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Green Building Strategies

Sustainable Residential Development
Emerald Architecture
If you're planning a green community, Sustainable Residential Development is an indispensable resource. Written by internationally renowned architect Avi Friedman, it equips you with plans, elevations, and vignettes that illustrate how to design a high-density neighborhood applying green design and construction principles. It shows you how to incorporate wind direction, sun exposure, tree preservation, topography, and public spaces into your site plan. Browse more green building titles for practical information on actual commercial, public, and residential structures:

How to Be an Electric Master, Faster

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics
If you've ever wanted to learn the hows and whys of basic electricity, electronics, and communications without formal training, bring home the latest edition of Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics--and shock yourself with your own expertise. Great for preparing for amateur and commercial licensing exams, this guide has been prized by thousands of students and professionals for its uniquely thorough coverage.

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Featured in Aviation

Flight Discipline
Flight Discipline is the complete tool kit for any aviator, whether military, commercial, or recreational, to develop the crack discipline needed to be a safe and effective aviator. Major Tony Kern analyzes the causes of poor flight discipline, gives chilling case studies of the consequences, and lays out a plan for individual improvement. An unequaled guide to this mainspring of good piloting. Browse more featured aviation guides:

A Non-Heated Take on a Hot Topic

Global Warming and Climate Change DeMystified
Want an accurate reading on the science behind global warming? Here's your gauge. Global Warming and Climate Change Demystified gives you the fundamentals of global warming and climate change in an unbiased and thorough manner.

Get More from Your Mac

How to Do Everything Mac
Whether yours is an iMac, MacBook, or Mac mini, you'll have more fun and get more done when you know How to Do Everything Mac, from customizing to troubleshooting to accessorizing--and much more.

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The Bible of Robot Building

Robot Builder's Bonanza
Robot Builder's Bonanza has long been the leading amateur robotics book, for good reason: everyone from novices and advanced hobbyists can increase their expertise--and have more fun--with this fully illustrated, updated resource.

Secure Transport

Finally, an up-to-date handbook on integrated transportation security options. Securing Global Transportation Networks not only provides viable solutions for protecting freight transportation networks, but also offers decision support tools for managers. Read More.