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Invitation to the Dance

Forty Below Summer , 40 Below Summer Audio CD
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Product Description

London-Sire Records would like to introduce 40 Below Summer by giving you an Invitation To The Dance, their debut album produced by the legendary GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, Kittie). The foundation of 40 Below Summer's music can be heard in the tight, percussive drive of their rhythm section. The aggressive, yet melodic, guitar work proves forceful in its innovation and true to its roots. Powerful vocals and a strong songwriting sensibility make 40 Below Summer's Invitation To The Dance a truly memorable work of art. Songs like "Rope" and "Wither Away" effortlessly take the listener to new dimensions in hard rock. "We The People" and "Sideshow" speak to you as much as they attack your senses. Creating songs with a lasting, "real" and unparalleled emotional intensity is the signature of 40 Below Summer.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing debut. Dec 9 2003
Format:Audio CD
I have to say that this is without a doubt, one of my favorite cds. 40 Below Summer is an amazing band on so many different levels. their musical style is similar to few. try to picture a sound with a mix of old school (hed)p.e. and mudvayne. their drummer has extreme talent. he can keep time very well.
what's great about the cd is the style changes so much and the patterns in the songs change so much; it's frantic...yet, seemingly well organized. the guitar players thrive off each other, you can tell by their in-your-face guitar riffs that just go back and forth from player to player. they feed off each other and it works. their vocalist is also insanely talented. i think he holds back a little with his melody, but he has a great voice. whether he's singing, screaming, or flowing...it sounds good.
1. We the People: good opener. good live song. "we the people must jump" it's an in-your-face nu-metal anthem that Slipknot fans everywhere should love.
2. Rope: great song. the lyrics are quite depressing, but the song is great. their are some bad attempts at voice alters in this song...it's actually the only semi-weak song on the cd and it's not even that bad really, just when the voice alterings come in at the very end.
3. Still Life: this is a cool song. these guys have this cool sound that rap-rock SHOULD sound like. he's rapping, but he's screaming while doing it; so it sounds tough.
4. Wither Away: this song, i always thought, should've been a single. it's catchy. it's not as heavy as the other songs, so it leaves a lot open. this is the most radio-friendly song on the cd, this or "we the people."
5. Step into the Sideshow: this song is intense. live, it's insane. it has a punishing double-bass, anthem feel.
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5.0 out of 5 stars step into the side show March 26 2002
Format:Audio CD
this is a talented band on the rise. this album has many examples why the are the next big thing. first, in this album you get a variety of songs from "we the people" or "minus one", which a hard-hitting song that makes you eager to go into the mosh pit. then you have some mellow songs but still with the heavy riffs, for example,"wither away". then comes your songs with the rap/rock style like "step into the sideshow" which makes you want to jump up and start screaming like Max, the lead singer. you also get songs that have both a mellody and aggressive sound to it like, "falling down", which you can see how Max can scream and sing and make it sound so good. these are just some examples of how diverse this group is and thats not somthing that you can say with alot of groups out there. even though this album is excellent you cannot compare it to seeing them live. they put so much into their music, they give it all they got once their in the stage and i guaranteed you will leave with your mind blown-away from the concert, i know i did! and for those who think that theres TWO lead singers, make no mistake about it, thats just Max showing you how unique his voice is, from singing("power tool") to screaming("falling down") to rapping("step into the sideshow") to screaming/singing("rope").
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2.0 out of 5 stars Whoa, slow down here people... Feb. 5 2002
Format:Audio CD
This is a good band with lots of hard metal talent. They have passion and decent song writing ability. But they need to figure out what type of band they want to be. There is a looseness about this album that does not bode well for their future in an industry where the finished product is more important then the passion you put into it. Let's get down to it...
THE GOOD: 1)PASSION. Like I mention above, these guys play their hearts out. They yell and rock just like the pro's do. If you look hard enough, you will even find some melodies in there too. This band bears it's soul on this album. 2) TALENT. This band has the talent to make it big. Each member can play their respective instraments very well and the lead singers voice, actually there are two of them, blend well to create a powerful combo. 3)PRICE. It is not often that I can write this under "the good" section, but I found this one for like 11.99. Heck, anything under 13.99 is a good price. Nice job guys!
THE BAD: 1) SOUND. These guys sound more like musical chaos then a beginning band should. As I mentioned above, there is a looseness to the first 8 tracks or so. Everything seems all over the place and the breaks do not seem to gather the members back like a good break should. 2)EXPOSURE. I might have found this one for 11.99, but it was in a very unusual place. You might not be able to find this one out there friends and that is always a negative. 3) VOICE. Yes, the two singers do blend together nicely. But, they need to figure out what style they are trying to blend into. At times these guys seem to fight each other and the band follows them into this musical chaos. At others, they fit together nicely and the band follows them into musical order.
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3.0 out of 5 stars At Times, Very Interesting Dec 17 2001
By Troy
Format:Audio CD
First hearing 40 Below Summer the day they were signed by the imprint label of one of my least favorite bands, Slipknot, I couldn't say I was salivating for 40 Below Summer's debut, Invitation to the Dance. However hearing 40 Below's indie release, Step into the Sideshow, did show hints of creativity and talent, even if the originality factor was missed. Invitation to the Dance begins with a nice drum fill on "We the People". The song itself displays nothing worth repeating except for a nicely placed acoustic strings session that no one could expect. "Rope", at first, seems like nothing new to one who has been listening to metal since a child, but a seasoned professional easily recognizes mind-boggling drumming from Carlos Aguirre, and Max Illedge's beautiful harmony with the rest of his bandmates. Aguirre's drumming is vital to the bands overall sound. The main component that separates 40 Below Summer from the rest of the cliched nu-metal pack is their ability for song-writing which is solely dependant on the progressive drumming of one such a drummer. Max's range is beautifully displayed on tracks such as "Wither Away" and later, "Power Tool". He transists from fronting acoustic melody to hardcore screaming effortlessly on "Wither Away"; and whines, screams and sings within a span of ten seconds on "Power Tool". "Step into the Sideshow", the title track of their indie release, displays the harmony of guitar and bass rhythms. Although they may not have an abundant supply of talent, they work together well enough to escape overbearing complaint. "Falling Down" includes some of the best moments of the disc. The song writing, especially the drumming, is hilarious (I don't know how else to explain it other than hilarious). Read more ›
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5.0 out of 5 stars surprise...
Well, i dont like nu-metal and i never will but i quess i can get into 40 below summer because their music is much more then just nu-metal! Read more
Published on March 24 2004 by mangled
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT CD
This cd is one of the best Ive heard in a while. Some good tracks on it are Rejection, We the People, Rope, Falling Down and my favorite STEP INTO THE SIDESHOW. Read more
Published on March 4 2004 by MMAfan
4.0 out of 5 stars Invite me to the Dance
There are really no words to tell you how much I love this album. When you first pick it up you expect the music to be too much, almost like a hardcore band, but that's not the... Read more
Published on Dec 31 2003
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Album
I was getting gas, and who did I see come out of a camper? these guys, they looked hardcore so i started chatting up with them, and i find out they are 40 below summer, so i went... Read more
Published on Nov. 19 2003 by Kankui
4.0 out of 5 stars definitely not bad
These guys are pretty bad@ss. The vocalist has a pretty tight voice reminiscent of old school deftones stuff. Read more
Published on Sept. 11 2003 by Dark lord of all that is itchy
4.0 out of 5 stars give it more than one listen
this is one of those cds that takes awhile to get into.but once you start grooving, you wont be able to stop. Read more
Published on Aug. 26 2003 by J. Moscatello
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Amazing!
I must admit I've only liked a few numetal songs such as Wait and Bleed and Not Falling but I heard about 40BS from a buddy of mine and they're simply amazing. Read more
Published on July 12 2003 by Mike Ostrowski
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 above this summer
If you like numbers (those in the names of the bands like 36 Crazyfists), if heaviness altogether with a melodic base is what you value much then 40 Below Summer may easily be of... Read more
Published on June 6 2003 by vlad
3.0 out of 5 stars 3 and a half, actually...Good Stuff
I heard about this album from a magazine so I just went out and bought it on a whim. It's much better than i expected but not spectacular. Its def worth owning though. Read more
Published on April 24 2003 by Stevox
5.0 out of 5 stars totally awesome
if you like hardcore/metal music and are looking for a new and talented group of artists to bang yer head to, then 40 below summer has got you covered. Read more
Published on Feb. 27 2003 by "13warrior"
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