Lambda Awards Long List, 2010, Bisexual Category

A Listmania! list by Graham Worthington (Toronto, Canada)
1.  Alcestis by Katharine Beutner
The list author says:
  "Beutner has elevated a relatively minor character in Greek mythology to a major player. Taking center stage in this debut novel is Alcestis, the fabled “good wife” who sacrificed herself in order..."
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Zorn: A Legend of the Days to Come
2.  Zorn: A Legend of the Days to Come by Graham Worthington
The list author says:
  "In the year 2035 it's cool to be bisexual - or at least pretend to be - and cool to be young, but to be both and on holiday in France is the coolest of all."
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Cut Hand
3.  Cut Hand by Mark Wildyr
The list author says:
  "Billy Strobaw’s world turns on its axis at his surprising and unexpected physical reaction to a young Indian he and two traveling companions take captive. The handsome warrior, Cut Hand, not only..."
CDN$ 15.96   Used & New from: CDN$ 0.27

4.  Doublecrossed by Susan X Meagher
The list author says:
  "Trying to figure out the rules of her first lesbian relationship is a difficult task for Callie Emerson. She and her lover worked long and hard on coming up with a set of rules that both of them..."
CDN$ 12.99   Used & New from: CDN$ 11.21

Fall Asleep Forgetting
5.  Fall Asleep Forgetting by Georgeann Packard
The list author says:
  "Fall Asleep Forgetting focuses an eclectic group of intertwined people living in a small Long Island beach town during one hazy summer. Once you start reading Fall Asleep Forgetting, Georgeann..."
CDN$ 31.48   Used & New from: CDN$ 2.83

Freak Parade
6.  Freak Parade by Marilyn Jaye Lewis
The list author says:
  "In Freak Parade Marilyn Jaye Lewis takes the reader on an exciting romp through a Manhattan of the very recent past that is surely as extinct as the days of trolley cars and vaudeville. The action..."
CDN$ 54.55
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The Great Lover
7.  The Great Lover by Jill Dawson
The list author says:
  "'Moving, intelligent, beautifully written and hugely enjoyable' -- Sunday Times. 'Dawson brilliantly evokes Brooke's volatility, his inner dissolution and ultimate breakdown.' -- Independent."
CDN$ 17.54   Used & New from: CDN$ 0.01

Imperial Bedrooms
8.  Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis
The list author says:
  "Ellis explores what disillusioned youth looks like 25 years later in this brutal sequel to Less Than Zero. Clay, now a screenwriter, returns at Christmas to an L.A. that looks and operates much as..."
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Krakow Melt
9.  Krakow Melt by Daniel Allen Cox
The list author says:
  "Krakow Melt is Syd Barrett crossed with the Polish queer nation, a rollicking and heart-pounding urban jump through some grim realities and fine prose stylings."
CDN$ 13.10   Used & New from: CDN$ 1.42

The Lunatic The Lover And The Poet: A Novel
10.  The Lunatic The Lover And The Poet: A Novel by Myrlin Hermes
The list author says:
  "Did Shakespeare write all of his plays? Who are the dark lady and the beautiful young man of Shakespeare’s sonnets? Was there a threesome involved? Is Hamlet mad or just pretending? This witty..."
CDN$ 12.26   Used & New from: CDN$ 0.01

The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes
11.  The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes by Linda Alvarez
The list author says:
  "Linda Alvarez is the editor of the anthologies Dyke the Halls: Lesbian Erotic Christmas Tales and Best Date Ever: True Stories that Celebrate Lesbian Relationships. She lives in New York."
CDN$ 12.64   Used & New from: CDN$ 4.37

The Mikvah Queen
12.  The Mikvah Queen by Jennifer Fink
The list author says:
  "The Mikvah Queen is an intense meditation on the female body its contamination and purification, and who gets to control those concepts but at heart it s also a story of compelling friendship..."
CDN$ 18.55   Used & New from: CDN$ 12.04

The Petting Zoo: A Novel
13.  The Petting Zoo: A Novel by Jim Carroll
The list author says:
  "Carroll’s first novel is, unfortunately, his last. A poet, memoirist, and punk rocker, Carroll died in 2009. His poetry was published in the Paris Review, and his journal entries, collected in..."
CDN$ 26.00   Used & New from: CDN$ 2.93
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Spanking New
14.  Spanking New by Clifford Henderson
The list author says:
  "Yearning for life, Spanky chooses Nina, a flighty actress just out of college, and Rick, a sax player who changes tires to get by, to be his parents. Only Nina seems to be hung up on her gay guy..."
CDN$ 9.41   Used & New from: CDN$ 0.35

Wake of the Raven
15.  Wake of the Raven by Graham Worthington
The list author says:
  "My first, NOT ENTERED. Wake of the Raven is a story of the world's corruption, of forbidden desire and its awful consequences. In 1951, Stuart seeks to repair his broken marriage, and heads back to..."
CDN$ 21.35
4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews)

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