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OUYA Game Console Controller, Black - Black Edition

Platform : Ouya

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  • Platform: Ouya
  • Media: Video Game
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Edition: Black

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worth every penny Aug. 9 2014
By Peter Gurris - Published on Amazon.com
Edition: Black Verified Purchase
If your getting OUYA buy this one.... I have no issues with WiFi or the controller. I have full bars on my WiFi connection and the controller works great. I imported this from the states to canada and it came in one piece... Yes I know I could have gotten it cheaper for $80 here but I heard it pleged with problems. Kids love the console too, my oldest is thinking of buying one too...

Here are some of the games my kids are playing

Amaizing frog
So many me
Knightmare tower
No breaks
Hidden in plain sight

This console get touched more then the ps4 or a Wii u... And games are way cheaper and far more enjoyable... Do the research before buying... Look at the games on the OUYA web site and check out kick starter for future games like super indie cart... The OUYA is worth every penny!
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It's finally done! Aug. 21 2014
By Jan Müller - Published on Amazon.com
Edition: Black
There's been a lot of criticism around the first version of the OUYA. These issues with wifi or the controllers seem to be completely resolved - individually by customer service, and generally by this black iteration. I received one of these by OUYA, Inc to remedy a connection problem I had, and it's finally there. Controls are snappy, the controller feels better and of course it looks really slick.
Software wise, you need to know that you're buying the full package - while you can sideload apps from other android stores, the OUYA is best with their own store full of tested games, a majority of which is - I have to say it - really not very good. These games are proof, though, of what the OUYA is: A portal for developers to get their games out there. And not every one of these developers is a new Notch. The minority of really good games is still impressive, and I've found more fun with those, say, 20 jewels than I've found on my Xbox in the last years. Especially when it comes to couch gaming (local multiplayer), the OUYA is the console to get. Games like Bombsquad, Towerfall or Duck Game are huge fun.
Don't expect AAA graphics, don't expect the Play Store, and you'll be very happy with this little buddy.
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I was initially worried about the amount of good games that the Ouya would have to offer Oct. 20 2014
By Grayson Yachup - Published on Amazon.com
Edition: Black Verified Purchase
I was initially worried about the amount of good games that the Ouya would have to offer, but upon buying one I was pleasantly surprised. Knightmare Tower, Minigore 2, Ice Rage and Pier Solar all turned out to be fabulous games that had extremely high replay value. The Youtube app for the Ouya is the best console version I've seen, and runs significantly faster than the PS3 cersion, and has less hitching and lagging during remote play. The controllers were extremely comfortable, and honestly (I know this sounds weird) I liked them more than the Xbox or PS3 Dualshock controllers. I went out on a limb with this console, and I was very, very happily surprised. I recommend it highly as I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hope this console continues the momentum it seems to be building! It undoubtedly deserves the attention of both consumers and programmers.
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awesome unit for media Sept. 16 2014
By Art Nut - Published on Amazon.com
Edition: Black
I really like the OUYA. There have been many critical reviews when the unit originally came out. I read that an upgraded version was to come out and this is it. It's not really an OUYA 2 but more like a 1.5. This is what the system should have been at launch. The unit hooks up very easily and connects to WiFi with almost no problems. Syncing the controllers was a breeze. I found when I bought the additional controllers I have to go to a settings menu to get them going. Controllers are responsive and no lag. It doesn't feel as solid as a Playstation controller or an X-box controller but definitely doesn't feel like a cheap 3rd party Madcatz controller either. The anthracite system has almost a matte finish which feels really comfy in your hands. The buttons don't stick either like older units may have had

The games for the OUYA are getting better. Where this thing really shines is for retro gaming and emulation as well as being able to run XBMC without having to hack it or root it. This is a great system for multi-player games and has tons of potential. My brother has a Playstation 4 and by friends have Xbox one but we casually play this as much as anything else. The video quality on this bad boy is really good too.

In the end, i think the OUYA is ahead of it's time as far as simplicity, ease of use, and budget. If you are looking for high end console games, this may not be for you. If you are interested in playing your tablet games on a tv, original games made by indy developers, and retro gaming, then this system is possibly for you.
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A cute little affordable computer for your TV Sept. 4 2014
By Alejandro Rodriguez - Published on Amazon.com
Edition: Black Verified Purchase
I'm really happy with my Ouya. It's a cute little affordable computer for your TV. It's got nearly everything a geek like me would want. To begin with, Ouya has the standard features that all the popular TV-connected devices have: Netflix, Crunchyroll, YouTube, ability to play 1080p video, stream movies from your computer. For me, what made Ouya stand out is that it's awesome for video game emulation. I'm a big-time classic gamer. Systems such as SNES, Genesis, Arcade (MAME), PlayStation 1, and N64 run great. Ouya makes classic gaming on the TV much easier, as opposed to hooking up my laptop to the TV and bothering with configuring emulators.

I've dabbled only a little bit with the games offered in the Ouya market. I'm not that interested in Android gaming. It's not a bad selection, though. There are some hot games available. DoomGLES in particular is awesome.

I know all about Ouya's history and its rocky start. Rest assured that all the problems have been corrected since.
My only gripe with Ouya is the 8 GB of storage. Any movies I transfer over need to stay on the thumb drive or external HDD.

Would I recommend Ouya? Absolutely. However it's not for everyone. I'd recommend Ouya to anyone who wants an affordable computer for their TV. And to anyone who's interested in something like a Chromecast or Roku, but want to do -more- with it.