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Jason Goes to Hell

VHS Tape
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Now before I rewview, I want to thank amazon. When I bought this DVD from a store, there was a JUMBO size crack in it! I whent back to the store, but they wouldn't give me my money back!!!!!!
Amazon gave me this DVD at a nice low price. Thanks! Now, to the movie. Jason is tricked and blown up by the F.B.I. He is belevied to be dead, but he's evil spirt( which turns out to be a fake looking demon) goes to a diffrent body. Many murder's are commited by Jason, and every one now think he is alive again. The Boundy Hunter Duke says he knows how to kill Jason once and for all. He teams up with Jason's sister and her daughter, because only a blood reletive can kill Jason. What I liked about the film the most is that it had the feel of Friday the 13th 3 and 4, the first "real" Jason movies. Sure people will won't agree with that, but you just need to wach the film for yourself and wach the old ones to see what I mean. I hate it when people say this is bad. Here are some complant's I have heard.
Jason jumps body's: So? It's trying to be scary, it's a horror movie. Do you think every horror film will be the same?
Jason's a demon: Well he alway's acted like a demon to me. He runs around killing people with a hockey mask on.
Jason has a sister: Hey his Dad left him, don't you think he got remarried?
Deleted secencs: I saw those sence, they were not a big deal. the Tree Trunk Demons looked fake.
They made a sequel: They made other movies with Jason in them but they never did another Friday film. Jason X does not have Friday the 13th in the title so it's not a Friday film.
Well that's it. You'll like this film if you liked the old ones. 80'S FAN'S REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great flick April 23 2004
"Jason Goes to Hell" takes a pleasant turn from cheesy slasher genre horror to an action movie. Starting off with an ultra-cool scene where a special FBI team blows Jason apart with bombs and machine guns, "The Final Friday" proves itself to be a worthy flick. The plot is relatively simple (I think it's been done before, but what the hell): Jason's body is gone so his soul goes into others' bodies and they turn into him. Like I said...simple.
There are a few parts where I was disappointed: I paid 7.50 to see this movie entitled "JASON Goes to Hell"...yet Jason was in the movie for a maximum of ten minutes. I was cheering with joy when the big lug came onscreen with his machete in the first few minutes, and I was cheering again when he returned at the end.
Jason seems to have lost his superhuman strength, as well: I mean, what the hell? Jason could have snapped that guy in half at the end but instead just toys around with him by whacking him a few times with a stick and a shovel (you'll see what I mean when you watch it).
There are a few plot holes, too: are we really supposed to believe that Jason has been body-hopping for all this time? (Though that might explain what happened to Paul in Friday the Thirteenth Part 2).
Something that really actually pleased me when I bought the DVD was the gore factor! Check out the unrated version and see what REALLY happens to the girl in the tent. Instead of just a little spray of blood, the Coroner impales her and rips her in half vertically.
I was also really pleased with the actors and actresses: Steven Williams was PERFECT for the role as Creighton Duke! I love that guy! He's funny, creepy, and awesome all at the same time. John De LeMay as Steven was great, too: he did well as the unlikely hero.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Still a better movie overall than past F13 films. March 22 2004
Let's get one thing straight: In Jason Goes to Hell, Jason does NOT go to hell until the very end of the movie. Unless you mean, "blown to hell," in which case he's blown to hell right at the beginning of the film. And that's sort of a summary of how Jason fans feel about this movie. You either love it for what it is, or hate it for what it tried to be.
The ninth in the series of Friday the 13th movies, this movie tries to explain why Jason's an unstoppable killing machine. Apparently, a weird little two-legged demon lives in his heart, making him unstoppable. Jason is finally caught in a trap by the FBI, who use a female decoy to lure him into an ambush. The FBI blows him to pieces. The End.
Well, not quite. The coroner examining Jason's remains is suddenly possessed by a strange urge to eat Jason's heart. That puts the demon into Mr. Coroner, who goes on a killing spree. He has but one goal: to reenter the body of another Voorhees. And Jason's sister is the first target.
"Through a Voorhees was he born... through a Voorhees may he be reborn... and only by the hands of a Voorhees will he die."
What, you didn't know Jason had a sister (played by Erin Gray)? Surprise! And his sister had a daughter. And her daughter has a baby too, which ups the stakes.
This is perhaps the only movie to feature Jason the least, because, well he's just not Jason if he's not wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete. Instead, this movie turns into a zombie flick.
There are other characters of little consequence, but some are entertaining. The town of Crystal Lake has definitely gotten used to Jason being around - one diner makes Jason-style hamburgers and everything on the menu has something to do with the renowned serial killer.
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Most recent customer reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
One if my all time favs!
Published 2 months ago by Sheena Gauchier
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome movie
now I have them all!!! took me a while but I now have the full series, and this one is one of my favorites, its a bit different and if your in it just to see Jason then you might... Read more
Published 9 months ago by Christian Bertin
5.0 out of 5 stars A very good movie
This movie was a great addition to the Friday the 13th series. It has a lot of good action sequences.
Published 12 months ago by Marlon Schmitt
5.0 out of 5 stars Review for Jason Goes to Hell
I received my movie last week. It was in excellent condition. There was a small tear in the DVD case and liner note. Read more
Published 16 months ago by Patrick Brochu
3.0 out of 5 stars LONG starting credits!
Firstly, this movie unquestionably has THE LONGEST starting credits of all time. It just goes on and on and on seemingly forever. Read more
Published 23 months ago by Dogbury
2.0 out of 5 stars part 9
this ninth movie is in the Friday the 13th series,pretty much ignores
the previous ones.sure,it's still Jason,and he still psychopath with a
hockey mask. Read more
Published on May 30 2009 by falcon
1.0 out of 5 stars One of the worst movies I have had the misfortune to view.
I can't believe there was ever a sequel that involved Jason in it. Jason sucks. He's just a retard carrying a machete walking around spilling people's guts all over some girl's... Read more
Published on Sept. 18 2005 by RICK
1.0 out of 5 stars Unworthy of your valuable time
"Jason Goes To Hell" blatantly rips off "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." It doesn't even attempt to cover it up. Read more
Published on July 1 2004 by Brennon A. Slattery
3.0 out of 5 stars Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday
I'm extremely suprised that this film wasn't half bad.Ok sure the characters weren't memorable and the dialogue wasn't great, but I thought the whole possession thing was kinda... Read more
Published on June 3 2004 by Mac
2.0 out of 5 stars Horrible sequel what were they thinking
How could anyone think that Jason was dead. That killer in it was smart in saying he's not but what makes the world think he can stop Jason. Read more
Published on May 28 2004 by Mr. Bey
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