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Macross, Super Dimensional Fortress Box Set 1 (eps 1-12)

 Unrated   DVD
5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (5 customer reviews)

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5.0 out of 5 stars
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5.0 out of 5 stars SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM... June 10 2004
By E. Kim
With a stroke of success in the 80's, the Robotech: Macross series still has a place for many fans today and shares a strong cult following. Being a fan of the series as a kid, I decided to buy the whole Robotech: Macross series, but I came across the overwelming amount of editions to the series. I didn't know which to buy, so I watched them all. Here are the differences between to different boxsets (all offered through Amazon):
Robotech: the Complete Macross Series
One Boxset: 6 disc
Sells for around $60-$65
Nothing special, picture quality is not great, but bearable. Comes in one compact boxset with all the disc in it. Would not reccomend getting this edition unless you just want a copy of the series and want to spend the least possible amount of money.
Robotech: The Legacy Collection: Macross Saga (Collections 1-3)
Three Boxsets: with 3 disc in each
Sells for around $40 each boxset, entire set around $120-$130
Same picture quality as the above set, but with addtional features. Comes with the most extras out of any current sets, but even then, they are so-so. I would actually recommend getting the above edition as I was not impressed with the extras, some were interesting, but it definately didn't justify the price. Your paying almost twice the price.
Robotech Remastered: The Macross Saga (Volumes 1-3)
Three Boxsets: Two disc each boxset
Sells for around $25 each boxset, entire set around $75-$80
Remastered picture quality superior to both sets above, sound quality much improved. This is the set that I would recommend. The price is affordable and well worth the extra money compared to the first set. Also includes a few bonus footage.
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5.0 out of 5 stars FORGET ROBOTECH! March 4 2004
I was one of the original Robotech fans of the 80's. decades later, after buying the Robotehc 6 dvd set, I was so diappointed to now notice how choppy the storytelling was and a certain things just did NOT make any sense.
Enter MACROSS! now that North America has access to the remastered original series of Macross, I decided to snatch up the 3 box sets and DAMN! What a difference it makes!
Stories are complete! Dialogue is actually a lot more intellectual. Plot makes more sense! Robotech cut out a lot of smaller scenes that actually helped the viewer better understand various situations. Some of the cut scenes are pretty funny as well. comabt scnes are much more intense and enjoyable. Robotech cut out a lot of the violence and gave us a little too many still-images during battle scnenes, for my tastes.
I urge all Robotech fans out there to pick up these dvd's and see the REAL THING from beginning to end! You wont regret it!
It's a totally new experience!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth it Jan. 9 2004
The crispness of the visuals is beyond anything I could imagine. I never realized how deteriorated the Robotech visuals were until I saw this DVD. Remember the scene in the second episode where a Gerwalk flies into rubble, the pod can't see him, and suddenly the Battroid appears and blasts the pod? Well in Robotech I couldn't distinguish where the suit was. IN this version it was so crisp I finally figured out where the Battroid was. The subtitles are great. I like the original Macross story better then the Robotech edit. Since Harmony Gold funded this you know that this will definitely be repackaged and dubbed for their upcoming Robotech Remastered Series. I will admit that I actually prefer some of the Robotech music and its placement compared to the Macross soundtrack. There were a lot of places that didn't have background music in Macross that did in Robotech. I think the music added more to the scenes. Some of the Macross soundtrack sounded cheesey to me. Another amazing fact is that I really loved the talking voice of Minmay in the original Macross unlike the whiny annoying bimbo voice Minmay has in Robotech. Her voice is actually nice to listen to. It almost has a sultry quality, but not slutty sounding.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible! Jan. 4 2004
I must say I was leery at first to buy this series.
#1. Im a HUGE Robotech fan and was worried that it would change my outlook on the Robotech show.
#2. wouldn't be much of a difference.
well I was completely wrong, the price tag is a little bit on the high end but it is worth it let me tell you! If you LOVE Robotech like I do you should get this because its the original show uncut and in its original form. The show takes on a more "serious" tinge opposed to Robotech the silly dubbing is removed and the orginal Japanese is present with pretty well done subtitles! the subs take a bit of getting used to but dont really ruin the experience. I did notice the animation clean up..it is VERY crisp and vibrant as opposed to Robotech! now, most of the extra stuff is just tidbits of sides stuff, ie.. you see more of the hangar in one episode and men loading things in the docks etc... and in epidode 4 you see minmay's bare bum as she bathes with water that is gushing from a pipe that Hikaru(Rick to Robotech fans) struck and broke in order to have water to drink. There is also some expletives and more serious adult humor. This show is for the more serious fan of the series where Robotech was aimed at the kiddies. I was a kiddie when it aired back in 1985 and find that both series are worth owning. The box is nifty looking with three separate dvd cases inside. the liner notes are typical Animeigo which are tabs with some pretty good info! If you are an old Robotech fan or a new one to either Macross or Robotech this is a MUST have! don't forget to pick up Box #2 and #3 also!
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