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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Xbox 360

by Capcom
Platform : Xbox 360
Rated: Teen
4 customer reviews

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  • For the Xbox 360
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Game Information

  • Platform:   Xbox 360
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • ASIN: B000G75AXY
  • Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 14.6 x 1.3 cm ; 136 g
  • Release Date: Jan. 12 2007
  • Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #7,938 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes
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Product Description

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition [Xbox 360] For the Xbox 360

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Customer Reviews

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Most helpful customer reviews

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful By D. Chandon on Jan. 16 2007
I love this game, if you enjoyed Gears of War you'll love this game. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is an amazing game, although not as graphically advanced as Gears of War, it makes up large with it's enormous levels which are truly 3 dimensional, something Gears of War lacked. In Gears of War all you can do is move forward and side to side, but in Lost Planet you move up, down, and any which way your anchor shot can take you. This game reminded me a lot of Goldeneye for the N64 particularly the snow levels obviously. This game you have to always keep your eyes on the harmonizer, the planet EDN III, has a harsh environment and the harmonizer is what keeps you alive and in good health, although when your short on juice you can die very easily. This is a great game worth the purchase or the rental fee, give it a try I know you 'll enjoy.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful By Arny on April 14 2013
Verified Purchase
I haven't played this one yet, but from the reviews, it will fit perfectly my tastes. It's up there in my queue of "must play" games!
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3 of 7 people found the following review helpful By ... on Feb. 18 2007
I never have really liked any Capcom games, hell, I've hate them. This is one of the few Capcom games I can witstand for more then 10 minutes.

Anyways, the store keeper at EB Games said this was a good game (before I left I phoned my friend JUST to make sure this game wasn't sh-t), so I got it.

Anyways, this game is NOT like Gears of War at all! The only similarity is that it's third person, and you can even change that through the game options (or even in-game). The worst part about this game is that you have a timer that steadily decreases (it decreases faster if you get in vehicles, or take damage).

About this timer... if it goes all the way down, you're basically dead. But you can get up to 9999 of it, while 1 goes down every second. You are nearly invincible with this heat thing, but if your health is flashing and you get it (it automatically recovers, don't worry) you die, and have to restart from your last checkpoint, regardless if you had any seconds left.

The controls are a little weird at first, but you'll get used to them extremly fast, it's not very complicated, but you MIGHT want to switch the controls to a different setting that is more familiar (the instruction booklet will be nearly useless if you do this)!

There is NO co-op mode in this game, which is another thing that's completley different from Gears of War, I don't know how this is even related to Gears of War in Amazon, since Gears of War had co-op mode, even ONLINE!

Of course, in Campaign you can adjust the difficulty level to your liking, and you can try to find these hidden tokens in every single act.

I would rent it first, I rated it 5 stars for everyting since I think it's pretty awesome, but you might think it will suck (nearly all the voiceovers are horrible, like in every Capcom game)

5 stars for fun

5 stars overall
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful By post47 on March 23 2015
Verified Purchase
great game
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on (beta) 94 reviews
43 of 50 people found the following review helpful
Impressive graphics, sound... but kinda boring in all honesty... March 1 2007
By Terrence Aybar - Published on
You know, it's amazing that in this day and age, you can have a game with spectacular graphics and unbelievable surround sound and the game is just.... blah.

I mean, graphically Lost Planet is pretty nice. Beautiful, actually. There are some boss battles that are pretty astounding in how they are presented. There's one moment at the very beginning where a creature named Green Eye appears and the size of this thing is enough to make your jaw drop. There's also another moment when you're running across an open field getting chased by this monstrous worm thing that is an experience on its own. This is definitely a game that benefits from being played on an HDTV setup with surround sound.

But then the story kicks in and you can't deny that it makes very little sense, not to mention the fact that the hero of the story is really not an interesting character to begin with. The gameplay itself is a bit repetitive and really, the game just amounts to little more than eye and ear candy. Even when you're not on foot and riding around in the mechs, it just doesn't add up to any memorable experience.

The online portion of the game isn't enough to make you want to play it a lot, especially with games like Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas out there. It's kind of stale and just not that interesting.

I'm really down the middle on this game. I'd say that it's worth a rental and then if you like it, get it. I wouldn't call this an outright purchase as it just didn't grab me the way I would've expected it to.
24 of 29 people found the following review helpful
Good But Not Great Jan. 16 2007
By J. Woodward - Published on
This game has amazing graphics and is really a lot of fun to play. So this is not a negative review, plus I have yet to use the Xbox live component, which I have heard is impressive. However, as far as the single player mode is concerned, the game is weak on a few fronts and you might want to rent it before buying

1.) The story is really crappy - lame dialogue - pointless missions - and undeveloped characters. The developers were going for Sci-Fi action, but the storyline comes out as Anime. The characters are completely forgettable and in most cases annoying.

2.) The missions, and there are not too many of them, are simple and Boss-oriented. They all seem to follow the same formula - ascend corridor -> fight boss, climb ridge -> fight boss

3.) The game is not strategic or tactical like Gears of War or COD. This is a "run-and-gun" shooter -- that is there is not much "taking cover" or flanking and a lot of running around and circle strafing bosses.

So while this game is fun, you might want to rent for the 3 reasons above. Plus you could probably play through this game in a couple of nights. If you don't intend to use the multiplayer options (online only - no split screen) you might want to rent or pick it up used.
14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
Lost Planet is lost on me Feb. 2 2008
By M. Nikic - Published on
At the time of its release, Lost Planet was arguably the most hyped game from CAPCOM since Dead Rising blew the minds of many, myself included. While it boasts a load of potential it is ruined by a horribly fiddly control system.

Thrown into a cliched revenge story on a desolate ice-covered planet, we quickly learn the importance of a well thought-out control system. Sadly, this is what makes the game so painful; if it wasn't for the controls this game would have a lot going for it. The main problem is that the right analog stick controls your direction, but if you tap it quickly you spin quickly in that direction. So if you're facing one direction and tap down, you'll turn 180 degrees. What this means though, is if you're trying to aim at something and just want to adjust your site very slightly and you just tap the right stick, you're suddenly facing a completely different direction, which makes for VERY frustrating boss fights. And the control settings aren't modifiable! At least not the problematic ones anyway.

Most of the game involves action on foot or controlling mech warrior style machines called Vital Suits which are actually pretty cool. There are different types of machines to keep things interesting. Your character also possesses a Batman style grappling hook which is pretty cool but overall the gameplay really suffers due to the controls.

The graphics are very nice, with large, explorable environments with finely detailed snow and fog. The enemies vary in their quality but typically the bosses are very detailed. There are some very nice fire and lighting effects as well so overall the graphics are really very good.

But when it really comes down to it, the controls RUIN this game. It's probably even more disappointing because you can see the games potential as well. It's like when you meet a really hot girl and you start getting along with her great and then she says she has a boyfriend.
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Ice Pirates on Hoth June 15 2007
By Michael J. Tresca - Published on
I put Lost Planet: Extreme Condition on my wish list because it looked like Gears of War crossed with Robotech, featuring giant mecha and tiny soldiers battling huge monsters in a frozen environment. That's more or less what I got.

Our hero, Wayne Holden (modeled after Byung-hun Lee and voiced in English by Josh Keaton), loses his father to a giant Akrid known as Green Eye. When the archvillain of the game is chiefly known by the color his eyes, it's an indicator that perhaps the translation isn't perfect. Or to put it another way, we don't call Godzilla "Flaming Mouth."

Anyway, Wayne wakes up on the same frozen planet, rescued by the tasty purple-haired Luka (Christina Puccelli) and her aggravating little brother Rick (Justin Shenkarow). Rick's one of those characters who always wears goggles, as if they're surgically affixed to his face. He's a staple of anime, the energetic techie that tags along with the hot chick to make her more effective, since said hot chick doesn't seem to do a whole lot besides make poor fashion choices.

Yuri (Andrew Kishino), who looks like a villain, complete with narrow gaze and white hair, leads Luka and Rick. With Wayne joining their merry band, they're ready to go out into the frozen world and steal stuff.

They're Ice Pirates...sorry, I mean Snow Pirates. Well, not really - they're actually the Rebels to NEVEC's Empire, battling on Hoth...

Wait, this isn't the Empire Strikes Back?

Which review is this? Lost Planet? Oh yeah, right.

Sorry, sorry, my attention wandered from the convoluted plot. It involves Wayne losing his memory, a bit of time travel, a weird glowy thing attached to his arm that powers the mecha (sorry, VIRTUAL SUITS...can't the anime community agree on a standardized term for these bloody things?), some rivalry between Luka and some other mannish-sound woman, and another bad guy (we know he's bad because he wears glasses) who wants to take...over...THE WORLD! MUAAHAHAHAHA!

This is a mech game masquerading as a third-person shooter. Wayne plods along, even when there's no snow. He stumbles when he jumps. Fortunately, he has a grappling hook that fires from his wrist and never manages to dislocate his arm. I ended up shooting the grappling hook at a lot of stationary objects and dragging Wayne along like a slower, dumber version of Spider-Man.

The other challenge is that Wayne requires heat to live. Fortunately, the Akrid provide it, which really motivates Wayne to kill them however he can. There are also huge vats of energy lying around that are just waiting to be shot up. What doesn't make nearly as much sense is why Wayne has to power up his heat energy when he's indoors. Or in a volcano. Seriously.

The Akrid are beautiful to behold. They are all weird, squiggly bug-types, each unique and varied and most of all HUGE. Lost Planet revels in the size of the landscape, throwing giant worms and massive moths at you as you struggle with poor mini-Wayne to get to a mech. Once you're in a mech, the game becomes much more fun, because you can move faster than a snail's pace and blow things up much more effectively.

The human opponents, also in mechs and on foot, are annoying and suffer from the I MUST SHOUT SOMETHING BEFORE I DIE syndrome. Every time. When you kill a lot of these guys, the slogans and rallying cries get old. The Akrid bosses, who don't speak, make up for it.

In fact, the game is all about the bosses. Each is innovative, challenging, and terrible to behold. However, Lost Planet is a game of attrition; on the longer levels it carries over the energy you collected in the beginning. Since heat energy and damage are tied together, failing to get enough energy or taking too much damage in an earlier part of the game can make a boss battle impossible. I had to restart two levels from scratch until I got it right.

But Lost Planet is addicting. I played it on hard and all of the boss battles were very close. Two of the boss fights ended with Wayne going through two mecha, a handful of grenades and a missile launcher. Now THAT'S a fun game!
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
Great Monsters - No Co-Op Play March 31 2007
By Lisa Shea - Published on
Lost Planet - Extreme Condition is a classic run-and-gun game set on a frozen planet. This isn't a game of stealth or strategy. You see, you shoot, you move on.

There is a plot here - but it's really best to ignore it. You, a young teen guy, are battling either ice monsters or other clans of pirates. Sometimes you fight both simultaneously. Missions in essence tell you - "go here, kill everything".

Part of the fun is that you get to fight both on foot and inside a mech, hopping in and out whenever the whim takes you. This gives you a nice variety of weapons to choose from. Now, I have to comment that for a space-age distant planet colony, these weapons seem pretty modern times. You would think they would have progressed to laser cannons and plasma rifles as their sole weapons by now. I do like the grapple hook, though. It gave a fun, Zelda-like aspect to many of the levels.

To add to the arcadey feel, your health naturally depletes over time and the only way to stay alive is to collect replenishing energy. Silly? Perhaps. But no more silly than most other arcade games and the reasons they give for you to collect objects.

What's really impressive here is the way that large enemies seem "massive". You really get the sense that these are giant, ponderous beasts with weight and heft. The designers did a good job with enemy design and boss battles. From the small, intricate flying beasties to the larger main enemies, each creature is enjoyable to fight. Speaking of Zelda, you even get Goron-like rolling rock monsters.

But, to diverge into the storyline for a brief moment, isn't it a bit troubling that man-kind has decided to land on a super-snowy (i.e. not ideal) planet - and when it found indigenous life there - decided that the appropriate action was therefore to wipe it all out? Surely if we're going to be on a hostile-environment planet anyway, we could find one without current inhabitants ...

I also wish they had in-home multiplayer. Playing online on XBox Live is all fine and good, but with the relatively short built in missions, I'd really like to play co-op with a friend against them, and crank it up to super hard. That would be a ton of fun. I love playing this type of game multiplayer co-op, and for them to not even have that as an option seems a great shame.

So a nice start - but I'd like to see a Lost Planet 2 with a better plotline, better weapons, and co-op play.

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