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Lovely Molly [Blu-ray]

3.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

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3.0 out of 5 stars
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3.0 out of 5 stars Not much happens... ever Aug. 25 2013
Format:Blu-ray|Verified Purchase
While some people love the slow burn... it just doesn't GO anywhere. Some movies have an ambiguous ending you can tell has been carefully plotted out, something to make you think. Other movies, you just get impression they didn't have a clue how to finish the last half of the film and ran out of ideas. Case in point.
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4.0 out of 5 stars NOT IN MOM'S KITCHEN! Aug. 19 2012
By The Movie Guy - Published on Amazon.com
The movie cycles back and forth between a home movie video that displays the time and date and a bad hand held camera that doesn't. Tim (Johnny Lewis) and Molly (Gretchen Lodge) get married in 2010 according to the camera, but don't move into her parent's home until a year later in 2011. We know that her parents, Ben and Tammy are deceased...in heaven watching the ceremony.

Tim is a truck driver who travels. He has installed an alarm system, one that goes off on occasion as if someone inside the house unlocks and opens the door. But they seemingly own no gun living in a rural area. Hannah (Alexandra Holden) is Molly's F-bomb dropping, pot smoking, blond sister. There is a mystery concerning the house and its past that Molly doesn't recall. She is creeped out by being alone in her childhood house. All this adds up to only one thing to horror genre fans who have seen this recently in too many films. However this film doesn't care if you gather this clue early as there is much more going on.

To add to the uncertainty, Molly has a history of drug use and at times doesn't seem to be all there. Interesting film, although clearly not for everyone. This is a slightly more complex "ghost" story than the Paranormal series and fans of the simple hand held camera genre may not find this feature enjoyable. While the film is slow at times, it doesn't stagnate as every scene drops a clue or tells a story. It is a film I am considering watching again to pick up things I missed.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-bomb, sex, full frontal nudity (Gretchen Lodge)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Slow, gloomy, creepy Nov. 14 2012
By RKOFANT - Published on Amazon.com
Spoiler free

This is a compelling horror movie for a few reasons. I am not claiming this is the most amazing movie in the world, but it ended up affecting me more than expected and for that I will give it a tip of the hat.

Why i liked it:

- Creepy throughout vs jump scares and gore.
- Events of the movie open for interpretation.
- The movie showed you things without context that just seem random, but later bring those scenes into context.

These things left me thinking about it long after the movie was done.

The found video parts were a mixed bag but in the end I decided that they were an asset to the presentation. there were a few really good video scenes while others were kind of pointless.

In the end I would reccomend people who prefer creepy over slasher type movies. The movie feels very depressing and thus it is not a very good date movie. I was in the right mode to let myself get absorbed by the movie, so I can understand why opinions vary on it. It kind of reminded me of the movie Possession (1981)...but not as good.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Slow-Burn Dec 26 2012
By J. Drayton - Published on Amazon.com
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
Sometimes the best horror movies only reveal their chills on repeated viewing. That's why, for me, atmosphere and creep are more effective than explicit gore and jump-out shocks.

"Lovely Molly" is like that. The first time I watched it I thought it was OK. Nothing too impressive, but certainly something I would pull out again on a lazy afternoon. The second time, I was amazed at how the whole thing seemed to fall into place for me. If anything, I found it more suspenseful and disturbing than I had the first time around. That's the mark of quality.

Huge praise to the actors, particularly Gretchen Lodge who does a fine job as Molly. Alexandra Holden is even better, I think, in the role of Molly's increasingly worried sister. And Johnny Lewis is excellent as Molly's husband. Such a sad thing that this likeable actor and talented young man (Johnny, not the character) was unable to counter his own real life demons.

One tip: make sure you have the sound turned up - or watch this with headphones on. The sound design is central to the effectiveness of the movie and it's done in a very subtle way.

So horror buffs should get this without hesitation. Just make sure you watch it a couple of times!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Sánchez' best since Blair Witch is still not great, but at least a return to form. Nov. 5 2012
By Robert Beveridge - Published on Amazon.com
Lovely Molly (Eduardo Sánchez, 2011)

In most years, Lovely Molly, the newest film from Eduardo Sánchez, half the directorial team that birthed, kicking and screaming, the shakycam-horror genre in 1999's The Blair Witch Project, would probably be a standout horror film. But shakycam really, really took off, and not only has it not yet collapsed in on its own faddishness, it actually got even more popular in 2008 after wunderkind director J. J. Abrams hopped on the shakycam tourbus with Cloverfield. (I have to admit--even I liked Cloverfield, and I made it through all of five minutes of one mind-numbingly boring episode of Lost before deciding poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick seemed like more fun. I still have the scar.) Sánchez' follow-up flicks have proven less interesting than his debut, but Lovely Molly--while being a workmanlike film from a technical level--at least shows that Sánchez has regained some of that eye for subtle detail that made Blair Witch, love it or hate it, an unforgettable experience.

Lovely Molly is basically Sánchez' update of Franklin Schaffner's 1980 creep-classic The Entity (with one wonderful, if eminently frustrating, grace note of John Carpenter's over-the-top Satanic Panic cheesefest Prince of Darkness; you'll instantly know it when you see it), though Sánchez and co-writer Jamie Nash, who's been partnering Sánchez since 2006's Altered, add in the question of whether Molly (Gretchen Lodge in her feature debut) is actually being haunted, or whether she's just nuts. (More on this later.) Molly, it turns out, has a rather dark background, but, in one of those classic stupid-people-making-stupid-decisions horror movie quirks, decides to move back into the abandoned family homestead with new hubby Tim (the late Johnny Lewis, best known for Sons of Anarchy), a long-distance truck driver who's away a lot. Thus Molly, in recovery from a nasty heroin habit and a spell in the local loony bin, leans on her sister Hannah (How to Deal's Alexandra Holden) for support. But "support" from the human world might not cut it--it looks as if the creature that haunted her after her mother's death may be back, and with bells on. But here's the question--is Molly actually being haunted, or has she always just had, shall we say, a casual relationship with reality?

It's not a bad question to ask, save two problems that keep rearing their ugly heads: 1. by positing that the haunting may in fact be in the mind of the main character, the writers made the movie more standard than it would otherwise have been; in fact, one of the things that made The Entity so surprising is that, aside from the professional skeptics in the film, pretty much everyone was onboard from day one with the fact that Barbara Hershey was being repeatedly raped by a ghost, and 2. the writers didn't do much of anything to disguise the fact that, despite inserting some very clever (if obvious) red herrings to point to the other conclusion, they know the answer, and they're all too eager to share it with you. (Just in case you don't get it, they throw in a completely gratuitous--but eerily effective, in a delayed-reaction kind of way--coda to the film that removes most of the ambiguity. But not quite all of it.)

However, and with the understanding that I'm going to still be rating this movie as "just slightly above average", the bottom line is that despite its problems, it's brutally effective. This is partially a result of its subject matter--supernatural-entity-rape is kind of a shortcut straight into "disturbing" in lizard-brain. But it also has to do with Gretchen Lodge's performance, which is just as distressing as Barbara Hershey's thirty-two years ago. She pulls this off, and she pulls it off well. There's more to it than that, of course; Sánchez pulls out all the "get the audience to identify with the main character" stops here, from making the family blue-collar-on-the-verge-of-poverty (Molly herself is a janitor at a big-box store) to casting an attractive-but-unconventionally-so actress (as good an actress as she may be, I can't imagine someone as conventionally glamorous as, say, Emma Stone pulling this off, because you will not be able to get past the fact that you're watching Emma Stone). And while I can't get into it without going into major spoiler territory, one of the movie's most effective disturbing scenes is entirely non-paranormal, and that's entirely down to Lodge's acting. While the movie starts off slow, and it overplays its hand more often than not, if you're in the mood for something that's more creepy than slasher-flick-y, turn out the lights and dial this one up. ***
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4.0 out of 5 stars Very creepy July 24 2013
By Bradley J. Cavallo - Published on Amazon.com
Did her bad experiences (molestation), drug use and depression cause her to be crazy, or is she really haunted by a ghostly sexual predator? It's dark and twisted, and will leave you thinking about it for days. No special effects, just good acting and an interesting story.
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