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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 6, 2004
I've got a story for all of you about this movie: In 1982, at the tender age of eight, I was brought along by my ol' man to see this movie at the City Cinema Duplex on a Saturday Afternoon.
Now all that week in school, I had been bombarded by "Just Say No" propaganda geared to scare an urchin like me straight. They scared me a little TOO well. All that week, I was afraid some skeevy freak was gonna dose my Orange Juice with some Orange Sunshine and turn me -against my will- into a slobbering, murdering mutant scum like Tony Montana from "Scarface."
When I see Mark Blankfield, aka Dr. DANIEL Jekyll, dicing up some blow... er, a sample of his SERUM, I start getting nervous. Why would my pop bring me to some awful, AWFUL movie that plumbed the depths of the seedy underworld of NARCOTICS? Bear in mind I was eight, and had yet to learn of "Reefer Madness." Long story short: Blankfield snorts the blow and undergoes the hideous, diabolic metamorphosis INTO... Frank Zappa with gold chains and MOOD RINGS???
When he flashed his gold plated tooth with the "LOVE" engravement, I proceeded to laugh my baby-smooth ASS off. I even told my pop after the film, "That guy looked like one of your hippie friends!" That made my pop laugh even harder!
Bless this goofy little film! Blessed be the show-stopping number, "Hyde's Got Nothing to Hide!" And pity poor George "West Side Story" Chakiris for his hapless cameo! "J&K Together Again" helped me get over my paralyzing phobia of drugs. NO, I'm not a stoner. It's no classic, but it's a damned sight better than "Porky's" or "Police Academy!" THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!!!
Mark Blankfield is da Shizzle, and he deserved a more rewarding comedic career. (I mean, CHEVY CHASE? Eyyyyuck!) I wish it would come out on DVD, 'cause seeing the original film release I KNOW there's cutscenes I don't have on VHS!
I say with great pride that I am addicted to this film for life!
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on April 14, 2002
OMG!!! I can't believe I finally found it !!! I've been looking for this movie for almost 20 years! I first seen it on video back in the days of BetaMax VCRs. We sold our Beta long ago and the movies we had for it with it. I haven't been able to find this one on VHS, I even tried to have Hastings order it and they couldn't find it either.
It's an absolute must see, my personal comedy favorite! This movie is hillarious with continuous jokes. You have to watch it several times, because I found new things in it every time I saw it (maybe I missed stuff while I was rolling on the floor holding my belly because it hurt so much from laughing).
Mark Blankfield plays the shy Dr. Daniel Jekhyll who drinks this concoction that doesn't turn him into a murderous monster but actually into this hillarious, lovable while annoying sex-crazed potion-junkie. He hooks up with this punk-singer/prostitute chick who work's at Madam Woo Woo's and comes to Jekhyll at the Hospital for help. Great psychedelic effects and non-stop comedy. Not recommended for little kids, though.
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on April 3, 2002
I can't believe I finally found this movie. It has been my own personal "lost ark". I have been looking for it for about 10 years. The first time I saw "Jekyll & Hyde...together again" was in the summer of 1983 or '84. I was about 11 or 12 years old, and I watched it at my buddy's house on cable. We must have watched it like 10 times that summer. In the late 80's/early 90's it would show up every once in awhile on the Gilbert Gottfried show, "Up All Night" on the USA Channel. This movie is HILARIOUS. The stars of the movie aren't exactly household names, but a few of them went on to do other movies. Bess Armstrong was in a few movies in the '80s, although the only one that comes to mind is "Jaws 3". Also, I am pretty sure the woman that plays "Ivy", was also in "Little Darlings". Although most of the movies of the early 80's are truly forgettable, this one is a comedy treasure. My advice---Buy It NOW. Good luck trying to find it at Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.
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on October 25, 2001
Okay, this is by no means a work of staggering genius, but it's still pretty damn funny. And, it has pedigree, too! It was co-written by Monica Johnson, who helped Albert Brooks pen such classics as "Modern Romance" and "Lost In America" and it was directed by Jerry Belson, who wrote, among other things, the hilarious film, "Smile," many episodes of "Happy Days," & helped create "The Tracy Ullman Show." It's a spoof of R. L. Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," in which Mr. Hyde is essentially your typical coked-up, '70s gold-chain wearing party animal. Mark Blankfield stars, doing a character he developed on the short-lived ABC "Saturday Night Live" clone "Fridays." As this was made at the dawn of the '80s, our nation hadn't been gripped by "Just Say No" fever. Remember, coke was THE hip drug in the '70s, before it's users became drug casualties in the '80s. So, it definitely treats coke without nearly as much seriousness as it warrants now... not that it endorses drug use at all. As with other zany comedies from the late '70s, early '80s, it's VERY politically incorrect with it's jokes on dope and sex. But, it does deliver the laughs as long as you're not the sensitive type. The comedy is very broad and silly, not highbrow in the least. Perhaps it will appear slightly quaint or dated these days, so one might want to approach it with the same attitude one would approach Cheech & Chong's movies. But, to reiterate, it is VERY FUNNY.
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on December 15, 1998
Mark Blankfield was brilliant in his interpretation of "Drugs are US" in the show "Fridays". He brings that briliance to this film. All of us that grew up in the "drug age" will recognize a few people that we know in the "Mr Hyde" character. Our family has run the entire gamit of emotions on this one. We go from loving hating not being able to find it. Logging onto was our savior. We finally found this movie so that we could buy it and watch whenever we want to. Buy it or rent won't be disappointed!!
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on November 12, 2003
Of course,I've seen the Film first in 1994 running on a german TV-Channel called "Kabelkanal".A friend of mine told me some scenes about it and I had to lough and lough.One Day later,I switched through the Channels,and saw the first scene!I couldn't believe:It runs at 15.00!I switched on the VCR and wondered,watching the film,"How could this be?".I had to lough and lough and lough and... in a short way:I saw the film about a hundred and fifty times (every time expecting a new joke!),untill I lost the video...That was in 1998,since then I'm searching for it...
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on April 15, 2002
I'm so happy I was able to find it again. This movie is a non-stop funny. I can't wait to get my hands on the tape I just ordered, I'm going to watch it over and over again. Mark Blankfield (from the SNL type show Fridays) is absolutely hilarious. "What's your name? Hyde. Just Hyde? No first name? No, my parents lacked imagination." The transformation scene, after he takes the powder, is absolutely genius. There is not a single scene in this movie that I didn't have to laugh out loud.
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on April 3, 2000
Dear American Father. The day will soon come when you must see Jekyll. This movie has not evolved an inch from the slime that spawn it. With this movie you can make the wine of love my pumpkin princess. I'm shopping for YOU! Have I told you how much I love this movie? That's only because I love jekyll. This movie is barely used. Official price: ALOT! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to my.....Lab.
p.s- Thank you for the comb
How Sweet!
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on July 2, 2003
It's a wonder that Mark Blanchfield didn't become an instant superstar after his performance in this movie. Jim Carrey's mask comes close but this film was the original Mark was also hillarious in the 80~82 SNL rip off series called Friday's where he appeared as the high strung pharmacist. The Friday series also spun off Seinfields Kramer (Michael Richards). This movie is old but it still holds up well. It's ashame that they don't have it on DVD yet.
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on May 12, 1999
I watched this video for the first time with a bunch of friends. I still can't get over how hard we laughed, even for weeks after watching this movie. Because this movie is filled with hilarious one-liners that can be eclipsed by the extremely outrageous visuals and great physical comedy, you'll want to see this movie over and over again. If you love to laugh and you appreciate absolute absurdity, you will want to buy this film NOW!!
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