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Mimic 2 [Import]

VHS Tape
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The original Mimic aspired to evoke a mood and tension akin to classic horror films like the original versions of The Mummy or Frankenstein--to create the kind of dream imagery that lingers in the brain for months after. This may seem like a high ambition for a movie about giant predatory bugs that learned to roughly imitate the appearance of human beings, but Mimic was more successful than you'd expect. And so is Mimic 2, a movie with much simpler goals--Mimic 2 just wants to be a lean, effective horror flick that capitalizes on the inherent creepiness of insects. A schoolteacher named Remi (Alix Koromzay, previously seen in Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return and the remake of The Haunting) has trouble with men, but not half as much trouble as they end up having with her; every guy she's recently dated has been killed and had his face sheared off. Before too long, her school has a serious infestation of giant mutant cockroaches. By the end, the story is full of holes--but Mimic 2 does a smart job of delaying any explanation for a long time while building some compelling eeriness and successful jolts. The special effects are sparingly used and surprisingly good when they do appear; Koromzay and costar Bruno Campos are engaging presences. All in all, worth checking out. --Bret Fetzer

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2.0 out of 5 stars Mimic the mimic Feb. 24 2014
Format:VHS Tape
Even the awesomeness that is Guillermo del Toro cannot resist the most powerful force in Hollywood: the need to make awful sequels.

And so we got a del Toro-less sequel to "Mimic," a movie that was already a Frankenstein's monster of studio interference. It's basically a scaled-down, grimier version of the original movie, but with the added bonus of an annoying teenager AND a soldier bug who is determined to breed... with a human. Yes, it's THAT kind of horror movie.

Dead men are being found with their faces removed, strung up on wires. The only thing that connects these deaths is that they all went on dates with Remy (Alix Koromzay), who has somehow gone from a quirky entomologist to a quirky inner-city schoolteacher who is obsessed with bugs. Detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) doesn't think she did it, though.

Then Klaski and Remy find out that it was actually a mutated Judas Bug that takes on the appearance of its victims. Its goal: to mate with Remy. Hence why he's been murdering any men who show interest in her, and why he traps her (plus Klaski and a couple students) in a deserted high school. At the same time, a secret government agency arrives, planning to kill everything inside the building.

Like most sequels, "Mimic 2" is pretty much a copy of the original -- big spooky human-shaped bug stalks the heroes, who are trying to find a way to kill it -- but with a visibly smaller budget, no name stars and less gore. And of course, it is directed by Jean de Segonzac (who has mostly worked on "Law and Order") as the director.

It also adds an uncomfortably misogynistic undercurrent, since the ONLY female character is ONLY in the movie because of her babymaking potential.
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4.0 out of 5 stars MIMIC 2 Oct. 9 2009
I quite enjoyed this 2nd instalment of Mimic. Of course, these are the kinds of movies I enjoy watching. I had read other reviews which basically panned the premise and the production, but I certainly do not agree with what I've read. To me it met with my expectations on suspense and action.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Fun low-budget sequel July 3 2004
I found this movie was much better than expected. But you've got to take it for what it is, a genre b-movie.
Ok, so maybe the police detective character is a tired cliché played by an uninspired actor, and maybe the heroine is a bit too weird (the emotional photo-collage thing), and the movie could have benefited of a bigger budget. But still, the plot's main gimmick is inventive and works, overall entertaining, with some slightly scary moments, and the visual effects are good.
I don't know, I had fun watching it and didn't feel insulted. To give you some reference, I think 'Species 2' is a laughably bad sequel, and I find the original 'Species' very overrated. So I guess I don't fall for every sci-fi movie out there.
The dvd is anamorphic widescreen.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Return of the Judas Breed March 9 2004
A school teacher is having trouble with men and giant cockroaches. There are a few scenes designed to make us believe she is the entomologist from the first movie (her book and she says "we created them"). The bugs have targeted her. Maybe because she beat them before or maybe just because she smells good.
Any man who comes near her becomes the target of a lone soldier that is trying to fulfil its life purpose of protecting its queen. This causes a run in with the police as well as allows the military to get wind of the situation.
Military, police and school teacher converge to end the final threat from the Judas Breed. The ending is creepy and needs to be seen (I won't spoil it).
Much different in style and feel than the original. No infestation, just a lone bug doing its best. Check it out.
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4.0 out of 5 stars BUGGED Jan. 22 2004
This sequel to MIMIC is a tense, eerie thriller, with some excellent suspense scenes and an engaging cast. Seems like the bugs from the first movie or at least one of them is back and wants the babies stolen by a treacherous Japanese man. Said man is killed in the first scene and the bug babies are hidden away. Enter Remy (Alix Kolomanzy) from the first movie, who is now a schoolteacher, an entomologist freak who seems to relate better to bugs than men. The poor girl takes polaroids of herself after each subsequent date falls through, and pastes them on a closet door. Meanwhile, seems like her dejected boyfriends are getting offed by this deadly bug, who can now take on more human appearances.
Edward Albert is wasted in a stereotypical governmental agent role; Bruno Campos is fun as the dashing cop, and Will Estes does a nice turn as one of Remy's former students who has the hots for her.
A worthy sequel and the special effects are pretty impressive.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Okay....It was kind of stupid March 4 2003
I really like the first Mimic movie. When I seen there was a sequel I was interested in seeing where the movie makers would take the story next. Yet, this was pretty ridiculous.
A minor character from the first movie returns as a hip, cool teacher in the Bronx. Her love life sucks and she has more respect and admiration for bugs then she does for men. She also has a tendency to date some really horrible characters. Well she is definitely in for a suprise because her next date is guaranteed to be worse. Apparently, a bug from the Judus experiment is loose in the school where she works and it has taken a liken to the bug lady. It has choosen this lucky girl to be the mother of his larva (or larvae...whatever!) With the help of a cop who is hot on the scent! They attempt to defeat the mimic.
Now seriously....the problem I had with this movie was it didn't explain itself like the first Mimic. In this techno-science age it was plausible (almost) to believe that a mutant bug could be created that would have the ability to mimic human beings, their greatest predator. There was some believablity there, but this movie doesn't even explain why a bug would suddenly decide that a human woman is the perfect host for his children. I was left wondering at the end of the film what was really going on with the bug. Then they took it to the next level at the end and attempted to portray that the bug actually had some kind of affection for the lady in question. It was just too implausible.
Overall...the film was horrible. It doesn't suprise me that the flick went straight to video.
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3.0 out of 5 stars A Natural-Born Killer Bug Strikes Back in B-Movie Mode
Five years after the success of original "Mimic," Demention Films brought back again the same bug-monster, but with a different cast. Read more
Published on June 13 2002 by Tsuyoshi
2.0 out of 5 stars Stick with the original...
The original Mimic was an exciting and enjoyable bug movie. There were a few problems with the concept, but the movie was suspenseful and exciting. Read more
Published on May 1 2002 by trebe
5.0 out of 5 stars What afreaky movie!
This movie made my hert pump even the second time I watched it al the way through it was scary.If you like movies that scare you you love this, believe me!
Published on April 2 2002 by Joshua
4.0 out of 5 stars Bugs that are more like humans than the last movie
Good movie over all, keeped the story line going from the first movie. Could have been beter. It is worth getting!
Published on Feb. 2 2002 by "theamazonking"
2.0 out of 5 stars mimic 2
mimic 2 is a fast paced sequel, it does not explain itself well but considering many other sequels it is good enough. Read more
Published on Aug. 12 2001 by James M. Hawk
2.0 out of 5 stars Let's hope they don't go for a Mimic three...
I had high hopes at the beginning of this movie, it was funny and creative but as it went on it turned into a predictable cliche of a film... Read more
Published on Aug. 10 2001 by Becky
1.0 out of 5 stars I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN
The first thing that irked me about M2 was how rainy the opening scenes were and the lack of common sense any street wise school teacher teaching in the South Bronx would possess... Read more
Published on Aug. 9 2001
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