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Star Fox Assault - GameCube

Platform : GameCube
Rated: Everyone

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  • For the GameCube
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Game Information

  • Platform: GameCube
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone Everyone
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Product Details

  • ASIN: B0002ILS24
  • Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 14.6 x 1.3 cm
  • Release Date: Feb. 15 2005
  • Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #4,654 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)

Product Description

Product Description

Star Fox Assault [GameCube] For the GameCube

From the Manufacturer

Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team return to engage a grave new threat in the air and on the ground!

Several years after disaster was narrowly averted on Dinosaur Planet, Lylat Central Command detects a new threat spreading throughout the galaxy.

The Star Fox team is sent in to eradicate this growing menace, but what begins as a standard combat mission quickly takes a dramatic turn. Legendary team members Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi join forces to form the most formidable team in the history of this celebrated series: the Star Fox Armada!


  • Soar through space and attack an armada of strike fighters in your Arwing
  • Roll over hostile terrain in a heavily-armored Landmaster Tank, or bring the hurt to the enemy on foot
  • Play missions solo, join the fight with up to three other players, or engage in four-player split screen battles
  • Play wingman to another player, riding on the wing of the Arwing or side of the Landmaster Tank, and blast enemies while the pilot controls the vehicle
  • Powerful weapons including automatic blasters, sniper rifles, and shoulder-launched rockets
Star Fox returns Fox McCloud to his space ace roots in this classic aerial shooter reminiscent of the beloved Star Fox 64. Get ready for an unforgettable romp through the galaxy.

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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
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Most helpful customer reviews

By James on Nov. 13 2005
After playing Starfox on a friends N64 around 4-6 years ago I was captivated, Back then it had decent graghics and a neat storyline. After multiple tries(And visits to my friends house) I beat the game and walked away daydreaming of the day Starfox whould return.
Several years went by I got a Gamecube and got Star Fox Adventures with it for free. I have to say I was disapointed that it had no multiplayer, but the graphics, storyline and gameplay made up for that.
After seeing an ad for Star Fox Assult a few months ago (And seeing it promised mutiplayer) I thought "a bought F'king time!"
Alas I have to say, after renting it yesterday, I'm disapointed with Star Fox Assult, the attempt to recapture the "Classic" feel of Star Fox by turing the graphics into the N64 poly leaves you empty inside.
As if thats not enough I HAVE warn you a bought the music. It makes you want to kill something and I don't mean the "Good" adreniling pumping music that so many of us listen to, I mean the crappy carnivil music that makes you want to PUKE!
So my suggestion is this. Turn the sound to zero then bring in your Ipod, Mp3, Cd player, whatever you have, and start listing to some GOOD music while reading the subs ( Don't worry you won't miss anything. All the good voice acting as it has been reduced to to crappy S**t by the attempt to recreate N64 ).
Alright enough of the negitive talk and more of the goodness of Starfox Assult. I'll narrow it down for you and the scores each gets.
1.Same classic gameplay with a few new twists. Pt 2.5
2. Storyline progession. Pt .5
4. The ultimate rental .5
Overall Score of Starfox Assult 6.5
I say save your money and rent this game.
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By A Customer on Dec 29 2005
Ce jeux est un hybride entre l'excellent StarFox 64 et l'acceptable clone de Zelda qui se nomme Starfox Adventure. Le jeux est très court et passablement facile. Il ne compte que 10 missions, la moitié d'entres elles en mode FPS les deux pieds sur le sol. Donc un jeux très court mais ou le passable joue des coudes avec l'excellence, ce qui donne somme toute un bon jeux. Recommandé pour une collection sinon une location.
Graphisme: 9/10
Jouabilité: Espace:10/10 Mode FPS:5/10
Son: 7/10 (peu original - voix irritantes)
Histoire: 2/10 (vous y accorderez que peu d'importance)
Valeur ajouté: 8/10 (Un mode multi-joueur pas mal du tout. Si vous jouez seul c'est 2/10)
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Verified Purchase
The description of condition was deceiving. When it said "very good" I expected it to come un-scratched or minimally scratched. The game works but the disc is very "well-loved"
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful By A Customer on Aug. 9 2005
There aren't alot of levels in this game and they are not very challenging...
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62 of 75 people found the following review helpful
The Return Of Fox McCloud March 15 2005
By Michael Kerner - Published on Amazon.com
Nintendo has always found so many creative ways to revamp a lot of their classic games to the maximum. That definitely hits the mark very well most of the time. Back in 1997, when Nintendo 64 was popular, and with so many games to take it to the limit, Star Fox 64 was the most revolutionary game not just for the system, but defined the feel of vibrations that made you feel the game, thanks to the N64 Rumble Pak. Yet, Nintendo has tried to make lightning strike twice for the Star Fox franchise for quite sometime. They've tried it a few years ago with Star Fox Adventures, fairly well, and now it is about to be done all over again.

Star Fox Assault, the latest game in the Star Fox series goes through ten outrageous missions that take you on foot, in the air with the arwing, and in the tough landmaster tank. The story of the game deals with Fox McCloud and his team who try to destroy the plague of aparoids trying to destroy Corneria, Fortuna, the dinosaur planet from Star Fox Adventures Sauria, and so many other outrageous galaxies in the way. The graphics and storylines are remarkably delightful, and maintain to the game far beyond the previous Star Fox games.

The gameplay is great, but there are a few downsides to the game. One of them is the control of the game, especially on foot. If you haven't played Star Fox Adventures, it might be a little tricky at first to control Fox, Slippy, Krystal and Falco on foot in versus mode, and Fox in the story mode. However, it gets a lot easier along the way. Another disadvantage is that the methods of defeating some of the bosses in the game are ways of defeating similar bosses from Star Fox 64. One example is the Pigma aparoid in Level 5: The Asteroid Belt. The method of defeating him is a similar method of defeating the Area 6 boss from Star Fox 64. So for some, it does lack a few challenges here and there.

Overall, Star Fox Assault is a very delightful addition to the Nintendo Gamecube lineup, and is a joy for longtime fans of the Star Fox Series. I honestly recommend this for truly dynamic sci-fi Fox action. This is no aparoid of a lie.

Graphics: A-

Story: A

Sound: B+

Control: B

Fun & Enjoyment: B+

Overall: B+
11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 15 2005
A Kid's Review - Published on Amazon.com
This game rocks! It's a great continuation of the StarFox 64 game. However, unlike Star Fox 64, there are fewer on-rails missions (i.e you fly the arwing on a preset path). There are 3 aspects to this game: on foot, in a landmaster, or in an arwing. The on foot is extremely fun, although you'll find that the characters move too fast for manuevering in tight spaces. There are TONS of different guns, most of which are insanely powerful. Also you can jump, and roll left and right.

The landmaster is not as fun as the on-foot or Arwing missions, but still, it's useful for anti-aircraft times in multiplayer, or even single player. Instead of that weird machine laser plasma ball thing in Starfox 64, the gun on the Landmaster is a cannon, which suprisingly good against Arwings. It moves pretty slow, which isn't useful in the chaotic, fast-paced multi-player.

At last. The Arwing. This HAS to be the MOST FUN aspect of the game. The Arwing looks a lot better. It still has the twin and then hyper laser upgrades, but one better thing is that you don't have to collect two one-level-up upgrades, but instead you can get a two-level-up upgrade. Very useful in single player and muliplayer. You also ride on the wings of teammates in single player, which happens to be extraordianrily fun.

Single Player doesn't have a very appealing storyline, but it's still fairly well done. Basically, you go around and kill these Aparoids, bug like creatures that can take over machines (except your arwing & landmaster). The missions are pretty simplistic, but still extremely intense, even on Bronze level.

Now Multiplayer is the reason to buy this game. It rivals Halo and Timesplitters. With huge maps and weapons everywhere, the multiplayer is awesome. And that's without the billions of things you can unlock (which I won't tell because they're so awesome ;p). And one of the best things is that you can ride on top of someone's arwing while they're flying it. Or, if it's just 2 vs match, then you can get out of it while it's in the air, and shoot people on the ground. Sadly, there's no capture the flag or other styles; only deathmatch and team deathmatch.

So to end, the graphics of this game are average, obviously an improvement from SF64. The sound is superb. Excellent remixes of previous Sf64 songs bring nonstalgia to veterans of the Sf64 series. Remember, get this game, don't rent it.
12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
An interesting twist July 10 2005
By researcher - Published on Amazon.com
This game is very fun. When you play Vs. mode, you can't help but wish that there would be a co-op mode with up to three other friends so you can set up a plan against the enemy in Story mode. I hate the music in Vs. mode, but it is still a fun game. You can even hijack an Arwing or ride on an opponents wing. Also, when in an Arwing, you can get out, and ride on top of it. In story mode, it still has the great Arwing action like in the N64. Here how I rate it:

Story: A

Gameplay: A

Graphics: A

Sound: A

Controls: A-

Replay: B+

Fun: A-

Overall: A

Vs. mode: A-

Overall: A
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Star Fox Assault:What Star fox fans wanted? June 25 2005
A Kid's Review - Published on Amazon.com
This game consists of being a Pilot,In an Arwing,And in a Landmaster.BUT!Star fox fans[like me]Are intersested in only Arwing Missions.And maybe some Landmaster ones.With the last SF game we experianced on-foot 94% of the time.But fans STILL loved that game because it was longer.This game has 10 missions.4 of which you are ONLY in an Arwing.If we had like maybe more missions with half of those missions being Arwing only missions then people would stop saying that it isn't like other Star Fox games.

Anyway this is a fun game.An AWSOME multi-player.And the controls are good.The Graphics I would say on some missions could be better but other wise they are good.The sound is awsome.Especially the levels with the Star Fox theme[2].

Over all I rate it ****[Four stars]

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
A good game, but not Starfox64 July 13 2006
By Jimmy the Wonderful Panda - Published on Amazon.com
One of the main reasons most people will buy this game is expecting a grand successor to the classic Starfox64. Unfortunately this game does not deliver that.

Don't take me wrong, this is by no means a bad game, but just like StarFox Adventures, this game is not truly the successor to the Nintendo 64 game. The game does not continue and exceed the 'original' game. The main interest for fans- Arwing battles- hasn't been improved upon at all. In fact, aside from improved graphics, they could be considered a disimprovement from the previous games. There is no real innovation in the bosses. They are much the same as bosses from previous games, their weak spots are more evident than ever, and require nothing but mindless blasting to defeat. Powerups such as bombs and hyper lasers have been almost eradicated in this game and are rarely used. Flying an Arwing is still fun, but emphasis in this game was shifted elsewhere.

Instead of concentrating on great Space Battles, a large portion of the game is spent on foot with a blaster. While this part of gameplay isn't poorly done, it's somewhat boring when all you really want is to fly your ship. The game creators did a decent job at creating a balance of power between the arwing, landmaster and pilot, but ultimately we aren't really interested.

The format of the game has also taken a change. Whereas Starfox64 let you choose your root through the Lylat System (greatly increasing replay value in my opinion) Assault only has one course of action and focuses on a linear storyline. Starfox Assault is significantly longer than Starfox64 and so replay is mostly limited to individual levels instead of replaying the entire game to achieve a higher score.

Still, replaying levels will allow you to earn awards and unlock special features for multiplayer. Multiplayer mode is fast-paced fun and can provide hours of great gameplay.

Despite my criticism, StarFox Assault is still a great game, whether you're a fan or new to the Starfox series. Just don't expect it to be the great replacement for Starfox64. For that, I think StarFox Command for the DS might turn out to be a better pick, or you could just wait a few years for something new to come out on the Wii.