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by Jabra

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Product Information

Technical Details
Item Weight77 g
Product Dimensions9.5 x 4.8 x 8.7 cm
Item model numberCLIPPER
Weight75 grams
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Shipping Weight136 g
Date First AvailableSept. 18 2012
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HASH(0x9e1c56fc) out of 5 stars Intriguing But Not Without Issues Nov. 28 2010
By Philip R. Heath - Published on
Vine Customer Review of Free Product
While I have used a number of Bluetooth headsets over the years for hands free calling, I am just now getting into the world of stereo Bluetooth thanks to my Droid X. After having seen the Jabra Clipper on Verizon's site, I decided to give it a shot. I will focus on the music experience since that is my purpose in getting this unit. I still prefer the speakerphone option for calls. I will use the following criteria for my evaluation: pairing, sound quality, ease of use, and comfort.

Pairing: This keeps getting easier with each device that I try. After charging the Clipper, I turned it on and it went immediately into pairing mode. I was able to pair it with my Droid X simply by scanning for Bluetooth devices and selecting the Clipper - no code required. I never understood the point of entering the generic 0000 code since it was the same for every device, but that is no longer an issue - at least with the Droid X.

Sound Quality: The earbuds that come with the Clipper are in a word dreadful. I switched to the medium sized set of buds in order to get a good seal, but the sound quality of the music was just awful. It was thin, muddy, and sounded cheap. Thankfully you can unplug these duds from the Bluetooth receiver and replace them with any 3.5 mm headphones/earbuds of your liking. The downside is that you will have to spring for these on top of the Clipper if you don't already have a pair available. For testing purposes I switched to my Creative EP-830 earbuds that came with my Creative Zen X-Fi. The change in sound quality is night and day different. If you don't already have an alternative just know that you are going to have to make an additional purchase for the Clipper to be usable. I am no audiophile, but even my untrained ears found the included earbuds beyond unacceptable.

Ease of Use: Usability has long been an issue with Bluetooth devices due to the dreaded multi-function button. The Clipper only has three total buttons when the + and - are added in. These three buttons control powering on and off, volume, play/pause, navigating songs, and call management. Each button does at least two things depending on context or length/type of press. I found this to be manageable but annoying. Others may find this frustrating. If you've had bad experience with multifunction buttons on other Bluetooth devices, you can expect more of the same.

One other are of note on ease of use is the "clip" itself. It will work really well on belts and belt loops as well as on shirts with buttons or your jacket. However the Clipper is very stiff, and I found it impossible to get it on my t-shirt sleeve using one hand. Yet if you get it secured, it should be very good for active use since it passes military standards for rain and shock resistance. While it doesn't free you from wires, it will keep you from pulling your high dollar phone or music player off of the treadmill.

Comfort: This is somewhat of a non-issue based on the poor sound quality, but the included earbuds are also not comfortable. This is just another reason to replace them.

Overall: The Jabra Clipper is an intriguing if imperfect Bluetooth stereo device. You can replace the included earbuds and still come at a decent price. It is promising for active use, but suffers from the same usability issues that are common among Bluetooth devices. I think it depends on what you are looking for. A couple of alternatives to consider are the Lg HBS-700 and Motorola S10-HD. Each of these has a different form factor and target different user types. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.
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HASH(0x9e1c5924) out of 5 stars Very good all around with a couple of issues Feb. 1 2011
By MSW1 - Published on
Verified Purchase
I have a Droid X, and I bought the Clipper for very specific reasons. I've had very good mono headsets in the past (I liked the Aliph Jawbone the best), but I realized that I was talking on the phone through the headset less and less, and I was becoming very frustrated with wired headphones to listen to music and podcasts on my phone. So, I was looking for the best combo of serviceable phone headset and good music headphones, and the Clipper not only fits the bill, but is by far the lowest cost solution out there (that I could find, anyway).

The pairing and use of the Bluetooth has been very easy and no better or worse than my experience with any other modern Bluetooth device. Once paired, the Clipper has worked very well with my Droid X (both with the phone and for music with mspot or DoubleTwist), as well as my laptop, using different audio programs (Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.). As for the two main criticisms of the Clipper in the reviews (quality of earbuds and use of the clip), I've had a much better experience than many reviewers.

On the earbuds, I will acknowledge that these aren't anywhere near what you'd call high quality headphones. However, I think some of the reviews have exaggerated this. Maybe those people had fit issues, or maybe they've improved the earbuds slightly in a revision of the product (although I'm not sure why you'd "upgrade" your product from "horrible" to "mediocre"). In any event, my take on these earbuds is that they're far from the best, but they are OK, and definitely serviceable if you've lost your favorite earbuds or until you can buy a better pair.

I will say that fit is everything with the earbuds. They come with three sizes of tips, and I had to try various combinations to find the right fit (medium left ear, small right ear). If you don't get a good seal in the ear, you definitely would find these earbuds "dreadful" or "crappy," as some reviewers have. However, if/when you do get a good fit, you'll find that they are your typical, cheap earbuds. Muddy base and lacking in defined highs. But, as I said above, they'll get you through an afternoon if you don't happen to have your regular pair with you. Mids are fine, and voice calls on the phone are good with the included earbuds. Again, though, it's all in the fit.

As for the clip, I can see how some people might have issues with it. I've had no problem fitting it to any part of my clothing by holding the closed end between my right thumb and forefinger, prying the open end apart slightly (and CAREFULLY!) with my left forefinger, and using my right thumb and forefinger to hold the clip open as I slip it onto a collar or pocket (belt, strap, whatever). If you don't have strong fingers, though, this might be a deal killer for you. It does take some strength to hold the clip apart. And, as someone above said, if you just try to push it onto a shirt collar or pocket, it can be difficult get it onto stretchy material.

Because I haven't found the same problems with the earbud and clip as others have, I would say that I'm very pleased with the Clipper. The sound with my Sennheiser CX 300 earbuds is great. The call quality is very good, and the mic picks up my voice well when the clip is attached and I'm speaking normally. And, in my opinion, the best feature of all is that the part of every Bluetooth headset that frustrates most and fails first (the earpiece) is entirely interchangeable, so this solution should last much longer than any Bluetooth headset I've had in the past.
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HASH(0x9e1c5e64) out of 5 stars I like it, but not perfect. March 30 2011
By Palm Trees - Published on
Verified Purchase
As a person who works frequently on the road, often with long drives involved, I was looking for something exactly like this. Here are my experiences with the Jabra CLIPPER bluetooth Headset.

No issue linking with my laptop, my desktop for music listening, no dropouts, using a high end set of ear buds, this is perfect for keeping the volume down in the house so as not to annoy others yet giving me the freedom to get up and down from my office chair, move about the office for printing, faxing and scanning, all while listening to anything and everything available through my home technology.

No issue connecting to my first gen Motorola Droid, and with the high end ear buds and a free Android application, I'm able to listen to high quality MP3 music between calls/conversations. This is great for me as I drive a convertable and it can be annoying to listen to the sound system at the higher volume required when highway driving.

The fact that everything is contained in the small clip unit, it is very nice to be able to have the freedom it provides.

The mic is pretty good and most people say I sound fine on their end. Note that I do keep it at collar height when wearing it.

The size makes it extremely portable, I keep mine in an earbud case in my glove box.

It uses a standard micro-USB input for charging which is now very common on modern cell phones. In my case, it takes the same charger as my Droid so I only require one cord in my vehicle.

I do experience occasional sound drop outs with the Droid. Not present on the PC or laptop so it may be related to the power output of the Motorola phone's bluetooth signal more than an issue with this unit.

As everyone seems to mention, the clip is both too tight, and doesn't open far enough for thicker clothing. I resolved this quite easily by keeping a lanyard handy. The one I use is leather with an adjustable lenght once on so I can pull the unit closer to my mouth for calls. I keep it under my shirt for general use since the mic isn't needed.

The earbuds that come with this unit are like most OEM-included sets. If you're only going to use this for calls, the quality is fine, for music and video however, the first thing to do is use a high quality set of buds or headphones.

Some have complained that the smooth satin black finish mars easily. Since the finish is flat, it's usually a smudge or smear and easily wipes off with a damp cloth. Mine has held up well after a month or so of continual use.

In closing, there aren't a lot of options out there that combine the small size, quality sound (overall) and a standard charging jack. It's not perfect but I'm more than satisfied with it and a number of my friends and associates like it enough to go out and get their own. If you're on the fence and looking for perfection, you may not find it in this or comparable units. If you don't mind the few negatives I and others have mentioned, this may be perfect for you.
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HASH(0x9e1c5eb8) out of 5 stars A word of warning for line-of-sight Jan. 6 2012
By M. Johnson - Published on
Verified Purchase
Just got this item. I was interested in having something where I could place my phone in my backpack (camelbak) and while mountain biking or hiking I could listen to music and/or answer the phone. THIS IS NOT THE PRODUCT FOR THAT! Any body part that gets in the way of direct line-of-sight will cause COMPLETE interruption. They advertise their product very wisely to show the phone/mp3 player on the same side of the body as the BT clip. I even tried just putting my phone in my cargo pant pocket while hiking and every time my leg went back the signal would cut out. I have a Zephyr BT HR monitor that has no problem staying connected while my phone is in my backpack. IMO this Jabra product has to be located on your body as much as it is no different than having a corded headphone set.

Motorola Droid2G
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HASH(0x9d4d0060) out of 5 stars Great option for disconnected Listening May 16 2012
By Bedazzeled - Published on
Verified Purchase
Just a few things I wanted to reiterate from the helpful reviews I read before buying this product.

First, the headphones that come with the unit ARE horrible, throw them away. I was in your position thinking how can they be that bad, at least i will use them for a backup set or something. I was wrong, they might fit ok but the sound is worse than what you get from the stock apple headphones, Horrible! Luckily I don't think they are a major reason anyone buys this product, there is a standard headphone jack and replacing them is an easy as pulling out your favorite pair. Even headsets with a mic work fine, though the controls on them do not and the in line mic is not functional(I use the klipsch s4i).

Second, The clip is a little annoying. At first it is hard to force it on to things because of how tight it closes and the rubber grips. After a while it can get a little loose. I clip it to the back pocket of my jeans and after a few months it can become unclipped when i brush against things.

Third, there are some limitations to bluetooth, or at least for this device. I mostly use this clip to stream music i have stored on my ipad. I ride the train to work and listen to music while i read or whatever but when it comes time to get off the train I don't want to have to stop the music. The ipad goes in my backpack and the clip on the back pocket of my jeans. The limitation is the signal will not make it "through" you. If you are in an enclosed space like a building or car it will work great in your front pocket as there are plenty of different things for the signal to bounce off. However with the source in a backpack and the clip on the front of your shirt it will not work well in an open area like the street. To remedy this I started carrying it on my back and problem solved.

And that's it for complaints. The internal amp is not as good as the ipad's but it's acceptable. The volume and battery life is also pretty good as noted in the other reviews. I have owned mine for about 6 months without and issues or defects. I feel like this is a great alternative to buying a dedicated pair of bluetooth headphones because if the bluetooth or the headphones break they can be replaced easy and with less cost. Plus if you are like me you are always going to want the fidelity you get from a wired connection when it is available and with this you don't even have to take off your cans when you need to switch.