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Jason Goes to Hell

VHS Tape
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome movie Jan. 14 2014
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
now I have them all!!! took me a while but I now have the full series, and this one is one of my favorites, its a bit different and if your in it just to see Jason then you might be disappointed, this movie focus on the evil within Jason so to speak, he body jumps possessing people and using them to kill. I did not have to wait to long for this to arrive and when it did it was in perfect condition.
so glad they kept the original cover unlike some of the other movies where they made new covers.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A very good movie Oct. 25 2013
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
This movie was a great addition to the Friday the 13th series. It has a lot of good action sequences.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Review for Jason Goes to Hell June 12 2013
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
I received my movie last week. It was in excellent condition. There was a small tear in the DVD case and liner note. The movie itself was just like I remembered it, campy and losts of fun.
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3.0 out of 5 stars LONG starting credits! Nov. 7 2012
By Dogbury
Firstly, this movie unquestionably has THE LONGEST starting credits of all time. It just goes on and on and on seemingly forever. For those who manage to get passed that without stopping the movie, the rest of the story is no different from all the other Friday the 13ths. Ultra-low budget slasher, good gore, bad acting, and in this one, a solid definitive death for Jason Vorhees. A nice conclusion to the series. Jason is more in spirit possessing people, than in physical form but it's still a good ol'fasion slasher.
For the first time ever, I wish there was an "Alternate Beginning" for this movie. Really, the starting credits are a true test of one's patience...
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2.0 out of 5 stars part 9 May 30 2009
By falcon
this ninth movie is in the Friday the 13th series,pretty much ignores
the previous ones.sure,it's still Jason,and he still psychopath with a
hockey mask.but otherwise there isn't a lot of similarity.for one
thing,in this one they offer an explanation for his unstoppable
evil.it's an interesting explanation,but it adds things to the lore
that were not in the previous movies,except fro a very brief hint in
the 6th or 7th one,i can't recall which.anyway,this movie starts off
very promising,but loses traction and end up becoming boring save for a
few exciting moments.i viewed the unrated version and it's pretty
graphic in its violence.i thought this was slightly better than the
previous effort,Jason Takes Manhattan,but only slightly.for me,Jason
goes to Hell is a 2/5
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Now before I rewview, I want to thank amazon. When I bought this DVD from a store, there was a JUMBO size crack in it! I whent back to the store, but they wouldn't give me my money back!!!!!!
Amazon gave me this DVD at a nice low price. Thanks! Now, to the movie. Jason is tricked and blown up by the F.B.I. He is belevied to be dead, but he's evil spirt( which turns out to be a fake looking demon) goes to a diffrent body. Many murder's are commited by Jason, and every one now think he is alive again. The Boundy Hunter Duke says he knows how to kill Jason once and for all. He teams up with Jason's sister and her daughter, because only a blood reletive can kill Jason. What I liked about the film the most is that it had the feel of Friday the 13th 3 and 4, the first "real" Jason movies. Sure people will won't agree with that, but you just need to wach the film for yourself and wach the old ones to see what I mean. I hate it when people say this is bad. Here are some complant's I have heard.
Jason jumps body's: So? It's trying to be scary, it's a horror movie. Do you think every horror film will be the same?
Jason's a demon: Well he alway's acted like a demon to me. He runs around killing people with a hockey mask on.
Jason has a sister: Hey his Dad left him, don't you think he got remarried?
Deleted secencs: I saw those sence, they were not a big deal. the Tree Trunk Demons looked fake.
They made a sequel: They made other movies with Jason in them but they never did another Friday film. Jason X does not have Friday the 13th in the title so it's not a Friday film.
Well that's it. You'll like this film if you liked the old ones. 80'S FAN'S REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday June 4 2004
By Mac
I'm extremely suprised that this film wasn't half bad.Ok sure the characters weren't memorable and the dialogue wasn't great, but I thought the whole possession thing was kinda interesting.Even though Jason wasn't in the whole film it was still interesting.(SPOILERS)One scene I liked was the part when the man started breaking that boy's fingers before he would tell him any info.I also like the whole backstory about Jason only being able to be killed by a Voorhees or brought back by one.My most favorite part was the ending.(SPOILERS)Freddy's claw coming up and grabbing Jason's mask.It was great!You may not like it as much if your an average viewer, but check this one out.Supposedly the last of Jason's gore-fests as he writhes in hellfire facing the long legacy of murder splattering his resume.(6/10)
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2.0 out of 5 stars Horrible sequel what were they thinking May 28 2004
By Mr. Bey
How could anyone think that Jason was dead. That killer in it was smart in saying he's not but what makes the world think he can stop Jason. I was really disappointed with this one even though my standards for Friday movies are extremely low. I really only watched this for the end part when Freddy's hand pulls Jason into hell and belive me it wasn't worth it one bit.
Another horrible thing about this movie was it's cast. That fat diner owner was so stupid with the whole Vorhees Birger and Jason fries. When Jason came in there I was so happy when all of them were killed. This one was really disappointed when I saw this and it isn't even worht the two star rating I gave it.
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