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PS3 / PS3 Move Assault Rifle Controller - Standard Edition

by CTA Digital
PlayStation 3
4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)

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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation 3
  • Media: Accessory
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Product Description

Amazon.ca Product Description

The PS3 provides the ultimate experience in realistic combat situations, but to truly face the battlefield head on, you'll need the right equipment. Introducing the PS3 & PS Move Assault Rifle Controller from CTA Digital. Our unique rifle controller has every button featured on a standard PS3 Dualshock controller, including clickable thumb sticks for strafing, running, steadying your weapon and looking around within the game environment. It also includes a rumble effect similar to the PS3 Dualshock. To sync wirelessly, all you need to do is plug the USB antenna into the console and press the home button on the Assault Rifle. That's it! Perfect for titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Battlefield Bad Company 2 as the R1 button is mapped to the trigger. With the Assault Rifle Controller from CTA Digital, there's simply no need for your standard PS3 controller. The controller also works with the PlayStation Move. Just attach the cradle and insert a motion controller to play various Move compatible warfare titles, such as MAG, Killzone 3, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Dead Space: Extraction and SOCOM 4. The unique dual trigger system of the Assault Rifle also makes contact with the Move motion controller's T button. In addition, the rest of the rifle can mimic the functions of a Move navigation controller. Another great feature is the built-in speaker; the assault rifle controller comes alive with blasting sounds when you pull the trigger (single shot, three shot burst, and fully automatic modes). These sound effects can be activated even if the Assault Rifle Controller is not synced with the PS3, and can also easily be turned off. Powered by 2 AA batteries. Package includes: (1) Assault Rifle Controller, (1) Bluetooth USB Adapter (1) Scope, (1) Stock, (1) PlayStation Move Motion Cradle.

Product Description


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4.0 out of 5 stars
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Buy March 5 2013
Verified Purchase
This controller takes a while to get use to, but when you do get use to it, its really fun, buttons and joysticks are in good spots, just a warning, if you have big hands, your hands might cramp up after half hour to an hour of playtime
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Amazon.com: 2.6 out of 5 stars  37 reviews
175 of 177 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Not Good Feb. 24 2011
By ctelder - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fun: 2.0 out of 5 stars   
I don't write many reviews, but right now there are only 3 reviews for this product and 2 of them are (unbelievably) 5 stars. I was moved by CTA's response to the 1 star review (I figured they must really believe in the product if they wanted to address the complaints), so I decided buy this rifle instead of the $30 one. Although not very articulate, the 1 star reviewer is basically correct. The other 2 reviews, especially the "Grand Canyon" reviewer, sound like commercials from people working for CTA.

The plastic feels very cheap. I didn't expect carbon fiber, but for $60, it doesn't have the quality feel of the other PS3 controllers or accessories that I have. My kids toy rifles have a better build quality.

If you want to use the Move Controller (which is basically the point), you connect a side accessory that adds a 2nd trigger, which is a little weird. The two are separated by about 1/2 inch, like old double barrel shotguns, so you can't pull both at the same time, although I guess you wouldn't really want to.

With the Move attached, the "zwink" reviewer is right that it's a very narrow space to then try to use the L1, x, o, triangle and square buttons on the gun (although they are all on the Move controller except for the L1). It basically makes these buttons useless.

The Left thumbstick is on the left side of the barrel, so if the game requires you to move with this (like Dangerous Hunts does), it's impossible to control this and your buttons on the Move Controller (see above) at the same time (ie- can't move and reload, change guns, etc). This wasn't a problem for Killzone 3, because if you use the Move Controller for that game, it lets you use R1 to move your guy (which is where your right thumb is near the trigger).

When I seated the Move Controller completely in the holder, it wouldn't fire at all. I tried this multiple times and finally was able to get it to work by not completely seating it down in the holder and rotating it slightly to one side. Looking at the trigger mechanism, it again looks like poor build quality.

The trigger for the Move Controller is a little sluggish to respond. No big deal with a machine gun, but when you need to fire in rapid succession (Dangerous Hunts and The Shoot both depend on this) it's a significant problem. The Playstation Move - Dual Shot are much more responsive, as is the Move Controller by itself.

It comes with a scope, but you can't even look through it (plastic in the middle). I really don't care, but why put it there if you can't see through it?

It is a plus that you don't have to use Move Navigation Controller because it basically acts like a Dual Shock or Move Navigation Controller. They talk about using it instead of a Dual Shock Controller for shooting games like Call of Duty, etc. I didn't try this (I got too fed up with it), but I really can't picture anyone sitting there going through Black Ops with this thing instead of the regular controller. The lay out and feel of the buttons would make it too difficult to move, aim, and shoot quickly.

The pairing with the PS3 was quick and easy.

It does vibrate and make shooting sounds that you can turn on and off - yeah.

I really don't like bashing someone's product, but on the other hand I don't want anyone else to waste their time and money (although Amazon's return policy is awesome - I have returned it and am going to go with one of the other rifles).

ADDENDUM: You would think that I've got better ways to spend my time, but I went through the reviews for the other CTA PS3 rifles PS3 Assault Rifle Controller and PlayStation Move Submachine Gun and almost all of the 5 star reviews have the same tone ("Awesome," "rocks the house", "best ever")as the ones here, and, similarly, are written by people with only one review in their profile. 2 of the people with multiple reviews ("fat jay" and "dave the maven") have almost all of their reviews for CTA products (surprisingly, all are unequivocally 5 stars).

I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. These are obviously CTA employees (although when others have called them out, they deny it). It's not like we're dealing with physicians, but shouldn't there be some ethics involved? Shouldn't the quality of the products and the independent reviews speak for themselves (which they obviously do if you take out the phony 5 star reviews)? I'm now going to go out of my way to avoid any CTA products in the future. Ironically, looking at the reviewer profiles, I found out that CTA also makes Wii Inflatable Kart - Red, which both of my kids got for Christmas - one never stayed inflated and both had the steering wheels brake off within 2 weeks because of cheap build quality.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Worst Product Ever?... YES March 2 2011
By EazyBake - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fun: 1.0 out of 5 stars   
After seeing two "5 Star Reviews" I knew I needed to warn anyone thinking about purchasing this item. I have never written a review for any product on Amazon.com after 1000's of purchases but feel compelled to warn anyone about this POS. The 5 star reviews are clearly marketing ploys most likely written by the manufacturer themselves.
The gun does look good in the pictures and even upon arrival it looks great. It does feel pretty sturdy and the Move Controller snaps in quite nicely but that is where the positives end... now on to the negatives and OHHHHHH where to begin...

-First off, the pins break off, mine was already broken when I received the gun.
-There is a side clip that needs to be mounted onto the rifle so that you can fit your Move Controller onto it. Since this is a Move peripheral that makes no sense and it makes the gun bulkier and adds an additional trigger (the 1st trigger is unnecessary and just makes little gun sounds like a kids toy does). This side mount makes yourgun look absolutely moronic and is just a horrid design.
-The buttons aren't even reachable. The L1, O, X, ^, and [] buttons are located on the top right of the barrel. This would be ok if the side clip attachment didn't sit an inch below the real barrel making it impossible to reach these buttons unless you take your left hand and reach over the top of the barrel which is next to impossible. Even a child couldn't fit his/her hands under the barrel and over the Move Controller to reach these buttons... Complete Fail.
-The built in speaker is only for the gun sound effects made by the fake trigger... this gun is essentially a kid's toy with a clip mounted on the side to add on a Move Controller.
-The plastic is cheap and as I mentioned, the little pegs/clips needed to mount the side piece break off.
-The "scope" on top is not see through. It is opaque and basically just for aesthetics. If you mount it on top of the gun you will not be able to see through it and the only way to aim is by taking it off.
-The joystick on the back of the handle is in an odd place and makes it very difficult if not impossible to accurately control your person on screen. The L2/R2 buttons are just above this joystick which makes the layout for buttons/controls the absolute WORST layout possible. If I tried to design a worse piece of junk I could not top this.

In summary... DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. Ignore the 5 star ratings as they are no doubt fake reviews by the company or a paid associate of the manufacturer. Thank goodness that I was able to return this gun free of charge, which I did almost immediately. Most gun peripherals for the PS3 Move have failed so far but there is one out that I just received called the PS3 Sharp Shooter. After fiddling with it for 30-40 minutes I have to say it is the best gun I've used so far for the PS3 Move and makes any shooter much more enjoyable. In fact now that I've got the hang of it I cannot stop playing KillZone 3 without it and refuse to use my DualShock to play this game (But I don't want you to think I'm marketing that item... buy whatever you want as long as it is NOT this gun). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM, you will regret it. I've bought some poor items on Amazon.com (Not saying it's a bad site, I love Amazon and have bought 1000's of great products), however, I've never bought something so absolutely pathetic that I felt compelled to warn people about it's crapiness. Please do not buy this gun. Please. and if you do, don't say I didn't warn you.
28 of 30 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars $60 is a rip off Feb. 26 2011
By Primetimebt - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fun: 1.0 out of 5 stars   
I have been trying to make this gun work but it's the worst piece of junk I ever paid for. The gun looks all realistic and nice from the picture but when it arrives you'll notice how poorly and cheap this gun was made. How it's warrants a $60 price has me scratching my head for the longest time.

Now when you go to put the move attachment on, place the move control in, or remove the attachment you need to be really careful because the prongs that attach it to the gun itself break out. I found myself after three days breaking out the hot glue gun to hold it in place but because of removing the Move controller to charge or play a different game the hot glue rips out.

As far as gameplay goes the gun again fails.. When you squeeze the trigger your character on the screen unloads the entire clip for some reason. The button placement on the gun is all out of place you found yourself using the move controller, the gun buttons etc because of how out of place the button on the gun are. Now the buttons side of the barrel weren't designed for adult gamers because once the move is in place you can barely get your hand to other side of the barrel. The scope on the game is basically pointless and must take off to even get your gun calibrated on a move shooting game because it makes your aim all out of wack.

Stay far away from this junk piece of crap gun if I were amazon I would be feel bad for my customers who even paid $60 for this and refunded them $60.
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars What a piece of junk Oct. 21 2011
By Charles M. Moughamian - Published on Amazon.com
Fun: 1.0 out of 5 stars   
I really screwed up by not doing more reading up on this piece of junk before wasting my hard earned money. This company is well aware of the faults and the many complaints that other customers have posted but have done nothing to help the customer or fix the problems.If you are looking for a point and shoot this is not what they say it can do. On top of all this it is cheap plastic and made for a toddler not gaming. The video they show is very misleading.The location of the buttons are as dumb as dumb can be. Their is no way they used this set up on any game because you have to move your left hand and right hand to get this joke to work. The location of all the buttons are in the wrong location.To me it is just a five dollar piece of plastic that is in the shape of a gun.I don't really listen to what other customers say because sometimes I feel the reviewers aren't being truthful about the product and how it really performs. In this case everyone that has reviewed this product is right on. If you waste your money on this piece of junk it is your own fault.Also shame on Amazon for even letting this company sell it at there site.I also noticed that there so called company rep has stepped in here and tried to defend this piece of junk. Read their reply. It says the same thing over and over and one excuse after another.If you think about how retail works if they get 10 suckers that buy this piece of junk and two are returned they still made a killing off your money.BTW if you notice when the rep steps in has anyone even seen once where they offer to refund the money they stole for you...lol.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars PS3 Move assault rifle controller Sept. 7 2011
By gamer - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fun: 1.0 out of 5 stars   
I have purchased this item for Killzone3, what a waste of money!!! some of the functions requires me taking my hand off the trigger. Not to mention the way it is designed, it is hard for any adult to hold comfortably. The Sony sharp shooter may be ugly, but at least it works as advertised.
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