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  • League of Legends - Standard Edition
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League of Legends - Standard Edition

Platform : Windows Vista, Windows XP
Rated: Teen

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  • Take on the role of Summoner as you build your masteries, select your available spells, equip your Runes and call forth your Champions to battle
  • Select one of over 40 unique Champions, each with unique special abilities and innovative gameplay mechanics
  • Level your Champion from weak to powerful and make RPG-style advancement decisions from improving abilities to equipping items in fast paced battle scenarios
  • Play on hand-crafted, stylized map scenarios to outsmart and defeat the enemy team
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Game Information

  • Platform:   Windows Vista / XP
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 113 g
  • Release Date: Oct. 13 2009
  • Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (3 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #11,508 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes

Product Description

Step into the ultimate Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and experience the best elements of team-based, competitive MMO style RPG combat boiled down into fast paced game sessions!

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Most helpful customer reviews

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful By kyip on April 4 2011
I must state that the installation cd for this game is not needed, it is free to download online on their official website, what you really want is the promo code. I bought this when Amazon had it for $10 which comes with an installation cd and promo code that unlocks 20~ champions, 1-2 skins, a few runes and something like 1000 riot points for in game purchases. Wouldnt pay full price for it but at 50% off it was a decent deal. The item was as advertised so its ultimately the persons decision if they are willing to spend the money for this. The game itself is great if you enjoy HoN or DoTA which are all team-based action strategy type games
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Pwnz on April 8 2011
Verified Purchase
League of Legends is a fun game based on the DotA community map from Warcraft III. It is a team based game that allows players to play against each other in 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 matches on 2 different maps, and with a recent update 5 vs 5 computer enemies. New players are able to learn how to play the game by playing through tutorials that teach them the basics of the game. The game is quite fun and addicting if you enjoy player vs player combat as the computer opponents can only put up so much of a fight before you are able to wipe the floor with them. There are some minor bugs in the game that can be quite annoying but they happen rarely so it is not that big of a deal. Also the game community can be quite harsh sometimes and can be discouraging to new players, it is a good idea to get a friend or 4 to play as team in order to help eliminate the growing pains as you get better.

This package comes with an installation CD although I recommend that you go online to the League of Legends website and download the latest client from there. Also within the box there is a insert that has an unlock code on it. Purchasing this bundle is great for veterans and newbies to the game as it allows you to get 20 champions, 1 champion skin and $10 worth of Riot Points(used to unlock champions, skins, and rune pages). Finally I would like to mention that this game is available to play for free, however purchasing this bundle helps give you a nice head start on your champion collection as well as some Riot Points for purchasing really cool champion skins.

If you enjoy team based games like DotA then you might like this game. If you are a veteran of League of Legends and can get this package on sale then you will get a lot of value from it. This game is a decent price at $20 but a great deal if you can get it for $10.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Andrew on May 26 2011
With a set of friends, this game is addicting and amazingly fun. Fans of Dota will feel right at home.
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Amazon.com: 83 reviews
191 of 200 people found the following review helpful
Endless Unique Gameplay in a Tiny Package Nov. 17 2009
By Tinkering Turtle - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase Fun:   
---Having played this game for several months during the closed beta, I can only state that the game keeps getting better. At first impression, gameplay was already an amazing experience.
---The game consists of a matching system, where you are matched with other players to form a team. You each select a hero and are placed against another team of heroes to invade the enemy base while defending your own.
---By purchasing the collector pack, you are giving yourself a head start into the world of LoL. You will not regret the purchase and even if you do, the Riot staff has superior customer service and will complete your satisfaction.

---The characters are very lively and fun to play. Each has their own fun attitude and great sound clips. While the graphics felt a bit childish at first and too bright, I've grown quite fond of them as they are quite personal. Animations are great.
---The gameplay is always changing, meaning each match always feels like a new game. The re-playability of the game is amazing, all things considered. You can make excellent come backs and really get great satisfaction from playing a match or two.
---The game rewards talented players with excellent tactics. There is little luck involved in the game and your skill can determine the success if your entire team. Each player has a key role in victory.
---No cost of entry. While you do not have to purchase the game to play, having the collectors pack aids in future development of the game while giving you a head start on hero selection. The 20 heroes included are very well balanced and give you tons of playing styles to choose from. There are 3 ranged DPS champions, 5 melee DPS champions, 2 support champions, 5 tank champions, and 5 mage champions.
---Friendly staff to assist problems. Quick response time with a fast resolution.

---The launcher leaves a lot to be desired. You will be forced to install Adobe Air in order to use the launcher and thus play the game. The launcher contains more than half the bugs in the game due to performance and server sync issues. The friend tracker is built into this launcher and needs quite a bit of polish.
---Game matching is hit and miss. When selecting the solo gameplay where you are matched to 4 other allies, you are often matched against a full arranged team of players which have a strong upperhand. These games are often not enjoyable due to the landslide which occurs.

Game Contents:
---Access to the Beta (No Longer Applies)
---$10 of Riot Points for use in the store
---4 Summoner Runes
Greater Mark of Malice (Improves your critical chance)
Greater Seal of Vitality (Increases your health per level )
Greater Glyph of Knowledge (Increases your mana per level)
Greater Quintessence of Revival (Decreases your Death Timer)
---20 Playable Champions
The actual champions that we are including in the collector pack are:
---Human Ryze Skin (No Longer Applies - Preorder Only)
---Silver Kayle Skin
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Fantastic, but no need to pay the price for retail Feb. 15 2012
By Moviedude - Published on Amazon.com
First off, League of Legends is free. That means FREE, every character is unlockable through points you earn in-game. Of course you can just pay for them, but since acquiring new characters to play as is kind of the metagame that ties each session of League together, that spoils your fun. You DO need to shell out money to buy alternate skins for your toons, but not having those won't hurt your enjoyment of the game any. Buying the retail box gets you some unlocked characters and free skins off the bat, as well as credit to buy more, but now that it's a semi-rare product it isn't worth the prices sellers are asking. I wouldn't buy it used either; since all the unlocks are probably already claimed.

Now to the game. League of Legends is a standalone successor to the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients- essentially an arena deathmatch action RPG. Think Dawn of War 2 without the units, or for us oldsters, Nox multiplayer (that alone should get you interested). Players choose an avatar with unique abilities then head out to one of 3 unique killing fields to assault capture-able points, destroy enemy towers, fight streams of minions, and assassinate enemy players. Throughout the battle your hero will level up gaining new abilities; you can also buy them equipment to further customize how they play. This all resets after every fight, but winning increases your "summoner" level, and allows you to buy new champions and persistent upgrades that you take into each fight. Combat is hectic and fun, and the short match times of LoL (about an hour at the most for a tense match on the largest map) help keep frustration low.

Graphically League of Legends is about on par with World of Warcraft- the devs wanted people with lower spec machines to be able to enjoy it, so they went with a cartoony look instead of realism. Environments are well detailed though, and champions look very sharp and appealing. Sound is well composed but forgettable. The quality of the voice-work varies depending on who you pick.

League IS multiplayer only, which leads to certain constraints. You must work with your team to succeed, and your game can (and will) be ruined when teammates decide to not pull their weight. Dropping from a match, even by accident is penalized, eventually through temporary bans. Matchmaking is blind, so you either play a planned game with friends, or a blind one with strangers (there is no "match from my friends" list option). You will be kicked from a match if you idle too long and if you do not rejoin before the end, again, penalties. All that said, LoL has the friendliest player base of any game I've ever played online, and most folks are there to have fun. And while Riot's sportsmanship policies are a little draconian, they also hand out a lot of freebies to loyal players. And can you fault them for trying to keep their player base honest?

Bottom line is that League of Legends is a decent looking, fun multiplier game that recalls some of the best aspects of classic strategy and ARPG games, and has a huge, thriving player base to play with.
11 of 15 people found the following review helpful
Beta tested, Gamer approved. Nov. 19 2009
By Shawn S. - Published on Amazon.com
I've been beta testing League Of Legends since early July of 2009. What can I say, I loved Defense of the Ancients (WC3 Custom Map), and I had to see how well this game related. It really is a beautiful game, the graphics will please you regardless of what system you run (as long as you meet required specs). Best way to categorize this game? Session based RTS/RPG hero team fights and continual summoner progession.

This is a fast paced game that will always keep you on your toes. The summoner progression and character progression will literally keep you striving to better yourself for as long as you see fit. You could literally play this game for 5 years, and not get bored. For example, I played DOTA since the Reign of Chaos DOTA maps came out, and continued to play the game for about 6 years. I replaced DOTA with League of Legends, and I do not regret my decision one bit. This game is so good, I even got my wife to play it! She never plays computer games, and she loves LoL (best acronym ever for a game?).

Another thing that puts this game "leagues" above other free games, Riot Games will not SELL gamers advantages over others! I love this, I've played too many games where you can simple buy your "power" or items, and stomp on players who do not have the money to compete. The only thing Riot Games sells in alternate character skins and other things that don't really give other players unequal advantage.

I encourage everyone to try this game for free, and if you really like it, please, PLEASE, support the developers and buy the game guys, they're doing really great things, and come on, they built the engine from scratch! Hook 'em up!
6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
Amazingly fun - if you take the time to learn how to play Feb. 9 2010
By Colin Fuller - Published on Amazon.com
Let me just start off by repeating that the entire game is free to play (signup link here [...] ) but this package provides you with tons of champions and a couple other great benefits.

This is NOT a game for casual players. This is a game for competitive, focused people who really enjoy team-based gameplay. Two teams of five (in the current map) square off against each other, with each player controlling a different champion. Generally, every champion has a unique playstyle, i.e. high magic damage with low survivability (caster), low damage output but very high hitpoints (tank/damage absorber), etc. Champions level and gain gold by killing computer-controlled minions and enemy players. With each level comes new or upgraded abilities, and with gold players are able to buy new items.

A big part of the fun is in developing your champion in the optimal way you see fit. You can pick what abilities you'll use, what items to get, and what summoner skills (spells), masteries (like skill trees in WoW), and runes (bonus stats) you can use. There are many, many diverse ways to play the game, and if you ever get tired of playing one type of character you can simply try another the next game.

League of Legends can be incredibly fun to play, but as your team's performance is based around how your teammates play, the game can be extremely frustrating. Every time someone on your team is killed by the enemy, your opponents grow stronger. If a teammate is being foolish and dying frequently, your fate is essentially sealed and you have lost the game. Games always last at least 25 minutes, so you can potentially feel like your time has been wasted if you get teamed up with less than stellar players.

Another issue I should mention is stability: as the game has grown, the servers have seen more downtime. Also, and this may be temporary, client crashing has become an issue with the latest patch. On the upside, there are no known hacks for the game.

In summary: League of Legends is an extremely deep, challenging, fun game to play, but it has a steep learning curve and can be an aggravating experience if you are teamed up with other players who are at a different skill level than you are.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Don't buy this game if you have a life. March 8 2010
By Michael J. Jarosch - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase Fun:   
This game has basically taken over my life. LoL is my WoW. It offers 43, as of this writing, champions with which you play. If you have played DotA or HoN, you will love this game even more because it gets rid of the negatives from those two. The Riot staff is excellent, too. They actually listen to what players want to see. I can say they do have their hands full, though. The game skyrocketed to over one million users in a little over three months. So it does have it's bugs and unexpected server shutdowns, but if you can get past the couple of flaws, you'll find an excellent game I would easily recommend to anyone.

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