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My Soul To Take

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The supernatural/serial killer thriller My Soul to Take marks Wes Craven's first feature as writer and director since 1994's inventive New Nightmare, and at first blush, it finds him in familiar territory. Here again, as in his iconic Nightmare on Elm Street series, his focus is a vicious murderer who appears to continue his crime spree from beyond the grave, and who concentrates his attention on a group of teens connected to his original crimes (seven of them were born on the night he died). As the seven meet a gruesome end, one boy (Max Thieriot) becomes a likely suspect for the killings--is he possessed by the spirit of the long-dead maniac, or has he picked up where "The Riverton Ripper" left off? The answer, unfortunately, is not worth the time required to piece together the clues; Craven's script is dreadfully leaden, especially in regard to dialogue, and cobbles together disparate elements from his previous works and a crazy quilt of religious tenets to produce a final product rendered suspense-free by its incoherence. The youthful cast is unremarkable, and the 3-D effects are entirely superfluous; in short, My Soul to Take is a place marker for Craven fans until the release of Scream 4. --Paul Gaita

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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
EXCELLENT!!! April 4 2011
By Stephanie C - Published on
Okay so I read the reviews and thought at it's worst, it would be just okay. I didn't expect it to exceed my best expectations either though. The reason it works so well is because all movies of this genre usually have some predictability to it when trying to figure out who's who and what's what. In 'My Soul to Take' you honestly will have no idea until the moment it's revealed. Everytime you think you have things figured out, you will second guess yourself over and over and over again.

Nothing is as it seems and nothing is predictable until the movie itself decides to let you know who's who and what's what. This was done in a very clever and brilliant way that's rarely seen anymore.

The premise of the movie itself surrounds the Riverton seven. The Riverton 7 are 7 kids born on the same date that a killer known as the Ripper is finally caught and killed.. or was he? The kids are now teens and it's their 16th b-day. Every year the kids have this creepy, but all in good fun ceremony at the site of where the Ripper supposedly died. They also have this ceremony out of the connection between the Ripper and their births.. as they refer to theselves as the Riverton Seven.

Every one of the seven kids has their own personalities, while also each being very stereotypical. You have the jock, the popular girl, the geeks, the bible thumper, etc.. but as different as they all are, they seem to be very much connected due to having the same birthday. The relationship between 2 of the Riverton Seven who are also best friends is perfect. They're so different, but just enough alike to make you really understand why they're so close.

As killings begin, so does the puzzle. Did the Ripper ever really die? Is this a prank gone horribly wrong in an attempt to scare everyone? Is one or all of the Riverton seven responsible? Or is it none of the above? You will think you know all these answers many times throughout the movie. But everytime you think you have it pinpointed, you'll be wrong again and again.

You will literally be kept guessing until it's finally revealed FOR you. I highly recommend this movie for ppl of all movie genres.. not just horror, or paranormal, or a thrasher film. It's very well done with just the right amount of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat until the final scene.
21 of 27 people found the following review helpful
My Soul To Take (Blu-ray) Feb. 9 2011
By Amazon Customer - Published on
I had wanted to see this movie ever since the trailer came about, as I am a big fan of craven's movies. But with doing research, I was leery of buying this due to the amount of negative reviews. Well let me just say, you cannot judge a book by its cover. I was surprised to find that this craven slasher was a breath of fresh air to the genre. Of course its not as good as scream, but then again its hard to top a movie that redefined the franchise. The whole storyline of soul possession was brilliant, and something different for a change. Never once did I find this movie confusing, or boring for that fact. If you have followed the "SAW" movies for the past years, then you'll have no problem piecing this one together. Not that those two movies are anything alike, but some of the saw's were confusing at times. Anyhow, there is blood throughout the film, nothing extreme, but enough to satisfy you gore lovers, like myself. There are some jump scares here and there, especially if you have surround sound. The film itself has the weirdest premise I have ever seen before, guess that's really what drew me to it. That and the creepy settings, were very atmospherical. The bridge in the first fifteen minutes or so was a standout piece, and very ominous. The design of the ripper himself is one of the creepiest looking villains since jeepers creepers, I think. One of my favorite, and most laughable scenes in the film is where "Bug" (Max Thieriot) has a class presentation and chooses the California condor as the subject. Wes definitely added his touch of humor to that scene, and what about that bird costume? Very cool, if I do say so myself. All in all people who have an open mind, and will appreciate this film for what it is for will enjoy it. This is definitely not the worst horror film of 2010, SAW: The Final Chapter takes that title. Wtf were they thinking? Pink blood, seriously? Good concept, but the realism of the movie was laughable due to this effects guys...holly wood is getting lazy. :p (MY SOUL TO TAKE) **** OUT OF FIVE STARS.
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The Cerebral Teen Slasher Film Oct. 10 2010
By Chris Pandolfi - Published on
Few horror directors would have the nerve to experiment with the conventions of a teen slasher film, to go beyond the reliable hallmarks of knife-wielding maniacs, bloody corpses, and paper-thin revenge plots. Perhaps that's exactly why Wes Craven wanted to write and direct "My Soul to Take," which is unlike any slasher I've ever seen. In terms of atmosphere, it exists in a gray zone between dreariness and absurdity. In terms of structure, it's a bizarre, meandering dreamscape of grisly murders, horrific visions, and dread secrets. In terms of theme, it could be anything from teenage social circles to heredity to reincarnation to insanity to the California condor, an eater of the dead revered for its ability to clear away the old and usher in the new. I can't pretend that I understood this movie, but at the very least, I never once found it boring.

Set in the fictional town of Riverton, Massachusetts, "My Soul to Take" is the story of seven teenagers, who were all born the night a serial killer known as the Riverton Ripper supposedly died. It's now sixteen years later, and members of the community are once again disappearing, just as local legend foretold. Did the Ripper survive his car accident, or does his soul now reside within one of the seven kids? In either case, who has the power to stop him? Is there any way that he can be stopped?

Craven develops his characters to the point of oddness, and yet there's something irresistibly fascinating about them. The main character, Adam Hellerman, a.k.a. Bug (Max Thieroit), freely shifts back and forth between timidity and instability, apparently as the result of his lifelong battle with mental disorders and migraine headaches. At times, he's plagued by dark premonitions and/or revelations. At other times, he can alter his voice and repeat verbatim brief passages of dialogue spoken by his peers, almost as if they were temporarily in possession of his body. Or perhaps he's temporarily in possession of them - the details are more than a little sketchy. I distinctly remember an early scene in which Bug stands in front of his best friend and mimics every single movement he makes, like a reflection in a mirror.

His best friend, named Alex (John Magaro), has strange ideas about acting like a man, most likely as a result of being raised by an abusive stepfather. Whenever he gets hit, he'll calmly say, "Thank you. That felt good." He'll then beef up his statements with a swear word or two. He and Bug collaborate on a class presentation on the California condor; as Bug snaps into a trance and rambles in a voice not quite like his own, Alex parades around in an elaborate bird costume equipped with two fluid-filled bottles, one green like vomit, the other brown like feces. This incurs the wrath of the school bully, Brandon (Nick Lashaway), known for chauvinism and other indiscretions. He wants to have sex with Brittany (Paulina Olszynski), who's involved with Bug's sister, nicknamed Fang (Emily Meade), who knows something about Bug's past and hates him for his innocence and for ruining her life. He isn't sure how innocent he actually is.

Is this making any sense at all? It seems that the more I try to describe Craven's twisted logic, the less I understand. What message is he trying to send? That new generations are deeply affected by old generations? That not having a father in your life prevents you from understanding what it is to be a man? "My Soul to Take" is a cerebral horror film, the kind that continuously hints at meaning but never gets around to providing us with any. Or maybe it's provided in such a way that an audience wouldn't recognize it. In spite of this, I found the experience oddly absorbing. It may in part have to do with Craven's dialogue, a strange mesh of potty-mouthed teenage talk and deep metaphor, especially in relation to the condor. It may also have to do with the blurring of reality and fantasy; let's just say that Bug's mental state leaves the reliability of the plot in question.

I liken the experience of watching this film to watching Richard Kelly's "The Box," a nonsensical and preposterous but somehow engaging psychological thriller that integrated science fiction with a number of impenetrable themes. "My Soul to Take" toys with the audience and toys with it well, but there will always be a part of me that wished I could have figured out was Craven was trying to say. I suspect the vast majority of horror fans will not respond to this movie, given the confusing nature of the plot, the strangeness of the characters, and its unconventional approach to the genre. That's certainly understandable. But for those who have long since grown tired of the average teen slasher film - and I definitely count myself as one of them - this movie may be a welcome change of pace, a chance to see what happens when the genre is turned on its head.
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7 friends share a birthday with the day a serial killer died...are they possesed? Neat idea, bad movie. I say C- Feb. 8 2011
By Tony Heck - Published on
Every year on "Ripper Day" (the day where a serial killer known as the Ripper died) seven friends who share a birthday get together to "ward off his spirit". This year something different happens. During the annual "Ripper day" festivities Bug (Thieriot) is chosen to "fight off the ripper", after he fails his friends say its all a joke anyway and not to worry. But then things go wrong. This movie had a very neat idea : the ripper had seven multiple personalities and seven kids were born the day he died, supposedely with each of his personalities. After the initial build up, the movie never really gets going. I found it to be very boring and not scary at all. I think it was trying to be a "Friday the 13th" type movie but never got there. This is a movie where after you watch it you feel nothing. I give it a C-.

Would I watch again? - Nope
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Well I won't bother an American Condor's feather Oct. 21 2011
By Bookworm936 - Published on
We learned two things while viewing this movie.

1.) Never ever harm one feather on the American Condor and 2.) we won't watch another Wes Craven film.

We enjoyed most of Wes Craven's work. We enjoyed The Hills Have Eyes, Last House on the Left, Nightmare on Elm Street films (most of them anyhoo - a few were stinkers), Shocker (we got a giggle from the villian), People Under the Stairs, Cursed (we think it is suppose to be a comedy), the Scream movies (very funny) among we are indeed fans of his work.

However, this was not up to par. It took a while to get started and quite frankly I don't understand the whole school rating system and life story subplot??? The witty banter amongst highschool students was rather lame and gave no substance to the movie. Characters: boy with abusive father, girl obsessed with religion, boy who may have multiple personality disorder who has a sister who hates him, blind boy who can climb on roofs and get around without any assistsnce, the main guy's love interest, the jock and the boring character who is there for cannon fodder. Why the father is abusive is not ever explained, the sister's dislike of her brother is a lame excuse, how does a blind boy climb trees and roofs with the stealth of a cat? Those are only a few questions unanswered...and those don't have any bearing why the killings happen???

A killer dies only to come back and possess one of the children born on the day he died...sounds like an interesting idea but being bogged down with the teenage life subplot took away from the serial killings. Also, the pacing was a bit slow and all the "visions" that point to "multiple personality disorder" are rather pointless since that angle is never pursued. Plus, what is the point of having a presentation of the American Condor? Other viewers have asked this but aside from the guy's voice being more pronounced nothing really changed. The costume was rather interesting and it was funny to have the jock spewed upon from both directions...but didn't add anything.

Also, the ending does a quick wrap up explaination and mentions an agreement made with Bug's father...however, the agreement is never explained so we never know what the agreement states.

On a side note, one viewer said the film lacked originality and I do agree. A group of kids are stalked by a masked killer carrying a knife who likes calling them and asking them questions....much like Scream but without the comedy.