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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on November 13, 2000
A somewhat fast-paced role-playing system. It uses a deck of cards instead of dice, which makes an interesting change of pace. Another interesting quirk is that the gamemaster/narrator doesn't...well, _do_ anything. If an opponent/non-player character tries to hit your player, your _player_ makes the determination of success or not (by dodging). Kinda interesting in that it lets the gamemaster worry more about the story then endless die-rolling.
Despite several explanations and re-explanations, there are some parts of the rules that are still kinda vague. As someone else noted, character stats are rather...thin. Presumably the nice quality deck of 96 or so cards boosts the price up, but hey, I've seen it in bargain bins for much less (the game is out of print).
Basically, it's a nice "fast" game to pick up, and you won't have to spend a lot of time explaining to folks. Like the original TSR Marvel SuperHeroes RPG, it's fast-starting and players should catch on to it pretty quick.
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on June 9, 2000
The original role-playing game based on the Marvel universe was one of my favorites throughout the 80's and early 90's. The system was such that play was never bogged down with complex rules, which allowed the action and fun to flow naturally.
When this new Marvel game was released, I decided to give it a try. I rounded up some of my friends and former players, and sat down to dive in. We were utterly disappointed.
The SAGA system, which uses cards instead of dice, is an interesting idea, but often hard to swallow for experienced role-players. The game seemed to still maintain its emphasis on fast flowing action, but was not on par with the original (now out of print) game.
If you played the original, I suspect you will not embrace the SAGA incarnation. However, if you have never played the older version and can't manage to pick up a used copy, then you may want to give it a try.
If all else fails, you can always place it on Amazon auctions, right there next to the copy I bought.
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on February 5, 2000
The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure game is part of TSR's Saga system, which is touted as being a diceless RPG. "DICELESS! ," you cry....yep, you heard me right, it's uses a special variant form of playing cards. I guess this is the Magic(tm) effect, in that all new games must be ground breaking and innovative, i.e. use some form of cards. Fortunately, this isn't always a bad thing, as it fits the nature of this product. TSR's old Marvel game was just a variant of it's Gamma World system, and it was an awkward fit at best. The Saga system seems to be a good match, as it provides for fast and fun play, more of a beer and pretzels RPG (just keep the beer away from the cards, please). Don't expect volumes of tables and modifyer charts, 'cause this is not a game for rule-lawyering; Characters only have four main attributes, experience is determined by the number of cards you are allowed to hold in your hand, and most everything based upon the Narrator's (aka DM) judgement calls. My only major quibble is how little you get with this boxed set: The rule book, a quite slim colection of stats for some major Marvel heroes and villains, and the deck of cards. It would have been nice to have a larger collection of stats, but at least those included are the classic versions of Marvel favorites, except for Wolverine, who is presented in his more current non-adamantium form. Overall, this is a nice little game, and is great for those gamers looking for a light bit of gaming, and for those new to the field who would like an introduction to the new world of non-traditional RPGs. Now, if you pardon me, It's clobberin' time....
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on September 2, 1998
I have to say the read seemed a bit awkward at first, but I also have to admit that I found myself thumbing through highlighted pages rather than reading the game from start to finish. I found once I read the rules start to finish, the system was easier to grasp although I still don't believe it to be an easy read.
The play mechanics are excellent and lend themselves well to this role-playing genre. While the rules may seem simplistic, they allow for much greater flexibility as far as the action is concerned and more emphasis on roleplaying skills. While the SAGA system is basic in determining resolution of action, the rules although for more detailed action resolution as well as simultaneous action resolution. Traditionalists may miss their die rolls in determining results, but the fate deck system allows for a much more logical resolution system.
In short, if you're looking for a die-hard "tradional" role-playing game or an interesting read, look elsewhere. But if you're serious about your roles in role-playing and looking for a flexible but uncomplicated rules system, this product is for you!
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on January 24, 1999
I purchased this game the week it first shipped, though I wish I hadn't. For someone who has never played the original Marvel Superheroes RPG, this game may seem adequate, but its greatest strength which is its tremendous detail, is also its greatest weakness. The card based system is a joke and characters tend to die way to easy. I am happy to see that marvel took a lesson from the old Mayfair DC system and allowed a way for even weaker characters to stand a chance, but they over did it and anyone can kill anyone else if they want to bad enough without any thought to the plausibilty of the confrontation what so ever. EX: In the first game we ran, just to bug out the system, a player playing Electra beat the Juggernaut. I have talked with several others who have purchased this game and they had similar ideas. To anyone considering to buy, do your self a favor and scour your local garage sales to find a copy of the old TSR sytem, it'll cost less and is a lot more fun.
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on September 18, 1998
This game is Great! One of the best super heroes RPG that I have ever seen! The rules are great and they work fine for all types of heroes (with superman's powers or with frogman's like powers). Some people say that the book lack of some rules, but come on? For a Heroes universe? You can't have all rules. Imagine: Pag 12.385 - Rules for buildings falling over you. In most of the cases you just have to use you imagination. The games gives you the super hero feeling that you have in comics, like pushing limits, recovery during fights, and so. The system can work on a very random way, using the cards and the aura rules; you also have options to creat events to give some spice to all situations. This is a MUST HAVE for everyone who likes a fast, simple and fun system! Lack of rules? How much damage would a bomb do? Same as a a puch from Thor? Maybe a punch from Spider-man? With this, you solve most of your problems using imagination!
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on August 6, 1998
The rule book for this game is so incomprehensive in a first reading, it's ridiculous. If you go to you'll see a FAQ for the game and there are several complaints about contradictions (several) in the rule book. The wording is poor when used to describe a "simple" game. There is too much rambling and way too much stalling. It seems whenever you try to look for something like, say, "damage". Under the heading of the same name it says something like "we'll get back to that". Or under a part that says "What happens when I get hit" it says something like "We wont talk about that just yet". It's almost driven me mad... But, alas, the game has potential, if not its writer. I sort of prefer the old game better, but I look forward to trying this new format out with my friends... once this rule book guy gets his act together and releases a more readable version... for free!
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on October 11, 1998
The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game is the newest release from TSR pertaining to the Marvel Universe. To avid comic book readers and veteran gamers, the game represents a coming of age for superhero roleplaying. Not only is the gameplay easy, fast-paced, and comprehensive, but the characters are accurately depicted in the extensive roster booklet. Additionally, the game has already released two supplements, X-Men Roster Book and an X-Men adventure, and plans to release three more before year's end (Avengers Roster Book is one). I believe that the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game is a must have.
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on April 19, 1999
I was skeptical about the new system, being a big fan of the older version. After trying the new Marvel system I was thrilled with it! I've yet to find a system so simple, and yet so much fun to play. My group won't go back to the old system! If you haven't tried this game yet don't hesitate you won't be sorry! If you like this system which stresses "Role Playing" over "Roll Playing" Try WotC/TSR's Dragonlance 5th Age game as well. The mechanics are similar and just as fun! After playing this game, your dice may well get very dusty!! Enjoy!
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on March 14, 1999
The new system is clever. It's strength is its weakness; it is easier to play than its predecessor, but some ways of calculating things seem counterintuitive. The rule book must be read from start to finish, no sense in trying to flip through and figure it out. The card system is much better than the dice, in my opinion, as it allows some degree of calculation and not mere chance. And the idea of trump suits are great. What they need is a booster pack with a theme. X-Men theme, Avengers theme, etc. Overall worthwhile and an improvement upon the former TSR game.
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