It also includes Dudes and Babes which takes a look at the cute guys and girls shown. The Charisma Show relives the funny and cool bits that Cordelia does. LA Speak gives quotes on the street talk seen on teh show. Designer Label highlights the fashion mistakes so when you watch the episode again you cna take a moment to laugh. It catches all the juicy details missing from regular guides and has a unique style.
I recommend this book and Slayer ( Buffy version) because of it's uniqueness and is a simply must for any fan.
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on July 6, 2003
Keith Topping is the best writer of tv episode guides in the business, and this book is another winner. What keeps Keith's guides at the top of the pile is his sense of humour and his infectious admiration for the shows he writes about. His Buffy guide, 'Slayer', is the best episode guide I've read about the show, and this book stands right alongside it as far as detail, opinion and humour go.
If you want a dry, humourless bunch of lists and facts about Angel, give this book a miss. However, if you want a well written and opinionated book with so much detail that you'll re-read it again and again, then this is the book for you. If you are an avid viewer of Angel, you'll be going back to this book frequently.
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on May 29, 2004
This is an excellent guide to seasons 1-4 of Angel. It has very interesting unknown facts. The one that I was most surprised about was that Charisma Carpenter was almost raped back when she was a cheerleader for the Chargers. But with a gun to her and her friends heads she refused to back down. For a more detailed description of this event buy the book.
I also love how it had quotes from each episode. Usually the funniest ones.
Go out and buy this now!
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on May 23, 2010
Keith Topping did an amazing job. I read his Angel and Buffy guides and loved them. I have watched those shows 4 times so far, and still discovered new things after reading the guides. He's funny, and he has done a lot of research.
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