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on September 11, 1998
As a Lotus Domino System Administrator and Application Developer I am extremely impressed with this book. Steve Oliver and Pete Wood have produced a unique tool for anyone who develops or administers Domino web sites. They have incorporated the foundational basic information needed to configure Domino for web serving as well as advanced technical information needed to fine tune all aspects of Domino web development. Chapters of particular interest to me are; Using HTLM, Frames, and Cookies. Creating Java Applets with BeanMachine. Add-on products from Lotus (excellent). In addition the CD-ROM included with the book contains all the files needed to create a complete web site. The complete book text in Notes Database format and HTML format. The CD also contains evaluation copies of some of the best essential tools and utilities available to the Domino developer and administrator. If you plan to buy any book on Domino this is your best choice!
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on February 18, 1999
I found the book very easy to get to grips with and was able to get Domino Web servers running properly in no time. It makes setting up Domino on NT particularly painless and gives straightforward advice on how to optimise the services for Web usage. Other books tend to skip over the HTTP configuration but this one covers all the options in detail. It also provides information on the administration and monitoring of Web services and includes updated utilities. You may still need another book to cover basic areas such as certification and replication but these subjects are not always relevant to Web masters.
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on May 25, 1999
This is an excellent guide for web developers who may understand Notes and the Web, but need to create comprehensive applications. Much of the book deals with developing the overall application, including topics like security and administration that is you are a developer, you may not normally need to know, but are essential to create a fully interactive site. This book helped me translate my experience as a web developer, showing how Notes could accomplish the tasks I thought I would need CGI for, or that I could have done in UNIX, but didn't know how to accomplish. GOOD BOOK, lets hope he rewrites for R5!
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on June 23, 1999
I bought this book for preparing DDA Examination. The Style of this book is similar to "A Developer's Handbook" from IBM. and It doesn't have any practical example coding.If you prepare for DDA Examination(Developing Domino Applications for the Web), I recommend "Developing Web Application Using Lotus Notes Designer for Domino 4.6)"from IBM.
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on May 6, 1999
If you have never been in contact with WWW or Lotus Notes, this book is probably very good.. But if you have experience of one or both, this book is a waste of paper. The parts that covers how tou develop your own website (that isn't exactly like the example website in the book) is embarrasingly short. You will learn more by Trial and error method
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on September 17, 1998
Up until now there has been no book that covers all the aspects of setting up, and deploying a Domino web site. The book is excellent reading for beginners, as well as those of us who have been around Domino/Notes awhile.
I recommend this book to all my students.
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on May 7, 1999
I used this book along with the Domino Web Development and Administration : Accelerated Study Guide by Steve Oliver to help me pass the Lotus exam -- the "hands-on" practice really made a difference!
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on January 15, 1999
This is a good book for beginning to intermediate level Lotus web developers, despite a multitude of typos and problems with the application exercises/databases.
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