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Mega Man X Collection - GameCube


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  • Platform:   GameCube
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone Everyone
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Join Mega Man X and Zero as they relive all six of their first Mega Man X adventures! Available for the first time in one incredible compilation, this collection also features the first U.S. release of the Blue Bomber’s action-packed racing game: Mega Man Battle & Chase! Now, enjoy a total of seven Mega Man games with remixed soundtracks, original and sketch art, plus, so many other cool features!


  • Classic side-scrolling Mega Man action!
  • Experience action-packed Mega Man X through Mega Man X6 in one incredible collection!
  • Exclusive feature: Mega Man Battle & Chase racing game, never before released in the U.S.!
  • Original and sketch art, remixed soundtracks, plus much more!

Product Description

Mega Man X Collection [GameCube] For the GameCube

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'Bout time Funcoland sent me my Mega Man Battle & Chase game! March 10 2006
By M. B. Link - Published on Amazon.com
Durability: 3.0 out of 5 stars    Educational: 5.0 out of 5 stars    Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
Mega Man X Collection(2006). A showcase collection to gather the first six Mega Man X games all on one disc, as well as the unreleased-in-America Mega Man Battle & Chase.

The reason for my review title stems from a grudge I had a long time ago. Most gamers from the 90s should remember a popular used game-selling company known as FuncoLand (now they are Gamestop). Well back in March of 1997, I saw listed in FuncoLand's catalog the fully priced MM:B&C. I was a very impatient kid back then who needed to have everything Mega Man, and so I quickly reserved a copy of the game before it was set to be released. I was really excited because it looked like it was going to be a pretty neat game, combining the classic Mega Man formula with racing. Unfortunately as it turned out, in a last minute action caused by Sony, Capcom was unable to release the game here in the US. So disappointed, then I demanded that FuncoLand return my money. They never did. I learned a hard lesson that day. And now, they finally decided to put the game on this Mega Man X collection, and having waited such a long time, I did not hesitate to unlock it. Unfortunately, I was majorly let down by what turned out to be a third-rate Mario Cart/Crash Team Racing clone that sucked for the most part. I can excuse the archaic graphics since I grew up with a PS1, but the game itself just seemed kinda... dull.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, onto the REAL reason to own this collection: the Mega Man X games! Yes, here Capcom decided to throw their first spin-off series to one of their top franchises, taking the first three games that originated on the SNES, and the second three that resided on the PS1, and left off X7 and X8 (due to the fact that those two games are widely available on the PS2, and so it would be pointless to include them).

Now let's look at each X game!

-Mega Man X

INFO: Here's where the series starts off, introducing players to the story of the reploids, Zero, Sigma, the new anime-influenced look, a rocking soundtrack, robot-ride vehicles, heart-tanks, and the armor collecting feature that lets X do things like dash, head butt, and supercharge special weapons.

MY THOUGHTS: Of all the X games, I find that this one and X4 have the most attention to detail in the little things. I'm talking about the features such as animations and things like taking out Chill Penguin's stage and causing another stage to freeze over. Very cool. It's an excellent place to start for beginners since the difficulty is not too terribly high. The levels are a bit sparse compared to the others (though not nearly as bad as in X4) but there are still plenty of secrets to collect, and being the first game, I can't fault it. The boss fights are fairly simple, but challenging enough for those who haven't played an X game before.

-Mega Man X2

INFO: The sequel brings forth a few new surprises such as the air dash, speeder vehicle, double charge shot, giga attack, and the ability to alter the ending based on defeating certain bosses throughout the game. It also featured a new graphics chip that enabled some interesting 3D wire frame effects to occur at various points.

MY THOUGHTS: While the first X game was great, here is where the series really started to shine, IMO. There was a lot more that you could do; the levels were just large enough to really house some secrets, and just small enough to provide plenty of nonstop action. It's considered a favorite for many fans. Plus, of the classic X games, this one just has a great feel to it. My only gripe with the original SNES game comes from the IMMENSE SLOWDOWN, which was thankfully fixed in this collection. Bonus points go to that.

-Mega Man X3

INFO: The next entry featured the ability to call in for Zero's help and play as him briefly, a more complex super armor-collecting system, and the ability to call on special robot-ride armor vehicles at certain points of the stage.

MY THOUGHTS: This one has always been my favorite, and to me was the series's definite high point. It's also the only game that I didn't have, considering how rare and expensive it was. As for the game, the difficulty is very high at this point and they give us a lot more stuff to do, such as find hidden stages and super armor pieces. No gripes here, other than the fact that they could have done more with the ability to play as Zero. But Capcom gave us a huge surprise here! They decided to take a game that was already great to begin with, and give the fans the previously "import-only" improved PS1/Saturn version that contains improved music, sound effects, and added anime cutscenes! How cool is that? If you buy this collection for JUST ONE REASON at all, get it for this nice bonus.

-Mega Man X4

INFO: The SNES was done, and Capcom decided to give the series a major cosmetic overhaul for the 32-bit generation, showing off with animation on par with the Street Fighter games. In addition, Zero could now be played completely for the first time, offering fans an alternate style of play to X's. Anime cutscenes run abundant here as well (though voice acted poorly).

MY THOUGHTS: X4 quickly became a fan-favorite due to the anime cutscenes and excellent blend of action. This new look inspired the creators to pay attention to the cool little animation details once again, and give the game a nicely polished feel. In terms of this, the game succeeds beautifully. Plus, the soundtrack is probably the best a Mega Man game's music has ever been. However, I'll be the first here to point the game's vital fault that everyone always seems to overlook: the stage layouts are a huge letdown from X3's, putting us back to X1's simplistic approach. Keeping the action tight is good, but not at the expense of completely linear and short stages. Not only that, but there aren't nearly as many secrets to find this time around. Zero's quest is fun, though nothing is really different except for the story and the melee-oriented play style. The good thing though is that being on a Gamecube disc now, the loading times are NONEXISTENT! (this is true of both X5 and X6 also). I might sound a bit picky, but X4 really is a fun game that serves as another great place to start, though it's also the quickest of the six games to be done with. In its favor, I'd say that this one, along with X2, has perhaps the best feel and atmosphere to it, which sadly did not carry on to the next two games.

-Mega Man X5

INFO: introducing a new countdown timer that alters the game's ending, multiple armor sets to collect, and the ability to upgrade different aspects of the player's abilities. X and Zero can both now be switched back and forth at any time.

MY THOUGHTS: It's typical of everyone to say that this is where the series started to go downhill and in many ways they are correct. However, X5 isn't as horrible of a game as people will get you to believe. For one, the stage layouts have improved immensely from the last game, and there are more secrets to collect once again like the 2 different armor suits. That's not to say that X5 doesn't have its faults. Quite the contrary: CAPCOM SHOULD HAVE RID OF THE MANDATORY INTERRUPTIONS THAT ALIA GIVES!! They had a chance to take off this major hindrance here and they blew it. If you're playing the games in order, this becomes especially annoying since all it does is provide "vital" hints such as "Don't run into spikes!" which do nothing but insult the player's intelligence after getting through X1-4. Also, X5 has ridiculously easy bosses, eliminating the need to "find the right weapon" when they can all be slaughtered rather easily by Zero's blade and the X-buster. And while the stages themselves are expansive enough, the designs seem a bit derived from X4's stages. These drawbacks make X5 my least favorite of the first six X games, but it's still a very worthwhile play if you can get past them.

-Mega Man X6

INFO: features a new "nightmare" system, a reploid-finding feature, the ability to wield Zero's saber with X, and a new control scheme for Zero.

MY THOUGHTS: Wow. I must be the only fan that doesn't hate this game with a passion. While I agree that it's FAR from a classic compared to the others, it does have its moments of brilliance. I'd say the perfect description for X6 would be "rough around the edges". It has some ideas that are perfectly executed, and others that fail miserably. For instance, I love the reploid finding feature as it adds more depth to the stages, and the alternate exits are a nice touch. On the other hand, the nightmare system was a horrible attempt to bring back X1's stage altering elements, which could've worked with some more time and effort, but it falls completely flat and should've been left out. Also, forget the story, as after X5 it becomes just throwaway garbage. However, I'm REALLY GLAD they got rid of X5's terrible drawback here. It's a very difficult game that should probably be played last, since the nightmare elements add so much harm to the stages that it's nearly impossible to go unscathed. However, if you can last through the randomness of the nightmare system long enough, you'll be treated to two of the best armor suits in all of the X games. How much you will like this game depends primarily on how patient of a gamer you are.

I was a bit worried at first about playing the games with the Gamecube's oddly distorted controller setup, but I quickly adjusted with no problems. Plus, you can switch the controls at anytime too, which is nice. There are some bonuses like early artwork for characters, secrets for each of the X games, and some of X3's remixed music. That's it though, so if you were expecting a cartoon like in the previous Mega Man collection, you'll be disappointed. I would've liked to seen some of the rejected ideas for bosses, that would be interesting for fans.

Overall, this collection is for all the fans that grew up on these games, and also for those who started more recently and want to get acquainted with the series' roots. If you don't like Mega Man games, then this isn't going to change your mind. So just get equipped with Bubble Lead and check it out. For $30 this is a definite steal, especially considering how rare some of these games are to find...
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5.0 out of 5 stars another home run for capcom Jan. 12 2006
By rodge2001 - Published on Amazon.com
Durability: 5.0 out of 5 stars    Educational: 1.0 out of 5 stars    Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
This review is mainly for the GameCube version. And now we have the x collection. Contained in it are the MegaMan games released on the SuperNes and the PlayStation consoles. These are MegaMan X, X2, X3, X4, X5, and X6. There is an unlockable game as well. Most importantly, the controls CAN be modified to fit your liking. This was a huge gripe of some GameCube owners who bought the previously released MegaMan 1-8 collection which had the jumping done with the B button and the shooting with the A and no way to customize. This is all fixed with the new X collection. In fact, the default is how we old schools like it which is jump with A and shoot with B (this refers to the GameCube controller). I'm sure the PlayStation2 version is just as good. I don't need to say how good these games are. They are classics. Considering the price, this is a great package. Especially since the X2 and X3 SuperNes cartridges would be on sale used online for around $70-80 dollars!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars How can you NOT love Mega Man?! Feb. 11 2014
By jdealy999 - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
If you are a longtime gamer like myself, then you were probably exposed to certain franchises like Super Mario Bros, The Legend Of Zelda, or Metroid. But the real meat here is the Mega Man series. One sequel and spinoff after another, Capcom drew zillions of fans to play each title for nonstop hours.

I love that the Mega Man X series is included in one package. It's Mega Man X through X3 for the Super NES, plus X4 through X6 which was originally released on the PlayStation. And not to worry, people -- the atrocious controls that you saw on Mega Man Anniversary Collection have been corrected here. The fire/jump buttons are EXACTLY where they are supposed to be!!

I haven't beaten all 6 games yet. However, I will briefly talk about the series. The overall storyline has to do with Mavericks, a brand new ally named Zero, and a brand new headache by the name of Sigma. (No Dr. Wily here, folks!) And just like Mega Man 1 through 6, you will select 8 bosses to battle in non-linear fashion. But that's not before starting the "prologue" stage and fighting a mini-boss. So after you've creamed each robot boss, you will have to go through 4 more stages before facing that dishonorable, love-to-hate Sigma! And yes, he is MUCH more difficult than Dr. Wily! :)

With Mega Man X4 through X6, the graphics, soundtrack and background schemes were vastly changed, thanks to the PlayStation. And each stage is divided into 2 sections, so players certainly won't get bored anytime soon!

However, what deeply saddens me is that Mega Man X7 and X8 were gravely omitted from this set. I truly wish that the designers had included both titles -- even if that meant using a second bonus disc to cram all that content inside! But oh well, I'll take what I can get. It is up to me to get a PlayStation of my own if I want to burst through X7 and X8 ha ha. Now, please be sure to check out the other Mega Man series -- Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Star Force, and Mega Man ZX -- it's all too numerous to mention!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great addition to my "collection" Dec 30 2012
By Darren Stoll - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
It worked wonderfully. The games are great, and the gamecube controller works fine with it too (I use dpad, btw). If you are really concerned with using the gamecube controller, you may also consider getting a *controller*-to-gamecube port converter to use whichever controller you like (and whatever is available). The only problem I have that I'm sure I'm not alone in is that they chose to use the PSX version of Mega Man X3. The audio is fine by me, but I honestly would've preferred the SNES version based on the music.
5.0 out of 5 stars The 6 Greatest Mega Man games in one collection. Cool! Oct. 3 2006
By Steve - Published on Amazon.com
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
Everyone has a favorite game in any genre. For me, in the action/adventure department, these 6 excellent games are my absolute favorites. No matter how many times I have beaten the games, I come back for more. I still remember playing the first X game for the SNES, I literally hogged my friend's SNES (sadly I didn't have one and my parents didn't let me have one). Then when X4 came out (not much to explain about X2 and X3 since they have similar gameplay), I beat the game so many times that I eventually got bored with it, which took a few years. X5 and X6, the last 2 great ones, were great but starting to make the future X games fall apart. The sad thing is that because 2D gameplay is pretty much extinct, some game series just aren't the same in 3D (mainly the later X games and other non-Capcom games like Castlevania, however there are some I like, Megaman Legends, Street Fighter EX plus alpha, The Mortal Kombat games (non fighting ones make me sick)) and people just want more realistic games. because of this once the 128 bit era ends, I am not getting anymore future systems. anyway, for those who love Mega Man get this collection. for those who like Mega Man but didn't like the X series look else where and for those who either don't like Mega Man or don't like 2D gameplay do the same thing, but it's just sad with the fact that some of these games' stuff have made other games us that specific option (for instance I think that when X3 came out, which had that map screen before you start the level, was later used in some non-Mega Man and Capcom games like Castlevania Symphony of the Night when it came to looking at the map of the huge castle.) Also, sometimes not all 3D gameplay isn't great. It made some game series more improved but some of them failed and the series was never seen in public again (Earthworm Jim and Bubsy 3D to be specific).

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