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I Know What You Did Last Summer

Jennifer Love Hewitt , Sarah Michelle Gellar , Jim Gillespie    R (Restricted)   VHS Tape
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Just what the world needs, another riff on that post-Psycho horror cliché: the slasher movie. In this version, which considerably dumbs down the Lois Duncan book, the bad guy chases naughty teenagers with a hook, all the while dressed as a dark version of the Gorton's fisherman. They seem to have killed someone in a car accident while out partying, and a price must be paid. Nothing new is added to the genre, though it would be unfair not to note that this does have some scary moments. That is about all it has, because as much as this wanted to be another Scream, it hasn't the heart or the script. It does, however, have the requisite cast of small-screen stars (including Party of Five's Jennifer Love Hewitt and Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar) to have snagged box-office success, spawning a sequel. --Rochelle O'Gorman

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1.0 out of 5 stars best acting duo since lemmon and mathau Aug. 25 2003
By timmy
There is actually a very entertaining performance given by Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage in this film, which steals the show totally away from Sarah Michelle Gellar's thighs, Ryan Phillippe's sensitivity, and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s hunkiness. The at times comically over-the-top pair of actors do a massive work-out throughout the film, being that they have to keep the audience from ever realizing how dull and unoriginal the movie is. The cleavage twosome do their job very well at times, although I think they've done better in lighter films like Heartbreakers. Still, their performance is proof that if you can distract the audience, they will walk away believing they actually saw a great movie.
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5.0 out of 5 stars What a screamer June 11 2004
I must say that I loved the movie, but the movie was based on the novel so f the writer. No the writer used a completley different plot, same main characters yes. The book didn't even metioned fisherman, so why changed the plot. There are numerous reasons, writer of novel, Lois Duncan would not allow it, hell if you read the book you would already know who the killer is, and then the movie would've sucked terribly, f the sequel no way that was going to help it, so forget about the blockbuster movie award for young and beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt, which was what a big help on what made her what she is today. Reason why this movie is my favorite horror thriller because this isn't one of those big breasted chick flick horror films this is a what would you do horror flick. Picture it, after you and your friends got totally drunked at some party and you hit a guy at the curve at night. It wasn't a hit and run, they stopped the car exactly when they hit the guy, so which means they weren't that drunk, good choice. They checked if the guy was alive, his face was all mest up, now just imagine if you showed that guy's face in the courtroom today, no jury would have take their case. Why Willis would put them in the chair well he just killed his dead daughter's husband and then brutally got hit by a car what do you think. There was no dumb scenes in the film like for instance the classic scream, a movie I own, the scene when the scream killer was in the grocery store dressed as the killer, if the 2 kids with masks got caught in school why not a grocery store. I would recomenned anybody to watch I know what you did last summer and to read the book and ps. I heard on a triligy.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining, but not very scary... April 13 2004
By Danny
Before this film, Kevin Williamson wrote the superior teeny-bopping "Sceam," which spawned countless imitators in the wake of it's success. "I Know..." was one of the first and was also written by Williamson. I think what makes this a lesser film than "Scream" is that Williamson was out to write a no-holds-barred horror movie, whereas "Scream" had horror elements, but was mostly a love note in the form of parody to his favorite genre. I think he figured he had the teenage market by the balls, so he wanted to prove something. He failed. It's not scary at all.
What makes this movie so entertaining is the way it's filmed. It's a nice-looking movie, but not in the "glossy" sense. The style is in the same vein as "Halloween 4;" vibrant blues and shadowy backgrounds. So the cinematography gets a perfect 10 from me. The acting isn't too bad. Hewitt is definitely a better screamer than Neve Campbell and Gellar is good as her ditzy buddy. Ryan Phillippe plays the macho-type well for such a whimpy looking guy. But, Freddie Prinze Jr. brings nothing to the table. Doe-eyed in every scene, he looks more confused than frightened. And his dialogue is simply forced.
The idea for the killer must have looked great on paper: shifty psycho who wears raincoat and has a hook for a hand. What could have become a classic horror character turns out to be a real bumbler. The killer also comes equipped with a teleportation device. One minute he's there; you turn your head for a split second and he's suddenly gone. Talk about cliche.
Regardless, it's entertaining in that stupid kind of way. You may feel a bit dumber after seeing it, but you can always take comfort in the fact that it's a pretty decent-looking film.
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Make no mistake: this is hardly a faithful adaptation of the novel by the same name. Not that that's an entirely bad thing, though... as a young teenager, I absolutely LOVED all of Lois Duncan's novels, with one or two exceptions... including _I Know What You Did Last Summer_. The storyline lacked the kind of intense, suspensful pace that made her other novels flow so well, and I just never connected with the characters.
So, not exactly the kind of story you could make a deep, provocative movie with. Perhaps wisely, the screenwriters chose to make this a horror movie. But I honestly believe they could have done better.
IKWYDLS is your typical teens-make-mistake-that-bites-them-in-the-arse slash-em-up horror flick. Hardly original, but you know, Hollywood is driven by money, and it's not like this film did all that terrible considering what it probably cost to make.
Which isn't to say that they deserve any slack for making a bad movie, because that's more or less what this is: a bad movie. It's only worth sitting through if you're curious, and even then, you might be sorry. Aside from a completely unoriginal story and script, the acting, to say the least, leaves something to be desired. Jennifer Love Hewitt is unquestionably babely, and may be a sweetheart, but she's not a great actress, so the fact that she played the main character of Julie only makes it more difficult to connect to this movie. Sarah Michelle Gellar, on the other hand, is an AMAZING actress, but is unfortunately confined to a rather stereotypical supporting role (and, if you've seen enough horror movies, I don't think I have to tell you how her story arc goes).
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5.0 out of 5 stars I Know...
Great 90's teen slasher film... If you liked Scream 1-3 or Urban Legend then you'll like this movie for sure... Check out I Still Know What You Did Last Summer as well!
Published on Aug. 15 2008 by Summer_Nights
5.0 out of 5 stars MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!
I LOVE THIS MOVIE! IT WAS FANTASTIC! the acting was excellent the plot was good the kills were creepy and with not too much gore. Read more
Published on July 8 2005 by "vampire_slayer"
5.0 out of 5 stars I Know What You Did Last Summer
It was even scarier than Scream. I loved the movie and the acting was realy good.
If you see this movie you are going love it...and you will never want to drive again...
Published on July 19 2004
2.0 out of 5 stars Next Time That You Decide To Hide A Body - Think Again
Great stars...excellent script with bone chilling scenes. A MUST SEE MOVIE.
Published on June 30 2004 by Nick Rocco
5.0 out of 5 stars If you leave a man for dead, make sure he's really dead!!
When a group of four graduates, who are getting ready to part company for summer, go for a late night drive, the driver is drunk. He hits a man. Read more
Published on June 29 2004 by Robin M Goffinet
5.0 out of 5 stars this is the only horror movie i like
I saw way back in 1998 and I loved it. Yeah that's right it's not really scary but more of a thriller. All actors plays thier parts very good. Read more
Published on June 18 2004
Published on May 24 2004
4.0 out of 5 stars An Ultimate Thrill Ride.
This film may not outshine Scream or Halloween, but it is one definately good entry to the horror genre. The plot is twisting and wonderfully compelling. Read more
Published on April 27 2004 by Ryne Williams
5.0 out of 5 stars I Know What you Did Last Summer: A Great Movie
"I Know What You Did Last Summer", in my opinion, was very scary at some points. After the first hour of boredom and getting through learning who the characters were, I... Read more
Published on April 9 2004 by Adam S. Johnson
1.0 out of 5 stars Cliched crap on the Scream bandwagon
I thought the Scream movies sucked, but this was scraping dirt where the bottom of the barrel used to be. Read more
Published on Feb. 23 2004 by Johny Bottom
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