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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on August 26, 2013
This is a great book for taking people out of the mainstream reactive perspective to the creative pro-active perspective, a life-changer.
The examples are great, no wishy-washy terminology. You can give it to a close-minded person and it will open their mind.
Brilliant for high school kids.
I read it first when I was in my last year of high school, definitely ignited a fire.
Two my brothers read it during highschool, they are now my two biggest inspirations in life.
6 years on and my cousin read it, just finished reading it about 3 or 4 months ago, and now is no longer negative, but full of light and energy.
Gave copies to my friends and they love it.
You just have to be willing (or critical enough) to give into logic, and step out of your comfortable limiting conditioning for this book to change you.
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on December 17, 2011
Everyone needs to read this book.
It is simple to understand, yet very powerful!
I got to see John live few months back, that 1.5 hours has and is changing my life!
I felt so connected to him, I purchased his training program that day.

For many years, I read quite some self development books, travel a lot to attend different courses, listen to different CDs. Yet no one like John's material has given me so much insight.
I carry his books with me everyday. I read them everyday. I carry and review my notes as much as I can. And I cannot stop telling everyone how good his materials are.

He is one of the early pioneers in the field of consciousness. That is one reason I respect him so much - it is not like he is copying other materials everywhere and try to make it his.
He has the ability to put all concepts in so simple terms, it would be impossible for you not to understand!

This book is very simple, very basic (yet powerful and fun to read). It is very fundamental. a MUST READ if you really want to harness your Mind Power.
If you want more, make sure to read his newest book "Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind". My eyes popped, my jaws dropped many times while reading this book. The materials he presented is so powerful, I felt like I found the most precious treasure ever and I haven't felt this way ever reading other books.

John's book is my first time writing a review on Amazon. I feel obligated to share his info his knowledge!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 21, 2013
The power that exists within the human mind is absolutely amazing and John Kehoe’s book is one of the world's best, evidenced by the fact that it is a number one international best-seller, when it comes to helping you tap into the vast resource we all have.

The information is easy to read and easy to apply and I believe that is the key to his book: do the exercises. It's one thing to read the information and nod in agreement, it is another to get into our "stuff" and deal with it. John provides various ways to: eliminate the negative self-talk, develop a prosperity consciousness, and influence your subconscious mind. This book is not a "hard" to read book, but as with many of the life-altering things that happen in life, there is effort and intent involved.

On another note, if you ever have an opportunity to participate in his events, I would encourage you to do so.
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on January 24, 1999
After studying success literature for over 8 years, this is the book that puts all the really significant aspects and techniques of the field under one cover. No one has stated exactly how to get what you desire more clearly and simply than Mr. Kehoe. Having practiced his techniques and getting the results desired(sometimes even better!), it is easy to state that this is a book which makes 'the Force' a reality.
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Mind Power serves as a practical guide on how to harness the considerable powers of your subconscious mind in order to fully embrace your creativity and become a happier, more integrated individual.
Faithfully following these practices will lead to the ability to mentally heal oneself, to become wealthier through cultivating a prosperity consciousness and to build and maintain healthy relationships.
Kehoe discusses the working of the subconscious mind, the use of affirmations, intuition and dreams, the function of beliefs and how to imprint them.
I found the chapter on cosmology particularly interesting as it deals with the theories of David Bohm, Karl Pribram and David Peat, integrating the cutting edge research of these pioneering scientists and making it accessible to improve our everyday lives.
There are many books that offer this type of information, but Kehoe has a simple matter-of-fact writing style that I find refreshing and easy to digest. Everything one needs to do for a more fulfilling life is in this book.
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on August 26, 2001
This amazing, slim but mighty volume lucidly shows you how to change your outlook and bring happiness, health and prosperity into your life. These are 145 pages that can make a big difference in your life if you implement its simple principles.
Chapter 1, "Another View of Reality", talks about how modern physics has shown that the "stuff" in the material world is actually bundles of energy..."Even a rock is a dance of energy". This true view of the physical sets the stage for how "Everything is affecting everything else. Wherever we go, whatever we do, our thoughts are creating our reality".
Some other chapters are about "Intuition" (a great chapter that should be read more than once on how to listen to your subconscious), "Reality" ("Be conscious of what you are thinking. You are creating your future experiences with your "now" thought"), "Self Image", "Creativity", "Healing Ourselves", and "Prosperity Consciousness". These and 12 other chapters are clearly written, easy to read, and can put you on the road to healing and success.
This book found its way into my life exactly when I when I needed it, which I'm sure was no accident. Thank you John Kehoe for this dynamic, mind expanding book. "Conciousness creates reality and you create consciousness".
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on July 8, 2001
What would your life be like if all those annoying obstacles and problems were cleared away, and you could be and do anything you most desired? John Kehoe asserts that when we spend just five minutes a day, each and every day, concentrating on how that's a done deal and feeling our joy at our accomplishments, this will indeed be true! As Kehoe succinctly states, "Consciousness creates reality, and you create consciousness."
MIND POWER is so clear and straightforward that you can read it in a day, and then come back to review the exercises in each chapter as you work on refining your mind power skills. Kehoe's book is chock-full of creative insights into how you can see your unconscious patterns of thoughts at work, and begin to turn your life around by changing what and how you think. Kehoe explains how good health, a successful career, exciting vacations, a beautiful home and rewarding personal relationships are just a few of the things you can bring into your life by mastering MIND POWER techniques.
One of the clearest examples of how Kehoe elucidates the otherwise complex subject of how we create reality with consciousness is the way he describes prosperity consciousness. Kehoe isolates the four main prosperity beliefs, and outlines them so clearly that the reader's own path to prosperity shines like a road paved with gold! (It's an abundant universe, life is fun and rewarding, there are staggering numbers of opportunities in every aspect of my life, and it is my responsibility to be successful.)
Kehoe reminds us, "Every person is a star". After reading MIND POWER, I FEEL like a star!
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on November 7, 2003
What can one say that hasn't been said about this book and the work of John? This is a great read and stands on its own as one of the all-time classics in this particular genre. In my opinion there are only a half dozen or so success based books required for your personal library, and this is one of them! Well worth reading.
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on February 3, 2010
This book is a great reminder of things that we should all practice & use daily in our lives. If applied, it can help to change your awareness & consiousness. There are great chapters with tools on how to tap into your dreams & your subconcious. I would definetly recommend.
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on August 13, 2001
This book will change your life! Read it and practice the techniques it describes! The author, John Kehoe, has spent years practicing and studying Mind Powers, and he makes this clear through vivid descriptions and precise explanations. If you are looking to escape the scientific jargon that comes with many book on the mind and its potential, and if you just want to learn some simple techniques to create the opportunities and situations you desire in life, this book is for you. If you are not sure if you want to purchase this book, you can check out Kehoe's informative site: [...] As long as you practice his techniques regularly and keep focus on your goals, you will see results in your life. I'm thankful that John Kehoe has created such a wonderful book!
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